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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> right now on newschannel8. >> i'm josh benson. >> i'm jennifer leigh. a bay area man is fortunate to be alive after coming between a jealous ex-husband an a gun. fortunately for the man, the gun didn't work and tonight, the ex-husband is behind bars. newschannel8's josh thomas joins us now live from polk county with the details. >> good evening general. investigators with the polk county sheriff office could be
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a man and a gun pulled on him. an ex-husband, his ex-wife. a domestic dispute outside this lakeland doctor's office could have turned deadly. gibson hyacinth went. >> he went there with love, jealousy, and rage. and the only thing that stopped him from killing addison was that his firearm for whatever reason wouldn't work. >> reporter: in this surveillance video, they have confronted him. he showed whiteside his concealed carry permit. then he pull out a gun and tried to shoot him not only once, but twice. >> had his gun been working and he shot addison in the parking lot, why wouldn't he have gone in to finish off his wife who he had already said if i can't have you, nobody can have you.
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doctor's office, told the staff a man was trying to kill him and went back outside. something he shouldn't have done. >> once the man tries to shoot you twice with a firearm, you need to say feet don't fail me down. you need to get behind a locked door. not go out in the parking lot to confront him a second time. >> reporter: as you can see him, when he went back out, he was nearly run over by hyacinth as he drove away from the scene. he wasn't hurt in either confrontation. >> it was a profound blessing that this didn't turn tragic. >> reporter: now, hyacinth did tell investigators he showed his conceal carry permit and had a gun with him but denies pointing it at anyone. he is being held in jail on two counts of acemented second degree murder. thank you josh.
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very unlikely suspect. an eight-year-old boy. you could see him walking into a grocery store. look at this. he walked up to a clerk with a loaded gun and demanded money. store workers were able to get the gun out of his hands and hold him until police got there. that gun belonged to the boy's mother. she says he stole it. >> i brought my purse, it was so light. something. i said where is my gun? i hope jayden doesn't have my gun. >> well he did. the boy is getting a mental evaluation after he made comments about hurting himself. neither boy or mother have been charged yet. a teacher is facing charges for impregnating a 17-year-old girl. 58-year-old robert celeste. school district officials moved him out of the classroom when police began investigating.
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pulled off by a modern day bonnie and clyde ended in the florida panhandle. blake fitzgerald was killed and brittany nicole harper was wounded in a shoot-out. they were wanted on kidnapping and armed robbery charges for a string of crimes that started in missouri. it has been a controversial doppic. increasing the minimum wage for low level jobs but as matt galka shows us, the many low wages that floridians are making could cost the rest of the taxpayers billions. >> reporter: patricia walker is a tampa home care worker making minimum wage. it is not easy for the mother of two. >> i make sure they have their food, whatever they need. they have. but when i go home, i got to look at my refrigerator or in my cabinets and see what i got to eat. >> reporter: walker pleaded with state legislators to raise the minimum wage to $15 so she and many others around the
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>> whatever we do, we give our clients support. but who is going to support us? who is going to help us out? >> reporter: a new study from florida state university economics professor patrick l. mason says the low wage earners are draining every other taxpayer throughout the state. >> each program, you calculate the total amount of public assistance going to low wage workers. that is where the $11.4 billion comes from. >> reporter: democrat haves already filed bills to increase the state's current 8.05 minimum wage. >> why is it you are working two or three jobs depending on food stamps? why is it you have to depend on other agency to help you out to make a quality of life for your family smell-o-vision. >> reporter: ian supporters say it could be wishful thinking as the republican controlled legislature has no plans to push for a $15 minimum wage.
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seiu public service labor union. in tallahassee, matt galka, newschannel8. >> bills raising the minimum wage have yet to be heard in the house or the senate. the waters will be very busy in clearwater beach. >> sailors hoping to go to the summer olympic games will be racing for championship racing. peter bernard joins us live. this is pretty cool peter. >> reporter: absolutely. good evening jenn and josh. sailors from 26 nations are here on san key to participate in the racing that could send them to the olympics. take a look around me. this is the staging area. here, they sail out to the gulf of mexico. they are fast, they are sleek. and since the year 2000, these so-called 94er boats with a bat like wing have competed in the summer olympics. and they will be there again this summer on newschannel8 as we bring you the summer games.
