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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  December 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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news 5's good morning cleveland starts now. now at 5:00, for the third time in just a few weeks, a local barber shop is the scene of a shootout. >> meg shaw is live in akron where there is a man hunt for the gunman. >> the o remaining abortion clinics in ohio about to close. the loophole officials are using to shut it down. >> plus, it's time to pay up. lebron making good on a bet you won't believe what king james will be wearing when he takes to court in chicago tonight. >> oh my goodness. first, meteorologist, j.d. rudd is at the weather wall. he's keeping an eye on those falling temperatures. >> watching the radar picture this morning, much like we've
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few spotty showers, a snow flake or two. nothing of major concern. trust me, it's only the beginning of december afterall. forecast for today, cold windchill this morning. air temperature 35. may feel more like the 20s. by noon, still cloudy, still breezy, temperatures in the low 40s and by this evening, a few hit and miss showers. a few snow flakes may try to dot the area. a little more snow on the second half of the weekend, plus next week. we'll talk more about that as the morning goes still accident-free, quiet conditions in akron. 76 to 77 and 77 haven't seen a lot of problems. on 480 eastbound, 77 to 271, still looking very good. an 8 minute ride. so 60 miles per hour. no problems for you. let's pull up that view and check out 480 and transportation boulevard. no issues. >> thank you. it is becoming a troubling
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>> in the past several weeks, three shops have been shot up and meg shaw is live at the most recent, rp blade academy in akron. good morning, meg. >> yeah, good morning sarah and nick. police are still looking for the shooter in this case. he took off after firing several shots here at the barber shop. now we're told a 20-year-old showed up here at the front door, started arguing with a man who is about to get his haircut inside. now after several words were exchanged, the man in the chair cape and began shooting. three people were struck. the shooter, a 17-year-old man and a man in his late 40s, all three were taken to area hospitals. >> once the shots started being fired, everybody was running out, capes on, had their shaving cream on their face. everybody was fleeing out the back doors. an officer came in.
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>> now police do have an extensive description of the suspect in this case. if you want to read that, head to our app. if you know anything about this incident, you are asked to call akron police. live in akron, meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you, meg. also this morning, new developments in a shooting. the two victims were expecting another child. authorities say 25-year-old, david darnell calhoun, jr. calhoun still on sanders and marsh have a 13- year-old son as well and marsh was pregnant. family members are not sure what led to the shooting, but calhoun had an argument with a couple a month ago. >> it doesn't seem real that he is gone. i just hope that they catch who did this. and they definitely get what he deserves. >> horrible story. the sheriff says calhoun is
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calhoun on parole. >> in fair view park. escaped inmate enters its second day. police are looking for david don, he was last seen in the fairview hospital area yesterday afternoon. officers went to pick him up from the hospital, but he wasn't there. he's wanted on theft and drug charges and when he's caught, he'll also be facing escape charges. two prominent summit county business owners are dead poisoning. the akron beacon journal -- the pair was well known in that area. they own hills supply, a dairy equipment business. now the cause of the carbon monoxide leak is being investigated. >> the more than 200 farm animals rescued from a backyard in cleveland. we are getting a better look at where all of those animals were found living. take a look.
