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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo.
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a bicyclist was hit on u.s. 301 between 6th and 8th street and died at the hospital. police are searching far dark- colored toyota corolla with front end damage. it's a huge day for the candidates hoping to be president in 2016. it's the iowa caucus. 8 on your side, during the election, will have keith cate reporting later from iowa. some cuban residents will have access to state-run internet service. the state project will be offered in just two neighborhoods, and it will be offered through chinese fiber- optic connections. right now only diplomats and foreigners can have it at home. it's 6:01 on this mondayer morning, the first day of the month, and we are starting with it warmer than we have seen
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>> reporter: it was a cool january, and it's february 1st, and we are starting off in the mid-60s right now. 70s today. approaching 80 degrees this afternoon, and satellite and radar picture, quiet, and maybe late the rogue sprinkle, otherwise, partly cloudy this morning, and lower 60s again this afternoon, topping off near 80 degrees, and it will be a warm day. back to you guys. >> and looking at traffic right now, over in temple terrace, it looks like we do have an issue going on here as i zoom in folks, i want you to know about overlook drive. there's a collision going on, and it looks like gravel was spilled on the roadways, and i want you to be aware of this. in polk county on u.s. 27, we have an accident i'm going to be having more of that coming up in the next report a great drive across the bay area bridges, and no delays there.
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wonderful drive over the skyway bridge. now back to gene and gayle. thank you, leslee. the sarasota police department needs your help in find the driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash that killed a bicyclist. it was on u.s. 301 north of fruitville road around 7:15. ryan hughes is live. the driver never stopped to check on the man, ryan? >> reporter: we are told not at all. officers here at the police department are working the case diligently and tell 8 on your side the driver simply sped off after the crash this is the mangled bicycle, and according to police, the person was riding on 6th and 8th street when the driver hit the bicyclist and never stopped. the bicyclist was rushed in as
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the vehicle is a dark-colored toyota corolla, likely with front-end damage. if you have any information on the car, call the sarasota police department. right now i'm working to get more information on this case, including the identity of the victim. once we get the information w he pass it on to you. >> thank you, we look forward to that. thank you, ryan. and we do have new information on breaking news out of hillsborough county, and investigators are now call the fire in an east tampa garage arson. let's take a look here at the damage of the garage. they tell us the call came in 2 hours ago, and no one was inside of the garage at the time the fire started, but they are investigating it as arson. >> this morning the coast guard is expected to resume searching for a missing boater, and crews found the man's boat near the
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didn't find his body. the man's wife said her husband is suicidal. tampa police are searching for carjackers on a crime spree. the group is now on the run. >> part of the spree caused a tampa bay police officer to crash into a pole. lindsey, we are learning the stolen car has been used in other crimes? >> reporter: gene, that's right. i have been talking to officers here at the tampa bay police headquarters all morning. the crash was very serious, and i'm working to find out how the officer is doing this morning. the carjackers had the car for less than 24 hours but used it to commit three robberies and then abandoned it once the officer crashed. on the screen you can see the criminals carjacked the vehicle from a woman on friday just before 10:00 p.m. they abandoned it 3 miles away
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avenue, and now, take a look at this. the police officer pursuing the car lost control and crashed into a power pole, and the officer went to the hospital with minor injuries, and the criminals ditched the car about a block away. according to tampa police, three male carjackers took the vehicle from a woman by opening the door to her car and pointing a semiautomatic handgun at her, ordering her out. then they drove off. luckily the woman was not hurt. we are asking the tampa bay police department for descriptions of the suspect. anyone with information is urged to contact the tampa police department. gene? >> hopefully someone knows something, lindsey, thank you. a reward is being offered in the drive by shooting that killed a johnsonville toddler
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was in the car with his mother and grandmother. a $20,000 reward is being offered to find the gunman. it's not believed anyone in the car with aiden was a target of the shooting. gainesville police are investigating the death of a university of florida student. the 20-year-old fell six stories for an apartment building near the campus. surveillance cameras at social 28 show chance wolf leaving the elevator, walk down and fall over a waist-high partition. he was a member of the university's ice hockey team. a south florida woman turned the tables on a police officer. >> that's bold. >> she pulled him over, claiming she was speeding, and officer. >> the reason i pulled you over today, and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation, i saw you since miller drive when you were first jumping on the palmetto, and you were pushing 90 miles >> yes.
