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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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over and over again. make sure not picked up. >> good morning, everyone. thank you so much for starting your thursday with us. it's officially december. it's here. the temperatures starting to fall. still a little bit re winter out there. >> coats. you'll want the coats this morning. you didn't quite hear this this morning. a little smattering here of some snow showers l i'm not sure much of that is reachinged ground. that may continue as we go through the afternoon today. a few spotty sprinkles. the biggest headline is much cooler day. upper 30 toss low 40s at best. when you toss in a breezy southwest wind it's going
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day long. oh, happy december. [ laughter ] >> all right. thanks. highways town speed. no accidents to talk about. it is early yet. not a whole lot of traffic on the roadways. it is 271 northbound. if i can get that out. 90 westbound. that ramp is closed. that's reported by o. d. o. t. 77 still in the green. let's head outside. right now 490 at broadway. that ramp is open. >> all right. we are staying on top of breaking news overnight. a police officer shot and killed while on duty in tai tacoma, washington. a standoff going on. the suspect barricaded inside a home with a gun. the officer who has not been identified was shot multiple times while responding to a domestic violence call. a procession of law enforcement forming around the
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region escorting the body. we will be following this for you all morning long. right now a man hunt for the man responsible for a murder in the township. police say he's armed and dangerous live with the latest on the search for the spotlight. good morning. >> reporter: hey. the search continues this morning here in portage county. the sheriff will be in a couple of hours. that's when we'll learn more information. here's what we know so fa a shooting was reported off henderson road. lots of investigators there. a car window with multiple bullet holes. not far from where this took place. it was put on lockdown for about a half hour. no students or staff were injured. investigators believe david darnell calhoun jr. is responsible. 33-year-old man was killed in a 32-year-old woman
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six months pregnant. we're working to verify that information with authorities. >> tell them all the time. the actors on tv get to go home afort credits rolled up. death is for real out here in the streets. you know? make a better choice. >> reporter: and we're learning there was a warrant for his arrest. he is dangerous. i still have a picture of calhoun. just follow me out there. live in rhode island inventoryny. investigators say it is still too soon to say if monday's they attack is linked to terrorism be many believe he was radicalized jop line. they're looking into whether he was inned spire isis. the chair of the homeland
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just released may is have had something to do with the attack. >> terrorists are evolved and more have a different type of threat today. join fight but also attack in and your backyard. >> 11 people were hurt in that attack before the police officer shot and killed. the murder rate is on pace to be the high nest over a decade. of this seen that number already surprasessed lastier's mark with still a month to go. last year they had 121 cases to look into. it was a deadly year. 2007 when officers were called to 34. a local army national guardsman is in the fight of his life right now. police are still trying to trang down the driver that hit scott. scott is in a coma right now.
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comprehend how the driver could leave him for dead. . >> he knows when you hit somebody. just turn yourself in. >> just a horrible situation. the police say the vehicle didn't leave behind any debris. they don't know what they are looking for. they are hoping someone saw the hit and run that can give them a better description. >> the hltds turns into a they're being targeted by scammers. the department of consumer affairs as the solution is they need to report scams to as many agencies as possible. it can help with the investigate toting. >> they report it just to whatever agency they happen to be talking to. and it might be they tell a social worker who's
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investigating scans. in response to the growing number. well, this morning there are new developments in the case of manufacturer than 150 farm nams rescued. they are now being checked out, care forward. with that many number of rooster but we have a number of turkeys am pig a coat. if a couple of decks. we just learned we have some tbees as well. . >> the animals were rescued tanks to a tip. thuns they are checked out
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cleveland business will get a big boost. sponsoring an $8 million loan front for. the full plan is set to be announced this oorch. >> well, one of the wiggest legends receiving a paryb moarn. i'm not doing the summit featured a number of black l rights in america and do of right. it's on december 12th. another check on that weather. >> in for jd. it was a cold morning. 5:#. that's the windchill factor which is into the to 0s this morning. we are not going to twarm up
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lucky. plus the southwest swint. more chances for rape in the forecast in a couple of snow flakes. i'll tell you when as the morning rolls on. >> it's 5:08. good morning. >> and you are watching good morning cleevmentd and still ahead a solution to ticket scalping. what ticket is doing from stop. and are they taidges for older women.
