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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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the problem before it starts. >> and, hunting pythons is their idea of a good time. how hunters train to bag the wily reptiles. good evening. i'm keith cate. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. thank you very much for joining us this morning. a kansas city police chief is hailed as a hero for killing the gunman in a shooting rampage. the gunman cederic in order was killed. he is firing an automatic rifle in this video. chris palone has more. >> reporter: as investigators try to figure out why a worker at this lawn equipment factory opened fire, they are learning more about how the attack unfolded. the kansas governor says it was the rapid reaction of police that saved lives. >> the hesston police chief
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the situation rather than waiting on backup. he went right in. and, he did his heroic duty and service. >> reporter: a hesston police officer went into the building after cederic ford. he confronted him and shot and killed him. deputies had given him an order to stay away from his girlfriend hours before the rampage. >> he didn't display anything outrageous. just that he was a little upset. >> reporter: police say ford armed with a rifle and a handgun shot two people. apparently, random victims. stole a car, and came to excel industries. >> we heard pop, pop, pop. i start running. >> reporter: the shooting was over in moments and ford was dead. >> this man was not going to stop shooting. the only reason he stopped shooting is because that officer stopped the shooter. >> reporter: as the small community mourns those lost, we are learning more about the people taken in this mass shootings.
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of those was a man named josh higby. today president obama called the mayor of hesston to offer condolences and gratitude to those who put their lives on the line to save others. video out of pasco county. the arrest of a woman accused of shoplifting is getting worldwide attention. the deputy who made the arrest is wearing a body camera and records all of it. he accuses her of resisting. as he takes her into custody, her head slams into the wall. actions. jeff patterson is working on this story and tonight at 6:00, he plans to show us the sheriff's explanation of what happened right here. the problem of gun violence is front and center tonight in saint petersburg. nearly 300 guns were reported stolen in the city last year alone and most of those were stolen from cars.
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trying to reach out to at risk youth and another specific group. rod carter has the story. >> reporter: this is a very interesting multipronged approach. first, the city has hired reverend ken irving to lead the way. he is well known in the bay area for helping youth. they are also focusing on people who own guns making sure they do not end up in the wrong hands. headline after headline. teens killed or killing others on the streets of saint petersburg. a disturbing trend forming. in december, 17-year-old tyler lord gunned down, killed in an alley behind his home. a few days later, 17-year-old gabriel wallace also murdered a few blocks away from where tyler lord was killed. a week ago, two teens in saint pete arrested in a shooting.
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those grim and growing statistics. reverend kenny irving hired by the city as the new community intervention director. it is a position created to ensure young felons are given the help hay need to get their lives back on track. >> it is about world view expansion. it is exposure. children know what they know. as you said, they are very impressionable. we have to show them really relevant alternatives. >> reporter: he is just one part of the plan. the other part, providing these. gun locks to people who need them and want them. and vehicle anti-theft devices. most of the guns were stolen from cars. >> we are trying to be responsible. the mayor says if you leave it in your glove box, lock it. >> reporter: it is an effort to
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youth and gun violence in a city that seems under siege from both. the mayor and police chief are asking gun shops to distribute this letter. a letter they gave to them to give to the gun's owners asking them to store their guns safely to keep them out of the hands of children, and criminals. by the way, 727-893-7128 the number to get a gun lock. has the problem of guns coming from cars gotten worse or are they just more aware of it now? >> it has gotten worse. the department released the numbers. in 2013, there were 216 guns stolen. in 2014, 262 guns stolen. last year, 293. interestingly, auto thefts and burglaries have gone down but the stolen guns from the car haves gone up. >> wow. lock your vehicles, lock your guns. thank you rod. >> sure. breaking new ins the republican race for the white house.