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the police officer listened to her and said he didn't think he was speeding. the only reason he stopped, she thought he had an emergency because she was flashing her lights and honking her horn. >> that's pretty gutsy right there. >> i think it happens to all of us sometimes. you see an officer not doing the right thing, and you don't think you can pull him over, but she did, and he handled it well, too. >> just do what you gotta do. oh, that's between y'all. you're not in it, bennett. >> i will do what they need to do. i'm not going out in handcuffs, so it's not my thing! at least not on the weekdays, handcuffs aren't. temperatures around 60 degrees. a warm start to your day, and at least you will probably not need the january some cloud cover, and we will call it partly cloudy. maybe a rogue sprinkle or two, and that's about it. this morning, temperatures in
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again, maybe a sprinkle. same thing this afternoon, topping off around 77 degrees, and it's going to be a warm first day of february today, and tomorrow, we are actually going to approach 80 degrees. a warm one. leslee, are we looking at 80 degrees or 80 miles an hour? >> maybe out in sarasota, but not in polk county. we have -- unfortunately folks a fatal crash, and this is the polk county area. it's not too far away from haines city, and it p happens to be on u.s. 27. if you go south of the area at dundee road, it's being blocked here. excuse me this is 17 here. it's slow there. keep it in mind in that area south of there. traffic looking good at i-4, road. traffic is busier there moving
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is another look here, and it looks decent. more cars on the roadway, but you can get by. that's a look at weather and traffic, and now back to gene and gayle. it's the first big test of 20916 presidential race. >> coming up, keith cate is in iowa this morning looking at who is in the lead before the caucuses. a super bowl quarterback's fashion choice. check out his pants! 6:10. you're watching news channel 8
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in your vote, the first real test of the 2016 presidential race, the iowa caucuses will be happening today. >> it's the first time to see how the residents are supporting the candidates. >> reporter: good morning from des moines, iowa. it's caucus day. the excitement has been building, and it's finally here. bernie sanders held a rally at a school gymnasium, and he packed the place out. it was the same gym where i covered hillary clinton a couple of days prior to that and the numbers were not even close. read into that what you will, but the bottom line, all the candidates are leaving
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comes to the first in the nation caucus. he's fractionally behind in the polls, but bernie sanders has momentum, and he appears to be peaking at the right time. the bern for bernie in iowa is strong as you can see by his rally sunday night. the revolutionary ferver is palpable, especially among the younger iowans. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. [ cheers ] >> reporter: the fiery establishment outsider had his followers hanging on every word, talking to the people attending this rally for bernie sanders t clear they are enthusiastic about what they believe he can do for them. they view him as an incorruptible populous fighter who can bring socialism to washington, something they are craving. >> redistribution of the wealth so we can survive and thrive. >> reporter: sounds like the american dream. >> it is the american dream. time to live it again.
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us, take away our debt, hopefully. we will see what happens. >> i don't have health care right now. it's too expensive. i don't think it should be mandated by a law. i don't think i should be fined for not being able to afford health care. >> reporter: the candidate rallies have swelled in size and frequency since we arrived last week. we have seen firsthand the desperate appeals from the leading candidates like hillary clinton at her rally and donald trump at his. >> get out of bed and caucus. >> reporter: we have seen the marco rubio. he started to pack them in after his solid gop debate performance. rubio will be third place or better tomorrow night among republicans. >> reporter: do you mind telling me who you are learning towards? >> i will caucus for rubio. for me, he can win. i think the people are too extreme, and they turn me off. >> reporter: the other florida candidate in the race, jeb bush will continue to struggle this
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none of the candidates have produced this kind of spectacle, spirit, and passion . will it translate throughout the night? >> reporter: the caucus will begin at 7:00 p.m. tonight. we will have all the twists and turns leading up to that in the newscasts later today. we will have the final results for you hopefully by 11:00, if not sooner by tonight. it will be something to behold it has been a great 5 days since we arrive the in des moines. keith cate from iowa. >> your vote coverage from iowa continues today. be sure to tune in for first at 4 with keith cate's report from the iowa caucuses. excite zillionth building for super building for super bowl -- excitement is building for super bowl 50.