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explained the carbon fiber, fiberglass shape. >> the point is to add leverage for the sailors an we stand on the side of the wing. >> reporter: all of the boats are essentially the same. so it boils down to pure sailing skills. events like this are usually held in much larger cities. >> we came from miami. so it is different from there. it is pretty typical when we travel all over europe and south america. you end up staying in smaller towns. >> reporter: these sailing masters are enjoying their stop in clear water. >> people are friendly. >> reporter: the portuguese team has an olympic bid. they will push hard to race fast. >> it is quite huge. >> reporter: these sailors travel the world away from their families. it is what they do for a liveing the.
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fun and games, think again. >> it is about the most injury prone boat in the olympic classes. so you know, a lot of people have to take time off. >> reporter: so far during yesterday's practice, there were ten broken masts. you can see one of them there. and five injuries. team usa guy told me he regreenly dislocated his shoulder. ouch. official practice starts monday. and the official racing is tuesday at noon. >> the most injury prone boats in the class. that is amazing. where can people go to see this? >> reporter: pier 60. you will be able to see them there. probably from the beach as well. so pier 60. clear water beach. >> sounds awesome. peter bernard, thank you peter. well, the debt is piling up with thousands of for profit college students. >> coming up, 8 on your side finds out the reason some
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pay off their loans and how they are trying to make them disappear. >> plus, have you noticed a lot of people wearing red today? we will ex-plain why just ahead. >> they are going red for women. we will talk more about that later. i asked for the weather later this weekend. we will talk about the chilly numbers. some slight rain chances and a look ahead to see if there is any warmup ahead coming up. >> we will have that and more coming up. you are watching newschannel8.
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>> victims of fraudulent recruiting by if profit
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we spoke with one such graduate. one of thousands make ago case for their debt to disappear. here is 8 on your side. >> reporter: $168 million total. they are coming from students who at one point attended or graduated are the schools. some of which have campuses in florida like itt and art institute. >> it was promised to be the education and what was promised to be my curriculum actually panned out the way they said it would, i would gladly pay for this. >> reporter: via skype from austin texas, he explains he graduated from the art instituted of tampa owing more than $80,000. he wants a payback pardon from the feds accusing the school of lying about qualified instructors and industry standard learning tools. he claims he taught himself through youtube videos and explained the school didn't
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>> what the art institute considers the fields for game art and design includes game stop, office depot. >> reporter: that is where he claims they placed him making copies for $8 an hour. andre tells 8 on your side he has recruiting catalogs to prove their promises. he joins thousands of students claiming fraud. but some current students are not so sure. >> can school can only do so much. you as a student need to do the rest. >> when you sign up to pay for that, i think you are obligated to pay for that. >> reporter: the parent company has agreed with the government on more transparent recruiting and disclosure standards but tells me, this is not an admission of wrong doing. the u.s. department of education continues investigating claims. as of late last year, more than a thousand claims were paid out. five of those for students from florida. i'm gene ramirez, newschannel8.
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the latest u.s. unemployment report. the unemployment rate dropped to 2008 levels but hiring is also slowing down. the u.s. economy added 151,000 jobs in january. that is lower than economists projected. and it is way down from jobs added in december. the unemployment rate fell to 4.9%. the lowest since february of 2008. president obama is calling for a new $10 per barrel tax paid by oil companies used for clean transportation. it would only apply to imported oil. it is unlikely to get through a republican controlled congress, however. americans are spending more on their loved ones this valentine's day. according to the national retail federation, we will spend an average of $146 and 84 cents on candy, stuffed animals, jewelry, other gifts. that is $4 more than last year. total valentines day spending
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and love is in the air here at newschannel8. we have stories for you all next week leading up to valentine's day that will have you feeling the love. we also want to hear your love story sos send them to us on social media using the #iheartwfla. you might see them on tv. and, no excuses on a sunday this year. so guys. no excuses. >> you have to celebrate. you have to have a good date. celebrate the right way. speaking of hearts, you might see a lot of people wearing red. >> it is to raise women's awareness of their heart health. the american heart association has declared today national wear red day. women are more likely to call for help when they believe someone else is having a heart attack than themselves. >> women often put themselves last. when we look at the statistics that heart disease is the number one killer of all women, women need to put themselves first.
