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tv   News CH8 Super Sports Sunday  NBC  February 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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coming up on super sports sunday. a photo finish in the 500 caps off a picture perfect race weekend in daytona. >> plus the bolts have carolina on their minds. could tampa bay weather the hurricanes? >> and spring training is officially underway. see how the rays starting staff is shaping up and check out our one on one interview withdrew
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strap on your helmets. grab your box of cracker jacks. super sports sunday starts now. >> we do have some new guys, but the guys that are returning, they don't really need much message of anything. they go about their business in a very professional manner and show up to play every night. >> i don't care what punxsutawney phil says, spring has spring. the rays pitchers and catchers officially reported to spring training in port charlotte this morning. welcome to super sports sunday. i'm your host paul ryan. before we take in the sights and sounds of spring training we take in some exhaust fumes. since 1982 the daytona 500 has been the first race on nascar's cup series calendar. if auto racing was scripted, i would argue wwe could never create a better ending. snout out to all the wrestling fans. let's go to the daytona
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the 58th edition of the great american race. pole sitter chase elliott won the xfinity series event last night but ran out of luck today. elliott tours the infield on lap 19 and finished their 7th. then -- 37th. then dale earnhardt, jr. meets my favorite pink floyd album, that's the wall. look at his wife, poor lady. a little later greg biffle gets a front row seat for danica patrick taking a shortcut through the grass. that's not allowed. fast forward to the final lap, matt kenseth leading the pack, but here comes denny hamlin on the high side. they make contact. kenseth falls back, finishes 13th. hamlin pulls nose to nose with martin truex, jr. down the stretch. who gets to the line first? go to the photo finish. there it is. hamlin wins by .11 of a second. i swear that's a real measure of time. that's about 4 inches, the
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history. toyotas take four of the top five spots. hamlin earns his first daytona victory, the first in 23 years for joe gibbs racing. >> i didn't know that we had won. i knew it was close and so i saw the pylon change and blink at the last second with the 11 and so i just measured on the radio people were all crazy excite -- heard on the radio people were all crazy excited, so i assumed we won when that happened, but if not, i was going to be [ bleep ]. it's such a proud moment for me to win for the gibbs family and you talk about how upset matt was that he didn't win for joe. we all want to win for the gibbs family because this is what they do. >> wish we could have won obviously, but just going to have to watch that on the highlight reel for the rest of my career, i speech, rest of my life because we -- i suppose, rest of my life because i remember when it happened to mark martin, poor guys, been so
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they still show that highlight. the picture of that race is in the tunnel when you come in and turn it on. i have a feeling i'm going to have to see that same thing for a long time, so it hurts a little bit, but a lot to be proud of. if ice is more your speed, there was plenty today, hockey day in america on nbc. six nhl games on the docket including the lightning and hurricanes. like most match-ups this time of year, it was important, tampa bay clinging to a playoff spot while carolina tried to make up ground in the congested metropolitan division. ben bishop and company playing the second game of patroled back to backs. tampa bay's power play is the second worst in the nhl away from home. here's an example. jordan staal to joaquin nordstrom. thanks for shopping at nordstrom's. the receipt says 1-0. follow the pinball puck. andre shuster fires and right to jt brown on the doorstep.