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san joe the same the afc champs took the -- san jose, and the afc champs took the flight with their logo on there. check that out. nice! >> you have to see this cam newton making quite the splash this morning, and this is his arrival with his outfit. look down. what are those? gold and zebra-striped pants. shortly after he was spotted in the trousers, they quickly sold out online. do you know how much they cost? >> $850. >> that's unbelievable. when you're cam newton, you can get away with it but my backside cannot sport the horizontal stripes. you know what else cannot
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>> i think you would look great just leave it. in january we had 3 times the rain fall we typically would have. what about february? being it's february 1st, on average, high of 73, and we normally have 3 inches of rain. the wet trend will continue, and we are looking at 3 inches of rain, and it looks like it will be cooler than 73 for the month's average. a cool and wet month is expected, and not today, today, it's relatively dry, and it's somewhat warm as well. in the middle 60s for much of the bay area, and satellite and radar picture, quiet, and you may have a rogue sprinkle, and you have to turn on the windshield wiper once or twice to get rid of it. that's it. that's what we are expecting today. a light little shower, and a warm southerly wind that will allow things to warmup in quite
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this morning, 61 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy. again, comfortable temperatures, and this afternoon, topping off around february. partly cloudy and a 10% chance of a light shower. warm today, and warmer tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high temperature, cold front on thursday will bring us showers and storms, and also cooler temperatures in time for the weekend. what about traffic on the 8s? >> it's good in downtown tampa. i will say that. we don't have any delays moving through the downtown area of tampa. let's talk about polk county right now. in the haimes city area, all the lanes are blocked here because of a fatal accident at highway 27 and dundee road. you want to keep this in mind. take 544 over, and there's a slowdown in the area, and you can take 17 north or south, and
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a little bit of a slowdown here this is the haimes city area. i-4 looking fantastic lakeland into downtown. debris on the roadway here, westbound busch boulevard that is not too far away from the temple terrace area. keep that in mind. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. texting is a popular way many of us like to communicate. >> but it may not be the best way. the new evidence that texting may be bad for our emotional well being. it's 6:20.
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now to an 8 on your side alert, nissan is recalling nearly 1 million cars worldwide for a reoccurring problem.
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issues involving the hood latch. the hood could fly open while you're driving it affects 2014 and 2015 models. texting does not always cut it when you want emotional support, and there's research to back this up. during a stress exercise at ucla. women who received face-to-face support had more positive responses than those who got text messages, and in another study, in person conversations helped teens understand nonveriable emotional i can cues better than texts. >> some of us had that as our new year's resolutions. how is that working out? >> it's working out well for me. >> me, not so much. >> you're a guy, i love to talk. >> new in the next half an hour. worldwide concerns about the mosquito-borne virus that can could birth defects. how widespread the zika virus is expected to get.
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we will show you what happens when a surfer taking on mother nature and ends up free falling.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good morning. it's 6:28 a.m. on this february 1st, and the sun will rise in less than an hour at 7: 7:17 a.m. and then set at 6:17. the days are getting longer. wendy in brooksville is reporting just 61 degrees. it's a warm one with a high of 77 today. how about traffic, leslee?
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through kissimmee into polk county and ebor at this point. we have a fatal crash unfortunately, folks, u.s. and 27 is completely blocked. you're routed on 17, and northbound it's getting thick in the area due to the congestion, and u.s. 92 at county line road, there's an
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good monday morning. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. after many months of campaigning, many debates, and countless hours reaching out to the iowa voters, today, iowa decides. donald trump is leading on the republican side and on the democratic side, hillary
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virtually tied. crews found a missing man's boat near the sankey coast guard station but did not find the missing boater. his wife says he is suicidal. a deadly storm moved across california. at least one person died on sunday when the tree fell across the four lanes of traffic, and that storm is moving east, threatening colorado. let's check in with bryan bennett this morning, as we step in on this first day of february. you will probably not even need a jacket. temperatures middle 60s, and by the way, thank you for breakfast. gayle brought breakfast for everyone here, girl scout cook kees. we are checking the calories but nice breakfast. temperatures middle 60s, sat late and radar, it's quiet. showing the cloud cover and a
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this afternoon, 10% chance of a light shower and warm with the high of 77, and inland to highlands county, it will be around 80 degrees, and a warm afternoon, all across the bay area today, and for february 1st, that's a warm start. at 6:38, we will have your hour- by-hour forecast, and you know it will warm up in a hurry today. sorry, i'm still eating my thin mint. >> i pictured you more of samoans. >> aren't those large people? >> there's a lot of calories in the cookies. >> i like the thin mints because i'm thin. >> you freeze them and they taste so much better. >> that's like eat an ice cube. >> it works. unfortunately a tragic situation here with a fatal accident at 27 and north of that at crump. you have to take 17, and it's
6:28 am
there's a collision with a backup here. if you're headed eastbound on 92 at county line road, we have an accident. i will look at downtown tampa. and now back to gene and gayle. >> right now, sarasota police are looking for the driver in a hit-and-run crash that left a bicyclist dead. it was just north of fruitville road at 7:15 last night, and news channel 8's ryan hughes is live at the police department. good morning to you. do they have any leads in the case yet? >> reporter: gene, good morning to you as well. not that we know of, but officers here at the sarasota police department hope that someone knows something that will help them crack the case. we have the photo of the mangled bicycle to show you right now, and according to police a man on the bicycle was riding on u.s. 301 between 6th and 8th streets when the driver hit the bike and kept going. the bicyclist was taken to sarasota memorial hospital and later died.
