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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the message behind this bay area church sign causing controversy. >> a dramatic inferno caught on camera. a witness describes this terrifying moment a boat caught fire. >> and the bay area couple who lied about a sinkhole under their home are convicted felons. why the people they duped are not satisfied. >> thank you for joining us this evening. a controversial sign outside a church in pinellas county has some people doing a double take. it tells people if they're white, they have a special right. that created a lot of controversy, some calling it racist and offensive. >> the sign has been taken down but the pastor and the
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away from the message. >> reporter: it depends who you ask. the sign was up for about three days. now it is not the same sign. the pastor took it down saying it became too disruptive. >> this sets us back way too much. >> reporter: this is what stewart flores is talking about. the church sign stirring up a lot of controversy. >> why are we still separating ourselves? >> reporter: that's why parishioners here, mostly white, have been studying race. now the pastor says this is just one way to create racial equality. >> when you do see that you're being privileged in a way that others aren't simply on the basis of skin color, you can speak up and reject that privilege. >> reporter: the pastor says the message, to start a much-needed dialogue to bring everyone together. >> of course our hope is not divisiveness or hatred. >> reporter: but for many that
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>> that's kind of racist. >> why? >> not everybody is white. i think it doesn't make any difference if you're white, black, yellow, green, you should fight injustice anyway. >> reporter: the few say the time for this sign to come. >> our race needs to stand up for itself. >> reporter: does it bring people together? apart? >> it doesn't matter that i'm red, brown. we're all people. >> i vaguely remember something happening before. >> reporter: that's right over
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another sign up talking about white privilege. and we talked to a lot of people in the community. and they say the church just keeps on pushing the envelope. it was all hands on deck when a boat fire happened near bay pines bridge in pinellas county today. bruce lives near the marina and saw this and grabbed his camera. within minutes flames and black smoke engulfed the vessel. >> what was it like to see it it was pretty spectacular. and some of the neighbors were a little afraid. i was afraid too because they kept saying, well, it could explode. >> reporter: several people were on board at the time. no one was seriously hurt. the owner told a newspaper reporter that the boat eruptded into smoke and fire the moment he turned the key. he also says he did not have experience.
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camera caught this house fire tonight. this house is in bungalow terrace. a candle start said the fire -- started the fire. two people were able to get out. investigators believe there's about $75,000 worth of damage. breaking news out of hillsboro county. a man has been shot to death at captain i have beena town apartments and town and country. deputies are on the scene interviewing witnesses. there is no word on a possible motive. a couple convicted of selling their house and hiding a dangerous sinkhole from a family with five children are forced to take back the home. this started with an 8 on your side investigation that found a
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disclosure forms. they were convicted of felony wire fraud and sentenced to six months house arrest. when it comes to restitution, they don't think they've received enough. >> it's really sad because this was supposed to be our dream home. >> reporter: they fled this spring hill home. a crack split down their living room floor because of a massive sync hole under -- sinkhole underneath their baby's room that the former home owners hid from them. >> the whole foundation is coming up from the ground. >> reporter: a year later, the ground around that bedroom is visibly sinking. the couple turned to us more than a year ago. and our investigation held the sellers accountable. >> they say that they lost their insurance because there's a sinkhole there. >> not that i understand.
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sinkhole there? >> no. >> reporter: that lie came back to by the them. now they're convicted felons and forced to take back the house and pay back about $15,000 to cover mortgage payments. but justice is slow. and stingy. >> i don't see why they would continue to draw this out. it should have been squashed years ago. >> reporter: they are happy to get out of this home but feel the jasons are getting off easy. >> i'm disappointed we're only getting about half of what we put into it. and to see what was to be my last home in ruins. >> reporter: the $15,000 restitution doesn't cover the full cost of double mortgage and rent payments and other expenses all caused because of a big lie. >> we planned on raising our kids and retiring and living here. we have nothing to show for it.
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has already taken nearly two has already taken nearly two years. and now both catherine and glen jason have filed for appeal, and that could drag on. >> what happens if they pay backs house, the restitution, and then win that appeal? >> reporter: hopefully nothing will happen. hopefully once the financials are done with this, the victims will be finished. but the jasons. to continue to fight because they don't want to be convicted felons. >> thank you, shannon. in your vote tonight, it is down to the wire on south carolina at least for the republican presidential candidates. voters head to the poles there tomorrow. 50 delegates are at stake. six candidates remain in the race. the focus remains on the top three. >> we need to nominate someone that can bring us together i know that i can better than anyone in this race. >> running for president takes guts. it takes guts!
