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tv   News Ch8 Weekend Morning  NBC  February 28, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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. a virginia police officer's last. the how the rookie officer was killed and where the shooter is right how to. >> a tow truck driver remembered after a deadly hit-and-run crash. the way friends and family will honor the man who stopped to help people stranded on the side of the road. good morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us this sunday. we'll get to our top stories in a moment but let's start now by checking on the forecast with meteorologist mark collins. >> good morning candace. temperatures turned to a warmer direction starting this afternoon. it looks like this trend to milder conditions will last
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work week and boy, what a beautiful start we have out of our lakewood ranch. a few high clouds over you this morning and winds are light out of the north east and temperatures a little on the cool side at 47, but today we'll manage to get to the low 70-degree mark. it is 48 in tampa. and winds there, too, are light as we look ahead, we'll have blue skies through most of the day. filtered by a few, high, thin clouds streaming through. 72 is the forecast here in town. some inland spots around polk county might actually get it into the mid-70's. it looks as though as we head throughout work week, rain chances will be on the low side and for today, great weather, if you're a spring baseball fan. nice to be out in the bleachers or those in sarasota with the beaches looking so alluring today. we have had a hard time dealing with the cold for our standards, right? it looks like we'll be setting ourselves up.
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can track the weather at any time using the storm team 8 weather max app. it is free. download it from the app store. >> we're following breaking news right now. 36 people are now believed to have died at a coal mine in russia. russian emergency services say a methane gas leak triggered three explosions and the collapse of the mine. among the victims are five rescue workers. the first two struck on thursday killing four miners and trapping 26 others. there were 110 miners were rescued. now to a developing story, this morning, members of the prince william county police department in virginia are mourning the loss of one of their own. on her first day on the job. officer ashley guindon served in
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the police force. members the prince william county police department and firefighters lined the streets to honor the fallen officer. like we said, two other officers were also shot at the scene. they are being treated at this hour. guidon has family who served in law enforcement. the suspected sh is in custody but has not been identified. a good samaritan tow truck driver was killed by a hit-and-run after he stopped to help stranded motorists on the howard frankland bridge. dozens of fellow tow truck drivers will remember the life of roger perez boroto. it will pay tribute to the fallen father and husband. mary mcguire joins us live from where they're supposed to meet up. the route they're taking today it tells a story about him. >>reporter: yeah, it certainly does, good morning to you, candace, the riders will meet outside of rodgers home in tampa and then they will come here to
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country where roger worked and they will take their procession of the tow trucks, of the service trucks across the howard frankland to the spot where howard was killed on february 15th. this happened in the morni february 15th when boroto was hit and killed by a hit-and-run driver while helping motorists around 2:30 in the morning. he was outside of his tow truck in the emergency lane when he was hit. perez baroto was highly regarded by his co-workers and will be missed by many, including his wife and his 4-year-old daughter. >> you talk about a guy that will come to work 15 minutes early, this man comes to work two hours early just to see if he can hel. >>reporter: the organizers of the ride will also be bringing awareness to the move ove and the importance. 36-year-old allison hoffman of riverview did admit to investigators that sh
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hit and killed roger, she was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death and is currently being hel$750,000 bond in a hillsborough county jail but this certainly will be an emotional day here. i'm told many family members of roger will be participating in the ride and when i arrived here at lou's total car care this morning, there was a small memorial on the door of lou's total car care. just a small black ribbon saying in memory of roger. candace? >> such a sad story. mary mcguire live in town 'n' country. hillary clinton continues to celebrate her big victory in south carolina's democratic primary. her focus is shifting to next week to super tuesday. as steve handleman reports,
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the question is can hillary clinton and donald trump be beaten. >> the win for hillary clinton is overwhelming. >> we'll compete for every vote in every state. we're not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >>reporter: south carolina african-american, voted for their long time favorite. >> hillary clinton, she is a very smart and capable woman. >>reporter: bernie sanders, i feel like he is honest. >>reporter: sanders went to texas working to win more than just his home state of vermont in three days on super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. >>reporter: with chris christie, donald trump focussed on the biggest super tuesday state. >> we're tied in texas and i think we have a really good chance of winning texas. >> ted cruz's home state where cruz leads in the polls. >> pick a side! and i'll tell you this, when it
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the side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> like cruz, marco rubio on paper can still beat trump and their fight is ugly. >> a con artist will never get control of this party. >> little mouth on him. bing, bink. >> i thought ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse! >> nbc news, columbia south carolina. hillary clinton and donald trump will be in florida during super tuesday. hillary clinton has a campaign event tuesday night in miami. donald trump will hold an event in poum beach county. florida's -- palm beach county. florida's presidential primary is march 15th and there is a jump in the party affiliated registered voters. more than 12 million people are eligible to vote in the up coming primary. and in the 2012 presidential race, 11.9 million voters were eligible.