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animals were taken. we're talking chickens, roosters, ducks, geese, rabbits, a pig, a goat, and more. a number of those are illegal to have in the city and others require a certain amount of space. no one was home when we stopped by. but we did talk to neighbors. >> they are polite neighbors. they come over once a week. >> what do you think? maybe a few roosters. a couple chickens, and that was >> the animals were seized after a call was made to the apl humane investigators hot line. it was the first complaint about the house. the owner now facing charges for violating a number of animals allowed on the property and cruelty and neglect. ohio is pulling the plug on one of the few remains abortion clinics in our state. officials say the women's medical center of dayton is breaking the law. doesn't have a transfer agreement with a nearby
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appealed and president is with the clinic. ruled a similar regulation in texas with a quote, substantial obstacle to a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. >> the doors to a unique housing complex are now open. a place for us is the first low income senior facility designed specifically for the lgbt community. the 55 unit apartment complex is on the cleveland lakewood border. it serves mainly order lesbians living elderly lesbians have an annual income of $20,000 or less. residents say they enjoy being around seniors with similar life experiences. >> when you're in your flock, you feel safe. you feel comfortable. your ability to be happy increases. >> while a lot of the residents are gay or lesbian, a place for
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who is eligible. the goal is to promote diversity and celebrate all aspects of the community. president-elect donald trump is busy taking a victory lap. he kicked off his thank you tour right here in ohio. he appeared with v. p.-elect mike pence. his thank you tour is to thank supporters. an important battleground state. despite that, plenty of protesters in attendance. >> now that you put me in this help me one bit, i'm going to get it done. don't worry, believe me. >> trump's thank you tour will continue over the next few weeks. he has yet to announce a full schedule. we do know it will include crucial states he won and those he thought he would have done better in. what a year, first lebron james brings cleveland, our first championship in 52 years and now he is gracing the cover of sports ill grated as the
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the magazine says lebron is their pick, not only because of his work on the court, but also because of his charity. lebron james foundation. lebron joined tiger woods as the only two-time winner of the award. he'll be honored during a ceremony in brooklyn later this month, and speaking of lebron, we'll see him in very different colors to pay off a world series bet. lebron will be doing a cubs uniform during warmups. friendly bet when the indians were playing the cubs. tonight's game is at 8:00 in chicago. >> all right, j.d., how is it looking outside? >> cold if you step outside. temperatures in the 30s right now. that is the windchill factor. 20s in some locals. that's not going to change much over the next few hours. here's the hour by hour forecast to help you plan out your friday. at least we made it to friday.
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afternoon. that wind, though, out of the southwest to west at 10 to 20. going to make it feel cooler. we'll detail your weekend forecast in a couple of minutes. >> it is now 5:09. i'm nick foley. >> thank you for waking up with us, still ahead, starting this week, all it takes is a single search warrant in federal agents can search millions of americans computers and cell phones. what it means for your privacy. >> plus, how does low calorie chocolate. the new discovery from nestle.
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time now, 5:12. the death toll from those devastating wild fires is on the rise. as of now, it's at 11 and expected to go up as fire crews are able to get closer to areas hit the hardest. giving us a firsthand look at how bad the damage is around gatlanburg. the city is still off limits.
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dead, alice, now her family is sharing just how fast the flames overtook her tennessee cabin. her sons say they got the first call from her at 6:30 on monday night. she was scared about the wins. two hours later, she called again saying the house is on fire. that is the last time they heard from her. >> they were finally able to make it on the mountain at 12:00. we got to the place where we kind of >> the brothers say while their mother's death is devastating, they are focusing on the community and helping all the others who lost everything. sarah. >> the president-elect donald trump trying to block the election recount in michigan. he is filing a request to stop the recount, calling it a farse. meanwhile in wisconsin, that state's recount continues. temporary workers flip through stacks of ballots under the watchful eyes of the observers.
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pennsylvania. and a recount is being ordered in north carolina's governor race. the state's board of elections has ordered a partial recount of 94,000 votes in durham county. republican incumbent lost the election to state attorney general by 10,000 votes. but mccrory is refusing to concede. republicans say there are voting irregularities, but democrats insist there is no evidence of that. and we now know who donald trump will nominate mattis. he is setting up a meeting with a possible energy secretary candidate. senator heidi hypecamp of north dakota is a democrat. it could give the gop a bigger majority in the senate. anthony weiner is in even more trouble this morning. the new york city campaign finance board just hit him with
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improperly used campaign money to cover a personal phone and dry cleaning bills. weiner accepted more than $1.6 million in public funds while running for mayor. nick. >> so the obama administration says it supports requiring women to register for the military draft. the white house says it is committed to an all volunteer military, adding women to the draft is an important step for gender equality. it would take an act of congress to be added the government to search american's computers and cell phones with just a single search warrant. a bipartisan group of senators tried to stop the ruling from taking effect, but republican senate leaders denied the request for a vote. the updates ruling is needed to track down cyber criminals. those that try to block the rule call it government hacking and surveillance. >> pros cue cue tores will not charge police officers in the
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homeless man. the officers were justified in the shooting on skid row last year. video of the shooting has been viewed many millions of times online and prompted protests in the city. the victim's family has filed a $20 million lawsuit against the city and the police department. >> new information this morning about why astronaut, buzz aldrin, had to be evacuated. he was taken from the south pole to a hospital in new zealand. the second man to walk on the the tour company says the 86- year-old had fluid in his lungs, but responding to drugs and will stay in the hospital overnight for observation. saw a couple posts online, he is doing well. now let's get a check on your weather with meteorologist, j.d. rudd. it's cold i guess, right? >> good morning, everyone. 5:16. here's what i'm watching in the forecast. it's going to feel a lot more
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well. spotty showers may dot the area. nothing of big significance at all. our best chance of rain would be on sunday and some of that may mix with a few wet snow flakes primarily in the snow belt area. temperatures are on st colder side. mid to upper 30s. take a look. the wind out of the southwest at 10 to 20 puts veals like values closer to 18 to 0 degrees when you certainly coats, jackets, you need it. here's the weather radar, a couple snow flakes earlier. those have moved out of the area. bigger picture showing more lake effect activity in the western sections of michigan. a part of that will move our way. a few out spotty showers may ask it. you'll likely see a few snow
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feeling more like the freezing point, especially this morn e evening. a couple things to tell you about. a wintery mix is possible. next week looks to be on average. i do want to point this out, weather days to watch. the 8th of this month and the 12th. just keep tabs on those and we'll see what happens. showing that camera looking very slow as far as traffic goes. a slow spot around 77 as you transition on to 90. you can head, there you go. right about there. we have a report of a crash east 79th.
