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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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by the time the gunfire ended three people were hit including a teenager. one 911 caller was hiding while he made the call for help. >> how many people are in there? >> i don't know. i'm in the bathroom. i'm scared to open the door. >> i've got somebody coming out. >> all the chaos broke out because two men got into a fight, while one was getting his hair cut. >> what the other guy did not know was that his customer had gun under his barbershop apron. live outside the barbershop on west exchange street in akron. >> akron police tell me tonight it was a chaotic scene inside the barbershop here on west exchange street. that customer fired several shots sending people running and screaming out the back door. by the time it was over three people were shot including a 49-year-old man, a 20-year-old man, and a 17-year-old boy.
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around 11:00 a.m. the 20-year-old came into rp blade academy barbershop and started yelling a the a man getting his hair cut. that customer pulled out a gun from under his apron and opened fire injuring the man arguing with him and two innocent bystanders including that teenager. the injuries do not seem life threatening. police spent hours collecting shell casings and other evidence from the shooter ran away and has not been captured. police say the barbershop was packed at the time of the shooting and it emptied out in chaos. >> once the shots were fired everyone was running out the barbershops, had capes on, shaving cream on their face and necks. everyone was running in every different direction. >> at this point police have not
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of the shooter. but they say he wore black glasses and designer jeans with tears up the front. we have a further description of the suspect on our news5 app. >> we have more breaking news now out of rocky river where police are on the hunt for an escaped inmate. here's what we know david dunn walked out of fairfield hospital at about today. that's the rocky river metro park. he was wearing a jump suit purple maybe orange. he served time for felonious assault and domestic violence. so if you see him call 911. >> a missouri man was just sentenced to 15 years behind bars for kidnapping a brooklyn teenager. he drove to ohio to pick up the girl in december last year. she told police the man drove
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and held her against her will. police were able to find her by tracking her facebook posts. >> we think positive. and we prayed and made it through. >> local veterans turned inmates behind bars in the county jail. tonight we have an exclusive inside look at a new program designed to give them a jumpstart in getting the help they need. kristen, you were the journalist allowed to see this specialized housing unit. >> yes, it's actually the first ever specialized unit in the jail. it's just for veterans. the goal is to provide them with structured programs, education, and guidance on their va benefits. but beyond the training we learn that often the biggest advantage of the unit is the bond created among inmates. >> we help veterans with pretty much everything that has to do
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and is these secure doors is unit 7g. >> they help you out with rent, mortgage, if you do own a home. >> these men all inmate, all veterans listen intently. >> we're also offering a winter clothing program. >> u.s. military flags adorn the walls. a soldier's creed prominently displayed. and pictures of fighter jets posted all around. this is the veterans housing unit of the county jail. the second of its kind in the state. it's a place matthew left just two months ago. >> it made it easier being with a group of people that you're familiar with. rather than a group that don't know what you've been through. >> what it does for us is creates the environment to see less inmate on inmate issues going on while they're here. >> ken mills oversees the
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he and his colleague started the unit in july with the ultimate hope of reducing the county's high resit vichl vichl rate. >> he's now a free man who proudly checks in with his judge periodically after serving a sentence for assault. he tells me he still keeps in touch with some of his fellow inmates all while taking advantage of his milit benefits. >> i learned so much military benefits that was entitled to me that i never knew i was entitled to. >> any male inmate who is a veteran may choose to live in the veteran's housing unit. we're told females are offered the same kinds of services. >> breaking news about the presidential transition donald
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general james maddis as secretary of defense. he led military operations in afghanistan and iraq. he's been praised for his leadership during the campaigns in iraq. keep in mind retired officers must be out of uniform for at least seven years before becoming a secretary of defense. he's only been retired for three years and would need a waiver om this comes as donald trump's victory is still being contested. >> the vote recount underway in wisconsin, and they are underway in pennsylvania and michigan. tonight he's in cincinnati. the first stop in indiana he declared victory on the election and the economy. mr. trump and mike pence struck a deal with the air conditioner manufacturer carrier to keep