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state meaning only those who are registered republicans and democrats can vote in the presidential primary election. early voting is already under way with about 500,000 votes already cast. we have more information about florida's primary on march 15th on new this morning, a week after six people were shot and killed in kalamazoo, family and friends two of victims gathered outside the kia dealership for a vigil hours after celebrating the life of richard smith and his son tyler at a funeral service, those closest to them returned to the parking lot where they were shot. they released bright red and blue balloons. fireworks lit up the sky there. the crowd honorth four other people killed and two other people that were injured. a missing boater has been found dead. rescuers found the boater in a pond just off of turkey creek road in plant city saturday night. according to plant city police, two males were out on the water
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one of the boaters was able to swim to shore. divers found the second boater's body in the water. investigators have not released the names or the ages of either victim. happening today after five months renovations and construction and just in spring break, the pier 601 ready for a new beginning. improvements have been completed. beach goers and tourists can enjoy a better park and more comfortable amphitheater. this will allow the city to bring back the cinema movie screenings on friday and saturday nights. for those looking for a new way to cruise along the tampa you. water taxis. they're run by yacht star ship passengers. each use a tour guide and have concessions on board. it is about $15 per adult for an
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president obama is getting ready to embark on a historic trip to cuba the one issue likely to surface when the president meets cuba's leader. time is 7:09. stay with us. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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. in a few weeks, president obama will make the first trip to cuba. one issue likely to come up when
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castro, the ip flux of immigrants to american shores. mark potter explains why this is happ. >>reporter: almost daily now. waves of cuban immigrants arrive at the mexican border as many as 48,000 expected this year. cuban beautician says she came seeking a better job, a better life. since the u.s. and cuba reestablished diplomatic relations, thousands have headed to the u.s. illegally in boats and rafts. 10's of thousands through south and central america and mexico. hundreds a day are flown to the u.s. border from costa rica where for months they were stuck from nicaragua saled the border. they are -- sealed the border. in just a few hours they are fingerprinted. walking out the door, they're quickly met by cuban american
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a place to rest and then a ride to join relatives. most head for miami. since the mid 1960s during the cold war, cubans enjoyed special immigration privilege in the united states. cubans arriving in this country, even if undocumented almost always allowed to stay. unlike other immigrants who are often detained and turned back. central american migrants fleeing gang violence must prove their u.s. asylum claims. many are dwofrted. >> the iro in fy is they're not -- deported. the irony is they're not fleeing violence. they're fleeing the economy. >> there is an under lying frustration as to why cubans are given preferential treatment. >> rumors in cuba, the u.s. law can soon change convinced
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>> we need to go to the united states. >> there are no current plans to change the immigration laws but taking no chances, more and morehead for the u.s. border. mark potter, nbc news, laredo texas. >> the president's trip to cuba is less than a month away and our own keith indicate will travel to cuba to cover the historic trip. eight is on your side with the changes taking place in cuba. coming up, we have your full sunday forecast. also ahead, it is one of the most famous bedrooms in art history.
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. it is up of the most famous bedrooms in the history of art. a series of three paintings by artist van gogh. they show his bedroom in the house of southern france. the paintings are on display at the art institute of chicago. art lovers can enjoy spending the night at a home he painted. >> a bedroom was an unusual subject to paint but we all have bedrooms and we all can easily identify with the bedroom. >> it took about a month or two
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to meticulously put together van gogh's bedroom. the slumber party which ends in may has been overwhelming. i wonder if they painted the starry night on the ceiling. today our stars have been replaced by the sunshine and we'll have another clear, mostly clear evening tonight but let's get through today and certainly we're off to a very nice start. temperatures some what milder than yesterday, but still on the cool side,six here in new port richey. abundant sunshine for you and other locations, cooler to our north. you might be dealing with areas of frost, like what we had yesterday, around the crystal river area but temperatures have been above freezing this morning unlike yesterday and when you look at 48 in tampa compare that to 43 in wimauma, you'll probably need that sweater, but temperatures are about four degrees warmer than yesterday. the interpreted to milder conditions -- so the trend to milder conditions will carry us through the course of the week and may be a better beach day for you if you like those sunny days and pleasant temperatures.
