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tv   Noticiero Uni  Univision  September 14, 2013 5:35am-6:00am EDT

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>> i sent cameron and christian down to the kitchen. >> gil, sandy, we've got two missing students last seen in the kitchen. the cyclone's getting close so we don't have much time. >> we're right on it, bob. >> we'll never get out of here now. >> there's one more thing we could try. >> what? >> this! (metal clanging) >> hang on a sec. do you hear that? >> loud and clear. >> sounds like it's coming from the starboard side. >> let's go. over there. (screaming) >> looks like you guys could use a hand. bob, we found the boys and they're okay. we're headed back via the starboard side. >> you don't have much time. the cyclone's minutes from hitting. >> roger that bob. take your pick of rides, guys.
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(screaming) >> bob: gil, sandy, do you read me? >> we read you. we're almost out. almost home, boys. this is your lift. our good friend maureen is waiting for you inside the chopper. >> take her up, mo. >> mo: hold on, i'm coming right back. >> like we have any other choice. (screaming) >> gil, sandy, come in. we've lost contact. (screaming) >> boo-ya, there they are. >> are we glad to see you guys. >> come on, we've got to get this ship locked down and out of here.
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(screaming) (screaming) (cheering) >> in the event of a hurricane or cyclone always evacuate to a safe place away from the water. >> and make sure you have supplies like bottled water, a flashlight, a radio-- >> and lots of fresh batteries so you can listen to current developments in the weather situation. >> remember, think like a rescue hero. >> all: think safe!
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>> keep it steady. got to keep it steady. no! mayday, mayday! i'm going down. >> ariel: got your position, mayday. a rescue heroes unit is on its way. >> matt: chopper down at 10 o'clock. the pilot's still inside. >> ready in just a sec. >> wee lad, i'm already good to go. cheerio! ♪ (grunting) (screaming) >> perry: ariel, i can get to him. i'll need you to change position. >> perry, trust me. i need you to get in the basket. >> but, but, but-- what happened to "no one gets left behind?"
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>> gotcha. sorry perry, i guess it's wings over 'chutes after all. >> perry: yeah, well we'll just see about that. >> i'll save you a place at the top. man, i am king of the world. >> hey hotshot, having the skills doesn't mean you're ready. >> oh i am so ready. i'm totally stoked about tomorrow's climb. >> that's a shame, cody, because you won't be on tomorrow's climb. you haven't completed your weather training class. >> who cares? i want to be a climber, not a weatherman. >> well, here's a forecast for you: no more climbs until you get the big picture. >> ha, that's what you think. ♪
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>> you might as well take all that parachute silk and make yourself a nice pair of pyjamas. >> ugh, enough. listening to you two has become a full-time job. this contest will settle it. the first one to grab all those flags and get to the bottom wins. >> loser buys lunch. got it, perry? >> i'll get us a table while i'm waiting for you to finish the course. ♪ >> guys, come see why you always check your weather reports. see that, it's a storm headed our way. sorry guys, the climb's off until the weather's a lot safer. you guys better head on back. i've gotta check up on someone. >> ready, set, go. ♪
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>> there's a trick to this, lad. remind me to teach it to you. >> and how about i teach you how to leave a big tip. >> right after you buy me lunch. >> that should settle that. >> cliff: yee-haw! wings rule. >> pushed off a wee bit early, didn't you? >> uggh. >> come on cody, suck it up. (screaming) so this is what rocky meant by bad weather? well, no pain, no gain. that gully can shield me from this wind. ♪ whoa! man, this could sure be tricky on the way down.
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cody aces it. a fixed line like this will save me a half an hour on the descent. and rocky thinks i don't know how to climb. ha! >> this is getting serious. time for some rescue hero back up. >> cliff: don't be a sore loser. >> are you daft? how can i be a sore loser? i never lost now did i? >> uggh. >> this is rocky. i could use a little help. i've got a climbing student stuck up here on mount brisbois. >> we're on it. does he have a global positioning system? >> rocky: sorry, ariel, no transponder for you to hone in on. i'm getting worried about lightning strikes. cody might try and take shelter up there. >> cliff: rocky, any weather trained climber knows not to shelter under an overhang during a storm. >> that's just the problem, cliff. he's not weather trained. (grunting) >> guess this was high enough to
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show rocky i know what i'm doing. (narrating) frozen solid. no axe, no ice boots-- i can't go down this way. i better get out of this rain. ♪ >> whoa!