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and out of mexico -- in the u.s. and out of mexico. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. not going to happen. it's not going to happen. tell you right now. we're losing so much. >> carrier says the company was offered a $7 million package by indiana over multiple years. the deal factors including employment, job retention. >> president trump has been counting his success and making a deal with an indiana to stop it from moving jobs to mexico. >> bernie sanders said this was no victory. he wrote an op ed for the washington post on the deal. he said carrier was planning to move 2100 jobs to mexico. and that president elect donald trump saved fewer than a thousand jobs. suggesting he should have saved
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carrier is owned by united technologies which senator sanders says got a tax break. the senator says after promising to crack down on corporate greed the president elect is instead giving into the demands of a corporation that made more than $7 billion in profits last year. sanders said that sets a dangerous precedent. tax cuts for corporations like united technologies could elect trump's tax reform plan. >> paul ryan spoke about his excitement to get to work reforming the tax code. >> this is what tax reform is all about. comprehensive tax reform you can see what we've written is all about making the tax code far better and more competitive for american businesses to stay in america. >> the treasury secretary is
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plan would plast benefit the richest americans. he highlighted plans for a child care tax credit, and claiming there would not be a tax cut for the upper class. however it wouldn't do as much to help lower and middle income americans as mr. trump promised. we'll have to wait and see how it plays off in the next congress. >> the governor's race in north republican incumbent governor path mcrory is refusing to concede. a partial recount was ordered because republicans say there were irregularities. but democrats insist there was no evidence of that. >> let's check in with chief meteorologist mark johnson. quite a chill out there today. >> look at these temps, a
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yesterday. it's 31 cleveland, 37 worcester to mansfield. 38 for youngstown. and just for fun we're throwing in a little lake effect streamer of light rain mixing with wet snow inland. up around hamden over into northern trmble county. and look at this these could slide into akron in the next little while. overnight lows near the lake shore middle 30s but inland areas upper 20s and lower 30s. cloudy skies, maybe an isolated snowflake. >> you've heard it before, big brother is watching. >> now it's more than a conspiracy theory, it is the law. next on five the new government rule that lets the feds get one warrant to access millions of computers and phones. so who's trying to stop this
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devastating look at the damage done to gatlinburg. the wildfires that changed the town forever. >> the plot thickens, the founder of a nonprofit devoteded to kindness got a lot of attention when he claimed he got a racist waitress at olive garden. the story doesn't really add up. >> and what's unique about this brand new apartment complex and who's most encouraged to call it
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right now crews are still working to contain the flames working through massive forest these images show what's left behind. they destroyed thousands of acres, about 14 thousand people were evacuated from the area monday. national park officials said the fires were started on a trail in the great smokey mountains days before and were spread by heavy winds. it's been months since the president paused construction of the controversial dakota access pipeline.
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protesters have camped at the site trying to stop pipelines over water safety concerns. but they've been met by a powerful law enforcement presence. officers use rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. a lawmaker from new mexico wrote a letter to the president asking him to condemn the violence. >> a new effect today, a bipartisan group of senators tried to stop it. but republican leaders in the senate would not let them bring the issue up for a vote. the justice department says this new rule is necessary to help agents track down cyber criminals. but opponents call it government hacking and surveillance. one senator from oregon is vowing to introduce a new bill to appeal it in the next congress. the pentagon is now allowed
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soldiers. a new deal allows the defense department to track down soldiers who knew they were ineligible for reenlistment bonuses about (2) 000-0000 were paid to the soldiers who served in iraq and afghanistan. this is part of a larger defense bill due to be voted on in a few days. a first of its kind housing community in northeast ohio is finally a reality after two decades of work. >> tonight dozens of people an exclusive look inside the new facility on the lakewood cleveland border. mike, what makes it so unique? >> reporter: it sits corner of 117th and madison. but what makes this place unique is who lives at this address. >> people who are neglected or not respected. >> it's who linda was looking
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concept for ageing members of the lgbt community. >> i was looking out for myself too. >> she tried finding a seen air living facility and her and her partner could move into together. >> unfortunately there were none especially as affordable living. >> fast forward to two decades. >> i never dreamed it would look like this. >> a place like us now fills that void for members of the lgbt population. >> people era when being gay, being lesbian or lgbt was a negative. >> retired and living on a low fixed income was one of the first residents to move into the 55-unit complex. >> you don't have to feel anxious that you've got neighbors that think. [ inaudible ] >> he says birds of the same feather flock together.