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about an eight to a 10 on the scale. water temperature still chilly at 63 but it will be a warmer day today. and the tide will be coming in as well. if you like to ride your beach cruiser around 3, 4:00 in the afternoon, that is when the beach will be near us. here is the ridge, the ridge is that is giving us the nice, tranquil weather pattern and did is doing another thing. the frontal system will be eaten up by the mountain of invisible air parked over us. this low will slide to the north as this high slides out to the east. the position of the high will give us an easterly flow over the days to come. a warm direction off the land. it will get warm enough to turn the wind on shore, the afternoon sea breeze if the plans take you to the coast. here is the front dissipating across the northern zone. no rain squeaks in here. on tuesday, we'll be watching an area of low pressure develop over kentucky. by wednesday, this front will try to lip across the area but the upper level winds, pretty
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i don't think it will have much impact on the weather. we don't have much of a cool down and it shouldn't bring us much rain. as we look at the temperatures, we'll see warming into the 70s this afternoon and by 8:00, 58 in st. pete, 53 in tampa. overnight, starting out tomorrow morning around 55 degrees. where do we go from there? look at the all important forecast to get you through the next several days. we'll see temperatures in the 70s and slim pickings as far as rain chances go wednesday with the front. another comes through on friday. you're giving ace 20% chance of rain. >> not complaining about that. we've had big showers for the past couple of weeks. it will be nice and dry and warmer. it has been freezing for us florida folks. >> and jackets, you can put them away for a little bit. >> very nice. the rallies wrap -- the rowdies wrap up the sun coast invitational. and the bulls send off the seniors with a win.
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. ladies and gentlemen, courtney williams. >> take a good look at perhaps
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history of south florida women's basketball as courtney williams, alicia jenk kins and micah kroll roll off into the sunset. >> yesterday's game against temple was a curtain call in front of them who watched williams and jenkins lead the bulls to 92 victories and counting. south florida looking to lock up 2nd place in the american fleek conference taking on a temple team that beat the bulls by a bucket approximately weeks ago. the departing ladies make an immediate impact. alicia packed the box score with 18 points and 16 rebounds. later, springfield tickled the twine with a jumper. williams shows why she is a dynamic player, collecting the board and making like space coast going coast to coast with two. courtney almost messed around and got a triple double. 13 points. seven rebounds, 89 dimes. she closes out the first quarter
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south florida goes on to beat temple. 76-62. improving to 14-3 in league play. only monday's match up with number one yukon remains on the regular season schedule. in the men's game. it is probably too little too late for florida state in terms of the at large bid. fsu was unchristian against notre dame. the seminoles blew out the 73rd ranked irish. dwayne bacon pigging out to the tune of 21 points. benji bill chipped in 14. fsu wraps up its regular season against syracuse. florida is on the bubble looking for a quality win against ben simmons. simmonds has other plans and one. tigers led by as many as 18 but back come the gators. this is going to be a poster hanging over some kids bed. 22 points for the big fellow. they chipped in 14, florida out
7:27 am
62-56 in the wild second half. lsu hangs on to win. freshman antonio blakely. career high, 32 points. quarterbacks wide receivers and tight ends took the spotlight at the nfl combine. carson wens looked like the top two signal callers. several of the promising white outs didn't out run the dash. only neater dame's. this guy tight end jake mcgee, neither tarly impressive. let's bring it home in beautiful st. petersburg, the final match of the sun coast invitational. tampa bay rowdies hosting the impact starring lelgdry striker dragba. they get the first quality chance. chavez puts the header on net but the tender stands tall. it is the home team's goalie putting in the park. matt pickens laying out like he is a tourist. the row des and impact finish in
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thanks, paul. first pitch in one of tampa bay's biggest events is today. the home to major league baseball for spranlt. details of -- spring training. details of this game coming up in the next half hour. here is what we'll see tomorrow at 6:00 a.m.. >> it is a laep year and we get an -- leap year and we get an extra day this month. what it has to do with earth's trip around the sun. >> weather and traffic on the
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. good sunday morning. i'm candace mccowan. thank you for waking up with us. it is time now to check in with mark collins for the latest on the warmer sunday forecast. i'm looking forward to it. >> it looks like it is going to be a cool start. we're seeing many spots in the low 40s. some 30s out there. it is not as cold and when you look outside over st. pete beach. you can see the sunshine and it is warming the hearts. as you head on out. you can see a quicker warm up and notice how the gulf is pretty calm out. there we're not seeing a the white caps on the sand bar like yesterday. right now. by 10 a.m.. we'll warm into the low 60s but there today's forecast calling for a high around 72 and it looks like those 70-degree readings will last through the work week. that come through. the one on wednesday really won't dent the temperatures a great deal and it is not going to bring us a great amount of rain either. the second front comes through
