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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  February 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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right now on news channel 8, this is first at 4. now four headlines at 4:00, number one, workweek warmup. find out how long this lovely weather is going to stick around. for two, irs scam. a man arrested here in the bay area accused of threatening taxpayers who didn't pay up, and he's not for. paying for state parks. fshths here's number four -- >> a local man lives to thank
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>> i'llm josh benson -- >> and i'm stacie schaible. many of us are getting ready to file our tax returns, of course, but watch out. >> someone is calling people pretending to be the irs and using threats to make those cough up the cash. peter bernard has more. >>reporter: a part time ymca employee is off the job after gulfport police say he was involved in an irs scam. lee is all smile in wells fargo bank surveillance video as he watches a teller count at $6800. the police chief tells me he's apart of thieves who threaten people on the phone. they - >> someone pretended to be an irs person. >> they sent the money concerned it was real.
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as i was doing it -- these guys were so good. >> detectives believes others are involved in this fake irs scam and anticipate charges and arrest. >> lee is suspended without pay and more likely will be terminated. news channel 8. police are trying to track down car jackers on the loose in the bay area. a woman was car jacked by a group of three men. an officer spotted the car. the pole. the officer is recovering. in temple terrace, police are investigating an armed a man was unloading groceries from he tells police they had a gun and that's when the victim grabbed the gun and his firearm and fired multiple shots. police are looking for the two men. the polk county superintendent is moving on
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complaint filed against her against another school district employee. superintendent catherine laroy was the target of an investigation after rivers accused her of harassment. she responded in a privately produced video. >> i have come to realize that what others describe as an out going personality is not misinterpreted by some. i regret that, and i have learned from it. >> the complaint said the superintendent threatened river's job, however, the investigation showed the accusations did not rise to the level of harassment. it's now -- it's not all fun and games whether it comes to fashg policy. lawmakers want to make them more accessible while trying to figure out how to fund them. mike has this story from our capital today. >>reporter: veterans in active military and their families and first responders and law
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into local parks at a discount under a bill moving through the state capitol. the bill effects local parks while at the same time, state officials are trying to get state parks to become self sustaining. bill sponsor representative kevin raider says his proposal won't impact that. >> this is allowing our service folks who protect us everyday to enjoy our city and county parks at a discount. >> the bill cleared its second house committee unanimously on monday. reporting in tallahassee, i'm matt. the department of environmental secretary -- opening up state parks to grazing and logging in an effort to make them sustainable. that's opposed by environmentalist. all right. it is great weather for a trip to the park today. let's go over to meteorologist julie phillips. you can't beat this weather. >> you cannot. temperatures in the upper 70s for many of us.
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71 degrees with winds out of the south at 10 to 15 miles-per-hour. and we've been looking at a warming trend. temperatures at the moment, 5 to 10 degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday, and we're going to keep it going over the next couple of days. along the coast, cooler. 75 in largo. 78 in palm harbor. temple terrace, you'll notice 80s on the map inland. 81 in lakeland. the first day of february starting off on that is for sure. southeast wind s s currently bringing in some warmer air. no rain around. it's going to stay mostly dry tonight. lingering clouds expected through the overnight hours, but what will become an issue the sea fog. this is going to develop tonight along our coastal communities and areas of fog are going to remain with us through wednesday likely into the first part of thursday before our next cold
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if you live along the coast, do expect to see sea fog over the next couple of days. for this evening, a very slim 10% chance of a passing shower. most of us looking dry and temperatures going to stay mild overnight. only falling back into the mid-60s. we'll talk about the warm temps we're forecasting in the next couple of days and our next cold front that's going to bring us rain in your full first alert forecast. information from hollywood including updates on the new "harry potter" and "star wars" movie. >> here's herald with the scoop. >> there's one english gentleman called news commander who turns up in new york with a suitcase. >> they're rejoicing over fantastic beast and where to find them. the magical adventure is the first film that harry potter creator written for the screen. it stars eddie and
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>> come home with me. >> not only did cunning fu panda dominated north american theaters in its debut weekend, it set a record for animated films weekend in china where the series takes place because it was coproduced -- officials gave it local status to play longer runs in theaters. some star wars news as the force awakens heads towards $2 billion in box office, gwendolyn confirm ss she'll return in -- confirms she'll return. i'm david danielle. i'm coming from iowa. the latest on the caucuses plus what happened at this jed bush rally you don't want to miss. a man falls. look at this video.