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his dad ted brown former nc state running back pretty pleased, despite what his fans in north carolina might think. later in the 2nd steven stamkos finds ryan callahan, he gives the lightning the lead. 2-2 in the 3rd when tampa bay's maligned power play redeems itself. tyler johnson to stamkos in front, stammers 25 goal of the year is the game winner. callahan would add an empty netter to lock it up. lightning take back to backs on the road and win their third in the row, tampa bay now tied for second place with boston. elsewhere in the playoff bubble here on nbc the penguins trying to pick up a couple points against the sabres tied 1-1 in the 2nd. check out the puck movement here. sabres take the cheese on the fake. scott wilson snaps the trap. 2-1 pittsburgh. a little later kris letang finds phil kessel all along. buffalo made it interesting by
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the sabres come up one short. pittsburgh wins 4-3. the penguins have 68 points and retain their wildcard spot. the red wings visited the rangers this evening, another team in need of every possible point. this was scoreless through regulation thanks to outstanding performances by jimmy howard and henrik lundqvist, but in overtime the shot is stopped. he can't find the rebel. his teammate can. a two--- rebel. his teammate can. a -- the rebound. his teammate can. new york beats detroit 1-0. finally let's take this outside. blackhawks and wild meeting up in the great state of minnesota. in the nhl stadium series tcf bank looking different than when the bucked played there this preseason. the wild pumped six past
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patrick kane got the hawks on the board, too little too late. minnesota continued its playoff push with a 6-1 win. if you're sick and tired of sticks and pucks, the best i can offer you is bats and balls. the rays open spring training in port charlotte this morning and we were there. that's because in news gig is kind of like a 24 hour operation most of the time. we previewed tampa bay's starting pitching staff checking in with alex cobb and chris archer, plus an exclusive interview withdrew smiley. now is a good time to lose the remote in the couch. super sports sunday is back in
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cobb is throwing now. he is on schedule. i would say he's ahead of schedule simply because no setbacks. he's feeling really good, but as far as, you know, when we'll see him in a big league game, that's going to be probably
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>> how is this sight for sore eyes? 10 months after tommy johns surgery rays starting pitcher alex cobb is running around in port charlotte, albeit throwing the ball underhand for now, but you heard manager kevin cash. cobb is playing catch and on pace for a midseason return. casual admits he's not much of a big speech -- cash admits he's not much of a big speech kind of guy. he didn't have one for his pitchers and catchers on spring training. he'd rather wait for the whole team on friday. there's a lot to talk about after sunday's workout starting with the ace, chris archer, getting in some extra throws for a good reason. >> reporter: the air horn signaled it was time to move on to the next station. chris archer was not finished and beneath the gusts in port charlotte you could hear a foundation being built. >> do that again. do that again. >> reporter: do it again and again. >> in the middle, though.
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group waited and watched until finally -- >> there we go. >> reporter: this is why pitchers and catchers report to spring training early. archer worked with veteran catcher hank conger this day and you better believe the conversation went both wales. how much of that is on him and you also living up to what you just said to him? >> well, every pitcher is different. some people like for the catcher's glove to be where they want the ball to finish. some people want the catcher's glove where they want to start the ball. >> reporter: that's what makes these conversations in spring training so important. a little chat out here in the practice bullpen can mean a huge out later in the season. >> just so when we do get into games, there's no questioning. there's no doubt. he already knows kind of the game plan and then we just work within that. >> i'm sure if you're a catcher like hake is, you've got a good memory and track record of remembering those things. >> i could tell as we got into
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already kind of anticipating where the ball was going to go. >> reporter: no detail ignored, no fundamental skimmed at practice. archer has assume -- skipped at practice. archer has assumed a leadership role and if he's not ready, everyone will just have to wait. >> of course, chris archer is just one of the arms kevin cash is going to call upon to start games this season. archer will be the ace, but another guy might steal the headlines. drew smyly enters the 2016 campaign with plenty to smile about. dan lucas has a one-on-one interview with the lefty next on sports sunday. stick around. you know there's nothing else worth watching on tv.
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he strikes out wieters with a fastball. >> last year rays pitcher drew smyly dodged a shoulder shaped bullet by rehabbing his torn labrum without surgery. fast forward a few months. now smiley is all smiles beginning spring training pain free and ready to bolster what could be a dominant starting rotation. last year smiley made nine starts and picked up wins in five. some guys who make a career writing about baseball predict drew could be a breakout pitcher in the 2016 campaign. we checked out the labrum and got drew's thoughts on topping the achievements of one of his former college teammates. >> reporter: the first day out here and seeing all the guys, young guys and now old guys like yourself, give me your kind of critique of the first day. >> feels weird to say. i mean it's great, great being back out here. this is an exciting time, everyone back together getting ready for the season.