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your ability to be happy increases. >> in addition to providing a comfortable place to live. >> it reduces a lot of anxiety. >> this facility provides a number of services geared towards its gay and lesbian residents. >> there's nowhere else in the nation that compares to this. >> a lot of its residents are gay and lesbian. a place for us provides housing for everyone that's eligible. right now living center is 50% occupied. >> thank you, mike. >> maybe you've noticed the chill in the wind today. >> couldn't miss it. there was a little bit of ice outside my house this morning. >> little bit of light snow and light rain falling in a few spots right now. december 1st, welcome to winter by the day. it's meteorological winter the
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for us weather dudes are. >> keep it neat. >> first day winter today. feeling like it, watch the colder air invading the great lakes and the northeast. we've got a rain snow mix and some lake effect. you can really see it here. lake effect snow, lake effect rain into grand rapids for us. northeast corner up towards eerie and buffalo, it's a mix of rain and wet snow. for the buffalo area it gets a little heavier there. we're any presip accumulation as far as that goes. a couple of isolated flakes, maybe a rain drop or two. high ground areas of thompson, burton you're getting light snowfall. down here towards andover a little bit of light snow,
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for the i-90 corridor into geneva and madison. 41 cleveland, akron at 38 degrees. and look at those winds out of the south and west 13 to 20 miles per hour. it's been a blustery day as we said it would be. it will continue to be blustery during the evening hours. 37 mansfield. 13 miles an hour winds worcester and akron. so your windchills will be in the 20s through the evening. just be prepared, your feels like temps in the 20s. all right cloudy and breezy overnight. can't rule out a little isolated light rain and light snow for the snow belts from cleveland east. look at the lows upper 20s inland to near 30 degrees. but closer to the lake shore mid-30s for you.
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seven-day isolated mix of rain and wet snow friday. we'll try to keep everybody dry saturday. 41. sunday a little bit of wet rain and snowflakes mixing in. then we're in the 40s all the way through thursday of next week. remember, just seems like it was a day ago we were warm and spring like. it was 62 degrees yesterday. >> it was a day ago. thank you, mark. >> up next a group of schoolers recreate some medicine one pharmaceutical company charges hundreds of dollars a pill for. we'll tell you how much they were able to spend per pill. >> an american hero rushed to the hospital how the south pole tour took a dangerous turn and
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remember the most hated ceo martin shkreli. >> he hiked up a life saving pill cost. what have we told you that medicine could be made for $2 a pill. that is what a group of high school students in australia accomplished. they did it in their high school chemistry lab. they said their goal was not sell the drug but simply to show how outrageous the $750 price tag was. a new health care bill was approved by the house in a 349 vote. the cures act promises more choices and lower costs with advanced cures and treatments. and to strengthen medicare. >> you get to choose among plans that are comprehensive and guaranteed to meet your benefits. or if you want to stick with the current traditional program you
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that is good reforms. >> house speaker paul ryan called the bill intended to replace obama care a game changer. it would set aside $4.8 billion for biomedical research funding over a decade. it also includes numerous provision intended to bring medicines to markets more quickly. a local comedian and of kindness claimed he encountered a racist waitress up next. >> it's time to talk about cleveland's tradition the auction to stay the night at the house from a christmas story. and after a business boom in 2016 the house could probably do without it. >> another sign it's the season of giving. a live look at the national christmas tree lighting ceremony in washington. the president just flipped the switch and turned on those beautiful lights.
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an olive garden server accused of racism. the claims are coming from a well known cleveland comedian. >> it's a story that's gained national attention. but now one of the employees is giving her side. live at the olive garden two very different accounts here. >> reporter: that's right. ricky smith says his server made racially insensitive remarks. this olive garden told a 911 dispatcher it's the other way around. >> i need back up sent here. we have customers who are getting i would say rowdy with our only female manager. >> that call to police tuesday night is the latest in drama that started on social media. ricky smith who news5 has interviewed in the past about his charity random acts of
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garden because we asked for a new server because our server said she didn't like serving blacks. >> i asked for a server who was white. >> but the call to 911 claims it was smith and his party who were the ones causing problems. >> they were making sexual comments to our server and then the next thing was that they were they got id'd for alcohol and they wanted to buy more >> they told their employees not to answer reporter questions. and smith whose tweets started all of this isn't answering my questions either. but he certainly is active on social media. police say the matter is closed. >> they left. they were friendly and cooperative with our officers. >> it's a case of he said she said the captain told me they're staying out of. >> whatever happened inside there between mr. smith, his
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the olive garden. >> whatever happened here it sounds like smith is the winner, olive garden donated to his charity after wednesday night and they put two of those employees involved on suspension. a third employee was fired after it came to light. she made some insensitive facebook comments some time ago. >> take note, you could live t on ebay for a two night stay at the home from a christmas story. it's been a big year for the cleveland attraction. >> it stands to reason one of cleveland's premier attractions enjoyed the city's time in the spotlight. >> the line to get into the homemade famous by a christmas story down what was known in the movie as cleveland street.