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>> whoa! >> rocky: made visual contact with cody. he's hanging from a rock abt a hundred yards up-slope from me. >> there he is. >> happy landing, perry.
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>> whoa! >> whoa! >> whoa, hang on there lad. >> whoa! ariel, my transponder's out. better track me visually. it'll take me too long to get to cody. perry, can you get cody to dante's ridge for a chopper pick up? it's just below the clouds. >> my 'chute's gone. we're going to be needing-- >> cliff hanger's on his way. >> you rang, pyjama man? ♪ got him? i'm going back for mr. chuteless. >> yet another demonstration of
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the superiority of a fixed-wing apparatus. >> all i saw was a load of hot-dogging. >> the controls are iced over. can't steer to the left. >> aye, and this is a normal part of demonstrating "fixed-wing superiority?" >> here, this will keep you warm. >> got to slow this down or i'm going to lose my lunch. >> slow it down? good idea, and my auxiliary 'chute is just the thing. ♪ >> we need to relocate rocky and cody. i've lost all visual contact. >> ahh! >> you okay, cody? >> sure thing. it'll take more than a rock to slow me down.
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>> okay, we can be located now, but ariel can only pick us up below the cloud line. we need to go lower. >> ah, that rock really banged up my side. sorry, rocky. >> we've gotta move. >> i've got a signal. good job, swoops. (cawing) and there they are. >> cut yourself loose, cody. it's the only way. >> i just can't. you do it. >> ahhh! >> looks like you might be taking a few months off.
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>> that's okay by me. i'll need the time-- agh! to study everything there is to know about weather conditions. (laughing) >> cliff: so my super aerial work gives me back the bragging rights. you agree? >> oh i don't agree at all, laddie. if i hadn't dumped my 'chute for safety reasons, unlike you, i'd still have been able to turn left going down. >> maybe i didn't feel like turning left. ever think of that? >> if it weren't for my auxiliary chute, you'd be wearing your lunch, you blatherskite. (laughing) >> mountain climbing can be fun, but like most outdoor activities, changes in the weather can make it extremely dangerous. >> so make sure you know what the weather's going to be like before you head out. >> and then dress appropriately for those weather conditions. it doesn't matter if you're mountain climbing or playing softball, the afternoon will be a lot more fun if you wear the right clothes for the right conditions. >> so whatever you play, it's important to know everything you can about that sport.
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even if it means going to the library and reading about it. >> think like a rescue hero: think safe.
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my new program will let us detect a chaos emerald anywhere in the galaxy, no matter how far away it may be. all right, sonic. what do you say we try it out? sure thing. okay. now we just connect it to the main interface, and we'll be on our way. knuckles, everything okay? so far, so good.
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whoa! what's up? you got something? yeah, i'm detecting a response already. [ beeping ] it's thanks to you, chris. it's no big deal, really. sure it's a big deal. i've built lots of neat stuff, but i couldn't have come up with something this good overnight. oh, come on, tails, you're embarrassing me. amy, what's the location? the signal's coming from a place called planet breezy. that sounds cool. okay, planet breezy, here we come. we're on our way. engage warp-field driver. warp fields ready. let's go!
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♪ go, g-go, g-go, go, go ♪ gotta go fast ♪ gotta go fast ♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ movin' at the speed of sound, quickest hedgehog around ♪ ♪ got ourselves a situation ♪ stuck in a new location ♪ without any explanation ♪ no talk of relaxation ♪ don't, don't, don't, don't, don't blink ♪ ♪ don't think ♪ just go, go, go, go ♪ g-g-g-go, go ♪ n-n-n-n-n-n-na ♪ n-n-n-n-n-n-na ♪ sonic is on the run ♪ sonic -- he's number one ♪ sonic -- he's coming next, so watch out for sonic x ♪ ♪ gotta go fast ♪ sonic ♪ gotta go fast ♪ sonic ♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ go, g-go, g-go go, go, go, go ♪ ♪ sonic x ♪ gotta go faster, gotta go fast ♪
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♪ gotta go faster, faster, faster, faster ♪ ♪ sonic x


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