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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning, and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayleardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a bicyclist was hit and left for dead on u.s. 301 between 6th and 8th treat and die at want hospital. police are searching for a dark-
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it's a big day for the presidential candidates. tonight is the iowa caucus. 8 is on your side during this election. we will have a report from iowa in 2 minutes. new this morning, a pilot project will be offered in two neighborhoods using chinese fiberoptic connections. average cubans use online pay- per-use services is. bryan bennett with the weather. >> reporter: it's a warm note especially considering it's february 1st, and january is history. starting off in the middle 60s, and that's warm. 66 in downtown tampa. winds are light this morning.
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locations, but not a big concern this morning. satellite and radar picture showing there's a good deal of cloud cover and a few sprinkles falling in sarasota county right now. that's a few little sprinkles. otherwise the headline will be warm temperatures topping off in the upper 70s tomorrow. we will be around 80 degrees. for the first week of february, it's going to be a warm one. >> 80, that's like the temps in arizona. right now in st. pete, up to speed. no delays on 275, but an accident at 54th avenue north this is at 66th street, and it's tieing up the intersection no delays because traffic is so light. there's not that many cars throughout on the roadway, but,
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54 to tampa road, over to u.s. 41, you're looking at 12 minutes for state road 52 to state road 54. that's a look at traffic. back to gene and gayle. the iowa caucus is happening today. >> it's a time to see which voters they are supporting to win the nomination. >> keith cate traveled to iowa to follow the candidates on the trail. >> reporter: good morning from des moines, iowa. it's caucus day. the excitement has been building for 4 days, and it's finally here. last night bernie sanders had a rally at a school gymnasium. it was in the same gym where i covered hillary clinton a couple of days before that the numbers were not even close. all the candidates are leaving everything on the field when it
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he is behind in the polls, but bernie sanders has momentum, and he's peaking at the right nigh. the bern for bernie is growing. the standing room only at the gymnasium is palpable, especially among younger iowans. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the fiery outsider had everyone hanging on his every word. they view him as an incorruptible populous fighter who can bring democratic socialism to washington, something they are desperately craving. >> it's a redistribution of wealth. >> it sound like the american dream. >> it's time to live it again, right? >> make college affordable for us, take away our debt
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>> i don't have health care right now. i don't think it should be mandated by a law and i don't think i should be fined for not being able to afford health care. >> reporter: the candidate rallies have swelled in size and frequency since we arrived last week. we saw the desperate appeals for hillary clinton and donald trump. >> get out of bed and caucus. >> reporter: we have also seen a steady rise for marco rubio. he started to pack them in after a solid gop performance. he's expected to ambulance third or better tomorrow night with republicans. do you mind telling me who you're leaning towards? >> i will probably caucus for rubio. ifer me, he can win. the others are too extreme and turn me off. >> reporter: the other candidate, jeb bush, continues to struggle. he may have a secondary battle now with the other republican governors. of all the candidates we have
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none have produced this kind of spectacle and passion, but will it translate into support on monday night? >> reporter: that's the question that will keep the candidates sweating throughout the night. the caucus will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will have all the twists and turns leading up to that tonight. we will have the final results at 11:00, if not sooner, tonight. it's been a great 5 days leading up to this since we arrived in des moines. >> thank you. while the candidates are focused on iowa and new hampshire, their attention will soon turn to the sunshine state in the race for the white house. they are expected to make stops in florida as we get closer to our primary, and up close and personal is popular in iowa and new hampshire, the campaign here is different. >> we see a lot of money spent on television, but in new
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the candidates have to be very grass roots oriented. >> we will start to see the ads soon, and the florida primary is in march. our your vote coverage from iowa continues today. tune in first at 4 for keith cate report on the caucuses. developing this morning, tampa police are searching for carjackers on a crime spree. part of the spree caused a tampa police officer to crash into a pole. >> lindsey mastis is live. we are learning this stolen car was used in other crimes? >> reporter: that's right, gayle. good morning. i have been checking with the tampa police department to find out if there's any new information, and so far they are not releasing anything new. this vehicle was used in three other robberies according to tampa police. these guys had the vehicle for about 24 hours only.
