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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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finish. -- right now on news channel 8 today a bicyclist hit on u.s. 51 between 6th and 8th street was involved in a hit-and-run, and the bicyclist died at the hospital. the iowa caucuses are happening tonight. it's a time to see which candidates iowa voters are
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nomination, and 8 is on your side during this election. keith cate will join us in 5 minutes with a report from iowa. new this morning, some cubans will have access to state-run internet at home. the cuban telecommunications service will be offered through chinese fiberoptic connections. right now only diplomats can have broadband at home, and everyone else uses pay-per-use spots. guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we are starting with warmer temperatures, and bryan bennett is going us. >> reporter: for february 1st, temperatures middle 60s. you probably don't need a jacket this morning. it's quiet, and we have a few clouds.
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windshield wiper once or twice sprinkles. not much in the way of rain today. partly to mostly cloudy, maybe a rogue sprinkle, and this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, and a 10% chance of a light shower or sprinkle, and warm. high temperature near 77, and the tampa bay area will be in the upper 70s, if not 80 degrees, and a warm day, as gene said, and we are starting february on a warm note. >> i like that. >> that's why i'm still here in tampa. >> where were you born and raised? >> tampa. i'm a tampa girl. if you want to call braden little more rail. >> i lived in that stomping ground. it's cool. >> i love that i'm from here. raised in nashville, but my childhood was here. traffic is a lot worse now
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looking good through sarasota. a bit of overnight construction affecting the northbound lane here, but aside from that, traffic moving in good speeds. trying to wrap up 54th avenue north at 66th street with injuries involved. keep that in mind. good drive with the bay area bridges, and that's a look at weather and traffic, and back to gene and gayle. hillsborough county, and this is on heinz road in east tampa. we are trying to get a better picture of what we are seeing here, but there's smoke rising from that garage. firefighters say the call came in about an hour ago, and there's eight units on the cane right now, and we know that no one was inside of the garage when it started. the investigation is just beginning, and there's a photojournalist on the scene as you can see the images here. we will bring you more as we have updates into the news room.
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fire in hillsborough county overnight is being blamed on an electrical problem. look at the charred truck in the driveway of the home. firefighters say no one was hurt. in a matter of hours, the coast guard will resume searching for a missing boater. crews found the man's boat near the sand key coast guard station, but they did not find his body. the missing man's wife said her husband is suicidal. police need your help in finding the driver involved in a head i did hit-and-run crash that killed a bicyclist on u.s. 301, just north of fruit hill road. ryan hughes is live this morning at the police department, and the driver never even stopped to check on
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>> reporter: good -- the man, ryan? you, gayle. the driver did not stop at all. it was between 6th and 8th street when the driver hit the mentioned. the bicyclist was rushed to the hospital and later died. here's a description of the vehicle involved provided to us from the police department. described as dark-colored toyota corolla likely with front end damage. if you have any information on the car, you're urged to department. i'm working to get more information on the case, including the identity of the driver involved or excuse me, the victim involved, but as i get information, i will pass it along to you. ryan. developing this morning, tampa police are searching for carjackers involved in a crime spree. part of the spree caused a tampa police officer to crash
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tampa. in other crimes? >> reporter: that's right. good morning. i have been speaking to officers all morning, and they say the officer was involved in a serious crash. i'm working to find out exactly how he's doing this morning. police believe the carjackers used the vehicle to commit three robberies, and they had the car for about a day, and they abandoned it during the screen. at this map, the vehicle was carjacked friday, just before 10:00 p.m. on north central avenue and east kirby street. less than 24 hours later, they left it the at east lake avenue and central avenue, and now take a lock at this. this is why they were able to get away. the police officer pursuing the car lost control and crashed into a power pole, and the officer went to the hospital with minor injuries, and the criminals drove about a block
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according to the tampa police department. three male carjackers took the vehicle from a woman by opening the door to her car and pointing a semiautomatic handgun at her, and then they drove off. luckily she was not hurt. police are determine -- not hurt. police are determined to catch these guys. so far all we know about the suspects, all we know is they are all males. anyone with information is urged to contact the tampa gayle? >> how frighten for the woman. thank you, lindsey. in your vote, the first real test of the 2016 race. today. >> reporter: it's a time to see which candidates iowa voters will support to win their party's nomination. >> keith cate traveled from tampa all the way to iowa following the candidates on the trail. >> reporter: good morning from des moines, iowa.