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gonna decide a great deal. >> donald trump still leading the field according to most polls. ted cruz close behind within five. and marco rubio rounding out the top three. democrats a week away from south carolina. but they have to get past the nevada caucuses. polls seem to indicate hillary clinton has a slight lead over bernie sanders. but it's still close enough to be called a tie. the former secretary of state scored a key endorsement today, congressman james cli burn saying he is in hillary's corner. getting answers when it comes to bullying allegations at john hopkins. the parents of a 12-year-old girl at the school tell us they sent numerous e-mails complaining about another student who's been bullying their daughter for at least two months.
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discovered an e-mail firm kept administrators from getting the complaints and that is being fixed. >> everybody has contacted me from the superintendent to the board of directors. they've called and said they're investigating. they don't like the things they've heard. >> we are reviewing our processes to determine how this parent could have better addressed her issues and how we could have responded more quickly. >> she says she's getting promises the complaint will be investigated thoroughly. now to our exclusive lifting the embargo coverage from cuba. relations continue to take major turns. yesterday the white house announcing that president obama will visit cuba. and a delegation returned from cuba following a meeting there about travel and trade opportunities. jeff patterson was the only local reporter havana for those meetings. kathy shares one of her favorite
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>> reporter: this is the image many americans first notice when they arrive in cuba. a country that appears frozen in time with vintage american cars rolling down the streets. >> reporter: we explored a little deeper into the lives of everyday cubans. finding a man who owners money by handrolling siars at a small table in a corner of his cramped home. we were there for one of congresswoman kathy castor's first moments of her visit to cuba, in the home of barbara fernandez, a young cuban woman who supports her family, making baby clothes and shirts for men. >> barbara is remarkable. she reminds me of sarah blakely who founded spanks. she has really worked to develop this small business. >> reporter: castor and the congressional delegation she led crowded into barbara's small
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ago she earned a modest income working for the cuban government. >> she inserted medicine bottles into cardboard boxes for sale. >> reporter: now she's supporting herself and her family. >> and it's given her family money in their pocket to be able to buy a home. this is pretty unique in modern cuba. things are changing. >> reporter: congresswoman castor told me she is more exited than -- committed than ever of lifting the embargain o. the president and the rolling stones and the tampa bay rays will all be in cuba next month. it's gonna be a big event. and you can count on us to bring you the coverage of the changes taking place. and that includes president obama's historic visit. i plan to be in havana next month before, during, and after the president's trip. an emotional reunion for a bay area family. >> we were there as the family
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left on the side of the road to die. >> and hover board makers may soon get hit with recalls if they don't get their act together. >> gorgeous day, 76 degrees. plenty of sunshine. we did have some afternoon clouds. and sithink that same thing is gonna happen tomorrow. rain chances up
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one day a rider made a decision. r the decision to ride on and save money. r he decided to save money by switching t his motorcycle insurance to geico.
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in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. thanks to the quick thinking of the tampa police department, a stolen german shepherd was reunited within hours. >> we know facebook can reach thousands within minutes. in
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her live family. according to tampa police, somebody called them after seeing the driver of a blue truck drop off the dog in a busy intersection. that person reportedly stopped. they posted this photo on their facebook page. that's when brenda's neighbor saw the post. >> thankfully a neighbor lookod social media, and he said hey! your dog is on social media! and [ laughter ] >> the whole family was very, very excited to get her back into their arms. the good samaritan that contacted police says the person who dropped off the dog was driving a blue truck, possibly a ford. if you have any information as to who the dog snatcher could be, call
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ending. thank you. regulators are getting involved when it comes to those hover boards. the consumer product safety commission notifying retailers and manufacturers about these safety standards. if they north followed, the businesses could land in trouble. it's asking all makers and sellers to take all hover boards off the market until they can be certified as safe. thousands of runners are getting ready to participate in this weekend's gasparilla distance classic. tomorrow the 5k and 15k runners will take off through downtown tampa. on sunday the 8k and half marathon runners will have their shot. a lot. roads will be shut down for
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of a nightmare fur not prepared. perfectly timed, perfect weather for this event. 75 degrees saturday. lots of sunshine, especially early in the day, may pick up a few clouds. on sunday 76 degrees. a few more clouds as well in the afternoon. a great shot tonight. kind of a shot of the stars at sunset here. this is actually on tampa bay. thank you. tomorrow morning, 55 degrees. patchy fog possible. bringing back a little moisture. that's possible again for sunday morning.
