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tv   News CH8 Super Sports Sunday  NBC  February 14, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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and this is a kick, then this is a kick! the lightning burned by a replay in a frustrating loss. don't forget our exclusive chat with the youngest winner of daytona 500 qualifying ever! and cory dickerson swings for the bat for the first time
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"super sports sunday" let's go. you can understand he tries to go five holes. bishop does a significant job going to five hole. there's the look at it. >> we have a reverse! we have a good goal! >> who was on the other end of the line in toronto? obi wan kinobi? jedi mind trick. come on, nhl! welcome to "super sports sunday." paul ryan is out. you're stuck with me the next half hour. i don't know if we can get what we saw out of our minds in 30 minutes. bishop does his job. all of a sudden, it's 2- nothing. thanks for playing. not good. the bolts hosted the st. louis blues tonight. how about this guy? had the flu all weekend. knocks it down today. yeah! bang those sticks! good job. lightning played pretty well tonight.
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we got to hand it to them. they cashed in on big mistakes off the turnover there. he had ray chance there. robbie elliott. matt carle tries to knock the puck down with his glove. well, you saw this already. patrick goes the other way. bishop makes the stop. you know the rest. the refs waive it off because of the waved puck. wait a minute! instead of a kick, it's called momentum or whatever the wording is. call is overturned! the worst part, the bolts score a goal late. he get one in. doesn't matter. it doesn't count!
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explanation. that's a kick. and it's not cool when he calls and then changes it. i don't know. >> trust me, 2-1, blues. now with that score, hey, this game directly involved the lightning in the playoff race. bruins, red wings. shaun sneaks one past pedr. zettenburg cleans up. tied at 1. it goes crazier and crazier. darren helm with an innocent wrister there. 6-5 the final. stuck in that wild card score. they could drop off tomorrow night. that's how tight it's getting. just like any other team in the nhl, the lightning have dealt with their share of injuries this season, more critical
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garrison out 3 to 5 weeks with a lower body injury big time. we'll see how the bolts are going to cope without garrison's big presence. >> it's been a rock for us back there. but we'll just have to -- [ sigh ] >> -- adjust, you know, and somebody got to fill in, take his minutes. >> reporter: john cooper's sigh says it all. the lightning won't be the same without jason garrison expected to miss 3 to 5 weeks with a lower body injury sustained monday in canada's capital. >> he's a quality defenseman in the league. i think he's under the radar but for the right reasons. he's solid out there. you have to deal with injuries. every team has to. we've found ways to get through it. and we'll have to continue to do that. >> reporter: slater has been called up to fill his roster spot. but perhaps the solution to tampa bay's problem lies
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according to nugget pull reports, the ottawa senators are interested in jonathan. recall steve's position. >> we will trade him if and when we can make a deal good for the tampa bay lightning. >> reporter: the deadline is february 29th. perhaps garrison's injury will forcizerman's hand. >> all right. just getting warmed up on "supersports sunday." it's speed week at daytona. and next week's daytona 500, we talk with the poll position man himself.
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oh! in the wall! >> oh, that was hard. >> and that was brian vickers. >> filling in for injured tony stewart, vickers very lucky he didn't sustain an injury in the daytona limited. there's your winner. danny hamlin trainings the checkered flag. when jeff gordon decided to retire, motorsports dabbed another young driver to replace gordon in the 24 car. chase elliott is just 20 years old. but he's chasing not one but two legacies in the sports. his rookie season got underway today at daytona 500. front row qualifying. the best run in the early round -- of the early laps was eric. he was the first to track 193 miles per hour. he said it wouldn't last. he was right.
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car. 196.3 miles per hour! that puts him on top with two drivers still to make their runs. mat ken seth, -- matt kenseth, 1st 10 second slower. and dale earnhart, jr., finished third fastest. so the youngest poll winner in daytona 500 history, chase elliott in the lower right there. happy man. he joined us right after his historic lap. he's my conversation with the fastest driver of the day. >> reporter: be honest, chase, when you woke up this morning and you're pouring the cereal in that bowl, are you thinking, i'm going to nail a lap today! or just want to run as fast as i could. did you have any idea you'd win the poll today? >> no, definitely not. i think the biggest thing i was thinking was to do my dead best not to mess up and hit a solid lap or hopefully two laps if we were lucky enough to make that next round.