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up at first at 4:00. stay with us. pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50.
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more first at 4:00. >> the investigation into the chipotle mexican grill e-coli outbreak has come to an end. they have been unable to explain the outbreaks. 60 people were effected by the food bourne illness in 14 states. florida is not one of them. chipotle is launching a social campaign to get customers back. if noticed a lot of empty business space in the mall recently, you're not alone. according to real-estate research, green state advisers, occupancy at malls is declining for the first time since the rotation. the biggest factor is e-commerce. as people shop
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after a decade, free snacks returning to the us airlines. most airlines dropped goodies. united airlines adding back free snacks and american airlines it too will resume offering the free snacks. looks like we're going to have great weather over the next few days. julie joins us with your forecast. but first this. >> less than 10% of people who have a cardiac arrest live to tell about it. coming up, i'll introduce you to a man who beat those odds. and also ahead, we're going to look at the events leading up to weekend's superbowl 50. this is first at 4:00 on news channel
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today we want to tell you about a clearwater man who had a heart attack. doctors said he had a 1% chance of living. >> thanks to quick first responders, smith is healthy and a full time student. [ music ] >>reporter: it's kind of hard to believe, but the fast pace beat to this bg's, 1970s song helped save countless lives. >> it's important to push at 100 beats per minute which is the same as the song "staying alive." >> what you did is amazing. >> smith knows the power of staying alive. he was at home when he wasn't feeling so good. >> the last real clear memory i have from that day was kissing my step daughter goodbye and i remember hearing my heart starting to race, and i got up, walked towards my bedroom door and then immediately after
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everything started going black. >> nicholas was having sudden cardiac arrest. when his finance' found him on the floor. >> i heard a big crash, and so i walked towards the room and i thought he had just fallen. i was, like, get up. and he wasn't getting up. so then i called 911. >> the operator told ryan to start cpr so for several minutes, she kept pushing until paramedics arrived. >> it was the longest six minutes of my life doing cpr and trying to make sure that i could do it to the best of my ability. >> nicholas had cpr performed on him for a total of 27 minutes, but first responders say thanks to his girlfriend jumping in first, he can now live to tell about it. >> obviously what ryan did on scene doing the cpr, really helped. that is really important to do cpr on someone. >> to thank first responders, nicholas wrote this thank you cards.
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had to do, putting what i feel into words does not do justice. >> it's a heart felt thank you to the people who saved his life. >> if it wasn't for them, i wouldn't be standing here for today and being able to kiss my step daughter goodbye this morning. i wouldn't have been able to be able to stand next to her. >> in largo, an though knee, news channel 8. >> since february is heart month, it's a good time to raise awareness about the nation's number one killer of men and women. that's heart disease. exercise greatly reducing the risk for heart de isease, as erica edwards shows us that many of us aren't getting enough. >>reporter: a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and that greatly increases the risk for heart disease. >> physically inactivity a killer. >> a survey from cardiology at the clinic finds 40% of us are not meeting the minimum recommendations for exercise.
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of walking, biking, lifting weights, any kind of moderate physical activity goes a long way in improving measures of cholesterol. start small and stay realistic. >> don't expect to lose 20 pounds in the first month and don't expect to go to every class five-days a week right in a row. >> just as exercise can help prevent heart problems, it's equally important for people already living with heart disease. doctors say they should be getting just as much physical activity as anybody else. >> the one caviot is they should build exercising program with a cardiologist or sports cardiologist. >> if you have the days that's impossible to work in or work out, don't take it sitting down. studies shows standing for two hours a day can reduce heart disease risk for 10%.