6:29 am
vehicle involved in the crash, and it's described as a dark colored toyota corolla, likely with front-end damage. if you i have any information on the car, you're urged to contact the sarasota police department. right now, i'm working to get more details on the case, and we are working to find out the identity of the victim involved, and then we will pass the information on to you. >> keep us posted, please, ryan. thank you. the search is on for carjackers in tampa. they are on the run after the crashed. lindsey mastis is live from the tampa police department, and lindsey, police believe the guys have been on a crime spree actually since friday? >> gayle, that's right. >> reporter: good morning. i have been speaking with officers here at tampa police headquarters, and they said so far there's been no arrests. the carjackers abandoned the vehicle after the officer crashed, and even though they
6:30 am
they committed three robberies. look at the map on your screen. the criminals carjacked the vehicle from a woman on friday just before 10:00 p.m. on north central avenue and east kirby street and abandoned it 3 miles away at east lake avenue and central avenue. now look at this the police officer pursuing the car lost control and crashed into the power pole, and the officer went to the hospital with minor injuries, and the criminals ditched the car about a block away. and according to tampa police, three male carjackers took the vehicle from a woman by opening the door to her car and pointing a semiautomatic handgun at her, ordering her out, and then they drove off. luckily she was not hurt, and we are asking tampa police this morning for descriptions of the carjackers, and as soon as we get those, we will let you know, but for now, they are asking anyone with information to contact the tampa police department. gayle? >> hopefully someone comes
6:31 am
guys off the street. thank you, lindsey. this morning palmetto police need your help in finding out what happened to a man. police found the body of a man after neighbors complained people were coming and going inside of an abandoned mouse. the search continues for two teenagers for the falcon berg academy. anthony baez and anthony cooke got out through a hole they cut in the fence. they were wearing green shirts and blue pants, and crime stoppers is offering up to $3,000 for information leading to their location and arrest. take a good look at the man you can see on your screen this is kenneth kabrow. he hit and killed a motorcyclist driving the
6:32 am
the motorcyclist died at the hospital. the zika virus could be declared a global emergency today. the world health organization will cold a rare meeting to discuss ways to battle the virus. it's feared the number of people affected in 23 countries could eventually reach 4 million. the mosquito-borne virus can cause birth defects. also happening today, federal investigators are expected to release evidence and reports of their investigation of the deadly amtrak train derailment in philadelphia. an earlier investigation found excessive speed to be a factor. 8 people died and more than 200 others were injured in the crash. the ntsb has yet to say why the train was going so fast as it rounded the curve. >> you have to take a look at this winter weather making a dangerous mess on the highways in california, and you can see, well that car there is
6:33 am
see anything out there. a multicar crash where 29 vehicles collided. 29 cars and four semitrucks, all piled up on interstate 80. it happened in the westbound lanes, but the eastbound lanes had to be shut down for the emergency vehicles to make their way through there. it's unclear how many people were hurt in all of this. >> in southern california, look at this. a storm is blamed for destroying several homes and crushing cars, and in san diego this giant tree fell on to four cars, and one driver died. it's warned residents could see mud flows and flooding. we are welcoming the month to warmer temperatures than the last few days? >> that's right, gene. we are starting off in the 60s. you may not even need a jacket this morning, topping off near 77. it will be a warm start to the month, and right now, 66 degrees in tampa, and most of
6:34 am
we are topping off at 77 in tampa, and inland, it will be at 80. much of pinellas around 76 or 77. only a 10% chance you will see rain, and temperatures throughout the morning, in the mid- to upper 60s. by lunchtime, around 74, and then topping off at 77 by 3:00 p.m., and so, yeah, it's going to feel like a warm afternoon today. a bit of humidity, but not too bad. trafficwise, how are we doing? >> closer to rush hour, and we are seeing more vehicles on the roadway. overall, we have a good drive. downtown tampa. i will show you that in a second. talking about polk county, we have a fatal crash with u.s. 27 completely blocked.