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>> we can't wait to take the icy sky. rainy weather is helping crews get a better handle. the rain means they have been able to get a better look at the damage. more than 700 buildings have been destroyed. 30 of those in the popular vacation town in gatlinburg. the death toll is up to 7. many are unaccounted for including
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>> called the other shelters. she season there. just hoping for a miracle. it's just heartbreaking. right now fire officials say they think the fire was caused by humans. they haven't e leb rated by how exactly that started. it's some goods coming out. all 10,000 animals that were left behind during the evacuation are safe. generators were set up to keep a staff was able to return. >> the same line of storms that spurred on the wild fires caused lots of damage further south. this is drone video. that's where one of a handful of tornadoes touched down early yesterday morning. at least five people are dead from that system. dozens more hurt vul of though those storms. >> well the protest over the dakota expected to grow oaf the weekend.
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gather on sunday to show support for these demonstrations. that's just one day boyfriend the deadline for them to reevaluate. >> it block people from going in. they have no plan to leave. the first of three states will begin the process of sorting through millions. workers in wisconsin will begin running the ballots through scanning machines at 7:00 this morning. for write-in. they will be on hand each day all paid for by the jill steen campaign. glrvetle noaps pelosi l lead the democrats. is 14e defeated tim ryan in the race for the minority leader position. looking into what might be ahead for representative ryan. his name has been floated before in ohio butt
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might not be so enticing anymore. >> he's still in a party that's going to have a. then maybe i do look seriously at the governor ship. >> if ryan were to run for governor he would likely face a tough challenge from attorney general, secretary of state or lieutenant governor. ? [ music ] a new tour in the new year. diamond will perform tuesday, may 30th. ticket goes on sale next friday and it will go quick. >> if you want to get tickets to that show, you will have to act fast to beat ticket scalpers. congress trying to put a stop.
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bureaucratickers that use software to snag all of those tickets before you can buy them. they then end up reselling them for huge profits. it allows them to go after them. it's now moving on to the house. noticeably chilly out there. what's going on? >> exactly. it's december now. so we've been spoiled the last couple of days. much different than yesterday than it was yesterday. however, you factor in the wind. it's going to feel like 25 degrees cooler than yesterday. highs in the upper 5z to low 60s. today highs low 40s wsm that wind look at the feels like. the number in white blue. more like # 2 to 35 l this ach and a few i guess lated showers are not out of the question as well. already seeing a few of those
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radar. if. send us a photo on social media or let us know what you are seeing. we appreciate those full reports. here's the wide view right no now. so we're we're going to have the same area. the main point is giving them a little bit of a dusting of snowfall. walk you through things today am couple of spot showers. maybe a we showers our far northeastern areas. expect snow out of that for today. that may change a little bitment we'll show you here through the ach on friday. look at the color coding there. trying to indicate a little bit of snowfall. i think it will be light if we see anything at all. we're talking a dusting. under about an inch of snow.
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it. friday into saturday. a look at half inch tops testimony may cost some isolated slick spots. otherwise many of us are going to remain snow-free for the time being. i have your full serve-day forecast coming up. all right. thanks so much. traffic slightly picking up along 480 especially on the that rmed side of your screen. a check of some ongoing construction. first a ic drive times. still good on 71 and haven't seen any trouble suspects. ramp closure to talk about these. >> let's head over to the akron area. checking in on the prayer. a little bit farther north. right at 271 down to one lane in each direction. that work is going to be going on for a while. june 2017. over it you next. thank you.
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smoke willing be banned from all public housing complexes across the country. the department of housing and urban development announced the new regulations testimony prohibits all lit tobacco products from living uniting and common areaings as well. the pan comes with new resource who want to stop smoking. >> all right. more health news this morning. a new study suggests popular high protein diets are not good ideas for women. that examined president wood tank. >> it found those who filed the support. the study's author says more research is need l many lifestyle choices or other factors. mike? >> for about a decade an idaho it elementary schools kept classrooms divided.
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the education department says this time of seg regeneration by title 9. leefersd say keeping the classrooms divided can improve the performance in reading and writing and girls' performance math. >> he keeps the outcome sometimes can be very hurtful for boys and girls bad you news more people with androids. >> and we are learning more about the activist who says he was kicked out of a restaurant because of a rapest waitress.
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superscreen five sup and running. tracking your weather and traffic during the break. good morning cleveland on news
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google says it's blocked 159,000 versions. consumers need to stay away from uncertified apps. >> it's really scary. you have no reason to believe it's not. some sad news this morning. the big mac creator has died. he invepted that iconic burger in actually took him two years to enfect the personal sauce. mcdonalds made the burger available nationwide the year after that l. 1968. they sell $# 0 million. never made a dime off that creation. he was # 8 years old. an icon, for sure. >> all right.