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walking desk. >> that would be distracting. >> how about while we're doing the news. >> time saving. >> this is the great exercise weather. nice outside. go for a run. >> fantastic. i walk ed outside -- i walked outside this morning, and said, is this the first day of february, it doesn't feel like it. no complaints. not the same everywhere. this weather in california didn't stop this golfer. he asked for relief because he could barely stand -- you saw it went in. playing partners lose it. looks like a lot of fun for nasty conditions they dealt with. not the case in the tampa bay area. we had a fantastic weekend and more great weather expected again tomorrow. the only issue will be some fog especially near the coast. so watch out for coastal fog. fog really across the entire tampa
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morning. temperatures mild in the mid-60s. by the late morning hours, the fog will burn off. as we head into the afternoon, we're left with partly cloudy skies and a 10% chance of rain. still mostly dry conditions, but here's a look at our fog forecast. you can see at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, many of you may be getting ready to get on the road, visibility at or less than a mile in the tampa area. this could be an issue and the sea fog stays with us all the way into the late morning hours so most of the fog will burn off. we'll deal with sea fog over the next couple of days. if you live in coastal areas, expect to deal with that. now, just some fog -- or partly cloudy skies. it's going to be a dry night for us. a slim 10% chance of a passing shower. the big system we're watching off to the west of us now developing and wrap up and this cold front is going to arrive as we head into the end of this week. until then, looking at mostly dry conditions. here's
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through the overnight hours, you can see areas of fog will develop. stay with us through the morning before they burn off. we have sea fog around slim 10% chance of a passing shower, south winds continue to bring us warm temperatures reaching into the low 80s again tomorrow for a lot of us. by wednesday, fog still along the coast. warm temperatures near 80 degrees, but that's the cold front. as we head into late wednesday night into thursday morning, the cold front will start to move in, and it will bring up our rain chances as we head through the day on thursday. look for scattered showers and severe thunderstorms. here's where it is pretty big. it's going to be tomorrow across the southeast. we'll watch that system closely. it will bring up our rain chances to 60% as we head into thursday with cooler weather back down into the 60s for friday. guys. >> a retiring police officer does fancy foot work and a young
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not to mention a skier sea falls from a monster wave. >> it's a lot going on. jeremy ross has it with "take a look at this." >> video of a retiring el paso sheriff's officer doing the whip has gone viral. deputy is retiring. he celebrated with moves in the elevator. that is until the ranking officer shows up. >> come on, let the man dance. there we go. 29 years of community service doesn't deserve an awkward dance party, i don't know what does. a fancy cop had to do foot pulled him over. castillo witnessed the cop speeding, so they pulled him over. >> i'll be sure to slowdown.
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investigate and take the appropriate action. file this viral bid under extreme. watch this surfer bail out and free fall from a monster wave. the wipe out video has been dubbed as the craziest they've seen. take a look at this. i'm jeremy roth. >> did you imagine falling that far? no thanks. sunday is superbowl 50. the panthers take on the broncos. >> with the superbowl comes what else? chicken wings. this year, according to the chicken council, american s will consume, yes, 1.3 billion chicken wings weekend. that's up from last year. think of it this way, of all those wings were laid end to end, they would spread from bank of america stadium in charlotte north carolina to denver colorado. almost 53 times. >> oh, boy. let's check on your sports. is it ranch or blue cheese?
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>> i can tell you right now, i don't need superbowl sunday to get chicken wings. >> blue cheese. >> blue cheese across the board. they're doing something different at the superbowl. i think this is neat. it's my favorite days. superbowl media day, only this time, it's media night as in a prime time television event. the carolina panthers and broncos are going to hold court in the pavilion. according to the tv rankings, many of you missed sunday's pro bowl game in hawaii. all five buck players had a chance to contribute. doug martin scored for team rice. and winston got touchdown passes for ervin. there was no real tackling in this game, which is understandable. but i'm not sure what the nfl can do anymore to make this game attractive to fans. it's not entertaining in
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news channel 8, we got cool news today. nbc sports joined the coverage for nfl thursday night games beginning next season. the way it works, nfl network broadcast each game and nbc will cast those games. if you don't have nfl network, you missed out. we have you covered this year. last night, lightning goaltender ben bishop was the victim of the only goal in the final nhl all-star. thinking, oh, gnaw. this guy played great. he kept the with saves. he did a good job in that game. the mvp of the all-star game was john scott. he was voted in by the fans, but is not currently playing on an nhl roster. there are reports that league asked scott to not take part in this game.
