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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  December 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning cleveland is brought to you by feazel roofing. visit >> good morning cleveland starts now. now at 4:30, a tragic trend. more gunfire erupting in a barber shop. three people shot. this time who police are looking for right now. >> then, stranded at the alter, but it wasn't the husband or wife that didn't show up. it was their ride. and now you can celebrate christmas just like ralphie parker did. this is your turn to sit by the leg lamp. >> let's check on that
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straight day. winter is coming. hey j.d. rudd. >> i love that movie. i'm looking forward to that. bright and early on this friday, a little chilly. this is the same thing we have seen the last couple of days. cloudy sky. we might see a couple showers try to dot the area and some lake effect snow flurries, especially in the snow belt. nothing terribly uncommon at all for this time of year. here is the forecast at a glance for today. more of the clouds and the wind. a few a cold night on the town tonight. i got a few things to tell you about for the weekend and next week. stick around for the full forecast. kristen. >> thanks so much. highways are accident-free at this point, still all in the green. we do have some lane restrictions. 90 east, we're talking until 6:00 a.m., those eastbound lanes are going to be closed off. left lane closed between hilliard and mckinley. shouldn't be a problem for that
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showing we are nice and quiet. love those conditions to start out your morning commute. >> thank you, kristen. it has happened again. for the third time in the past few weeks, gun shots ringing out inside a local barber shop. this time in akron. meg shaw is live for us. what have you learned? >> nick, akron police tell us the shooter is still on the run this morning. they say he was getting his haircut here at rp blaze academy barber shop when showed up and started yelling at him. it all happened around 11:00 thursday morning. police say a 20-year-old man walked into the shop, started yelling at a man inside about to get his haircut. seconds later, that man pulled out a gun and fired off several bullets. three people were shot, including the men who started the argument. the other two, a 17-year-old and a man in his late 40s. all three were taken to area
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police say fired those bullets. they say he's a light to medium con election black male, weighing 140-pounds with a 1 inch afro. he was wearing large framed glasses, designer blue jeans. again, he is still on the run this morning. so if you recognize that description, you know him or know anything about this incident, you are asked to call akron police. live in meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you for the update. right now, the search continues for a man who shot and killed a couple expecting their second child. sanders and his girlfriend, sarah marsh leave behind a 13- year-old son. authorities believe 25-year- old, david darnell calhoun, jr., killed them. family members aren't sure what led up to the shooting, but say calhoun had an argument with a couple about a month ago.
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much by us and his friends. it doesn't seem real that he is gone. >> the sheriff says calhoun is armed and dangerous. he recently served prison time for armed robbery and was paroled in april. >> the community is upset about a bill that could make convicted murder, t.j. lane eligible for parole. lane serving life without patrol for killing three high school classmates in 2012. several bills in the state house would change juvenile sentencing laws. one would make prisoners like lane serving life sentences eligible for parole when they turn 40. according to the maple leaf, the prosecutor, members are also urging ohio legislators to think before passing this legislation. the man who abducted a brooklyn teen will spend the next 15 years in prison. news 5 was first to break the story when it happened.
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internet crimes against children task force to christopher and the girl. the teen told police she met him on a messenger app, then he threw out her phone so she could not be tracked. >> some local veterans serving time in the jail are now being placed in a special area. it's called the veteran's housing unit. the men can get help with job training, education, and guidance on their v.a. benefits. it opened in july and is only the second of its kind in state. one of the first inmates was matthew who was in jail at the time for assault. now he's a free man. >> made it easier being with a group of people that you are familiar with, rather than a group that doesn't know what you've been through. >> credits the housing unit for his success. he says the veteran's help motivate him to become a better person. the program is no cost to taxpayers. right now, there is no special
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who are veterans, but we're told, they receive the same kind of services. well, fans of a christmas story take note. my dad, one of his favorites. >> we have a chance to live the life of ralphie at the christmas story house being auctioned off on ebay. all money raised will go toward home improvements in the neighborhood. >> we are trying to be a good neighbor. we bring about 65,000 people through the neighborhood. i figured th get something and benefit and be compensated for their hassles that they get sometimes. >> in addition to the two night stay for four people, you'll get $800 in christmas story gifts, including a red rider bb gun, leg lamp, but if you want to win this, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. there is a live bidding. we'll show you right now, it is just over, if we can see, $3300
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so the bidding will likely go up. >> wow. another holiday tradition. the annual ge lighting display in east cleveland. the company has been doing this in nila park for 92 years. the light show features a series of displays for each season. more than 500,000l.e.d. lights. it stretches along several blocks. the display will be lit today and stay up well, straight ahead, trying to strike a deal. what prosecutors in brazil want from olympic swimmer, ryan locthe in exchange for dropping criminal charges. >> then, a speeding driver paying more attention to his facebook live speed than the road gets a huge wakeup call.