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we were up significantly in the number of issues. with the cavs winning, with the rnc here with the indians, you can see that more people are seeing cleveland and thinking about coming to cleveland. >> the impact wasn't that great in terms of numbers but in terms of publicity which paid off in the fall. >> we had about 1100 more people in september than we normally do and 1300 more in october. usually those are slower months and they kept trucking through. >> the owner who saw the house for sale on ebay in 2004 a vision to restore this to this. and in turn recreated a neighborhood and through the christmas story house foundation he's giving back to it. the foundation has raised over $200,000 to help with home improvements. >> we bring about 65,000 people a year through the neighborhood. i think the neighbors should also benefit from it.
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auctioning items is spending a night in the house. in addition to the two night stay there are $800 in gift. >> dvds, board games, bb guns. all the stuff you'd want. christmas morning you go in the backyard and shoot off the bee bee gun. try not to shoot your eye out. >> the online bidding lasts a morning which of course gives mark johnson the yearly excuse to pull out his bunny pajamas. >> i'll be wearing them christmas morning. >> little bunny ears. isolated light rain and snow. but even a few little light flurries now moving through
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even into med nah reports medina reports of a few flurries. 40 in akron. windchills 20s and lower 30s. air temps 6:00 p.m. cloudy upper 30s. 8:00 p.m. 37 to 40 and then middle and upper 30s at 10:00 p.m. it's going to be a cold night tonight we'll see if we can warm you up in towards the weather weekend. find out all those now we have an update on the breaking news story we told you about earlier in this broadcast. an inmate escaped from fairfield hospital. >> police told us he was last seen running through the woods in the rocky river reservation. >> reporter: police tell me the prisoner was last seen in an orange jump suit running in these woods behind the hospital. he is 30-year-old man named david dunn.
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of the building. he's 5'11", 215 pounds and bald. he has charges of felonious assault and drug possession. we'll bring you news as it comes in. stay tuned to news5. >> cracking down on trafficking. the new system that tells people seeking sex with police have your number. >> officers targeted again and again. still ahead at 5:00 the latest string of attacks on police
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a lovely shot coming in via ellen wilson on facebook.
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from the garden in louisville. look there's some lettuce there, i bet that doesn't last much longer. it's our world of weather. it's your world too. deb posted a few of our decorations. that looks like a big santa claus. and finally at our house our little puppy got to meet santa claus for the first time. he got to sit with mr. c as you can see he's pretty happy. mr. c is enjoying it. follow and post.
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a nonprofit group is working to stop human trafficking by hunting down the predators. they're use ago system called demand tracker. an employee posts decoy ads online offering juveniles for sex then when a the ad they're automatically added to a public searchable database. the caller then gets a text letting them know their number has been identified and is available to law enforcement. >> they start somewhere and it's the first time you do that you realize someone is watching and law enforcement are paying attention that's the kind of message that we think will educate men to change their
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unique numbers were recorded. the system does have some limitations but many in law enforcement say it is a great start and it sends a clear message to predators. >> the united nations will tighten its sanctions about north korea. the un security council was unanimous in its vote to further the sanctions. they placed a cap on coal exports and the sanctions clarify an exemption on chinese imports. and section 11 government officials also for the first time if north korea does not comply it could suspend some or all of the country's united nations privileges. in 2001 george w. bush assembled a cabinet with a combined worth of about $250 million. that figure is adjusted for inflation.
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a team of millionaires. donald trump's pick for secretary by himself is worth ten times that. >> the team he's assembling may go down as the richest administration in modern history. several multimillionaires an heir to a family fortune and two forbes certified billionaires. many of his supporters were born wealthy while he's faced criticism for picking millionaires and billionaires with wall street ties there's an argument to be made. washington outsiders who know best how to exploit the system are best able to fix the system. news5 wants to take a closer look at the incoming power brokers in washington. >> as congress begins to hold
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taking a look at each employee's background. buzz aldrin is in a hospital in new zealand this evening after experiencing a medical condition while visiting the south pole. >> the 86-year-old was evacuated on the first flight out and is said to now be in good spirits and stable condition. here's the details. >> reporter: buzz aldrin's latest adventure started on a high note. the6- sharing these pictures and smiles saying south pole here i come. according to the national science foundation his condition deteriorated and as a precaution the decision was made to have him medically evacuated. first boarded on a cargo plane in antarctica then transported to new zealand.