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women can be subtle and don't always involve chest pain. symptoms include shortness of breath, pain in the jaw and bath. extreme fatigue, and nausea. the american heart association encourages women to schedule a well woman visit with the doctor to discuss individual heart disease risks. now for more information on heart disease, we have posted prevention tips an warning signs on well, it was colder out there today. but at least the sun was out. a cool shot from michael eger. the sunshining through a tree along bay shore boulevard. it was a gorgeous day. bright blue sky. we talked about the dry air aloft. the high pressure controlling. it is what gives us the deep blue color to the sky. south winds at 5. beach isn't supercrowded at the moment. a cool temperature obviously.
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plantation crystal river. 34% relative humidity. looks like it will stay clear most of the evening but we will pick up a few clouds as we head throughout the day tomorrow. a few showers are possible. chilly temperatures, a prolonged trend of those. a cold front will pass monday with some rain chances for us. the rain chances remain fairly low. if you will be out out with clear skies, we have the planets aligned. mercury getting low on the horizon. before sunrise. you can see these temperatures below the average line. the forecast highs are definitely below that. the storm team app weather max app good to keep track of the
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second half of the day with the low pressure developing. this is the same low that dragged across the bay area. it is contributing to snow further to the north. that is helping to draw between high pressure. our forecast computer model, clear skies for us. quiet and cool. generally. you can see a few clouds over on the east coast. that is why we say we will pick up a few clouds. maybe a few sprinkles. windy conditions on the east coast. mostly cloudy skies, maybe a slim rain chance for us. but the clouds will be a cool feel to the day with a lot of clouds around and a cool air temperature. saturday evening a few showers develop with low pressure to the south. that is the low we are talking about. originally, we thought this may develop further to the west earlier in the week, but looks like it will be off to the east. so the rain chances are fairly low for us.
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as we get into superbowl sunday for us, the low will move out. partly sunny. breezy conditions overall. that low will actually help to with its counterclock wise circulation drag in cooler air from north to south. so, that will help to keep the cool flow continuing in the forecast. we will likely see more sunshine as we head into monday. but it will still be chilly. breezy west winds and a stray shower potential but not a great chance. forecast lows for tonight. 47 degrees palm harbor. tarpin springs. a lot of clouds developing throughout the daytime are fairly cool for tomorrow. highs in the 60s . get used to that number. 60 degrees in the forecast sunday. rain chances low by monday. 65 degrees. a 10% chance of seeing a shower. into next week, wednesday, thursday, 60 degrees thursday. perhaps temperatures at the end
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warm up very close to our average high. about 71 degrees so expect the cool weather. it will be around for a while. great sleeping weather. a lot of positives. when it warms up we can say yeah, we had a winter. guys? >> that is usually how it works here in florida. thanks steve. news around the nation tonight. two new york police officers shot. coming up, we will show you how it happened. >> plus, the city where the hit show making a murder is back in the spotlight.
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>> now toe what the making headlines. police have identified the man they believe shot two new york city police officers overnight. one shots in the face, the other in the stomach below her bullet proof vest. it happened as they were patrolling a housing complex in the bronx. the officers were walking with a guy named malik chavez when he turned a corner and started shooting. he ran into an apartment and took his own life. the wisconsin city pushed into the spotlight over the netflix documentary making a murder has a new murder case. a 51-year-old man answered the case this morning an whoever knocked shot and killed him.
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controversy over steven avery. today's murder is not related to the avery case. the so-called affluenza teen is now in adult jail. ethan couch has been in the detention center in texas since he was deported from mexico last month. the 18-year-old who fled to mexico with his mother in december after violating a deal that kept him out of prison for killing four people while driving drunk back in 2013. newschannel8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> keith and stacie schaible are here with what we are working on. >> violated in the exam room. a doctor accused of doing the unthinkable. >> new information about the alleged rape of a patient. the victim's attorney now believes there are more victims. >> plus new cases of the zika virus in our state. where in the bay area doctors are seeing zika patients. >> coming up in a few minutes, we are live in new hampshire at a marco rubio rally where the
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take the stage many minutes. >> a phone glitch cut off a long distance call. >> those stories with your forecast and sports coming up open newschannel8.
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>> now on newschannel8 at 6:00. >> betrayed trust. a doctor accused of raping his own patient. >> cut off and terrified. >> and the presidential candidates are pushing for last minute votes ahead of the primary. we are live in new hampshire. good evening, i'm keith cate. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you very much for joining us tonight. a clear water doctor is nowhere to be found today after being arrested and charged with sexual battery on a patient.
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