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allen, and everybody on the 24 team had a lot of confidence in the race car and the car they brought and worked on so hard throughout the off season. this is the same car they ran at any of the plate tracks last year and had a lot of success on qualifying day to sit on the poll a couple times. so that's pretty cool. and like i said, they had a lot of confidence today. i just tried not to mess up, be smooth on my line and not do anything dumb was my main goal. [ chuckle ] >> this race is so unique for many reasons. and within is the qualifying procedure. you're going through that, the second round today. as you said, you wanted to hit your shifts. you wanted to hit your spots on the track. at what point in this lap did you realize, we're on here. we're onto something? >> it's really hard to say from the driver's seat at these big racetracks like this until you get across the line and the team can look at the lap time. it's hard to tell how good the
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i really had no idea whether it was, you know, good or bad or terrible or anything. so until we got across the line, i really didn't know. once we got across, they said it was a pretty good lap. but there's still two more cars to go. so at that point, there was still no guarantees either. i know in the first round i had made a couple mistakes and cannot get going like i needed to. didn't think i did as well the second round. but it was enough to have a shot fortunately. excited about your daytona debut. the general sports fan may just be learning about you for the first time. you've won a title in the xfinity series and runner up last season. this is right below the sprint cup. what's the difference between the two series? and you're going up against many of the same drivers. is it the same type of racing? or is this a whole new ballgame for you? >> well, i think the biggest difference is the competition
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you know. a large amount. and that in itself brings a lot of challenges. you know, there's just so many good race teams and really good drivers that, you know, you're competing against each week. and from the kfinity to the cup side is a -- xfinity to the cup side is a big jump, probably the biggest i've made. so having respect of the guys you're racing against, earning their respect and doing the best job you can do behind the wheel. no matter how you start off, good, bad, terrible, fantastic, whatever, try to improve from there. and hopefully we can do that. and today was a great way to start things off. however, we realize daytona is its own animal. i think a lot of that we'll have to address and we'll see some new challenges come atlanta. but there's a lot of racing here at daytona we got to get through first. and we're excited to be a part of the 500 and to be sitting on the front row. >> did you know jeff gordon was
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you were going around the track? and have you guys had a chance to chat yet? i know you've said in the past, listen, you're carrying an important legacy here. but you have to be your own guy. it's still nice to hear, though, from a great driver like that about your day. >> for sure. jeff has been fantastic to work with. and even throughout last year. i tried to, you know, -- tried to ask questions and be involved and try to, you know, get on the inside a little bit and see some of the things that i would face. but at the same time, i wanted to step back, too. i didn't want to be the guy that was involved too soon. so i tried to ride that line and be respectful what they had going on. but jeff was always wide open, you know, with questions and anything that i went to him for, he was always an open book and has been that way. still to this day, i expect jeff to help us a lot. and i expect him to have a lot
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with our race team and with forward on the racetrack and off. i think there's a lot of great things he can offer from both aspects. so i hope he'll still move. he has at this point. and hopefully that relationship between us will move forward. >> we're looking forward to it, too. great career from chase elliott. we'll take a break and catch up with the rest of the stuff for the day. we have the nba all-star game tonight. and a buzzer beater in tallahassee between the noles and the canes.
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if he does this. if he does this, though -- oh!!! [cheers and applause] >> something says we'll see more of this come play time. but what a display by aaron
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contest which, by the way, he lost to minnesota's zack levine! whether or not you're into all- star games -- and let's face it, who is? the nba all-star game guaranties this, defense does not exist. lakers star kobe bryant plays in the final all-star game of his 18-year career. and kobe brought down the house tonight. here in the introductions, just a concert or a game? a fun night for all. lebron james doing what he does. finishing the ally oop. a pedestrian night for him, though, 13 points. here's kobe at work. a long pass to westbrook. not finished! he leaves it to kevin durant. kobe, pull up, why not? three-pointer. get it to drop. no defense in these games. show me the score. 196-173, the west a winner.