4:24 pm
to do it for the fans. he wound up scoring two goals in the tournament and was the mvp. shame on the nhl. the three names that were submitted for mvp val et -- >> that was fun to watch and exciting stuff. do you think that -- >> you know something, i hope it does. i don't know what the players think about it one day later, but it was entertaining hockey, and you and i talked about -- we were surprised at how few goals were scored and these guys were getting after it, so especially in the last game, they played three games. last game, a million to the winning team and they got after
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now for headlines at 40-- at
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it's spreading explosively across the america and linked to dangerous birth defects in brazil prompting travel warnings for travel women who plan to become pregnant. number two, cancer research, today the white house says obama will ask congress for $755 million for cancer research in next year's budget. that will bring the total price tag for vice president joe biden's cancer initiative to $1 billion. number three, the russian military is training using reindeer and -- this footage released by the russian military shows some remote. some accessible on the backs of reindeer. number four, the iowa caucuses. it's finally here. we've been talking about it for more than a year, but today those from iowa are going to cast the first votes. and the big unknown is turnout. we have
4:27 pm
us the latest from today's caucuses and keith kate is your vote assignment. >> he traveled from tampa to iowa last night to bring live coverage of the event leading to the big 2016 caucus and he found great stories like this one. >> donald j. trump. >>reporter: donald trump entering the stadium like -- after opening up with his catch phrase, let's make america great, he talked about being a winner and going after isis and the people loved it. >> when the was the last time did we win? did we win on trade or knock the hell out of isis which we will. we will knock their [bleep] off. >> trump promised to build up the military and build a wall by negotiating better deals and relationships better than anyone
4:28 pm
>> trump knows how to draw a crowd and we've seen him do that -- we're in iowa. this is a population of 27,000 cops. you look around this gym nazism. can trump get these and others to go to caucus on monday night. >> all the iowa love in the world means little if people don't caucus. >> get out of debt and caucus. >> what is appealing to him? >> his attitude. he's going to make it right. >> she got trump to sign her christmas card. she's almost sure she'll vote for trump on caucus night. >> do you believe he'll do what he said he'll do? >> i don't know. >> her husband jesse disagrees. he calls trump too brass. >> it's donald trump and rubio and for your wife --
4:29 pm
>> probably true. >> are you going to caucus for your favorite. >> carson is commit today caucusing. trump lured her to the rally. she got trump to sign her hat and baby. >> you have the trump's stamp of approval. >> i like rubio. which goes to show high poll number s s and gym filled rallies means little in this caucus state. the only thing that really matters is what happens monday night. >> that's right, caucuses start at 8:00 eastern. you can see live reports from keith in iowa during our 8 on your side continuing coverage of your vote from the iowa caucuses coming up newscast tonight. let's switch it up with phillips. >> good afternoon, josh. we
4:30 pm
here's the view from sun center 7. winds fairly light and very warm start for the first day of february. but overall, here is the outlook that we're expecting. we are going to be looking at cooler than advantage the advantage 73 for a high. during the month of february. and also month. similar to what we had in january, again, this fall is back on the el nino weather. dry condition and still warm, partly cloudy. fog will develop overnight and most of us will deal with it tomorrow morning. sea fog and regular fog will be mild temperatures will be in the mid-60s and as we head into tomorrow afternoon, we'll top out near 80 degrees well above average temperatures around. we're tracking our next cold front though. we'll talk about when it arrives and just how cool we get behind it coming >> thanks, jillian.
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what you need to know to plan your morning commute. lisa list see. t >> we want to talk about road work. resurfacing so you're going to see lane closures between drew and palmettos. it last for two weeks. a good alternate is us 19 or even king road to a voice this slowdown. you can contact me at leslee lacey on facebook and connect with me with story idea and follow me on your morning commute at leslee lacey on twitter. >> you can catch leslee with weather and traffic starting at 4:00 a.m. still ahead on first at 4. >> some award shows are struggling with diversity, this show isn't. see if your entertainer was this year's big winner.