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it is 4:40 on a friday. i'm j.d. rudd. high school football playoffs will continue this afternoon. if you're heading out to watch your favorite team, it's going to be cold. air temperatures mainly in the 30s. windchill factor into the 20s and 30s. weekend outlook, sunday looks mixing with snow. only minor accumulations are expected. we'll talk more about our next rain chance in a few minutes. >> thanks. conditions not too bad out there for your morning commute. no issues for you on the highways. you're looking at that o-dot view. accident-free, nick. >> thank you, kristen. this story got so much play over the summer. there's a deal on the table for disgraced u.s. swimmer, ryan locthe. >> offering to drop criminal
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cost him. locthe is accused of lying to investigators about being robbed at gunpoint during the rio olympics. locthe now says he exaggerated the claim. prosecutors have offered a plea deal. if he pays a fine just over $20,000. all charges will be dropped. but locthe has yet oh yeah, the rolling stones are back. >> today, they'll release their first studio album more than a decade. i like the sound of that. this is one of the songs on it t. the man's album still titled blue and lonesome. something that has always been at the heart and soul of the rolling stones. >> very cool. >> time now is 4:41. coming up next, a tragedy averted in the most unusual
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why they were considered in the first place. >> then, secret santa strolling down the aisles of a discount store. how this rodent managed to get inside. plus, super screen 5 is up and running tracking your weather
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it's today marks one year since the terror attacks in san bernardino. >> remembering those 14 lives lost. this is new video of one of the attackers a the a gun range two days before the mass shooting. farouk and malik helped fire during a holiday party. police killed them both in a shootout later that day. the range turned over the surveillance to the fbi for investigation. a gun lawsuit goes forward in connecticut.
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sandy hook victims who brought a lawsuit against gun maker, remington. now a survivor and the families of nine victims say the company knowingly marketed and sold the ar15 to a particularly vulnerable group of young men. their lawsuit was dismissed by lower court. december 2012. >> this is a crazy story of the parents of a high school student were able to disarm his missing guns at their home and rushedded to their son's school. the 15-year-old went into a classroom with students and fired a shot into the ceiling, but moments later, his dad managed to tackle him while his mom took two loaded weapons. the teenager's motive is unknown. he is now facing several charges, including taking a weapon inside a school. and this video will be key evidence against a rhode island
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crashing. that video makes you sick to see. you can see the 20-year-old racing along at top speeds. weaving in and out of traffic. the video cuts out moments before he loses control. he was seriously hurt, firefighters had to cut him out of that wreckage. police say he has a record, long record with a long list of traffic violations. nick. >> terrifying video. thank this morning around 4 million people would have gone to work eligible to get overtime. 21 states and business groups sued to block it, saying it would burden them. a federal judge stopped the regulations from being enforced. now the obama administration is fighting back. vice president-elect mike pence moved to a temporary home in washington, d.c. and his neighbors are definitely noticing, some who live near him in the district's neighborhood are flying rainbow
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support gay rights. >> i have no idea what he would think about, but i hope he will change his mind. >> pence, social conservative, will live there until he is sworn into office in january. a series of tornadoes caused mass destruction down south. >> so much damage. but it did not stop a tennessee woman from giving birth just after being rescued. amber newman is thankful that sh okay. the 39 week pregnant woman was at home when the tornadoes hit. amber tried to run into the bathroom for safety. but the floor fell in front of her, causing her to go right down. first responders were called in to help. the trees knocked down from the tornado blocked the road. it forced them to walk three miles to get there. amber certainly grateful everything worked out. >> it definitely is a blessing that everybody came out all
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she really doesn't cry. she's awesome. >> well, that tornado that hit tennessee injured 20 people and damaged 30 homes as you saw. brought one new life. that is great. all right, j.d. rudd, how is it looking outside this morning? >> incredible. you step out this morning, it's cold out there. current temperature 37 degrees. the clouds are out there. not seeing much in terms of snow flakes or rain to decorate the house for christmas. i took care of these for you. temperatures today should be in the 30s for the next few days. it's not going to warm all that much. much like we saw yesterday. a couple spotty showers later on this afternoon. i wouldn't be surprised if a few snow flakes mix in. ashtabula county, the primary target zone for that. as we take the wider view, you can still see some lake effect activity going on through portions of michigan and that's