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hospital bed. he became an american hero in 1969 when he became the second man on the moon. he later told david muir in an interview he will never forget the moment he stepped foot on the moon. >> i get to the bottom. and with great confidence i jumped up but i didn't quite make it to the bottom. >> and tonight in a fluid in his lungs but is responding well to antibiotics and will be kept overnight for observation. >> wow. >> one of the great americans, a pioneer. >> yes he is. >> he still looks great. >> still looks good. >> he could probably still go to space huh. >> probably so. >> may not want to. he's earned his retirement. >> he certainly has. >> what are you looking at. >> coats, coats, coats, the chilly air has come back.
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through the weekend. it's december, remember. >> time to snuggle by the fire. >> all right. chestnuts roasting. akron a live shot now showing cloudy skies, twilight has descended upon summit county. let's see if we can get an updated shot. there's cleveland the updated tower cam shot. notice the clouds overhead. maybe a sprinkle or flurry in downtown mainly east of cleveland right now as we'll show you on radar in a second. current temp is at 41 degrees. it is chilly and breezy. winds out of the southwest between 15 and 25 miles per hour. 41 hopkins to downtown. 38parma. 39 also in bruns wick, ridgefield at 38. canton jackson alliance at 38. lots of 30s out there.
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upper 20s and lower 30s by sunrise. there you have it, feels like temp, windchills 29 in mansfield. feels like 28 in worcester with that southwest breeze at 28 miles per hour. akron feels like 30. so dress according to not just the air temps but the windchill temps hovering around 30 degrees. notice by # p.m. we still few persistent lake effect snow showers here. notice near the lake shore middle and upper 30s for lows. but in inland areas some upper 20s sprinkled into the lower 30s by sunrise tomorrow. 38 for cleveland tomorrow. breezy cold, mostly cloudy skies. we'll mention the lake effect rain snow mix to our east in the snow belt. 58, oh no, no, no.
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58 degrees tonight. tonights lows will be in the 30s. holy macrole my computer is just burping up the warmth again. 42 nowhere near yesterday in the first at fours. then a rain snow mix back at 423. then notice we're in the 40s all the way through next thursday with a few showers monday and tuesday. >> okay. thank you, mark. coming up at 6:00. >> it is probably one of the worst cases of animal hording in the state. news5 always investigating how more than 200 farm animals were allowed in the backyard of a home and the massive violations the owners were hit with. >> police on high alert for a robber on the go. what they say this thief is doing after robbing his victim's at gunpoint.
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shootings across the country and how it is becoming a growing
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officers under attack in just the past 24 hours. a police officer in washington state was shot and killed. >> there were shootings in arizona and tennessee as well as the violence is becoming a growing problem. >> just outside detroit hundreds wayne state university police officer collin rose. the 29-year-old k9 officer was killed investigating car break ins last week. today in tacoma washington a procession of law enforcement officers escorted the body of another policeman from the hospital to the county medical examiner's office. 44-year-old officer jake
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>> we love our officers and we know everyday when they go to work there's a chance they may not come home. >> police in tacoma were called because a man was fighting with his wife and said he was refused to come back in the house. >> gunfire started and it wasn't them that started it. fellow officers were able to remove him, the suspect remained in the home for a tense 12 hours with two children before he was killed. >> i don't t even targeting police. >> there has been a 61 percent increase in the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty since 2015. the most coming in texas, california, and louisiana. overnight police in two more cities came under fire. in tucson officer trying to serve a warrant were shot at by a suspect. chattanooga police say one of their officers were
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building when a man came out shooting him three times. >> that's it for news5 at 5:00. >> let's send it over for a look ahead at 6:00. >> we have breaking news at 6:00. the hunt is on for an inmate on the run. police say he just got up and walked out. a horrible case of animal hoarding. news5 investigating how more than 200 farm animals were allowed in this cleveland
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news5 at 6:00 is brought to you by mr. hero. >> breaking news at 6:00 the search is on for an escaped
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park. david dunn was being treated at fairview hospital when he got up and walked out. >> reporter: the 30-year-old inmate is named david dunn. he was taken to fairview hospital on a medical furlough and managed to walk out of the building. he was last seen in an orange jump suit running into these woods behind the hospital. he's 5-foot 11, 215 pounds and bald. he has a criminal history drug possession, and theft. cleveland police are assisting in the search. >> he is going to be missed so much by us and his friends. >> another family heart broken tonight as police are still searching for the person who


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