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friday just before 10:00 p.m. on north central avenue, and less than 24 hours later, they left it at east lake avenue and central avenue, and now look at this this is why they were able to get away. the police officer pursuing the car lost control and crashed into a power pole. the officer went to the hospital with minor injuries and the criminals drove about a bloke away and then left the car behind. according to tampa police, three male carjackers took the vehicle from a woman by opening her car door and pointing a semiautomatic handgun at her, ordering her out, and then they drove off. luckily she was not hurt. police are determined to arrest these guys. we are requesting descriptions of the carjackers this morning, and right now, all we know is, they are male. anyone with information is asked to call the tampa police department. gayle, back to you. >> thank you, lindsey.
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we are starting off february >> definitely. upper 70s, tomorrow 80 degrees. january was a wet and cool one, and so far, february will start on a warm note. right now, outside, we are looking at temperatures lower to mid-60s. a mild start to your day. a few spotty areas of fog but not a huge deal this morning. the low cloud cover with the blue representing a few sprinkles. not a lot. you may need your windshield wipers once or twice, but otherwise, just fine. no problems from the morning commute. we are seeing a few sprinkles and light shower right now. temperatures lower to middle 60s, partly cloudy skies, and this afternoon it will be a warm one, topping off mid- to upper 70s. a warm start to february today, and again, 10% chance of a shower, and all in all, not too
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>> not too is shabby. >> is traffic shabby? >> not too shabby. we have one little problem with traffic that could affect your drive for asecond. traffic is so light here at 66th street, you can get by just fine. slow down, check out what's going on, and then you're on your way. this is in tampa, absolutely no delays here, and moving over to 275 at busch boulevard, no delays here. that's weather and traffic on the 8th. back to gene and gayle. repair efforts can not come soon enough for the flint water crisis. ahead, what plumbers are doing to make a dent. new dangers at the nail salon. what you need to look out for the next time you go in for your pampering sessions. and seeing the northern
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see how one man got up close and personal. you're watching news channel 8
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well, this morning an 8 on your side alert on nail polish.
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back, relax, and enjoy a nice mani-pedi but research out of duke university may have you rethinking that. a chemical the from the nail polish can leech from the nails into the bloodstream. i did some 8 on your side digging and found safer ways to spoil yourself. >> reporter: customers are becoming more savvy when it comes to mani-pedis, and they don't want to be exposed to toxic chemicals. >> i hate going into the salons where i can see and smell the chemicals. if that's in the air, i don't want to be a part of it. >> reporter: those very same chemicals can seep into your bloodstream, and more salons are offering the brands without the foxy trio, and now look for brands free of tphp, the same chemical used in flame retardants that can mess with
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options for the little ones like piggy paint. >> their nail polish remover is perfectly safe for children too, and it's free of all the chemicals. >> reporter: more brands are answering to the demand for the safer options, and consumers are urged to do their home work. >> get on the computer, look it up, and see what ingredients are in the nail polishes. >> reporter: i put a list of the chemicals that are red flagged on >> who could have thought it could make you gain weight? >> i will steer my kids away from these especially the little ones and the teens. >> there's good options there for little ones. >> yeah, the piggy paint. >> nice name, too. one of two virginia tech students arrested in connection
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today. david eisenhower is charged with the first-degree murder of nicole lovell. investigators also charged 19- year-old natalie keepers. help is on the way for the people of flint, michigan, plumbers are volunteering their time and expertise to make repairs, going door-to-door replacing faucets and installing water filters it comes as the city is dealing with high levels of lead found in the water supply. homeowners are grateful for the repairs. >> very important because me, myself, i don't have the money to do it myself, you know, and it's important for someone to come in and do it. >> in the meantime, the state of michigan approved a $28 million bill to cope with the ramifications of the lead- tainted water. the national spotlight will
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bill cosby's legal time trying to get sexual assault charges dismissed in a 2005 deposition he admitted to giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. but the former district attorney agreed not to prosecute cosby in exchange for his deposition for a civil case. we are less than a week away from super bowl 50. cam newton and his team arrived in san jose on sunday. the panthers will be making san jose their home this week. the denver broncos also touching down in san jose. the afc champions took a united airlines flight showing team spirit with their logo on the side. see it there? they are spending a week leading up to the game in santa clara, california.