4:32 pm
for these 8 on your side stories. our 8 on your side investigation exposes sinkhole -- coming up, we'll tell you who is going to step you and protect these residents. con man fletcher is in jail, but the way he's going, it looks like prison for him. that's our story straight ahead tonight. something you need to know about your mani and pedi. i'll
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hd coverage is brought to you by your sun coast honda dealer. shop welcome back. it's a warm season. why the oscars may have a diversity problem, the actors -- >> yes, and today, david daniel shows us the biggest winners and the biggest moments. >>reporter: ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse
4:34 pm
the 22nd annual sag awards turned into a show of strength for diversity if hollywood. queen latifa was honored >> keep fighting for it. >> orange is the new black doubled down. she was the best female actor. >> it show and represents so many people. best comedy series. >> look at this stage. this is what we talk about when we talk about diverse. >> izel won a tv award for beast of no nation. >> we made a film about real people. and real lives. >> jeffrey won for playing a transgender woman and vancander won for playing a wife of a transgender woman. the legendary carol remembers being
4:35 pm
>> all the comedy variety shows are hosted by men. comedy variety is a man's game. >> as for those looking for oscar indicators, the starly owe nar dicaprio -- this is really for the disinfranchised everywhere. this is for mrint michigan and the powerless. >> a night shows hollywood's ability to represent those in diverse. i'm david daniel. >> other winners including abby's third win for best drama series and violet davis second for female actor in a drama. >> he got -- and there's much
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when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! free pizza? we get it after the super bowl. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting monday. use promo code superbowl50.
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on most smartphones, there's an app that emergency personnel including medics and police want you to use. >> it could be a life saver and chris clak man have the details. >> most use the lock screen on phones to keep out the good guys. but what if the good guys need vital information to save your life. >> we're the first there from a medical standpoint. >> the information can be easily accessed your smartphone. on iphones, it's in the bottom left corner of the locked screen. the word emergency. tab on it, and a key pad pops up for a quick call to say, 911. >> or if you're uncontentious owe-- up pops info on yourself that could prove crucial. >> it's standard on iphones.
4:38 pm
person who to call, your height and weight and medical conditions. >> if you have epilepsy, we want to know that. if you have preexisting heart conditions or strokes or if you're die better, all of those major medical -- this could determine why you're having a medical emergency in the first place. >> androids come with similar apps or there's plenty online to choose from. but the advice is do it now. >> chris, nbc news. that's a good idea. spend a few minutes and get that info listed out. >> good advice. >> absolutely. checking the forecast and the tides has turned. last week later in the week, it was rainy and cold and now it's beautiful. >> gorgeous afternoon. temperatures reaching into the 80s in a lot of places. >> wow. good february. it's not too normal? >> it's above average. don't get used to it because it's not
4:39 pm
toasty temperatures. sea fog also going to be something. if you live in the coastal areas, we'll talk about the potential to see dense marine fog. it sets up tonight and last through thursday morning until our next cold front moves through. this is going to roll through on thursday bringing us a chance to see showers and storms and then of course, some cooler air by the end of this week as well. so those above average temperatures we're seeing, it's not going to last forever. get outside and enjoy it while it lasts. as we head tomorrow, temperatures beginning mild tomorrow. mid-60s topping out in the -- we bring in a 10% chance of an isolated shower. most of us looking dry. you can see it's mostly dry across the tampa bay area. partly cloudy skies and as we take a step back, you can see our next weather system, we're tracking. again, this front is expected to move closer towards our area as we head into thursday bringing rain chances and eventually bringing us some cooler air as well. so for
4:40 pm
we'll see fog and sea fog developing through the overnight hours, so tomorrow morning, expect that in your commute especially if you drive-thru the areas that see dense fog. expect it tomorrow morning. burns off in the late afternoon. the coastal fog stays us for a few days. a 10% rain chances. you can see a few showers inland, but most of us looking at dry condition and as we head into wednesday, the southerly flow ahead of our cold front, but it brings showers and storms to the gulf coast areas. looking at the potential to see severe weather off to our north and west tuesday and wednesday, but here in the tampa bay area, it's going to stay quiet tuesday and wednesday. the front moves in on thursday. bringing with it scattered showers and some isolated thunderstorms. at this point, the severe weather threat looks fairly low, but as these fronts move in, we watch them closely for you. at this point,
