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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  December 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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killed in this shooting and the sp is still on the loose. it happened here off of henderson road around 2:30. the suspect is being identified
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33-year-old centurying for answers. >> i just want to know. calhoun served a 5-year seasons for robbery and released on parole in april 2016. wytv reports of it two day before the shooting for failing a drug test. if you have calling sheriff's office. sarah finnny. news 5. >> a washington state police officer was shot and killed while responding to a ghesk violence call. the officer who's not yet been publicly iefd was shot inside a home. he later died at the hospital. thankfully the homeowner and her two children were able to get out safe live. the gunman was killed by police. after a more than 12-hour standoff early this
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weapons inside the suspect's home. another deadly trend is setting records. ohio is now number one in the country when it comes to heroin deaths. the number nearly doubling since last year with more than 440 deadly overdoses. and local governments are overwhelmed. there are virtually no beds left in recovery centers. a member of the alcohol drug addiction and mental health says there's now a serious search solutions. >> we're missing is long-term sober living environment. not just two or three months. six or seven months. and the controversial program in switzerland is getting some interest. they started a safe, supervised program. they dropped by 50%. the programs like this tend to be very expensive and not overly supported. the holidays turning into a
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they are repeatedly being targeted by scammers. the county department of consumer affairs says the solution people need to report scams to as many agencies as possible. getting more departments involved can help with investigating and getting the word out to other seniors. so they don't fall victim as well. they report it just to whatever agency they happen to be talking to and it might be they tell a social worker worrying about the impact of the scam but not really investigating the scam. that's not their work. >> in response to the growing number of senior scams, they are banning a dozen agencies together. including cleveland police, the u.s. postal service and the ohio attorney general. jd rudd. we had 60s in the afternoon.
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hoes. cloud cover going on right now and a little activity on the power of five weather radar. a few snow flakes earlier. it's not going account to anything but it's out. there nonetheless. kind of a reminder. it is the month of december. let's go a little bit closer and show you what's happening. you've got the most activity going on. just east of the area. a couple of snow flakes are on the concrete as you go through the afternoon. it'll pull it's way off to the tomorrow. so the biggest story for today if you've been outside you already know. it's the change in temperature. the low 40s today. you throw in that wind. it's going to feel more like the 30s. we're in for a few more chilly days. i do see warm up in the seven- day forecast. we'll talk about that later on. donald trump will be back
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you tour. the full plan is set to be announced this afternoon neil diamond is coming to cleveland. diamond will perform at the q. ticket will go on sale next friday. if you want to get addict t toicts that show you'll have to act fast. congress is trying to put a
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last night the senate passed a bill that cracks down on brokers who use software to snag all of tickets before you can buy them. these scalpers then end up reselling thesmg. the bill allows the ftc to go after them. it's moving on to the house. we continue to follow severe weather in the south as powerful storms leave behind passenger damage and wild fires continue to rage in tennessee. the latest on trail. a pastor. as recounts begin in wisconsin. and a warning for app droid users how you could be
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we were all holding on to each other. crouched down on the floor. just dear god please let me live through this. this is all that's left of a day care and the town hit hard.
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here leveled. equally devastating. residents are just beginning to pick up pieces. >> tornado warning. >> l florida panhandle also hit with powerful water spouts and in georgia, answer to interrogratory winds ripped through this large chunk of metal off the roof and tossed it a quarter of a mile away. over in tennessee, displaced residents are placing the evidence from the wild fire. >> of the flames. president obama reached out
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on the way. abc news, new york. funeral services will be held today for the detroit police officer killed in the line of duty. 29-year-old colin roads was shot and killed last week while investigating burglaries in a nearby neighborhood. it was a canine officer for wayne state university and was part of the stadium security team for the detroit lions. officers from across the country gathered in final respects. students have held several vigils for him at the university. the man accused of killing him faces murder charges. protester took to the streets in charlotte. the officer who shot and killed keith scott. yesterday the district attorney decided not to charge officer brentley
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largely peaceful. hundreds of people marched through the cities downtown chanting no justice, no peace. one college is using social media in a new way. they are creative methods for letting students know they have been accepted. colder air is coming into the area thanks to a storm system to our north. there's a chance for a little snow in the next 24
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>> today trump taking a victory lap in indian after he struck a deal with carrier to save 1,000 jobs
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still the governor a source told abc news a regulatory incentive was a factor. >> he's not even been sworn in yet. already shown us that he's a worker. >> workers thrilled but they are asking for the details. 9 costly recounted by green party leader jill stein
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than a percentage point . the first end want to in cincinnati, ohio. where he will hold a rally. the vp elect will by his side. abc news, watch. diswhrnchts and the local pastor who gained national attention for supporting donald trump is now joining the president-elect transition team. daryl scott is the cofounder of the new spirit revival center in cleveland heights. the trump team isn't revealing the exact role but we do executive community. smoking will soon be banned from public housing across the country. the department of housing and urban development just announced these new regulations. all lit tobacco products from living units and common areas. the ban also come as new resources who want to stop smoking. well is that time of year when high school
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out if that i've been accepted. one school has come up with a unique way to let kid know if they got in. ted of a traditional acceptance letter the they are sending out snapchats. this means they are learning they've been expecting faster than ever before. >> they'll screen shot the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfy. they get excited about it's cool. those are appears not downloaded from google play. they installed advertising
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stay away from uncertified app. new today, lebron james has been named 2016's are heading out here's the forecast for you. i think the main issue is just the cold and wind. that's about it. maybe a snow flake trying to pass by or a spotty shower. i'll tell you this much. he's heating up. big game as the clippers are in town. once thinning wrap up you may
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back to the car. take you outside. show you how it looks here. mostly cloudy sky that we have on tap. up top on the satellite and radar this is all part of 5 big storm system that we've been tracking for the last couple of days. watch this. do you see it? count clockwise going on here. we're on the backside of this little storm system. that's opened door to that colder air. that 20-some degrees
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morning. prapt a quick little dusting of some snow around the area back toward chardon. typical snow area that might see that. as we go into friday. temperatures right now across the area. upper 3 toss low 40s. that's it. look ated wind out of the southwest and around 10 to 20 miles an hour. so yeah. make it is feel even cooler. forecast for today shakes out like this. upper 30s low 40s. that's going to be about it. let me give you a check of that seven-day forecast. mae it's on the cooler side. a few sprinkles are possible for us. take a look at next week though. highs into the 50s. don't forget you can catch our forecast any time on our radio partners.
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to help out. it is part of the college program to make sure students get home safely. that's a ride home no one would forget. >> all right, all right, all right. >> have a great afternoon. we'll see you back here for now
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it's december 1st. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a sad scene of a dog living under a shopping cart becomes a story -- >> that has one of those wonderful, wonderful endings. >> why the twist to this tale involves five new tails. afraid of just remember -- just wait until you see some of the stranger dangers. a guy makes his way over a deep kre vasz even though -- >> he's afraid of heights. >> why walking on a shaky metal ladder takes nerves of steel. we're breaking down the best on the web. and a hot girl on a mission.


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