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building for 4 days, and it's finally here. last night bernie sanders packed the gym at the same location i covered hillary clinton a few days before that. the numbers were not even close. read into that what you will. all of these candidates are leaving everything on the field when it comes to the first in the nation caucus. >> reporter: he is fractionally behind in the polls, but bernie sanders has momentum, and he's peaking at the right time. the bern for bernie is strong as you can see by his signs on sunday night. the revolutionary movement is palpable, especially with younger iowans. >> it sounds like you want to make a revolution. [ cheers ] >> reporter: he had his followers hanging on every word. talk together people attending the rally for bernie sanders,
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enthusiastic about what he can do for them. they view him as an incorruptible populous fighter who can bring socialism to washington, something they are desperately craving. >> all it is a redistribution of the wealth so we can all survive and thrive. >> reporter: sounds like the american dream. >> it is the american dream! time to live it again. >> make college affordable for us, take away our debt, hopefully. we will see what happens. >> i don't have health care right now. it's too expensive. i don't think it should be mandated by the law. i don't think i should be fined for not being able to afford health care. >> reporter: the candidate rallies have swelled in size and frequency since we arrived last week, and we have seen the desperate appeals for the leading candidates like hillary clinton at her rally and donald trump at his. >> get out of bid, and caucus. >> reporter: we have seen the steady rise for marco rubio.
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after his solid gop performance. he's expected to place third tomorrow among the republicans. >> reporter: do you mind telling me who you are leaning towards? >> rubio. for me, he can win. the others are too extreme to me and turn me off. >> reporter: the other candidate, jeb bush, continues to struggle. he may have a second tier battle now. of all the candidates we have seen in iowa, none have produced this kind of spectacle, spirit, and passion. will it all translate into caucus support for monday night? >> that's the question that will keep the candidates sweating throughout the day. the caucus will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will have all the twists and turns leading up to that today. we will have the final results hopefully by 11:00, if not sooner tonight. it's been a great 5 days leading up to this since we arrived in des moines. can't wait for the big finish tonight. keith cate reporting from iowa.
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your vote coverage from iowa will continue today. be sure to tune in on first at 4 for keith's live reports on the outcome of the iowa caucus. the big question is the snow. can they get out and vote? >> the weather is always the factor for voting. looking at the radar right now for des moines, iowa, it's quiet, but there's a blizzard direction. it could start up before the voting begins today. something folks in that location will be watching closely. here at home, we are not worried about the snow. temperatures middle 60s. satellite and radar, showing a sprinkle or two or otherwise good cloud cover. temperatures lower to middle 60s to start your day. today, slight chance for a sprinkle or two, and warm. high temperatures warming into the upper 70s, and yeah, it's going to be a coasty day across
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decent weatherwise. >> traffic is decent, not perfect, but overall a great drive. let's look at how your drive will be affected by the overnight destruction here. if you're exiting university parkway, you can see the cones out there, and you can exit on to university, and one of the lanes is taken away. all the southbound traffic blocked by construction, that has cleared. good drive despite the construction there. it's all due to the new intersection going in there. 66th street here, the accident, not really a factor. taking a quick look, great travel times here. traffic. back to gene and gayle. coming up, repair efforts can't come soon enough in the flint water crisis. what plumbers are doing to make a dent. salon? coming up, the way researchers believe your polish could be causing you to gain weight. the teams are in
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this morning an 8 on your side alert on nail polish.
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back, relax, and enjoy a mani- pedi, but new research from duke university may have you rethinking that luxury. a chemical from the polishes can leech from the bloodstream, leading to weight gain. i did an 8 on your side investigation, and found safer ways to spoil yourself. >> reporter: customers are more savvy when it comes to mani- pedis, and they don't want to be exposed to toxic chemicals. >> i don't want to see or smell the chemicals and they have on face masks. if that's in the air, i don't want to be part of it. >> reporter: the same chemicals can seep into your bloodstream. more brands are offering without the trio.