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morning cleveland. >> one of the biggest movie stars in the world returns to his favorite city. where you can see tom hanks this weekend. >> then, talk about the catch of a lifetime. the massive fish bigger than the man who caught it. >> plus, super screen 5 is up and running tracking your weather and traffic during the
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okay, put down the coffee and come over to your tv if you can. oh my gosh, that is terrifying. that is a 112-pound cat fish.
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carolina. the fisherman who caught it says he was only using a small rod and did not think he was going to be able to reel it in. you have to take a selfie to document these type of things. all right, it took him 30 minutes to reel it in from the boat. the cat fish, only 5-pounds away from a state record and it will have a chance to grow because he set him free. oh my goodness. it looks like a do what is happening? >> oh my goodness. you haven't ruled anything like that in? >> never. never want to. okay, we unfortunately have a bad crash here. a rollover right at grant. let's pull up that ow. we are already seeing lane restrictions there. so the left hand side of your screen, you see flashing lights. so traffic is light at this point. but it doesn't seem to matter. we are getting backed up. yesterday, we had that roll
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>> what a bummer to start friday. hopefully things will clear out on the roadways. a live look outside, weather is not an issue this morning. well, in terms of what will be on the road. let me help you plan out your weekend. this looks worse than what it will be. temperatures in the low 40s. a little rain, snow mix possible in our north eastern sections on saturday. better chance for rain and a area on saturday. next day, temperatures warm up a little bit through wednesday. rain likely on tuesday. then thursday is a dtw. that's a day to watch. a pretty significant storm system may roll its way into the area. we'll keep tabs on that for you. >> and you call this maybe too good to be true. cutting the sugar, but keeping that delicious chocolate taste. >> have to wait and see.
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cut the sugar by 40%. right now, they are testing the new sugar in a low cal kit cat. they plan to roll out products in 2018. we shall see. >> okay, this is some great news on your friday. tom hanks is headed here to cleveland. >> he's the guest of honor at the greater cleveland film commissions behind the camera event. the yearly program always some big names. previously it featured the cast of band of brothers, and last year it centered on the cleveland born director. this year, it's all about tom hanks. his career in hollywood, as we all know, it's happening at 8:00 tonight at the intercontinental, started his career here in cleveland. >> very cool. fans of the christmas story listen up, because you could get the ultimate fan
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update just in time for the holiday season. >> and here's a look at last night's winning lottery
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news 5, good morning
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a barber shop. who police are looking for right now. >> then, left stranded at the altar, but it wasn't the husband or wife that didn't show up. get this, it was their ride. >> and you can celebrate christmas just like ralphie parker did. this the leg lamp. this weather is starting to feel like the countdown to christmas. >> you might feel fragile. it's on the cold side out there. readings are in the mid to upper 30s. when you factor in the wind, it feels more like the 20s. to help you plan out this friday, layers for sure. we'll see a cloudy sky again. temperatures may briefly tag 40. it's going to feel more like the 30s at best.
