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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we have breaking traffic news on this monday morning. a deadly crash, and investigators said a speeding vehicle hit a support pillar and burst into flames this is the vehicle after the crash. nothing but a mangled, charred mess of metal right now. crash scene. you can see it's active right now. all of bryan dairy is road is
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the frontage roads to get on the highway are also closed. straight to leslee lacey to figure out how driver can get around the mess. >> it's definitely a high traffic area in pinellas park. again, bryan dairy road is what is closed underneath u.s. 19. u.s. 19 remains open. it's also known as 119th avenue north. they change names here under 19 that picture was traffic exiting off of the frontage road. northbound you exit and go east. you need to remember that. what i'm going to suggest to you, take 80th street to the south, or come up here if you're traveling a long distance, take ulmerton instead of bryan dairy, and that will ease your commute. i will watch these issues throughout the morning commute
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decides to pop on us, and hopefully it's better than traffic. >> it. is >> it. is -- it is. such sad news for sure. we are warmer than yesterday. 60 in tampa. 55 in plant city. cooler spots for crystal river at 45, but notice what a significant change. tampa. brandon, you're 11 degrees warmer than sunday morning. by the afternoon, how about above average? this time 06 the year, that's great. weather and traffic at 6:08 with an hour-by-hour look at your leap day. gayle and gene? >> thank you so much, leigh. happening today, more emotional testimony is expected to in the erin andrews civil trial over a hotel stalker. her mother, paula will likely take the stand.
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our friend and colleague, steve andrews, her dad, testify. ryan is live at her former high school. we have a close eye on the case. >> reporter: we near at news channel 8 are very close to this one. erin andrews is expected to testify today or tomorrow. we heard from a psychotherapist last week and said she informs a lot of emotional pain. >> she was very preoccupied with the emotional aspect of this, which took a good amount of her time and emotional energy, so i guess what she day peacefully. >> reporter: 40 people remain on the witness list for this case, and her mom is expected to testify today, and we heard from her dad, our coworker last week, and we could hear from
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he video taped her through an altered peephole. she is suing for $75 million, claiming the hotel was negligent for allowing barrett to took a hotel room next to hers. you can count on 8 on your side to bring you the latest information. gene, another emotional week on tap here. >> emotional and interesting as well. we will see how it shakes out, thank you. final preparations are against gawker. he is suing gawker claiming the web side violated his privacy when it posted a sex tape of him. the opening statements are today. this morning a woman and a 14-year-old boy are in jail,
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abduction of a baby girl. 23-year-old stephanie agustin and her cousin are charged with child abduction during a home invasion. she is the baby's mom's cousin. investigators are not talking hillsborough deputies busted a cockfighting ring over the weekend. deputies found numerous dead and caged chickens. three middle school students are accused of trying to poison their teacher and are under arrest this morning. this story is getting a lot of attention on our website, investigators claim the three 12-year-old girls spiked their teacher's soda with red pepper flakes, and the teacher said her throat immediately started to burn. she had difficulty breathing and a stomach ache it's believed the girls were getting back at the teacher after she
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principal's office. it's 6:05, and we are less than 24 hours away from supertuesday. that's tomorrow, and the candidateses are doing everything in their power to win over voters. >> including marco rubio, going on the offensive against donald trump, with a dozen states still up for grabs, and they are not afraid too get dirty. lindsey mastis has your alert. >> reporter: clinton has momentum thanks to her stellar performance over the weekend, taking nearbily 74% of the vote in south carolina, and because of that, she is now focusing her campaign against the republicans instead of senator bernie sanders, and as for the republican ares, trump's numbers are towering over most of the other candidates. ted cruz is in the lead in his
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right now there's a war of words brewing between trump and senator rubio. trump is going after rubio on his voting record calling him a light weight and bigger liar than senator cruz even using #robotrubio. rubio is focusing on trump's endorsement by a leader from the kkk, tweeting we cannot be a party who nominates someone who refuses to condemn a white supremacist. we will see if these comments will affect the supertuesday results. we will be watching. >> gosh, it's more interesting by the day you. follow our morning alerts on facebook and twitter by searching 8 alert. some voters in the bay area
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that's in hillsborough and polk counties, but not all polling places are open. check with your supervisor to determine where you vote early. it's very chance to win universal tickets. >> right now we are giving away a pair of tickets. just be our 8th caller to win. 18554209352. >> here's the number again. 1-855-420-9352. and please remember to dial one before 855 it is a free call. good luck to you. if you don't win this time, you will get another chance in the next half an hour. it's 6:08, and you are a winner for the weekend weather. >> wasn't it nice? i'm keeping it very nice as far as the temperature range is concerned. when you go outside this morning, you will see extra clouds. 56 at 8:00 a.m., and again,
