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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  February 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. our top story this tuesday morning, the results are in from the iowa caucuses. texas senator ted cruz is waking up the winner on the republican side. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> a different story for democrats. the results are tight and this just in, nbc news declared
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winner however bernie sanders is encouraged by the tight race. >> it looks like we will have about half of the iowa delegates. >> thank you, iowa! >> now the candidates are looking ahead to next week's primary in new hampshire. our other big story this morning, the fog. take a look. it looks like pea soup out there in some areas. this is what it looked like in the plant city area earlier this morning. in fact, a dense fog advisory is in effect for the entire bay area until 10:00 this morning. so let's check in with meteorologist leigh spann this morning. leigh, this could be a big door. >> yeah, because the dense fog advisory is for every single 10:00. now there's sea fog that last pretty much all day. so there may be some coastal communities that never really get out of the fog. we are at visibility down to zero in lakeland. only a half mile in plant city.
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brooksville and brandon. just a blanket of fog. the fog forecast to see how long it's going to last. it takes you through 10:00 a.m. i think a layer of fog will be ever present until then. it up. and the numbers get higher and you can see farther by 10:00. and it quickly burns off for the coast. notice how places like anna maria island may be stuck in the sea fog all day long. and despite that, a hot one, 80 84. so we don't know what punxsutawney phil is going to say. at 4:08, we will go hour-by- hour through the groundhog day. it's decent out there. let's look at what is going on. we have a little bit of construction overnight that is tying up some lanes northbound on i-75, right at the university exit. you can still get by which is nice.
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and take a quick look at downtown brooksville, no delays and check out the fog. that's the skyway bridge. and here's 275 and fowler. use caution. that's weather and traffic. back the to gene and gayle. in your vote, the results of the first real test of the 2016 presidential race are in this morning and breaking in just the last 15 minute, the democrats now have a winner. >> yeah, there are several big winners of the night and others are taking their losses and throwing in the towel. on the republican side, texas senator ted cruz is on top. coming in third, marco rubio. on the democratic side, nbc news just declared hillary rodham clinton the winner but it was a very tight race right up until the bitter end between her and of course senator bernie sanders. news channel 8's lindsey mastis on top of the story this morning.
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results are in, there's not much of a gap between clinton and sanders. they are separated by less than one-half of 1%. and it's been close all night long. some precincts had odd number of delegates but equal number of votes for each. so they broke the tie with a coin toss. what is significant is senator sanders is pulling more support than the polls showed leading up to the caucus. >> we had no money. we had no name recognition. and we were taking on the most powerful political organization in the united states of america. >> reporter: and on the republican side, senator ted cruz is on top this morning despite coming in behind trump leading up to the caucus. his strategy included visiting all 99 counties in iowa and he
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that's a record for a republican in the iowa caucus. >> tonight is a victory for conservatives across iowa and this great nation. >> reporter: on the democratic side, former maryland governor martin o'malley is out and so is mike huckabee on the republican side. we will continue to monitor the results and coming up in 30 minute, we will show you where the florida candidates around and why marco rubio is making headlines this morning. >> yeah, a lot of people a close eye on this. and now some candidates have to figure out their plan become. -- plan b. thank you. getting a firsthand look at the iowa caucuses is our own keith cate. he is actually in iowa this morning. he was there when the results started rolling in and shows us how the system works. >> reporter: good morning. what a shocker it was last night in des moines, iowa. donald trump did not win here
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it was ted cruz who came out the victor you know by now. but the big story in the days to come may be marco rubio. the florida senator finished less than 1% behind donald trump. of course, the caucus process is interesting to behold. i've never witnessed one myself. it's fun to watch. here's what it looks like up close. it took about two hours for republicans to go through the process. a few were allowed to speak on their choice. >> marco rubio has lived the american dream. time to vote. this is where the governor of iowa caucuses. voted for. it is afterall, a secret ballot. >> i trust the voters of iowa intelligent decision and i goes. >> reporter: she told us yesterday she was going to be word.