4:41 pm
you because rain chances going up for thursday, up to 60% through the day. could have lingers showers on friday morning, but the rain chances drop quickly as we head into the start of next weekend. right now, temperatures holding on in the 80s in our inland spots. 83 in bartow and frost proof coming in at 79 in brandon. milder along the coast. 75 in sarasota and 73 currently in venice. across the southeast, we have a warmer air still ahead of us. behind that cold front and that system we're tracking, that's where the cooler air is, and it will make it back to us. 28 in denver 27 in salt lake city this evening. so notice the warm temperatures continuing for a few more days. then temperatures quickly drop back. we're looking at highs in the low 60s again by friday. all right, julie. thank you. for a look at celebrity news. here's the host of hollywood today live. >> i'm garsel and i'm thomas
4:42 pm
the daily wrap. grease live was a rating on fox sunday night. 12.2 million viewers tuned in -- this means we'll be seeing many more musicals to come. >> that's right. the screen actors award was weekend. as opposed to the oscars, this alba won for no nation. davis won for "how to get away for murder" and queen latifah took how -- panda 3 knocked out the box office. it took in $41 million. and star wars the foers a wak en "the force awakens". >> we went to kung fu panda. >> that's the daily wrap. now, it's time for today's send it to stacie. >> that's right where we feature your pictures on tv. we start with a beauty owe shot sent by patrick schools. what a
4:43 pm
>> panorama. >> on lake seminole. thanks for sharing. if you missed gasparilla saturday, i know you did not josh, here's a great shot captured by our news channel 8 photographer. how was it is this >> it was fun. >> a lot of beads. >> maureen and lisa showed us rusty and his buddy ready to invade the bay for the gasparilla. you see the parrot on his shoulder, #captainrustyonyourside. a congratulations to paterson tied the knot saturday night and looked great. a beach wedding. >> it looks nice. because of that, you can send your pictures to send it to stacie to continue on the dream here.
4:44 pm
your pictures on my wfla facebook. speaking of adrian's wedding, the channel 8 news today. >> adrian, we hope you're watching this morning. a reporter anchor and great friend paterson got married to her sweetheart kerry. they look beautiful. a bunch of us were honored to be there and witnessed this moment. beautiful wedding at the community church over in pasid grill. great food and lovely reception. and we were just happy to experience this with them and we wish them the best. >> it's so much fun and well plan out. it was a pleasure to be out there. who knew that jay ramirez was a great dancer. who knew that. >> i know. >> awe, congratulations. there's got to be video of him dancing. we'll find that. >> congratulations, adrian. you can watch our
4:45 pm
coming up, a political sattire from a force. >> we'll see what family has to say when we return in a couple
4:46 pm
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
4:47 pm
now, look at what's trending online today beginning with an online family and their politics. take a listen. >> a little baby who was born, a baby named trump. next year, 47 in chicago illinois, hillary is bourne and said she was a tom boy.
4:48 pm
how he got his richness, he followed his dad >> that's digging their toes into politics. the rap video is filled with trump and clinton just in case the little ones need to get up to speed to what's happening in iowa. >> it shows prince harry being royal. he helped a fallen competitor during the trials for the pair olympic trial 2016 games. after a gust of wind caused her to lose control of her wheelchair. the 33-year-old competitor told reporters the prince teased her saying what did you do that for. she admitted to being a little star struck. and she's nearing the end of the fashion runway, and trending on facebook. iconic super model cyndi crawford said she'll retire when she celebrate her
4:49 pm
she says after 30 years of model, she can't keep reinventing herself. crawford rose to fame in 1990s and worked with the industry's top photographer and told americans. diet pepsi remember that. crawford is married and the mother of two children. her 14-year-old daughter kyra is following in her mother's footsteps. to get updates between newscast you can go to and we have much more news coming your way. news channel 8 at 5:00 with josh and jen starts right now. . we are now just hours away, the impact the political show down is having on the mid western states. a man attacked by two armed men at the supermarket, but he didn't give up without a fight. we'll show you what happened. and an international public health emergency.
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