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yesterday, and we will warm up quickly to 70 at noon and 74 at 3:00 p.m., and i expected a lot more afternoon and early morning sunshine. 63 at 7:00 p.m., and in fact, all this week, high in the 70s despite the two cold fronts coming through wednesday and friday, barely bringing any rain fall, and in fact, quite mild today. 74. the warmest day tomorrow, 78. 75 on wednesday, and 72 on thursday and friday. we will check with traffic on the 8s. more people need to know what is going on. >> a new crash on i-75 in pasco county. i will start with this one, folks. just past state road 52. 52 is the exit to san antonio and dade city. the biggest accident and issue right now happens to remain in pinellas park. bryan dairy is blocked both directions underneath u.s. 19, and i continue to follow this break traffic with this fatal
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know 80th street is a good alternate to the south, and it will wind around ad by the, instead of bryan dairy, and it's 118th or ulmerton road. malik son the street, and we can see it's still blocked. the vehicles coming to the left they are are actually exiting from frontage road northbound, and if you're traveling northbound on frontage road it will go right beside if. you can exit the northbound frontage road, diverted east. bryan dairy, you not travel underneath the overpass there. it's completely blocked. back to gene and gayle. >> what a mess for commuters. >> absolutely. only happens once every 4 years a leap day. >> coming up after the break, white leap days are so important, and how far off our calendars would be without them. it's a no go for the spacex rocket. still ahead, what was in the
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caused the launch to be scrubbed? a cop killed on her first day on the job, and up next, the person investigators believe murdered her and his connection to the military. you're watching news channel 8
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the man accused of shooting and killing a police officer on her first day on the job is headed to court today. staff sergeant ronald hamilton is being held without pond. he's assigned to the pentagon. he's accused of killing his wife and officer ashley guindon. guindon was responding to a domestic violence call with two other officers during her first shift. the two other officers were hit but will survive. a woman is accused of hitting and killing a bo pizza delivery driver while trying to run from deputies. >> my son is gone. i don't know how i will do it without him. >> it was 23-year-old cody garrett's first day on the job at domino's pizza.
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away from deputes, and she shouldn't have been behind the wheel at all. her license was revoked because of a different case that involved running from law enforcement. she suffered scratches and bruises in the collision. a 4-year-old girl is safe this morning after being abducted from a montana park. macy lilly disappeared on friday night. a man was seen snatching her. macy is going to be okay. time now, 6:15. a last-second scrub, and now the spacex ceo is becaming boaters. the rocket was set to take off last night when an internal computer shut it down. musk said it started with a boat getting too close to the launch bad. the rocket's fuel heated up excessively.
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for internet and phone use in asia. >> today is leap day, february 29th, and it's the extra day we get every 4 years, meaning an extra day of work. >> reporter: i think so. we don't even get a comp day. do you know why? meteorologist leigh spann is joining us now to tell us why we get these 24 hours. >> it has to do with how long it takes earth to go around the sun, and if you say that's easy, 365 days, you're almost right. >> reporter: any special plans? >> i can't say i have celebrated leap year before. >> reporter: you may not celebrate it, but it's important. do you know why we have it every 4 years? >> i heard about it, but i forgot, leigh. >> we have leap year because the calendar does not match exactly the orbital period of the earth around the sun. >> reporter: it takes the earth
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of another day to orbit the sun. to be exact, 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 45 seconds, and to account for that extra time, we add a full day every 4 years. >> the main purpose is you know, to help the farmers out because they always want the seasons to be at same time of the calendar year. >> reporter: we have had a leap day in some sort since the time of julius cesar. because it's not quite an extra quarter of after day, leap year is skipped 3 times every 400 years, and the next one skipped will be in 2100. get this, with all the leap day rules, the calendar we use
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and that means it will be off bay full day every 2400 years. >> we won't be around. >> they set this up to have the same weather during a calendar year. >> do you know anyone born? i do you know anyone born on leap year? >> i do. tammy burjeron. she has a reason to lie about her age. i do not. fabulous day today. a come of extra clouds this, no, and we are warmer than yesterday. all in all, not too bad. 56 at 8:00 a.m., and we warm up quickly. if you're going to get an extra day this is a good one to get. 74degrees, feeling like spring right now, and plant city,
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currently 60 in tampa, and i checked with my weather watcher, dora at inverness. to the north, one cold front it will not not impact us. we had to go out to washington and oregon to find the next us. watch the long-range forecast. we are dry today, dry tomorrow, and this is spring weather. finally on wednesday, the cold front cutting across the country. may be a 20% rain chance. not banking on a lot of rain. a slight cooldown behind it. another cooldown on the way on friday, and even less of a chance of rain. what a nice stretch of days. mid-70s throughout the afternoon. a lot of sunshine, and looking for a great weekend next week. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? we are seeing delays for this. i mentioned in my last report, southbound 75, past state road
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here. injuries involved in the crash, and keep that in mind. that's pasco county. fatal crash. malik is on the street out there, and bryan dairy is completely blocked. the vehicles on the left, turning off frontage road northbound and heading east, and it's blocked, take ulmerton or 80th street instead. >> thank you, leslee. >> it's not easy giving up potato chips as a snack, but we may have a healthier option for you. >> snack that is flying off the shelves. up next, what caused this massive blast? it's 6:20 on this monday morning.