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going to go with marco rubio. >> yeah, stuck to my word. >> reporter: and when all was said and done, the handwritten notes showed marco rubio the run-away winner with 63 votes. in another part of the same school, democrats were holding their own caucus. here they needed a microphone. they moved around the room, separating into big groups. one for hillary rodham clinton, the other for bernie sanders. there was another small group for candidate martin o'malley. but after the first count, the it was clear he had too few supporters. >> are you going to go with hillary or bernie? >> well, i'm torn but probably hillary. >> reporter: proving the polls right, this democratic race is neck and neck. tim and his wife remain split after the voting. one supports clinton and the other sanders. >> yeah, i got to work on my wife and daughter first. >> reporter: what? >> yeah, she's for clinton. >> reporter: that's right. it look longer than the
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and confusing math, this democratic caucus location sided with hillary rodham clinton. within two to three hour, it was all over. and it may go down as a record breaker when it comes to turnout. >> everything i can see, it's going to be a record turnout. i've never seen as many candidates nor as big of crowds. >> reporter: and that's really saying a lot. the governor of iowa actually saying that this is something like he's never seen before. ted cruz, the winner, donald trump fighting to go forward. some of the players already knocked out. mike huckabee is gone. martin o'malley on the democratic side is gone. we do wonder about governor jeb bush. he did not fair well in iowa. we will see how he does in new hampshire and the great sunshine of florida. i'm keith cate reporting from des moines, iowa, back to you. >> all right, thanks, keith. the presidential race now turns the focus to new hampshire and it's primary.
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state to follow the candidates as they campaign. so stay with news channel 8 for your complete coverage on the race to the white house. new this morning, we are working to gather more information on a crash that killed a motorcycle in tampa. police tell us that the collision on king boulevard near albany avenue involved two vehicles and a motorcycle. the roads were closed for a time. they are now back open. let's get a check on weather and traffic on the 8s. >> yeah, we want people to be extra careful driving around this morning. the dense fog advisory continues until 10:00 this morning. so it's going to be around through entire morning commute. watch the hour-by-hour forecast. we will keep that fog in. it is also really warm and humid. by midday, a mix of sun and cloud, not a real sunny day, mid-0s at noon. and then 80 at 3:00 p.m. and there might be a stray shower through the early afternoon hours and we are still 74 degrees at 7:00 p.m. that's topping the headlines, we will be near 80 today and tomorrow.
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today and tomorrow, we also will see sea fog that hangs around all day. for about 48 hours ahead of a cold front that will come through late wednesday and bringing us our best rain chance on thursday. and only slightly cooler behind it. let's check on traffic on the 8s because it's really messy. it sure is. fortunately, we don't have major accidents that are slowing you down. use caution out there. here is a look at some of the fog leigh is talking about. this is by the rest area of the skyway bridge. the it's thick too. and let's take a look at right at the hump of the skyway bridge, you can see it's foggy up there. use caution, folks. sarasota, northbound i-75 at the university parkway exit, we do have a couple lanes taken away, a lot of construction going on there. another than that, a wonderful drive-thru the sun coast area. and there are no delays on i- 75.
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>> thank you so much. a new chapter today in the bill cosby sex assault case. >> the reason the troubled comedian is headed to court: and an 8 on your side health alert this morning, the new warning from world health epidemic. the gasparilla distance classic is coming up. i'm leigh spann and i talked to a trainer about ways to the
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happening today, bill cosby is due in court. the troubled comedian and his attorneys are trying to get a criminal sex assault case against him dismissed. the defense claims crosby had a non-prosecution deal with the now deceased district attorney. in december, cosby admitted to giving the women pills and engaging in sex acts which authorities used as evidence to file charge. the non-prosecution deal was never put into writing. in a 8 on your side health alert this morning, the world health organization is calling the zika outbreak an international emergency. the group predicts as many as 4 million people could be infected over the next year.
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to infected mothers. and health officials are in poor countries. this morning hit just announced its first zika case with 250,000 newborns per year, experts worry haiti's poor this problem. happening today, high resume, high-paying construction jobs are up for grabs. 700 students are expected to attend the tampa bay job fair. 50 vendors will be there and many are ready to hire on the spot. the associated builders and contractors of gulf coast and hillsborough county schools are putting together the event that runs through 1:30 this afternoon. a megacareer fair is happening today in tampa.
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to fill more than 1,000 jobs. it gets started at 10:00 this morning and goes until 2:00. a lot of business is done on the golf course, maybe you can brush up your resume and take it there. today the rocky point golf course reopens. the course underwent more than $700 worth of renovations. it now has more greens and boxes. >> going to be really nice. 8 on your side with more help preparing for the gasparilla distance classic. at the race, we will see people of every age. >> yeah, there will be everyone from young children to experienced runners out there. and leigh spann will be at the races too and joins us now with how to stay injury-free. >> i started running about age 30 but i talked with a man whose been pounding the pavement longer than me. >> the greeks had it right, sound mind, sound body. >> reporter: he knows something about a sound body.