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forecast. >> you know what? let's go to kristen for a check. mix things up a little bit. >> i'm ready, i'm ready. he lived a long life many your commute looks fine. eastbound 77. appear 8-minute ride for you. if we can check those drive times. haven't seen any big issues. look at those low travel times. let's check on 77 right now. four different views showing the highways nice and quiet as time slot. over to you. >> all right. a live look this look outside. you can see the bottom moving around there. it's going to be a breezy day today. and maybe even a hit or miss shower. >> through the next 12 hours. it's mostly cloudy sky. temperatures may work their way up to 42 or so this afternoon but that wind out of
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the 30s. it had get warmer as we head into the month of december. it's not going to happen over the next few days. we'll stay in the low 40s. a couple chances for rain. check out the first half next week. yes, rain showers on tuesday but that's the thing. it's rain because temperatures are closer to 50. how about that. >> we are in the right of college application season y >> keep asking up with the times. one school in ohio have -- university of wisconsin green way odd. this means they're learning and. >> they'll screen shot the snap and they'll respond with an excited self eye. i get excited about that. it's really cool. >> it's able to see when a
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they're excited. >> yeah. >> who would have thought? >> you need traditions. you've been hearing a lot about the pipeline out in north carolina. the debate. >> good. keep binnen watching. >> great. great way too. as we head to break here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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now at 5:30 and intense man hunt. a suspect considered armed and dangerous now on the run. >> news this morning after controversy plagued local comedian at the olive garden situation now settled. both sides just agreed to it. >> given the the pipeline that has local residents worried. we need to get you a check on that much chillier forecast. >> oh. cold. what a difference a day makes. yesterday the better part of the country was dealing with cold air. denver was in the is single digits at one point in time. that cold air has swept across country and now we find ourselves in that colder air mass. ratings right now in the mid to
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perhaps even a rogue snow flake trying to show up. that scene is going to continue for the afternoon today and again for tomorrow. now a washout or anything like that. a couple spotty the dots on the windshield here and there. much cooler than yesterday. will not warm this afternoon really at all. only in the 40s. feeling cool we are that wind too. >> all right. well, the wind not impacting the little bit faster the speed limit is. 60 remember your average speeds are just fine. 271 northbound. from 4 # 2. 62 miles an hour: let's pull up that view. right at west 25th street. we are trouble free. that will change in an an hour and a half or so. over to you guys. >> all right.
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hi injuries. a stand off is still foing on am domestic violence call when he was shot inside a home. he was 44. he'd been an officer for 17 years. homeowner and her children dpot out safely. we will keep you updated. also breaking overnight the fourth and final inmate who escaped from jail recaptured. finding chaf chavez at center's cutting through the bars and turning bed sheets into a makeshift rope to climb down to the second floor. searching if #-r this man. he's accused of shooting and killing a man. this is all happening next to the high school. news 5 live at the sheriff's
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well, investigators say the search continues this morning. the sheriff is expected to give an update around 8:00 or so this morning. but i want to give you another look at the the suspect -- the shooting happened yesterday afternoon just before 2:30. not far from the high school. because of proximatety. they report a 32-year-old woman was hurt in the shooting and a 33-year-old man was killed. neighbors described their relationship between the suspect and the man who died. there was two dude l they could have best friendser for reel. they are two of the strongest young men.
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>> calhoun is considered armed and aidges. he was on pal rolement again we're expecting to learn more information. download our app for the latest updates. live in rivena. >> thank you. the pipeline really heating up this morning. the federal injury regular lay toir giving them the green light. getting the permit to build it. that meens it could clear way for northeast ohio. it has residented like james harvey worried. james says the pine line would crush. he worry it is will ruin it. >> take out hay grund. you eliminate our production off that land to support the animals. >> according to a statement. they are anticipating it to come through early next year and plan to be in service
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well olive guard and cleveland on good terms again. we told you yesterday smith posted he heard his black waitress saying she doesn't like serving black. this. last night he put up a note saying they apologized and a sizable donation to his nonprofit organization. random acts of kindness everywhere. two sides to smith and his group were getting rowdy and sexually raiding that individual. ohio now number one in the country when it comes to heroin deaths. the number nearly doubling since last year with more than 456 deadly overdoses. they are overwhelmed. no bets lefted and the member of the drug addiction say there's now a serious shoot
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term is silver living environment. not just two or three. 6 or 7 months. and a controversial program in switzerland is getting some interest as well. a safe heroin use program and in ten years dropped by 50%. the programs like this tend to be expensive and not over think supportedment we have a warning for drivers fsm your car gets rear ended think twice before stopping right women were. they hit lightly from behind from a -- one of the men got in and took a office. police say the alert, be with see them.