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we have some breaking news to tell you about at 6:23. a look at the scene here. two people were killed in a house explosion, and this live picture you're looking at is out of cleveland county, north carolina. you can see it here, it's difficult to make out, but that's a home that has been blown to pieces. we are told now a car slammed into a propane tank, and that caused the crash. to stay on top of news at any time, anywhere, download our news channel 8 app to your smart phone. it's packed with protein and easy to pack on the go. >> the snack industry is not that surprised that beef jersey sales are growing. up 12% last year. more americans are snack, and they are finding the meat treat healthier than chips.
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are exploding now, and even hershey is entering the beef jersey business. i wonder if they are make chocolate-covered jersey. weather and traffic on the 8s is 3 minutes away. >> new in the next half an hour, there's chaos, and an elephant is seen on camera flipping cars. >> look, mom, golfing with no pants. >> you can't do that on the golf courses, and coming up, the professional golfer who took off his pants and golfed in his underwear. we will show you who it is and
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here at 6:28, kids going to the bus stop, and there's a few clouds around. mild at 56-degree, and it should feel great when the
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emoji man says it's a spring- like day for us. trouble on 55. traffic to 275, almost 30 minutes, a crash there with injury, and a fatal accident in
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good monday morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. breaking news. there's big headaches for drivers this morning after a fiery crash. the vehicle is just totally smashed, and police say the driver was speeding and hit a underpass. >> a live look of the crash scene this is going to be like this probably for quite some
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this for a bit of time this is bryan dairy road shut down under the overpass of u.s. 19, and the frontage roads to get on the highway are also closed. leslee, you have been following this since 4:30. it's quite the mess. >> reason it's still closed issues folks, now they have to check the structural integrity of the overpass to make through social security safe because the vehicle hit it. a few different things, and that's why bryan dairy remains shut down. i want to let you know, the frontage road southbound is closed but the northbound frontage roads, you can exit and go east in the area, and it's not completely closed there, but affected for sure, and bryan dairy is also 118th avenue, and this is the portion you cannot pass by. take 80s street to the south,
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this time. and there's another issue going on. look at this southbound i-75 past state road 52. big delays before you even get to state road 52, and we have a 35 minute commute from 52 down no the northern apex. big issues, too. really big issues going on with traffic, leigh. >> very sad news, and hopefully people take it easy this temperatures should be comfortable, extra clouds around streaming off the gulf of mexico. 60 in tampa. 56 in clear water, and this is warmer than yesterday. significantly so. i mean 11 degrees warmer in tampa and brandon, and 6 degrees warmer in clear water, and during the afternoon, i expect sunshine, 74, should feel nice, and weather and
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another emotional day of testify in the erin andrews civil trial. he mother, paula, is expected to take the stand today. it's all linked to a stalking incident in 2008. it's an important case for us here at news channel 8. >> reporter: it's expected to be a tough week in the courtroom. erin andrews was in the courtroom all last week. it was especially tough to watch her listen to her dad as he accounted what happened to her several years ago. >> for the first time in my life -- i'm sorry -- as her father, i didn't know if she was safe or not. i feared for her life. >> reporter: 40 people remain on the witness list for the a case, and her mom is expected to testify today, and we could hear from convicted stalker, michael barrett.
6:34 am
he video taped erin through an altered peephole. she is suing barrett and the hotel for $75 million saying the hotel was negligent for allowing barrett to book a hotel room next to hers. you can count on us to bring you the latest in the emotional case. >> ryan, thank you. riding for roger. a group of 60 tow truck drivers took to the streets to remember their friend. the 43-year-old was helping a stranded driver on the howard franklin bridge when he was hit and killed this month. friends and coworkers drove the tow truck possession in his honor. the driver who hit perez, allison hoffman, is now facing charges. we are learning more about weekend.