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and snow flurries later on this afternoon. i don't think that's a major concern as we go more through the weekend, more chances for rain, showers, and flurries. we'll detail that as the morning goes on. >> all right, we're seeing some issues on the highway because of a roll over crash at 77 and grant. this is in cleveland. look at that delay. it's going to about 480. let me show you what it looks like. you'll see flashing lights, a couple lanes are blocked off as police work to clear we did find out no one was hurt. at least in this point. no fatalities and it looks like some cars getting by, so maybe one lane open, but still a rough spot for that early morning commute. 77 just south of grant. over to you. >> thank you. it is happened again. for the third time in just the past few weeks, gun shots ringing out inside a local barber shop. this time in akron. news 5 is live at the barber shop for us this morning. meg, what have you learned? >> well, nick, akron police say
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this morning. they say he was getting his haircut here at the academy barber shop on west exchange street. now listen to this 911 call from a person who was inside seconds before bullets went flying. >> okay, somebody hit that? >> we all got out of there. >> now it all happened around 11:00 thursday morning. police say a 20-year-old man walked in here to the barber shop another man inside about to get his haircut. then, that man pulled a gun out from under his cape and fired off several shots. three people were shot in the incident, including the man who started the argument. the other two people caught in the cross fire, a 17-year-old and a man in his late 40s, all three were taken to area hospitals. here is a description of the man police say fired those bullets. they say he is medium
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20230 years old, weighing 140- pounds with a 1 inch afro. he was wearing large framed glasses, designer blue jeans with tears up the front of the pant leg. now again, he is still on the run this morning. if you recognize that description, know who we're talking about or know anything, please call akron police, live in akron, meg shaw, news 5. >> thank you for the update. right now, the search continues for a man who shot and killed a couple expecting their child. lasheen sanders and his girlfriend leave behind a 13- year-old son. authorities believe 25-year- old, david darnell calhoun, jr., killed them. family members not sure what led up to the shooting, but say calhoun and the couple had recently gotten into an argument. >> he is going to be missed so much by us and his friends.
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gone. >> really heartbreaking. the sheriff says calhoun is armed and dangerous. he served prison time for armed robbery and was paroled in april. nick. >> the community upset about a bill that could make convicted murder, t.j. lane, eligible for parole. currently serving life without patrol for killing three high school classmates back in 2012. several bills in the state house would change juvenile sentencing laws. one would make prisoners like lane serving life eligible for parole when they turned 40. according to the maple leaf, the prosecutor urging ohio legislators to think before passing this legislation. >> a man who abducted a brooklyn teenager will spend the next 15 years in prison. news 5 was first to break the story when it happened. a facebook tip led internet crimes to christopher and the girl. the teen told police she met him on a messenger app.
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sim card so she could not be tracked and took her to missouri. >> fans of a christmas story, pay close attention to this. >> you have the chance to live a life of little ralphie. a two night stay at the christmas story house. all money raised will go toward home improvements in the area. >> we are trying to be the good neighbor. we bring about 65,000 people a year through the neighborhood. i think gyred the compensated for their hallses they get sometimes. >> in addition to the two-night stay for four people. you'll get $100. including, of course, a red rider bb gun. a leg lamp, if you want to win this, be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. last year's bidding went high. here's the live bidding right now. we can tell you it is just over $3300. last year, it went to a family
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>> 24 right now. another holiday tradition, the annual lighting display in east cleveland. the company has been doing this in nela park for 92 years. the light show features the series of displays for each season. there are more than 500,000l.e.d. lights. it stretches along several blocks of noble road. the display will be lit up today and stay up until january 3. so you have time to check it out. >> up next, trying to strike deal. what prosecutors in brazil want from olympic swimmer, ryan locthe, in exchange for dropping criminal charges. >> then, a speeding driver paying more attention to his facebook live feed than the road gets a huge wakeup call and you won't believe this one. but first, today's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes, nokia is returning to smart phones. >> remember this ring? nokia was once the largest
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world before losing ground to other platforms. these new phones should be available early next year. >> you can see niagra falls in a new light. switched on last night with 1400 bulbs. >> the new system colors are broughter and using 60% less energy and the bulbs last longer. it's that time of year when we keep tabs on santa and his annual trek. >> norad launched its website st. nick's north cold village. santa cams can call in on christmas eve. >> those are your tech bites.