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fromming. how the fans had ban you from lighting up. >> the a-list star getting shea brides. but first today's tech byte. >> hi there. today positive response to the latest news. >> for a time was netflix online am nod to the news that they can one tweet called -- waiting for apple's new wireless from ceo tim cooke about those air five. >> he was poolzing for the delay and says he hopes to begin shipments in the next few weeks. and santa's north pole home has the most listed diswrvment amazing. it has a big fireplace, of course. updated kitchen. also, of course, a toy
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not on the market. >> are weather do the els of sleep.
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it's 5:39. good morning. it's that time of year. high school football playoffs wrapping up over the next couple of days. if you're headed to columbus here's what to expect. a lot of local schools are playing. tonight friday and saturday. every single evening. it's going to be cold.
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the breeze tomorrow may get your attention. may see more sunshine on saturday. especially for that 3:00 day. either way cold days in the shoe for sure. we'll talk about our forecast coming up here in a couple minutes. >> certainly going to be a morning where you crank that heat in the car. highways looking good. 71. vice president seen any accidents on the highway. i'll let you know as soon as that changes. >> all right. did you like that? >> thank you, thank you. surprises some college students at his alma mater. that's why i did that. >> he gave up a ride. the 47 year old got behind a golf cart to help out the university of texas students. imagine the looks on those faces. part of the college program to make sure that students get home safely after a night out. the actor graduated from texas in 1993. he's remained a big supporter since then.
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home with his family. he cancelled the rest of his tour. he suffered a nervous breakdown by the anniversary of his mother's funeral. >> up next more unimleeivel images of those waging wild fear. >> sarah palin may be back in a administration. tracking your weather and traffic. during this trade.
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can't even imagine. at least seven people have died including a missing mother. more than 50 people are hurt. we know 700 buildings have been destroyed. dolly parton grew up in the area. >> we want to provide a hand up to the families who have lost everything in the fires. and to recover, we want to make
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thousand dollars a month to all those families that have lost their homes in the fires until they get back up on their feet. >> the fire is only 10% contained. it's burned through more than 15,000 acres. soccer fans in brazil and colombia holding trinlts in honor of those killed. in the city, 40,000 people filled the stands where their city was scheduled to play against that team killed in many wore white, carried flowers. they read the names and a moment of silence. >> smoking will be illegal in all public housing. the new rule is designed to help low-income residents from the secondhand smoke. subsidized by the federal government. traditional cigarettes, cigars and hookahs will be
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used. there's a possibility the republican congress could undo it next year. a busy day. first he's going to be in indiana discussing the deals to keep the jobs in the u.s. and then tonight, he'll kick off his thank you tour in cincinnati. of course, our state absolutely crucial to his election upset. he will be at the u.s. bank arena at 7:00. it's the first in a series but at this point , the rest of that schedule has not be for a secretary of state will go on for a while longer. the president-elect narrowed his search to four candidates. mitt romney, porker, petraeus and giuliani. sarah palin in consideration for secretarial of veteran's affairs. a palin aide saying she says she can be used in a productive and positive way to help those desperately in need.
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more than 300,000 federal employees. also a budget of more than 180 million dollars. all right. a check on our local forecast. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for waking up and starting your day with us. 12 minutes away from the 6:00 hour. what should you know in the forecast? the biggest thing is the colder air in place for today. much colder than yesterday. regular rain showers are possible. meaningful snow. we have to keep searching that. biggest thing let the dog out, grab the paper. boy, it's a lot different than yesterday. a few spotty showers and a couple snow flurries. more on that in a moment. let me show you that temperature change. here's where we were at this time yesterday. watch this colder air just ooze in from late yesterday. we're not going to rebound much today at all. as of right now it's 22 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday.