7:32 am
a few widely scattered showers, the forecast looking ahead calls for a milder temperature and not a lot of rain and certainly you probably don't want rain if you're headed out and about today. we'll look at spring training football stories coming up and we'll give you a better perspective of the rain chances in my forecast. see you then. >> all right. thank you very much. now to a developing story. in our top stories this morning, a police officer killed on her first day on the job. the shooter is in custody. the officer was shot to death while responding to a domestic shooting in prince william county, virginia. two other officers were shot at the scene. they're both being treated right now. the body of a missing boater has been found and now we're working to find out more about the victim. rescuers discoverth boater in a pond just off of turkey creek road in plant city. two men were out on the water in a small boat when it capsized. divers found the second boater's body in the water. the first boater is okay. hillary clinton is celebrating a huge win in south
7:33 am
in the primary, she beat out senator bernie sanders in a landslide. clinton receives 73% of the veto. sanders only had 26%. clinton is promising to take her campaign national into super tuesday next week. the search for the leaders of i cock fighting ring uncovered in hillsborough county. when deputies arrived at the home in lithia. a dozen men ran into the woods. deputies found numerous dead and injured chickens. a man is accused of trying to rob a gas station. 27-year-old joshua thomas stormed into the quick pick chevron on state road 60 wearing a mask and armed with a gun. he demanded money but ran off without getting any. not long later, deputies found thomas and arrested him. a two-month old girl
7:34 am
home friday night has been found 200 miles away tiraji kemp was found alive in orlando hours from her no, ma'am fort lauderdale. the baby and her mother were asleep when the gun men broke in and took the girl. she is now at the hospital in orlando. detectives have not found the kidnappers but they are questioning 23-year-old stephanie augustan. they are calling her a person of interest in this case. a st. petersburg city employee critically injured after being struck by a car five weeks ago has died from his injuries. 63-year-old steve maloren was struck in the crosswalk at the intersection of 2nd avenue north and 5th street. police tell us that the driver was turning on a green light. the investigation into the incident continues. a bay area man is the winner of the month long python challenge hunt. this video makes me squirm. the team captain by bill booth
7:35 am
to receive a $5,000 cash prize and the longest is 15 feet got him another 3,000. 136 burmese pythons were removed from the eco system during that hunt. happening today, a memorial tow truck ride for the man killed by a hit-and-run driver on the howard frankland bridge two weeks ago. roger perez baroto was struck while helping out stranded motorists. mary mcguire joins us now in town 'n' country with how they will be remembering him in just a couple of hours mary? >>reporter: hey, good morning to you, candace, they're calling this the ride for roger and it is being organized by fellow tow truck drivers and service truck drivers to remember his life and they'll meet over at rodgers house in tampa and they'll come here to lou's total car care in town 'n' country and will take a
7:36 am
the howard frankland bridge and they will go past the place where roger was struck and killed by the hit-and-run driver on february 15th, he was out on the howard frankland around 2:30 in the morning helping stranded motorists. investigators say he was outside of his tow truck in the emergency lane when he was hit. we spoke with his sister who is absolutely devastated just one day after he was killed. >> he was a very kind, humble, genuine man, very hard working, very family man. just like what he was doing that night. the kind of man that, you know, goes on his way and helps someone else. you know? that was him. very loving, humble and ge. >> now, the organizers of this ride will also be bringing awareness to the move over law and the importance. 36-year-old allison hoffman of
7:37 am
investigators that she was behind the wheel of the car that struck and killed roger. she was charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death and she is currently being hel$750,000 bond in a hillsborough county jail. this will certainly be an emotional morning for the family of roger. i'm told many of the family members will participate in this ride and when i arrived here at lou's total car care this morning, i did see a small memorial on the door. a black ribbon saying remembering the life of roger posted here. he is obviously in the thoiths and prayers of many -- thoughts and prayers of many here in the family bray. >> you know the move over law was so important to many of the tow truck drivers who advocated for it. this is obviously near and dear to them. mary mcguire. live in town 'n' country. thank you. yankees, the phillies, tigers and blue jays all call
7:38 am
today is the opening for the phillies who call clear water home. today is a ceremonial game. they're playing the spartans at bright house field and the official spring training game is against the bluejays it leaves millions of dollars to the local economy and you can find a team by team look at american league east in our web page, this morning, we're learning that denver broncos quarterback peyton manning will reportedly retire. according to the denver post, manning will make his announcement by the end of next week. manning goes out on top, winning his 2nd super bowl title and holding several nfl records including most passing yards, touchdowns, and wins by a quarterback. definitely going out on top there. disney world and disneyland rolled out the seasonable prices for single day tickets saturday. the changes will let visitors plan 8 to 11 months in advance to see which days are value, regular, or peak.