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it's 20 away from 6:00. this weekend might be a good weekend to go out there and chop down a tree and drag it into your home and on it. that's one of those traditions we do. here's the forecast for you as you get that tree inside, what to expect if you're going to be out cutting the tree down. saturday and sunday, both days cloudy, temperatures in the low 40s. sunday looks like the better chance for afternoon rain, snow mix. if you're wanting to dodge that, tomorrow might be the day to go out there and hunt down that perfect christmas tree. >> now, a news 5 traffic alert. >> all right, j.d., we are seeing backups on 77 because of
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that left lane is blocked right now. seeing backups on 77. those northbound lanes backed up to 480. nick and sarah. >> thank you. there is a deal on the table now for disgraced u.s. swimmer. >> this is one of the biggest stories of the summer. brazilian prosecutors are offering to drop his criminal charges, but it is going to cost a big chunk of change. accused of lying to investigators during the rio claim. prosecutors reportedly offered a plea deal, all charges will be dropped if he pays a roughly $20,000 fine. locthe has yet to respond. well, coming up next this morning, a tragedy averted in the most unusual way. two parents tackle and disarm their teenage son while at school. what tipped them off in the first place. >> and then this guy just strolling down the aisles of a
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and up and running tracking your weather and traffic during the break. you're watching good morning
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welcome back. it's 5:44. today marks one year since the terror attack. >> and several memorial services are planned to remember those 14 lives lost. this is new video of one of the attackers a the a gun range. two days before the mass shooting. farouk and malik opened fire during a holiday fire at the inland regional center. police killed them both in a shootout later that day. the range turned over surveillance video for its investigation. >> also, a gun lawsuit going forward in connecticut. there's a connecticut supreme court will hear an appeal from the families of the sandy hook victims who brought a lawsuit against the gun maker, remington. marketed and sold the ar15 to a vulnerable group of young men. their lawsuit was dismissed in october in a lower court. 20 children and six adults were
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student were able to disarm their own son before shooting at a school could escalate. the parents discovered two missing guns at home and rushed to their son's school. the 15-year-old went into a classroom with students and fired a shot into the ceiling. moments later, his dad managed to tackle him. while his mom took the two loaded weapons. the teenagers motive is still unknown. he's now facing several charges, including taking a this video will be key evidence against a rhode island man who streamed his reckless joyride before crashing. you can see the 20-year-old racing along at speeds topping 110 miles an hour, weaving in and out of traffic. oh, it makes you sick to watch. the video cuts out before losing control and hits a garbage truck. he was seriously hurt. firefighters had to cut him out of that wreckage. police say he has a record with
5:47 am
violations. this man stole their christmas lights and after being exposed on social media, the thief actually returned them. it happened in long island when a man was spotted on this surveillance video, pulling christmas decorations right out of the family's yard. the footage of the sneaky theft has been viewed over 120,000 times on facebook. apparently the man felt guilty, so he returned the lights along with this handwritten note. he said he would never do that his identity remains a mystery. i'm glad he returned it, nick. >> all things were rectified in the end. facebook taking steps to warn users about fake news stories in an attempt to stop misinformation. quietly rolling out the test to a small number of users. this comes after ceo, mark zuckerberg disputed those claims. swayed public opinion in last month's presidential election. warning labels say this is not
5:48 am
classification pending. those are ways facebook is trying to inform users. around 4 million people would have gone to work eligible to get overtime. but 21 states and business groups sued to block it. saying it would burden them. federal judge stopped any regulations from being enforced. now fighting back. the u.s. labor department filed a notice to appeal yesterday. vice president-elect mike pence moved to in washington, d.c. >> and his neighbors have noticed. some who live near him in the neighborhood are flying those rainbow flags outside their homes to support gay rights. >> i have no idea what he will think about, but i hope that he will change his mind. >> pence will live there until he is sworn into office in january.
5:49 am
>> so much damage down in that region. it did not stop a tennessee woman from giving birth just after being rescued. amber newman is thankful that she and new little girl, aviana are okay. 39 week pregnant woman was at a home when the tornado hit. just horrifying. amber tried to run into the bathroom, but the floor caused her to go down. first responders were called in to help. trees knocked down blocked the road. it forced miles to get there. amber grateful everything worked out. >> it definitely is a blessing that everybody was fine and came out all right. she's so quiet and sweet. she really doesn't cry. she's awesome. >> while the tornado that hit new hampshire injured 20 people and damaged 30 homes. let's take a live look
5:50 am
always love that shot, especially when the sun is rising. how is it looking? >> cold this morning. we don't have a lot of rain or snow flurries. that might change this afternoon into the evening hours. our set up for today is like a giant egg beater. we are caught between two systems and the flow is pulling in into our area. so, we're going to see temperatures today hanging out in the upper 30s to lower 40s. that cold air flows right across the how it goes. you get a couple -- mostly cloudy sky. temperatures in the low 40s. with that west wind at around 15 miles per hour. check out those feels like. 32 or so. you'll need the coats and the gloves for sure today. up top on the satellite and radar picture, mostly cloudy sky, a couple showers dotting the lake shore area. those are moving due east this
5:51 am
that's also move its way off to the east as well. we may see a couple showers. snow belt area, low cal the last couple of days. if it does decide to stick at all, very, very minor, maybe a few snow flakes sitting on the grassy areas. a couple snow flurries morning. i wouldn't be surprised. it's going to be on the cooler side. the shower chance starts to go up. it will be spotty. the best chance for anything will be northeast of the greater cleveland area. temperature trend, we'll warm up a little bit for next week. we'll go into more detail in less than five minutes. kristen. >> all right, we do have a news 5 traffic alert to get to.