6:35 am
keep that in mind. 171 busy there this accident to the side of the roadway, not seeing any more delays a quick live look at downtown tampa. i promised a shot of that you can see more vehicle, but it's still moving well. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. more on your side with an 8 alert with dangerous nail polish. >> it could be causing you to gain weight. what you can do about it. free falling. we will show you one surfer's epic wipeout in hawaii. it's 6:40. you're watching news channel 8
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meet martha, a beluga of a thousand faces. like her happy-to-see-you face. her dancing face. and her coaster face. how do you say no to a face like that? you don't have to. with an annual pass from seaworld that gives you rides, shows and events, and that face all year long for just $14 a month. and the sooner you buy one, the sooner the fun starts. so come meet martha, the face that will make your face smile... all year. only here. only at seaworld. one of two virginia tech students arrested in connection to the death of a 13-year-old girl is headed to court today. david eisenhower is scheduled
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abduction and first-degree murder in the death of a 13- year-old, nicole lovel. her body was found in north carolina. investigators also charged 19- year-old natalie keepers, charged with improper disposal of a body. the national spotlight will be on a pennsylvania courtroom this week. bill cosby's legal team will try to get sexual assault charges dismissed in a 2005 deposition he admitted to giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with, but the former district attorney agreed not to prosecute him in a criminal trial in exchange for his deposition in a private case. it was announced sunday
6:38 am
allowed to order home internet service through fiberoptic connections from a chinese company. it's a pilot project available in only two havana neighborhoods. currently there's internet access at dozens of public wifi spots that opened last year. diversity is reaching the holy western wall there be a prayer space for the mixed gender ceremonies and nonorthodox jews. the western wall is one of the most holy sites in the jewish religion. new research may have you rethinking your mani-pedi. chemicals can leak into the bloodstream, messing with your hormones and leading to weight gain. i did some 8 on your side digging and found safer ways to
6:39 am
becoming more savvy when it comes to mani-pedis, and they don't want to be exposed to toxic chemicals. >> i hate going into the salons where i can see and smell the the face mask. if that's in the air, i don't want to be part of it. >> reporter: the same chemicals can seep into your bloodstream, and now a new warning, look for brands free of tphb. the same chemical used in flame retardants that can mess with your hormones, causing weight gain. and there's safer options for the little ones, like piggypaint. >> even the nail polish remover is perfectly safe for children. it's void of all the chemicals. >> reporter: more brands are answering to the demands for the safer options, and it's urged that consumers do their home work.
6:40 am
if there's a brand you like, get on the computer, look it up, and see what brands use the chemicals in their polishes. >> reporter: there's a data base on and to make your searching easier. it's in 1400 brands. do your research out there. >> for the young girls? >> teenagers, and that's when hormones. >> read the label, of course. >> thank you, gayle. new information that could help women reduce their risk for breast cancer. a new study out of harvard found women who eat finer in their younger years could lower their risk for the disease. the risk could be lower bid as much as 19% -- bowered by as much as 19%. a surfer in hawaii, no doubt, sore this morning after taking on, look at that fall!