7:39 am
walt disney world will cost you $105. regular days will increase by five bucks and peak days will run 124 delays. take a look at this unconventional protests. those are disabled workers hanging from the wheelchairs. it is their way to make a dramatic appeal for better benefits. they want the monthly benefits raised to $72. after several weeks of protests went nowhere, they're taking the cause to the next level. hopefully, sounds like we'll have another beautiful sunday, especially a great day sounds like to get out to the season opener. >> great weather here not just in the bay area but even if you're going to orlando, theme parks or travelling around to the east coast because some whale spotters sent us pictures. take a look at. that that is not a white whale, but off of beveragerly beach, that is a hump back -- beverly beach. that is a hump back whale.
7:40 am
fin so so small and side fins so large.
7:41 am
7:42 am
al fin so so small and side fins so large. we'll be back after the break. . time now is 7:42. did you know you can check your health from the convenience of your home. haley hernandez goes over five simple tests you can do right now. >> tall, thin, fit or fat. your size and shape might not reveal as much as simple as this plank. >> if you can hold this for two minutes, it is a good indicator
7:43 am
strength. >> american family care doctors warn if you can not do this it could mean you're carrying too much weight and adding to your problem s. back pain and core stability. >> sit and stand from a seated position on the floor. the idea is to use as few body parts as possible. there is a bonus. >> if you can do it, actually, it will rev up your metabolism a bit. >> it is all a wash if your heart is weak. >> multiple that by four. it will be a full minute. the normal heart is between 70 to 100. >> drawing a clock can tell you if it is time to see a neurologyist. >> it is checking cord nation. your cognitive abilities and somebody with dementia may leave out numbers or won't be able to follow instructions. >> here is one that can reveal hidden dangers. dr. sharma says scrape your tongue with a spoon.
7:44 am
>> for example, a diabetic patient will have a fruity odor. somebody with kidney problems will have problems with more of a punguent smell. if your tongue feels sore you might be a patient with dry mouth or sleep apnea. remember, don't confuse the test with the diagnosis and if one of the tests indicates a larger problem, you should talk to your d. good sunday morning, sunshine out. there temperatures on the cool side this morning, but that chill will be fleeting, we'll see a quick warm up here today and aiming for some 70-degree readings, so definitely a step in the right direction. you can see the view over sun city center living up to the name and today will be a great day to be outdoors and maybe, you know it is getting towards the end of the strawberry growing season. a lot of farmers will be opening up the yards to you pick it, maybe take the kids out to plant city.
7:45 am
46 there in plant city. and you can see how temperatures are very chilly to our north, but yesterday we were having freezing temperatures. there this morning, you're looking at mid-30's around inverness and crystal river. we're seeing slightly warmer temperatures. it will be at 61 and shooting for a high today to reach the low 70-degree mark and i think we'll be in the 70 ease here through the course of the up coming week. high pressure is controlling our weather. we have some thin, very high upper level clouds to cascade across us at times here today. the thicker clouds back with this funnel system. rain in south dakota. that will be moving through the corn belt through minnesota. that front will not reach us. what we're seeing here is this ridge which is really kind of hunkered dufrp and will stay put throughout week. as the front behind me works in through towards georgia tomorrow, this frontal boundary will just wash out. not banking on any significant rain fall out of that.