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governor chris christie endorsed donald trump. with a look at where things stand, let's get to mark meridith. mark, on a day marco rubio planned to grab all the headlines for his aggressive debate performance, along comes donald trump to trump the field again with today's christie endorsement. so much for everyone in the republican establishment getting behind rubio. what's going on? >> reporter: well, that's a great point. that is exactly what the idea behind last night's debate performance was. it was to try to shift the attention. put donald trump on offense. put him on defense. and now, it is the rubio campaign that is really trying to get back to where they were hoping to be today. because as we were talking about, chris christie, a former presidential candidate himself, governor of new jersey, well respected in the republican party. now, throwing his weight behind donald trump. >> i'm the only one. >> reporter: a slug fest on stage. thursday's final republican
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felt more like donald trump versus everyone else. >> if you build the wall the way he built trump tower, you will use illegal labor. >> he has given money to joe biden, jimmy carter, hillary clinton. >> reporter: but donald trump is the one smiling at the end. scoring endorsement from chris christie. >> the single most important thing is to nominate the person who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: as they are unsure what will happen, democrats appear to be rallying behind hillary clinton. of you here. >> reporter: after a strong finish in nevada last week, clinton is expected to easily contest. but it is her only opponent who not going anywhere. >> we are in this race to win it and i think we are going to pull off one of the great >> reporter: if clinton does well in south carolina like she
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there are 11 states for democratic contests. right now, if you look at the polls, hillary clinton is doing very well in all of them except for one, oklahoma, sanders edging her out there now. was well within the margin of error. feeling pretty good. while the sanders campaign after nevada have been able to get back their mojo for lack or a better word. >> looks like an easy win for her in florida too. i want to go tobacco to the republican front runners. trump not only got the endorsement from christie, but he made fun of cruz. this aggressive strategy is seen before. how is it going to play out in the general election? question. because when you were watching the speech today, donald trump was in fort worth texas. he held a news conference with reporters and then there was a rally after the fact. we are talking nasty. you would have to see it to believe it.
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fun of marco rubio. his sweating. and rubio giving it back to him. he was on the stump in oklahoma answering reporters questions. and this was somebody who was ready to address donald trump's comments one after another. and went right after him. so the big question, will this be a turnoff to people? everyone knows donald trump will have no problem insulting his competition. for marco rubio, on the debate stage it is one thing, but out in the public, it could come across differently. so there is a big gamble. >> mark meridith live in our dc bureau. thank you. and florida's primary is march 15. early voting already underway. already 500,000 votes already cast. only registered democrats and republicans can vote in this race. so check out if you need more details. >> it will be an interesting year. >> already is.
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>> we couldn't take our eyes off of it last night. well, a group of bay area women have an unusual hobby. >> and it involves big snakes. we follow the adventurous friends as they participate in the python challenge. >> a barn goes up in flames. how a quick-thinking teen saved the horses inside. >> the weekend is here. you probably felt it today how cool it is. so we are expecting a chillier weekend. but there is a warmup ahead as well as some rain chances. we will have the weekend forecast coming up for you. >> some of the greatest golfer ins the world converge on
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>> want to get to some breaking news now. five people are dead after a shooting in washington state. mason county deputies are reporting that a gunman called 911 says he had shot and killed his family. after a three-hour standoff, that man turned the gun on himself. once inside the home, deputies found five bodies including the gunman's. a girl inside did survive and she was taken to the hospital. we will update you with new information as soon as it becomes available. we will soon learn how many burmese pythons hunters captured in the everglades during the python challenge. lindsey mastis shows us why this is so difficult for hunters. >> burmese pythons know how to blend in. >> reporter: so hunters are trained on what to look for. do you think you could bag a burmese python? >> i never wanted to touch one. >> reporter: but after she
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to do it in the wild. >> you think you have to be big and strong to get a big snake? no. it is all about the technique. once you get them there, you can live capture it. >> reporter: she is part of team python-athon. a group of adventurous women who compete in the python challenge. team leader peggy hopes it will bring national attention to the problem. >> we saw one squirrel, two raccoons, we didn't see one possum, armadillo. hardly any mammals left. >> reporter: but it is not easy. a thousand hunters only turned in 102 burmese pythons. it is not for lack of trying. they even offer thousands of dollars in cash prizes for hunters who bring back the most and the biggest. >> we saw black racers, garter
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we are very disappointed. >> frustrating yes? but they made the most of it. >> we walked over 40 miles. >> reporter: according to florida fish and wildlife, if owe sue a python in the wild, you passed 100 of them. newschannel8. now, a prix view of an 8 on your side investigation we are working on for 11:00 tonight. a tampa woman called 8 on your side for help. everything was fine, but this year, it was a disaster. mary had a policy and everything was fine, but this year, she got termination letters for a account she didn't have.
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she was only supposed to have one. now she has to decide whether she is going to pay her doctor's office or pay her premium. if she doesn't pay the doctor, they won't see her anymore. >> we have done stories like this in the past. >> we have. last month, we saw another couple with the same problem. we were table to help them. we hope to be able to help this person as well. >> thank you shannon behnken. we will look forward to that tonight at 11:00. and be sure to join shannon behnken for her coverage tonight at 11:00. a night thing strike sparked a fire in a horse barn in georgia. check out the flames. the fire spread through the barn spooking the clydesdales. the door was blocked so the son of the owner took drastic action. >> i ran right out. no clothes, no shoes, nothing, and jumped in the gator and ran it right through the door.