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everyone is in the bullpens, healthy, excited for the year, so good start. >> reporter: you're the arbitration slayer, man. the business of baseball behind you, how comfortable is that to get through and now worry about just playing ball? >> i mean i'm just here to play baseball, man. that's part of the business. i don't handle that. that's what agencies are for and player associations. i'm just ready to play. >> reporter: how does the shoulder feel? >> shoulder feels great. put in the work this offseason, did everything i need to do to put myself in the position to be healthy. i'm excited for it, excited to start playing games and take that next step. >> reporter: how frustrating was it as an individual and unit? you had matt battling to come back, aleck goes down and you start feeling -- alex goes down and you start feeling that soreness. >> i thought our team overcame it really well to be .500 with
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offensive side and on our pitching staff was pretty awesome. i think that ever goes us a lot of optimism this year. >> reporter: do you -- that gives us a lot of optimism this year. >> reporter: do you recall a point in the summer where you decided i'm not having surgery and started to feel better, do you remember a point where you really wanted to start pitching again and had to hold yourself back? >> yeah, for sure. when the game is taken away from you and you're sitting at home seeing your teammates playing, it's hard. it makes you want to dig deep and do whatever it takes to be back on the field. it's a tough pill to swallow, but it just pushes you with the determination factor to put in the work and know that you'll be healthy and back on the field. i was really happy coming back in august, september and put in the work in the offseason. now it's a new year and fresh start. everyone is pumped. >> reporter: it was a 10 strikeout game in september. it's almost like finishing a
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you can't wait to get back out there. is that kind of the feeling you had? >> for sure. i missed most of the year recall on. it's almost like you lost the season there. you're just getting started. that's the way it goes. i'm looking forward to starting this year off on the right note. >> reporter: finally give me one arkansas story because you had an interesting group of teammates there and a lot of side bets when you guys got into the major. did dallas have the beard back then? what was it like playing on that team? >> it was a great team. he didn't have the beard, coach wouldn't have allowed that, no facial player, clean shaven. might not recognize him. he's a character. we were roommates and get along great, still stay in touch. what an amazing year he had. now i'm trying to get on that level, one up him. >> reporter: what would coach say about his beard today? >> i don't know what he would say. i think he's glad he doesn't have that at university of arkansas.
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anything to him after he won the cy young award. >> don't feel bad, drew. my boss doesn't let me have a beard either. we'll have much more from port charlotte coming up on news channel 8. and coming up next the bulls, the usf women get back to full strength closing in on a tournament run. bulls highlights are next on super sports sunday. i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds.
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and that will do it from here at the sun dome, orlando antigua meeting josh casner, former staff mates at memphis five years ago. south florida hands memphis another blow. >> all bad things must come to an end. the south florida men's basketball team picked up its first home conference win on
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runs to top memphis 80-71. jamaal mcmurray led the way with 17 points. the bulls moved to 4-11 in the american. you could have picked a worse weekend to be a fan of usf hoops really. the men showed a glimpse of their potential against the tigers and the women nearly put triple digits on those cats this afternoon. the bulls with a chance to jump back into the second place in the ncaa. we got ourselves a ballgame in the 4th, usf complining to a 74- 70 lead -- clinging to a 74-70 clinger. courtney williams led the way with 23 points. next williams finds kitija laksa on the break. alisia jenkins, check her, 20 points, 17 boards, safe to say she's healthy again. south florida goes on to beat memphis 97-82 improving to 19- 7 overall. next up a road trip to tulsa wednesday night.
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fall from the top 25 after an upset loss to georgia. the gators came up short in athens 74-63. ronnie william led florida with 18 points. the gators lost three of their last four with just two games remaining before the sec tournament. let's step out of the gym and get fresh air on the links. final round of the northern trust open, leaderboard loaded at the top, watson, rose, johnson and scott in the mix, so is rory mcill provide. that's the -- mcilroy. that's the big board there. 23 putt for eagle. moments later rory's partner adam scott same hole from 36 feet. anything you can do, i can do better. an eagle for scott. he's at 12-under, too. later in the day scott finishes his round with back to back birdies and takes the clubhouse lead at 14-under, but bubba watson taps in for bird on 17 to get to 15-under and that's the winning score. watson wins his second northern
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years taking home 1.2 million for his trouble. we got to take one more break before the conclusion of this lovely program, but fret not. in a moment two of the weirdest things you'll ever see on the ice, the play of the week and the not play of the week next
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unable to force one towards the empty net. now he shoots and what a save! >> what? take another gander at this video courtesy of the american hockey league's binghamton senators beating the st. johns ice caps 4-1 saturday night, but the only highlight worth
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a mirror a -- miraculous stick save, a for effort. that's our super sports sunday play of the week. of course, not everyone can be as graceful as mr. holloway supermanning his way into the highlights. you might say he was lucky. if, so this next guy is unlucky. the flames bring us the not play of the week. >> reporter: into the minnesota zone, timbers score. >> that went off of dubnyk's face into the net believe it or not. >> i believe it. i've seen the replay. while defenseman matt dubnyk is knocking pucks into his own net with his face, david jones' shot is deflected off dumba's dome. the good news for dumba is
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3 and dumba scored the first outdoor goal this week. thanks as always for staying up and checking out super sports sunday. if you just can't wait for next week to get your fix, we do news in the studio seven days a week. you can follow us on twitter. until next time good night,
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