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heads up there as for our forecast there later in the afternoon, 75 degrees, partly cloudy skies, warm. temps above the normal line, the average about 73 degrees sunday, monday, tuesday. we have a bit of a rain chance here tuesday, wednesday. falling off thursday, friday, and saturday back into the 60s. so we're not done with the cool air yet. for the short-term, looks very nice overnight. mostly clear. we'll have a few showers and clouds across the state. most of that to our east though. we're looking for plenty of clouds around. 62 degrees, seminole 65. clearwater beach. 59 in north port. quite a bit of dry air, high above in the atmosphere. and that's the reason for the very brilliant
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that's partly in place and partly why we're having such a quiet beautiful day today. a few clouds will continue to roll around that area of high pressure to the north of us. more of a northeast early breeze moving these clouds from east to west. we saw a few of these in the east coast. could be some patchy fog, low clouds for tomorrow too. clouds piling up around the east coast. nice morning, afternoon. temperatures into the mid-70s. by sunday maybe a bit more of a southeasterly flow into the area. then by monday we'll add a few more clouds. it will stay mild. rain chances move back into the weather picture into tuesday and wednesday. 75 degrees for saturday. gorgeous weekend, 76 degrees. the rain chance 40% for tuesday. 30% for wednesday. kind of scattered on
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this period. doesn't look like one distinct line of potential severe weather. we'll see how this plays out. computer models having a bit of trouble with this event. we know temperatures will cool down once that last cold front come gs through. >> thank you. >> so the runners stayed awake just to see this. >> if you have to run in the morning, you might want to -- >> yeah, good idea. >> i was hoping we'd get to [ laughter ] coming up, the lightning looking ahead to a matinee in pittsburgh. >> and a rays outfielder spends part of his offseason in the
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according to lightning captain steven stamkos, leaving the arena with 2 points last night was a consolation prize after a dreadful defensive showing against winnipeg. if an ugly victory is now a consolation, the bolts will take 2 for the road please. tampa bay is staring down the barrel of back-to-back road games beginning with a matinee in pittsburgh tomorrow. the penguins and lightning are tied with 66 and hold the two wildcard spots in the east
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the season extra important. >> we need points right now. and that's what we're looking at. and it's gonna take a better effort, especially defensively against a very good pittsburgh team to start off with. so we gotta clean up some areas. >> can't play like that and expect to win in this league. so it's about walking the walk. we've talked about it enough, about playing better defensive hockey, and it's gotta change. >> sean king has joined the staff of the south florida football team, the new quarterbacks coach. king worked as an analyst for nbc and yahoo sports. he began his coach career at gibbs high school. the pitchers and catchers officially report to spring training on sunday. showing up to port charlotte should be a walk in the park for steven
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spent part of the offseason. they are fresh off a trip to the philippines. they did missionary work with family and friends. >> i've been to a couple countries, and this was i think the worst impoverished country. and the most beautiful think about it was the culture and the people were so kind with the little they had. seeing the kids and just what they face on a daily basis compared to my problems, it just puts it in perspective and makes you think that an 0 for 4 or 0 for 20 isn't that bad for what they have to go through. >> the first home run he hit broke an 0 for 25 slump so he knows what that's like. [ laughter ]
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cash 3, 2, 4, 3. play 4, 0, 4, 445. the lucky money, 8, 30, 20, 19, the lucky ball is 8. and
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and the megaball is 4. >> if you're running in the morning, we know you're asleep. [ laughter ] >> but it's gonna be a great day for running. >> go down to bay shore and just wait. [ laughter ] >> great for runs both days. 50s to start at sunrise. temps rising to the 60s, low 70s. it's gonna be quite nice. >> thank you. >> time for the night cap. a birthday surprise that moves a texas teacher to tears. she learned that their english teacher hadn't had a birthday cake in almost a decade so they jumped into party planning mode. got him a cake, balloons, waited in his classroom to surprise him. and he was visibly moved to tears. had to go sit down. take it all in as the students sang him happy birthday. isn't that something? >> i was mean to my teachers in high school.
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in the classroom and they valid to turn them away. >> and being nice costs nothing. >> exempt for the cost of the cake.


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