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down the road in philadelphia. usf at temple. the owls are the first place team in the american conference. they're on a run early. bond with the long. 12-point deficit for the bulls here. jamal mcmurray with 15 a game. he had 24. making the game at the 2nd half. beau draw it is foul! makes the basket! it's now a 4-point game. but temple cruises down the stretch. 18 points for bond. 77-65. lost number 11 in the conference for the bulls. florida state hosting 12th ranked miami. the canes not really played well on the road. but nice plays tonight. angel rodriguez to reed. canes up 11. here comes the noles, though! devon bookert with the 3.
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jaquan newton misses the free throw. and no good for beasley! win. speaking of buzzer beaters, came down to a final putt at pebble beach. taylor, a long birdie on 16. taylor buries that. he shoots a 7 under par, 65. heads into the clubhouse with the lead at 17 under par. phil mickelson comes to 18 with a stroke behind. needs a birdie to force a playoff. short chip there. that will set off a birdie. this is a par 5. taylor's not going to hit a quick bucket on the range. he wants to watch mickelson's puck. we all do -- putt. we all do! vaughn taylor wins for the first time on tour in more than a decade. left the ouch. that hurts! when "super sports sunday" returns, it's almost time for baseball! and we'll hear from a couple of
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will be cheering for.
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you know, looking forward to getting the games going. looking forward to opening day and all the stuff that comes after spring training. >> rays pitcher matt morris sporting a lightning shirt there. pretty cool! watching the games. but it's almost time for the rays to share the spotlight in the spring. by this time next week, port charlotte will be hopping with pitchers and catchers checking in. but earlier last week, several rays players took part in informal workouts at tropicana field. paul ryan got to meet two of the newcomers and watched the bats that rays fans hope will give the offense a much needed boost. >> reporter: the rays have been meeting fun there are these voluntary workouts three times a week since december. but after a week of bowl games and home shows, this is the first time tropicana field looks like a baseball diamond.
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first day of school. you know most your classmates but there's a couple of new guys in there. it just adds energy. >> reporter: matt moore is preparing for his sixth season in tampa bay. among those who just moved to town, cory dickerson, an outfielder traded in last month. >> i really like the field. great guys so far. and, you know, it's really -- really different playing in a dome than outside. but i enjoyed it today. >> reporter: the workouts leading up to spring training are committeely voluntary. but they're still important, especially to newcomers like dickerson and native steve pearce. >> just knocking the rust off. just getting your swing back. for me, a new guy coming in here, just to meet some of the guys and develop some kind of relationship with them. because, you know, we have a
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>> all i'm worried about is april 3rd. what i can do until then is what i'll do. but i enjoyed coming out early and meeting those guys. >> reporter: well, if you thought the lightning were robbed today. look what happened saturday night against dc united. not only did the referee miss a foul here, but the ball goes completely out of bounds before dc cashes it in for a goal on a 1-nothing win. welcome to the sun coast invitational! it continues all week. six teams from mls. look at this ball! they take on the philadelphia union on saturday. let's hope the referees get their preseason form together. when we come back, my favorite and least favorite part of the show, our play of the week and the other end of the spectrum as well.
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and it's now time to recognize greatness and the opposite of greatest with our
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not play of the week. doesn't get any better than aaron gordon and zack levine last night in toronto! >> this is real! >> yeah, baby! >> oh!!! >> it's a long drum roll. >> yes, there it is. oh!!! mascot. oh!!! [cheers and applause] >> okay, we'll see. oh!!! [cheers and applause] [ chuckle ] >> i mean, two debates popped up immediately. was levine really the winner and was this the best nba slam dunk contest ever? i had a blast watching this. that argument may never end. look at this. under the leg from the foul line. now the not play of the week. this is for the european pga tour. hayden portius putting from the pond with no shoes or no shirt! later in the round, that's the same guy! he does it again! only this time he's wearing his
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and the shot's much better, too. it nearly holds out. how about hayden? hitting from the pond -- if you do that here in the bay area, you are alligator food. taps it in. there you go. bring the curl. busy week here. lightning tried to get back on track. taking on the san jose sharks tuesday night. we mentioned they could be out of a playoff spot. pittsburgh penguins could leapfrog them. >> and that sun coast invitational, the rowdies play sunday against philadelphia. you can catch dc united, philadelphia union, also new york city fc versus montreal. rays, pitchers and catches next monday, a week from tomorrow, on the field in port charlotte. we will see you next sunday night.
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