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mid-70s, he's running two races at this year's gasparilla distance classic. >> just go as fast as i can and see what happens. >> reporter: when i asked how his running has changed -- >> it gets slower. >> reporter: a trainer says listening to your body is most important at any age. >> being aware of your joints and aches and pains and making sure you're not overstepping your boundaries and if you start to feel like you're in pain after your run, you are probably pushing too much. >> reporter: include slow stretches after your run to help with recovery. keeping your core and whole body fit will allow you to make it through the long runs and walks. >> could be a half hour that you're moving so you want to be strong in your core. >> reporter: he plans to run a marathon in the fall. he equates running to life. >> put one foot in front of the other. sometimes it's going up a steep hill or down a steep hill or just flat, but just keep going.
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story is about running at any age, i did ask him about kids. he says they tend to get overheated sooner than adults so watch for that, especially on warm days like today and be sure to keep them hydrated. but people who run for all these year, they figure out how to keep themselves injury-free and keeping your heart healthy will keep the whole body healthy. >> and i appreciate sharing the part about the kids. because my kids got into a run club over the summer: >> they have fewer sweat glands so they get overheated. so make sure they stay hydrated. >> and even after the back surgery, he's still running. >> reporter: and he's easing back in. he realizes he needs to reset where he was before back to the marathon in october. >> all right. good morning for a run to get the practice going?
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so make sure you watch for cars. for gasparilla run forecast, go through the evening. it's a little foggy this morning and it's also a little muggy this morning. although it will muggy throughout the day. 76 degrees by noon and 75 degrees by the evening but it won't be foggy. and the dense fog advisory goes until 10:00 for every county. plant city, brandon, st. pete, sarasota, all places where you can only see a quarter mile in front of you. cars won't be able to see you if you're more than a quarter mile in front of them. take it easy this morning no matter what you're doing. we're in the upper 50s to low 60s. and that's going to be the case all day today as we watch a storm system out west. snow, storms, going to continue to push toward the east for tomorrow. we will see increasing humidity out ahead of this front. and more cloud cover around for wednesday. and only a small rain chance. it doesn't really increase the rain chances until thursday
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from north to south through our area. and then it should be mild and comfortable for friday. but groundhog day today, high of 80, that's feeling like an early spring. all right, take a look at this, well, you can see some of the fog that leigh is talking about here, this is i-4 at lakeland. usually it's worse in lakeland but look at this, this is 275 at martin luther king, right in the heart of hillsborough county, much worse here than the shot i gave you in polk county. definitely use caution. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. a popular household product is soon going to disappear. >> ahead, the lightbulb you may soon have a hard time finding. and a new twist on ride sharing services. how the new option could help busy parents. it's 4:20.
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well listen to this and tell us what you think on social media. it's a new ride sharing company and it's getting mixed reviews. >> some are calling it uber for child care. parent can now order their nanny through an app. nannies pick up your children and drive them anywhere you need. it limits you to a max of six zoomers. some people are worried about letting a stranger drive their kids around. >> yep. well those curly lightbulbs
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lightbulbs are going away for good. general electric will end production of the compact bulbs. ge is focusing their efforts on high efficiency l.e.d. bulbs. a gold covered pizza. wow. on super bowl sunday, 50 hungry fans who order a stuffed garlic knots pizza will be surprised with this tie topped with $100 worth of 24-carat gold flakes. it comes in a gold colored box and you get $100 pizza hut gift card. wow. >> that signs fancy. >> i don't know, but what goes in must come out. >> oh.
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>> i'm just curious. >> rose gold. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> huh to take it there. >> i'm just curious. >> you would be taking the gold off and making jewelry out of it. >> yeah, because this is all real gold. the deals you can get this month. what items are good to buy. and the danger beneath a tampa apartment billing putting lives at risk. the deadline looming today in the wake of an 8 on your side investigation.
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it is a dense fog advisory. emoji man is lost in the fog until 10:00 this morning. when you send the kids to the bus stop, remind them to be careful and stay far away from the road. 67 degrees this morning, warm and humid. 80 this afternoon. rain chances go up, 70% chance on thursday. leslee, how about traffic on
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well, we have overnight construction. diverging diamond intersection being installed on u-75, so you have construction tying up lanes at the university parkway northbound. more fog, this is 275 at gandy boulevard. very thick, definitely use caution and keep the low beams
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