7:46 am
will develop over kentucky. it, too will eject off towards the north east leaving just a tail end of it to straggle across the area on wednesday. what we'll see is a little bit more cloud cover as we head towards the middle and end part of the week and that will keep temperatures in check. but today, 72 degrees here, close to the average high for this time of the year, we'll be in the mid-70's over the inland zones. not as cold toward the north. 55 and not as chilly overnight for all of us here with a light sea breeze along the beaches. we'll see temperatures there a little cooler compared to those inland spots in the low tide coming up here shortly with the high tide this afternoon close to 5:00. taking you through the next couple of days. you see the temperatures stay in the mid-70's. that is where we should be as we start march on tuesday and rain wednesday. another comes through on friday. us. frontal systems and the breeze
7:47 am
i don't know. i think picking blueberries and strawberry says fun on the weekend. >> being outdoors. >> you should be today. >> definitely. >> thank you. many restaurant chains are changing the menus, serving you healthier foods. the big change we'll see at
7:48 am
( soft, calm music ) hi, you've reached emma. i'm out of the office right now but will get back to you just as soon as i possibly can. your call is important to me. join princess cruises for exclusive discovery at sea experiences. 6-day caribbean cruises from just $549. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises.
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7:50 am
. welcome back. from changes to your favorite sandwich to unsavory ingredients in parmesan cheese, adrienne pedersen joins us with your sunday consumer alert. >> more fast food chains are trying to make our food more natural. you can add subway. starting tuesday. subway will serve the antibiotic free chicken nationwide. on april 1st, chicken strips raised without antibiotics will be available.
7:51 am
as beef and pork by 2025. wifi on flights could get easier. southwest airlines is partnering with amazon payments to let passengers buy access to inflight wifi. you can send e-mails, watch movies or surf the web by logging in with your amazon credentials. i'm sure you're seeing this on social media this week. parmesan cheese made from wood? wal-mart has been hit with a lawsuit over the great value brand parmesan cheese. the product contains seven to 10% cellulose which is a filler and anti-clumping agent derived from wood pulp. allegations. alert. >> thank you. tonight is hollywood's big night. we'll take you to the red carpet. plus what you can expect to see tonight at the 88th annual academy awards ceremonies next.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
. last minute preparations are under way for hollywood's biggest night. the 88th annual academy awards are tonight. mark bargainer talked to experts at entertainment weekly about what to expect. >> the anticipation for tonight is not just about at ward s. i'm looking forward to chris rock's month log. i can't think of a better host to host the oscars at this time. >> rock will have the diversity issues squarely in his sights
7:55 am
dominating the event. >> we want it to be celebratory and historic. >> it could be for al hando inarritu. his film, the revenant has 11 other nominations. >> if the revenant wins, it will be the first time ever that one director has directed back-to-back best picture winners. >> how do you say no to god. >> the revenant's corporation includes spotlight and housing bubble drama the big short. both shared numerous talks. >> i think a lot of people love the revenant but i don't know if it is everybody in the academy embraces. >> more certain is the love for leonardo dicaprio. >> i ain't afraid to die anymore. >> it would be his first oscar. >> he is at home writing his speech right now. he should be. i can't imagine anyone else winning. >> the similar about room's brie larson. >> i want him to connect something.
7:56 am
>> there is no other performance that goes through the ringer like her character does and she portrayed it beautifully. >> supporting actress as the danish girls alicia vikander and kate winslett is a tight race. >> sylvester stallone revisited his rocky persona. >> people think he should have won 39 years ago. >> winning this time could be a knock out moment on a golden night mark bargainer, nbc news. >> definitely a lot of people going to be watching that tonight. >> i would like to see people win that haven't won before. that would be a nice change. >> and you have a couple of hours to watch those movies and catch up. if you don't want to stay inside there, is great weather throughout. >> that is my option. just go out for a walk, enjoy the evening. temperatures will be warmer and this is what you like to see on the weekend.
7:57 am
clouds streaming on by and we'll see that sunshine soak us with the good stuff. not the rainy stuff and there you see 72 today, the trend will be warmer over the next few days. towards the end of the week, a few more clouds around with frontal systems that will try to come through. one on wednesday, another on friday. they don't add much to much. we have enough of the severe weather. during the middle part of the week, we have a lot of rain. timely seeing the weather tame down. >> you know what that forecast says to me? plan for next weekend. >> thank you very much. and thank you for joining us this morning. our next news cast is at nine. then, have a great s! >> bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... s something you earn.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning. south carolina smackdown. a decisive win for hillary clinton in the palmetto state, beating bernie sanders by nearly 50 points as the race now heads into super tuesday. >> we are going to compete for every vote, in every state. we are not taking anythingnd we're not taking anyone for granted. >> meantime, on the republican side, the insults are flying turning increasingly juvenile. >> he's flying around on hair force one and tweeting. >> thank god he has really large ears. the biggest ears i've ever seen


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