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attention as you step outside. here's that power 5 weather radar. notice snow flurries are glowing in intensity. is the atmosphere saturated enough for the rain to make it from where it's falling? that's where i need your help. if you see anything let me know what you're seeing to confirm it's making it to the ground or not. akron, cannon has a shot at a few snow flurries. all this is part of finally and slowly rolling its way through the area. the backside will cut through today and tomorrow. that's why we have that chance for a few rain showers and a couple of snow flurries here and there. in the cleveland area. by and large the rest of us too. only in the upper 30s. that wind out of the southwest. it's going to make it feel more like the 30s as the day goes on. so make sure you have the codes. just showing a few more snow showers are possible
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may see some minor accumulations. but roads are looking good. >> not bad. they're in good shape. this is the kind of morning where uptd to have a seat warmer. a car with a seat warmer. your ride at 77 nice as you approach the downtown area. checking in and find east and westbound trouble free. no major accidents. just ongoing construction. let pull you up your view. we're still relatively quiet the highway but looking okay. >> looking good. talked about the weather. it's more like what we're used to seeing. more wintery. the countdown to christmas is definitely on. >> i mean, it is december 1st now. it's okay that i have all my christmas decorations up; right? >> they have been for a month maybe; right? >> maybe. what better way to make sure kids at heart are on their best maifers and start
5:51 am
they started back in 1955. you can track santa using your smart phone app or their website. need to download that app asap. >> definitely changed over the years. the screen to now. you can get it on an app. >> you know what else is exciting? the 12 days of christmas. it's one of the more popular songs but what would it cost you to gifts? according to pnc wealth management all 12 items would cost you $34,000. nine ladies dancing. what do you think? thousands and thousands. $7,000. i know. seven swans a swimming. you're talking $13,000. >> swans don't come cheap. >> not at all.
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tree. the smart semimie without a driver. the new high-tech program is being tested right here in ohio. >> a local studenting inspiration on the gridiron. how football helped him stay on the right path. good morning cleveland is back
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the seven-day forecast. we head to the weekend. chilly. chance for a few flurries on saturday morning and maybe a little rain/snow mix on sunday. if this isn't your fancy, look at next week. we start to warm things up. rape showers on tuesday. a high of 50 on wednesday. i think we'll be okay. >> all right. i like your attitude. highways looking okay.
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let pull you will our view. you're looking add 480 at west 130th. we are getting busy out there. governor kasich sending a self- driving truck off on a test run in our state. the truck taking a drive on route 33 near columbus with a driver along as a backup. so this truck will take a test run later this week. ohio is in investing $15 million into testing self--driving vehicles putting in new york and sensor system on route 33 next year. all right. thank you. well the settlement between rice and the stiff cleveland is now official. a expectant probate judge approving that agreement between the two in the death of her son earlier this year it was announced that the city would pay $6 million after police shot and killed her 12-year-old son. his mother says some of that money from the settlement will help create a foundation in hiss
5:55 am
new operating manuals on how the review board should operate after they call them disorganized. they called for cases to be assignedded to an investigator within 24 hours while some more frequent communication. they suggesting the police review board have the authority to discipline an officer if it disagrees with what the police chief does. now it's up to the federal judge to to police officer. we are learning more a bility the joors who could not reach a consensus. juror questionnaires have been released and one juror is related to a blifer. hoe called police the good nigh gies. who should be given the wft of the doubt. trying to must'vement next trial out of hamilton county. >> making it out to spring
5:56 am
morning. a major league baseball strike has been voided. they have reached a verbal agreement on a 5-year deal. just hours before the card agreement expierd. the last time was more than 20 years ago and they didn't have a world series that season. a little trivia. montreal expos was the best team in baseball when that got cancelled >> . so full of fun facts. you're great. >> always like to hear those stories. this morning, we found another one that's going to leav overcoming the odds and remained focuses on a l goal no matter what you might face along the way. a member of the notre dame college football team. a lifetime for a boy in arizona who grewen without knowing his father and his mother addicted to drugs. after bouncing around and finally ended up he used football to achieve his dream of getting a college
5:57 am
>> show people that tuck do stuff. you don't have to be limited from where you come from. don't let that define who you are. >> he played high school football and graduated from glenville academy and a high school senior in minnesota disqualified from her final krs country race for helping out. >> it all happened when she felt a tightening in her chest and drug led to reach the finish line. she knew disqualified but she knew it was the right thing to do. according to minnesota state high school league rules. runners cannot help each other finish races. this rule starting in 2017. no longer apoliticable as a exeter tor will not be work right now. >> oh my dposh. so next -- >> isn't that spirit of sports?
5:58 am
year she would have been fine. >> coming up add 6:00 scoring a ticket to a game or a concert may soon get easier. shady ticket broker practices. >> a famous legal doctor. what dr. oz told millions of viewers that has him now facing a lawsuit.
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found in deplorable conditions into one cleveland backyard. scammers targeting the eld her i. what you can do to make sure you are not a victim. j gl good morning, everyone. in for karen. >> thank you so much for starting your thursday us. it is thursday, december 1st ssments yes, december. the temperatures are starting to cooperate and making it feel more like winter. a live look at our beautiful city. >> a little cool when you step outside. stark contrast from this time yesterday. mid to upper 50s if not low 60s 24-hours ago. now it's a change. trying to indicate we may be seeing a little snow flurry activity just west of canton area. although what gets me is the


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