6:41 am
what a wipeout. that's thomas doslin on the epic 40-foot wave in maui. at one point he bails and free falls into the ocean below. that had to hurt. amazingly he only suffered a stiff neck. his board was broken, but he grabbed a new board and hit the waves the next day. >> i have seen the monster waves in hawaii, and they are a sight to see. a toddler is taking the internet by storm. she learned to walk a month ago, and she's just 14 months old hitting the slopes. this is sloane henderson, and this is her first snow board run. her parents eased her into snow boarding and started to work with her in the back guard before they hit the slopes. >> that's great and easy for
6:42 am
i get on the thing, and i'm wiping out left and right. look at her! >> that's amazing! what a cool kid she is. >> i love it! 6:48, a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. >> wow! what a cute girl, right? >> she's standing there, going with it. longer than we could, right, gene and gayle? temperatures in the middle 60s, no snow boarding here this morning, and in fact, you will probably not even need a jacket today. we are topping off at 77, above average today. you may be able to make a beach day out of it. back above average by next monday. satellite and radar picture, maybe a rogue little sprinkle this morning. that's about it. a warm, southerly flow from the south, helping to keep temperatures on the warm side, and this morning, partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures in the 60s, headed
6:43 am
it will remain partly cloudy, and again a10% chance of a light shower, and headed into tomorrow morning, this time tomorrow, the fog could be an issue. keep that many mind as you do tomorrow morning's commute. this morning, partly to mostly cloudy, and 61. this afternoon, 77, and partly cloudy. 10% chance of a light shower. tomorrow, 80, and the rain will move in on thursday, and it will drop the temperatures behind the front a bit. how about traffic, leslee? >> we are definitely getting busier out there getting closer to rush hour. i-4, a lot more vehicles on the roadway. downtown tampa. still through the junction looking decent right now. traffic getting there, it's a little slow, and here to i-4, we are starting to hit the brakes, and this is typical southbound. off the howard franklin bridge,
6:44 am
looking at this, away from tampa. a collision there, and it cleared up. the haines city area, look at this, the color change here due to a fatal accident. all lanes are blocked here on highway 27. take 17 instead in haines city. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. we have big news for a member of the news channel 8 morning team today. >> adrienne, we hope you are watching this morning. check it out. we love her. reporter, anchor, and great friend, adrienne getting married this weekend. what a beautiful bride! a bunch of us were honored to be there and see them tie the knot. beautiful ceremony at the community church, and then a beautiful reception in st. pete with the great food i might add. >> a lot of dancing. >> it was great. >> thank you for allowingtous share your special day.
6:45 am
down to the salty sticks on the table. so creative, and she was stunning. >> for those of us not born in the '90s, i thought it was nice she put the aba on. got some '80s stuff. >> it was gene who was cutting a rug. >> yeah, i was having a good time. and leigh was out there having a good time. that's why she's not here today. >> she was in the wedding. >> what you need to know before you walk out the door, next. who is leading the polls headed into the iowa caucuses, that's coming up. a bicyclist hit and left to die. the clues police are working with to find the hit-and-run driver.
6:46 am
>> unattended veins can lead to leg swelling and restless legs. we treat them with special medical lasers that allow our patients to return to work or activities immediately. >> a lot of people want to know if insurance covers this treatment. >> yes, because they lead to health problems and discomfort, it's covered by medicare and most health insurance. >> how do we know if we have vein disease? >> see a vein doctor, and they will conduct a vein screening that will allow you and your physician to know if you have vein disease. >> for more information go to the website on your screen,, or you can call 800-vein-doc, and you
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ba da ba ba ba a bicyclist left to die on the side of the road in sarasota. >> and now authorities are searching for the driver who
6:48 am
ryan hughes is live at the police didn't with this deadly hit-and-run investigation. >> reporter: good morning. detectives here at the sarasota p.d. are working tirelessly to find the driver who hit the bicyclist and took off. we have a photo of the mangled bike to show you. the man was riding on u.s. 301 between 6th and 8th streets when the driver hit the bicyclist and kept going. the bicyclist was taken to sarasota memorial hospital and died. the vehicle was a dark-colored toyota corolla. call police with any information. ryan hughes, news channel 8. the search is on for carjackers in tampa. the thieves are on the run after a police cruiser chasing them crashed. it's believed the robbers used the vehicle to commit three robberies. it's believed an arson is to blame for a garage fire in
6:49 am
it was on heinz road early this morning. firefighters tell us no one was inside at the time. >> and it is is a big day for those hoping to become president of the united states in 2016. the iowa caucuses are tonight. in the latest iowa poll, republican donald trump has a 5- point lead on texas senator ted cruz, and marco rubio is in third place. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are virtually tied. our your vote coverage from iowa will continue today. tune in first at 4 for keith cate's live report on the iowa caucuses. temperaturewise, we are looking at temperatures around the middle 60s, ridge and old mar at 60 degrees. the puppy dog there with rich. it will be 77 today, and tomorrow, around 80 degrees, and definitely a warm afternoon, and then the rain
6:50 am
into thursday, and that's going to be a bit of a front, cooling things down a bit by next weekend, but for the most parking lot, looking good. traffic looking good, leslee? >> i tell you what, issues going on. looking good on the interstate, but u.s. 27, completely blocked both directions, and in haines city, due to the accident, take 17 instead at 27. it's busier northbound, but it should ease with the community. downtown, heavy before downtown, but downtown is looking good. where it's slow, coming away from busch and fowler. >> the pirate ships have cleared out already. >> thank goodness we have our city back. >> thank you, leslee, and thank you for joining us. >> we will stay on the stories
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