5:52 am
look at the delay that it is causing now beyond 480. that left lane is blocked. let me show you what it looks like outside. we're into a half hour right now. that odot video. 77. so you see flashing lights. cars getting by in the farthest right lane. you see cars at a standstill as you approach 480. for now, plan ahead. >> clause. >> we all see the -- mall of america will feature a more diverse santa. 24 years into the iconic mall's history, it will show kiss its first african american santa. after chris crinkle, larry johnson was found at a santa.
5:53 am
he's already got hundreds of requests. and cought on camera. looking for the perfect christmas tree. he went in front of the front door. i see a lot of christmas stuff there. tweeting out these picks which are going viral. in the worry of a wildlife specialist. >> coming up next, a campaign to meet king the akron family going all out to make their grandfather's dream come true. >> i mean, i would hate for the list to happen to therm. >> and left without a ride on their limo day. taking deposits and taking off. what news 5 has discovered about this local company. good morning cleveland is back
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5:55 am
as promised, next few days, we'll be in the next few days to talk about the rain, snow mix. best chance will be here late in the day and the most likely areas to see that mix would be in the snow belt. as we move more the next week, rain is looking likely tuesday, perhaps into early wednesday morning. then thursday is a dtw. day to watch a potent storm system may take shape and roll its way over the area. we'll keep tabs on it for you. >> now a news 5 traffic alert. >> thanks so much. still tracking that roll over. if you are just tuning in. serious situation here. we're into beyond a half hour. this accident not clear at 77 north right at grant. those delays really, if we can pull up that view. i'll show you what it looks
5:56 am
not moving. 77 and 480. so cars starting to get to a standstill. for now, you certainly need to give yourself extra time before you head out. >> crippling that commute right now. only on 5. stranded at the altar. >> leaving couples high and dry on their wedding day. record separate limos. they never dreamed the cars would not show up. >> i was very confused on how somebody could do that to you. especially on your big day. >> dozens of calls and e-mails went unanswered. the address listed on the website turns out to be a storage company. limo has an f rating. the couple still fighting to
5:57 am
>> a real pleasure. real honor to be here. i want to thank the mayor and staff for trusting me. >> akron has a new fire chief. sweering in clarence tucker last night. he is the 19th chief in the history and second african american to lead their fire department. tucker has been a firefighter for 28 ye meeting their favorite player, right? one akron family is going the extra mile to make that dream come true for their grandpa. the family has started a facebook campaign, so they 98- year-old grandpa sam can meet lebron james. he's a lifelong cavs fan who watches every single game. he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and returned home from
5:58 am
shared over 19 times. that would be a great gift to him. >> imagine seeing that on his fame if lebron came through the doors. getting instant results. the new hiv test you can take in your own home. >> plus, the brand-new surveillance footage just
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news 5, good morning cleveland starts now. >> for the third time in just a few weeks, a local barbershop is the scene of a shootout. >> and meg shaw is live in akron. >> and one of the last remaining abortion clinics in ohio about to close. the loophole officials are using to shut it down. >> plus, it's time to pay up for the king. lebron making good on a bet. you won't believe what the king the court in chicago tonight. >> oh boy. all right, first, meteorologist j.d. rudd in the weather center and he's keeping an eye on the falling temperatures. >> hopefully he is wearing something long sleeved and warm. it's a big difference. chilly when you step outside this morning. trust me, it will get colder than this. but still, you step out this morning, air temperatures in the 30s. windchill factor in the 20s, it's not pleasant, but it's


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