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direction later on this afternoon. nothing too widespread or terrible, but again, we'll have that chance for a few spotty showers. walk you through hour by hour with our future cast. starting things out in the low to middle 30s. many of us in the upper 30s. notice the number in yellow. for a lot of locals, it's closer to 30 degrees by the lunch hour. again, you see showers and mix in with a few snow flakes as we head toward 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 this afternoon. if you're making plans to be whatever it might be, layers for sure. mid 30s already by 8:00 this evening. as we head into the weekend, on sunday, that is a day to watch as more moisture works its way in. we could wind up seeing more in the way of rain, trying to mix with snow as we head toward the afternoon hours on sunday. outside of that, i think things are shaping up to be on the cold side this weekend with highs in the 40s. we'll come back and detail your seven-day forecast in a couple
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look nice. no issues for you if you are heading south to north on 71 or 77. nice and clear. a quiet commute to start your friday morning, off the right way. 90 east and west, checking in just fine. check those drive times if you're coming in from the west side. a 13 minute commute right now. let's pull up that view. check on the jennings freeway. very quiet out there as you transition on to 71. not going to see any problems. over to you. >> you may do this two boys, getting a picture with santa, a tradition with many, many families. >> lots of families do that every year. mall of america will feature a more diverse santa. 24 years in the iconic mall's history, showcase its first african american santa. after a nationwide search for a diverse chris crinkle. u.s. army veteran was found at a santa convention. he considers considers himself
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appointment only. an eager beaver looking for the perfect christmas tree. maybe he didn't want to do all the work himself. he walked into the aisle of a maryland dollar general, sheriff deputies tweeting out these pics which are going viral. the beaver is doing well. now in the care of a wildlife specialist. >> what would you do if you saw that in another store? >> i would go >> i'm czar yay in for karina. they are both enjoying time off. still ahead. >> if you booked with them, i would -- >> left without a ride on their wedding day. a limo company accuses some shady practices. taking deposits and taking off. what news 5 discovered about this local company. >> then, a campaign to meet king james.
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their grandfather's dream come true. and as we head to break. look at how wall street opens today.
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>> it is 4:54. we're going to be in the low 40s over the next three days. a small chance for rain, snow mix to our northeast tomorrow. a better chance for rain trying
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day on sunday. looking ahead to next week, tuesday, rain looking likely, but with temperatures staying above freezing, i don't think we have to worry about snow. on thursday, that's a dtw. that's a day to watch for storms. i'm telling you now, mark that down. >> i'm going to start using that. all right, let's head to the maps and check on those drive times. we checked a few minutes ago. 71 and 77 look good. northbound lanes. a seven minute ride where we should be, nine northbound. let's look at our view and check on the canton area. 77 right at 30. pretty quiet out there. haven't seen issues on the highways. that's how we want to start our early morning commute on your friday. >> we like when we are right where we should be. only on 5 now. stranded at the altar. glf a limo company is accused of leaving couples high and dry on their wedding days. maid of honor and the groom ordered three separate limos
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deposits and had them sign a contract and told them everything is set for the big day. they never dreamed the cars would not show up. >> i was very confused how someone could do that to you, especially on your big day. >> that's terrible. dozens of calls and e-mails went unanswered. the address listed on the website turns out to be a storage company. accra limo s the better business bureau. the couple is still fighting to get their money back. >> every sports fan dreamed of meeting their favorite player, right? one akron family is going the extra mile to make that dream come true for their grandpa. the family started a facebook campaign so their 98-year-old grandpa sam can meet lebron james. the family says he is a lifelong cavs fan and watches every single game. unfortunately, he has been
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and recently returned home from hospice. the family's facebook post has been shared over 400 times. grandpa sam turns 99 on december 20 and nick, lebron's birthday is on the 30th. maybe they could celebrate together. >> you have to think lebron would be all over that story. that would be a great reunion, that would be a lot of fun. are you ready for football? it's a big weekend for high school football in northeast ohio. four local teams fighting for a state title this weekend. at 10:00 this division 6. take on maria. takes on xavier out of cincinnati. tomorrow in division three. archbishop will play madison at 3. and at 8 in division 5. canton central catholic takes on cold water. division 2 lost last night. all right, here's a look at what we are working on for you at 5:00. getting instant results. the new hiv test you can take in the comfort of your own
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chocolate lovers. how you can have that delicious milk chocolate taste, but for half the calories.
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news 5's good morning cleveland starts now. now at 5:00, for the third time in just a few weeks, a local barber shop is the scene of a shootout. >> meg shaw is live in akron where there is a man hunt for the gunman. >> the o remaining abortion clinics in ohio about to close. the loophole officials are using to shut it down. >> plus, it's time to pay up. lebron making good on a bet you won't believe what king james will be wearing when he takes to court in chicago tonight. >> oh my goodness. first, meteorologist, j.d. rudd is at the weather wall. he's keeping an eye on those falling temperatures. >> watching the radar picture this morning, much like we've


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