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hormones and mess with weight gain. >> reporter: and now piggy paint is safe for children. >> their nail polish remover is also free of all chemicals. >> reporter: consumers are demanding safer options, and gizette is urging consumers to do their home work. >> be proactive. get on the computer and look up what ingredients are in the nail polishes. >> there's a list of the chemicals that are red flagged on and a data base to make your research easier. i have to tell you, i was blown away especially with little ones and teenagers. you need to worry about the hormones and what can happen. >> reporter: what was the safe option? >> piggy paint. >> you would be surprised what popular brands from the dangerous chemicals. help is on the way for the
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dealing with a toxic water emergency. plumbers are volunteering their time education -- and expertise. homeowners are grateful for the repairs. >> very important because me, myself, i don't have the money to do it myself, you know, and so it's important to get someone to come in and do it. >> reporter: in the meantime, the state of michigan approved a $28 million bill to approve the ramifications of the lead- tainted bill. we are saying good-bye to january and hello to february. january was a wet month. over 6 inches of rain, and almost three times the amount of rain we would typically see for jan that will -- for january and that will continue into february. it's mostly thanks to el nino.
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showing partly cloudy skies. rogue sprinkle here and there, and not much in the way of rain two. we are looking at warm temperatures though, an offshore high pressure is giving us southerly winds, and with the southerly winds, the temperatures today are going to warm up in a hurry. this morning, 61 degrees, and partly to mostly cloudy. comfortable temperatures. this afternoon, partly cloudy. 10% chance of a sprinkle, and warming to around 77 degrees, on this first day of february. tomorrow, close to record highs, around 80 degrees, and a cold front will come in on thursday, bringing us showers and storms, and it will cool off things a bit for the weekend. how about traffic on the 8s, leslee? we look great for the most part. overnight construction northbound on i-750 as you exit to university parkway, but it's not going to impede you getting on to the interstate.
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a live look here, oh, no video stream, but heading over to i-4 and macintosh road. back to gene and gayle. we are less than a week away from super bowl 50, but both teams are now in california, ready to go head-to- head for the championship. cam newton and the panthers arrived in san jose sunday. they will make san jose their home for the week. and the denver broncos are also in san jose, and they touched down there as well. the afc champions took a united airlines flight that showed team spirit. wait for t there it is. the logo on low -- wait for it! there it is.
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they will play on sunday at levi's stadium. tampa had five players in the probowl game. they had a pretty good showing. in the 3rd quarter, doug martin scores the touchdown, and mankins with the shove to get him out. winston's second pass of the night, to walker from the titans. his name was also trending overnight. >> making history, jamis. a dining experience attracting customers young and old. >> with 40,000 young friends around, you don't need a date. what one restaurant is doing to blow its competition out of the water.
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i'm doing. just when i think it's just this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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now an 8 on your side alert. nissan is recalling nearly 1 million cars worldwide for a reoccurring problem. it's the third problem with the hood latch on the ultima models. corroding metal can stop it from latching properly, and it could fly open while you're driving, 20 14 and 2015 models are affected by the recall. apple is a recalling power adapters that could shock user. they were designed for use outside of the u.s. the adapters may break and expose the wires capable of electrical shock if touched.
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foodies in india are now experience. they are opening the doors to the unique and curious alike with plates inspired by thai, mexican, and indian cuisine. there's something for everyone, but it's the views alone with worth the visit with some you company. >> we have the guy harvey restaurant there where you can sit with the backdrop of fish. >> i like that i don't know. i feel like it's dirty. >> what? >> you're looking at -- i don't know. >> fish kind of gross -- >> maybe those fish. the ones we have, you don't smell them. i promise. >> weather and traffic on the 8s is 3 minutes away. new in the next half an hour, an emergency health meeting happening today. how widespread the world health organization believes the zika virus may soon become. closed captioning brought to you by: 's easy to serve
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and good morning. it's 5:28 right now. temperatures around 68 and this afternoon, warming to p 7 traffic with leslie. >> in brooksville, we are right up to speed in hernando county.
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