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near turkey creek road. jose perez, your drown, and antonio lopez was able to swim to shore safely. the lakeland skate park will be closing early starting today, officials claiming there's problem with drugs and illegal activities, and there's problems with the skateboarders refusing to leave at closing time. to deal with the problem, the popular skate park will close 2 hours earlier at 8:00 tonight. city leaders will see how it changes behavior to determine if the new operating hours will be permanent. today is the last day for the families to enroll in the florida prepays tuition program. there's five plans to choose from, starting at $46 a month. if a student goes out of state or to a private university, the money saved can go towards that tuition. right now, the oscars are
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the big news of the night, leonardo dicaprio finally has an oscar of his very own this year's oscars were extremely controversial. >> there are calls for a boycott of the award show. lindsey, good morning. how was the lack of diversity addressed, and are people satisfied now? >> reporter: comedian and host, chris rock refused to boycott the oscars. he explained why on stage and used the time to highlight his issues. >> i'm here live at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people'ses choice awards. you realize if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job! [ laughter ] >> the academy president also got on stage to speak out to
6:37 am
more inclusive with their nominations. reverend al sharpton led a protest highlighting the lack of diversity, and chris rock is getting negative attention for diversity as well because african americans are not the only group poorly represented. latinos didn't get any nominations, and asians are underrepresented, chris only made a reference when he brought three children on stage and brought up jokes. it's that time. your chance to tickets to
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if you're the eighth caller, you win. >> again it's 1-855-420-9352. >> it's a free call. if you don't win this time, don't worry, another chance tomorrow morning. let's check on weather with leigh. what a beautiful weekend. does that care over into the workweek? >> for the most part it will. the sun is just beginning to pop up over the horizon, and you can note certainly more cloud cover. sun sit center, 578 degrees, and i expect many of the clouds to hang around until 10:00. and we are starting at 56 at 8:00. noon, feeling great at 70, 74. the kids are coming home, and send them out to play in this kind of weather. spring training ising underway. a scrimmage with a 70-degree start time tomorrow around lunchtime.
6:39 am
of over southern florida college. we are going out to the spring training games for the rest of the 8-day temperature trend. big thumbs up. tomorrow is our hottest day, and low to mid-70s next week. the 8s. big issues this morning. >> they are still going on, too, pasco county. the biggest issue remains, we continue to keep on top of this with bryan dairy roadblocked in both directions. you can't pass here. take ulmerton or 80s to the south. again, it's unpassable. malik is on the street for us. bryan dairy is blocked. southbound frontage road, completely blocked, and the
6:40 am
here, bryan dairy blocked but u.s. 19 home let's go back to the map thousands. again alternates 80s or ulmerton. boulevard. we have a crash, and if you're traveling southbound here at i- 75 to state rode, half an hour delay, take curly road instead because of the crash. leslee, thank you. selma hyak is demanding answers after someone killed her dog. >> how police officers believe the dog died. why this animal went on a rampage and why people were riding it at the time. the navy s.e.a.l. who will be honored today. it's 6:40 on this monday morning. leap day, and you're watching
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happening today, edward byers jr. will be honored at the white house. he was part of the team assigned to the recovery mission of an american abducted from afghanistan in 2012. after the rescue he helped to revive another member of his team who had been shot. officials in washington state are trying to figure out who shot and killed selma hyack dog. the actress says her dog was shot in the chest with a pellet gun. new this morning, one of pope francis' top advisers is capturing initial attention.
6:45 am
he claims the catholic church made enormous mistakes in failing to keep the priests from abusing children. >> i would like to thank you for your for giveness. please, i have made the worst mistake of my life, but please, save me! >> please! think of my family. >> wormbeer is a university of georgia student. north korea arrested him nearly 2 months ago, and he admitted to trying to steal a political banner from the walls of his hotel, and new york claims today's news conference was
6:46 am
north korea is not saying what will happen next to the u.s. student. time now, 6:45, and another elephant rampage caught on camera. that's a car the elephant is tossing around, and people are on top of the elephant. the elephant did smash several cars and motorbikes, and it was part of a holy ritual. it took hours for people to get the animal to calm down, and amazingly no one was hurt. in your vote, it's one day until supertuesday, the biggest day of the primary season. tomorrow voters will head to the polls. democrat, hillary clinton is expected to build or her win, and then off to miami for supertuesday. front runner, donald trump has a new enforcement. >> jeff sessions told
6:47 am
america great again, and that's trump's global. trump will hold a rally tomorrow night, but not before taking heat from our senator marco rubio. >> jew cannot nominate someone like that. we will get crushed. if we get crushed what that means, the next president of the united states will be sanders. >> senator rubio also called trump a con artist, and senator rubio will also be in florida miami. a pga golfer answered the briefs. >> he took off his pant in the final round of the honda classic in palm beach gardens, and that's gary woodland hitting without his pants on. >> he needs to tan his thighs. >> it's like a farmer's tan going on. it happened on his tee shot on
6:48 am
near the water, and woodland decided to ditch his pants to keep them clean. hole. it appears playing in his boxer briefs -- >> i think he's showing off. >> i thought there were all kinds of rules. are those considered shorts? have been disqualified? >> i think it could have gotten dangerous out there. >> i think he could have just rolled his pants up. him though. >> i guess so. >> this morning we are seeing the extra clouds, and this is the way it looks with the birds 57degrees, and very comfortable. warmer than this time yesterday, and i will keep the hours. 56degrees at 8:00. 70 at noon, and feeling good for your lunch blake.