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stadium on sunday. after 7 months and $700 million in renovations, the rocky point golf course is ready for golfers. the grand opening ceremony will take place tomorrow morning. the renovations include new greens. amazing video of a par northern lights. horachio was the first to dance with the flights in norway. he said it was a challenge because of the differently of flighting at night and the lights. >> the time now, 4:18. can you tell us more about that? with the 10 minute weather
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i want to see it one day, particularly not from 20,000 feet flying around like that dude was. on the ground is just fine for me. temperatures generally the middle 60s, and a warm start to february, and satellite and radar pictures showing we have a good deal of cloud cover. a few sprinkles to the south, and a light little shower in southern sarasota county. not a lot of rain with that but if you're driving in north port on i-75, you need your wipers for a bit this morning. the high pressure is out in the atlantic ocean, giving us a southerly wind. the temperatures today will be a warm one. starting off in the lower 60s. extra clouds this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, and warm. 77degrees, and a 10% chance for a few sprinkles or light shower, and same thing goes for your tuesday, except for near 80 degrees, and better chance for rain this week will be on
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and cooler for the weekend. how about traffic on the 8s, lesli? >> we are rolling right along, folks. i mentioned this accident, and i will mention it again, it's tieing up lanes at 54th north six -- and 66th street. into the sun coast area a bit of construction near. it's overnight work being done both on the north and southbound lanes here on i-75 at university parkway, and you're going to see a bit of construction out there, but you can still get by in the area. also a quick live look again, 275 and fowler, smooth-sailing here. >> back to gene and gayle. a dining experience attracting customers young and old. >> 40,000 friends around you that don't need a date. what one restaurant is doing to blow its competition out of the water.
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with story ideas. somebody put a big bag of girl scout cookies on my desk this morning. what's your favorite? >> it's gone! i took it! [ laughter ]
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as long as you love me, it's alright any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
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now to an 8 on your side alert. nissan is recalling 8 million cars for a third problem with the hood latch with the ultima models. the hood could fly right open
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2015 and 2014 models are affected by this. apple is recalling millions of power adapters that could shock users. they were designed for use outside of the u.s. apple said the adapters may break, exposing wires capable of electrical shock if touched. apples is now offering a refund to customers. a new underwater restaurant in india is opening its doors to the adventurous and curious alike with plates inspired by mexican and indian cuisine. there's something for everyone, but the views alone are worth the visit. with some 40,000 colorful fish to keep you company. >> interesting! >> in fact, the last break, you may dinner. weather and traffic on the
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an emergency health meeting happening today. how widespread the world health organization believed the zeka virus may soon become. bend me shape me, any way you want me as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepia technology adjust any way you want it the bed that moves you.
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. and good morning. it's 4:28 a.m. the satellite and radar picture showing we have a good deal of low cloud cover this morning. a few sprinkles are possible, and right now south of town, right around venice to north port on i-75. you may encounter a really light shower, but nothing heavy today. a spotty sprinkle or two. it will be a warm day. the high temperature right around 77 degrees, and so for the start of february, that's a toasty start. how about traffic on the 8s, leslie? >> this is i-4 on the heart of
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an accident in st. pete tieing up 54th avenue north at 66th street. be aware of that 275 through pinellas also looking very good as well. again, lakeland and the polk parkway, up to speed, and no
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