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and opened up the stalls. and we were able to push the horses out that way. >> the barn is a total loss, but all of those horses survived. all right steve, here we are again. it is cooler. >> saturday and sunday will be very cold. >> it is nice though. >> feels pretty good. that florida sunshine really warms things up. you can see the lake club and lakewood ranch. we show our palm tree because it is always blowing around in the wind. it is doing that today. 58 degrees current temperature at that location. a lot of sunshine. sun toyota, new port richey. 54 degrees with the northwest wind blowing in there. and about 11 miles an hour looks like. so, partly cloudy skies. sunny conditions. that will be the case around
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that is a chilly walk on the beach with a 19 miles an hour wind. spring training underway almost. we always start off with a few college games. ut playing the phillies in clear water. 64 degrees sunday for that one. should be very nice baseball weather. and this will go on for the next month or so. 64 degrees for a high saturday. 70 degrees on sunday. looks like for a high temperature, blue skies, comfy afternoon. lots of sun. nothing to get in the way of the mostly sunny weekend. for this evening, temperatures dropping quickly into the 50s radiational cooling. this is just a cool breeze coming in from the north. so that makes it feel a little cooler too. hour by hour here, on the weather wheel, temperatures falling through the 50s as we mentioned so if you will be out this evening, certainly if you heavier jacket. maybe a layer. that is not a bad idea. 44 degrees in the early part of the day. 43. light wind. we may see patchy frost in some areas.
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for the early part of the day. not widespread, but perhaps in some of the northern inland areas. 56 largo. current temps. 56 treasure island. sun city center 60. brooksville, mid 50s . crystal river, 64. upper 60s inland. winds are coming in fairly strong from the northwest. these will get a little lighter. 23 miles an hour gust there in clear water. high pressure is our big feature back to the west. cool dense area of high pressure and the flow around the eastern side of the high from the north. it is a cooler breeze coming in from that direction. a lot of sunshine. there is the wind direction following the lines of equal pressure on the rpm forecast computer model. sunshine will persist in the afternoon with below normal temperatures. that doesn't mean it will be a bad day. it just means it will be cooler compared to our average of 74 degrees. high pressure will settle over us on sunday. that will mean a very cold
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temperatures in the 30s in some of the northern areas. then as the high pressure heads to the east, we get more of an easterly flow that pushes the easterly wind into the area and creates a milder atmosphere. adds a bit more moisture too. these are some of the forecast lows tonight. 44 new port richey. 40 in bartow. 70 degrees for sunday. the high, 74. nice looking day monday with mostly sunny skies through this period. the rain chances at this point remain low. we will continue to monitor that rain chance. and storm chance when we decide to go a little lower based on what we saw today. thursday, friday, perhaps a little cooler behind that front. so enjoy the weekend guys. i don't think when you come back monday you will have any complaints other than the fact it will be monday. >> i was going to say really. you know us. >> looks pretty good. i like what i see. thank you steve. >> nice weekend. welcoming up, wal-mart is getting sued over their
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>> it claims there is more than cheese in the mix. >> also ahead, youtube rolls out a new blurring feature for videos.
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>> now, an 8 on your side consumer alert. wal-mart is facing a lawsuit over wood pulp in its cheese. it is said it contains cellulose. that is a filler derived from wood pulp. and an environmental
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a pesticide in german beers. they checked the most popular beers in germany and found weed killer. one of them is beck. the amounts are so small, they claim, they should not cause any health problems. youtube now lets its users blur anything in a video. even if it is moving. it is called the custom blurring features. they can draw a box around the item they want to blur. go into one of your videos, select enhancements and go to blurring effects and select custom blurring. neat feature. >> very interesting. >> and rod carter joins us now for a look at what is coming up on newschannel8 at 5:30. and we have a lot of things to tell you about. president barack obama stops in jacksonville tonight. we will tell you why he is in town. and a touching reunion. a homeless man whose plight went viral reunited with his
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> god has a plan. if it is meant to be, you will find that person again. >> today, an emotional family reunion. years, even decades overdue for a man homeless just days ago. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm rod carter. thank you very much for joining us tonight. this is a story we brought you last week. a good samaritan posted a picture of a homeless man named rocky asking the community to help him. >> the response was overwhelming. it just so happened his siblings he had not seen in decades saw our story. jamel lanee joins us now at clearwater beach where he reunited with his sisters today. an incredible story. >> reporter: a very incredible story. who would have thought from one


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