6:49 am
with the extra clouds, temperatures again, warmer than yesterday at this time. 59 in bradenton, and 57 in plant city, and i checked with my weather watcher, patty in new port richie, comfortable at 57. this is the area of high pressure that kept us gorgeous over the weekend. a few more clouds rolling in this morning, and more sunshine by the afternoon, and a clockwise winds, and tomorrow will be warmer, but i want it to be sunnier. tomorrow will be the warmest day ahead of the fold continue, but before you get too excited, the continue front not too much of an impact on us. slightly cooler for thursday and friday, and another cold front with only a 10% rain chance on friday. the cold front can keep us with a nice rake of temperatures. not too bad. checking with traffic on the 8s
6:50 am
>> two big issues, pasco and pinellas county, the hot spots. let's talk about the crash going on at u.s. 19, folks, and bryan dairy is completely blocked here under 189. the frontage roads go beside 19, and southbound frontage completely blocked by the businesses. u.s. 19 remains open. that's important. brine brian dairy shut down. 80s and ulmerton are your aler gnats. a live look out there one vehicle exited off of frontage road in the area, and you have bryan dairy again, completely blocked. ulmerton, look, it's already getting busy. don't mess around with this stuff. it will be here for awhile, and also an investigation. check the concrete bearier the
6:51 am
it's a fatal accident. southbound i-75. really has you backed up this is over half an hour delay exit 52. you're going to get caught in the backup. curly street turning into curly road, and that will help your commute. keep in mind again, the fatal accident, tieing up the lanes at 19. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> stick around. we will show you how to take advantage of the leap day deal. we are talking about free food here. leslee has been talking about a fatal crash all morning long, and we will show you how it may affect your morning commute. 6:51, and you're watching news
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terrible crash. >> investigation is happening now on bryan dairy road. a vehicle was driving way too fast, struck a support pillar, and burst into flames. look at the damage. metal. right now it's not clear if anyone else was in the driver. there's a mess, and let's get right to leslie -- leslee to see how to get around. >> cars coming towards us thatry actually exiting that one in the back ground, that's the frontage road beside u.s. 19. bryan dairy is still completely shut down underneath u.s. 19. i just got word they should be reopening in 15-20 minutes for now. if you're leaving the soon, there's a chance it may be
6:56 am
there but for now, going to ulmerton as well. state rode 52 here, over a 40 40 min -- state road 52 year, over a 40 minute wait. erin andrews is suing marriott hotel for allowing her stalker to take the room next to her. after five nominations, leonardo dicaprio finally did it he finally won an oscar. #oscars is trending here in tampa. firefighters will be back in pasco county, trying to figure out what started a fire
6:57 am
sadly, two dogs died in one of the mobile homes, and the owner was not home at the time. a woman and 14-year-old boil are in jail in connection to the abduction of a little girl. the 23-year-old and her course run abducted the 2-month-old. investigators found the baby safe in orlando. the south - - and her cousin. the 2-month-old was found by investigators safe in orlando. if this is your birthday, you're in luck, free meal at the hard rock and free cookie at mccallister's, and you're winning this morning.
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than yesterday, but it's warmer than yesterday. 58 in bradenton, and 60 in tampa, and we kept the extra clouds around for the morning. warming up quickly. 74 another 3:00 p.m., and more sunshine in the afternoon, and feeling like spring,s and it the beginning of the spring- like week. low to mid-70s, and with spring training going on, i remind everyone to put the sunscreen on. more skin has been hidden. >> i have to get that sunscreen on. we will be here with updates. leslee will stay on top of traffic with issues today.
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7:00 am
ba da ba ba ba good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larson nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surprise winner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie are live in hollywood with all the highlights from the show,


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