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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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for joining us tonight. we begin with breaking news. erin an brews testify -- andrews testifying right now in a nashville courtroom. she's suing her stalker that took pictures and videos of her through a peephole, as well as the marriott hotel where it happened. she's talking agent the difficulty of working -- about the difficulty of working on dancing with the star windshield all of this going on -- star windshield all of this going on. let's listen in to some of the system. well there you go. looks like this is wrapping up. this system at times but the wrenching. andrews breaking down talking about the imact of the video on the her life and career. >> earlier today her stalker testified by video.
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this is hard to pull yourself away from this system. >> yes, very cooler temperatures petroleuming, and we heard -- compelling, and we heard from the stalker, it's been a very long day. andrews is the daughter of our news channel 8 investigative reporter steve andrews. >> i was just screaming i was naked all over the internet and i didn't know what it was, and my dad thought i had been in a car accident, and i was like dad i'm naked all over the internet. >> reporter: an trues described the moments after she was told they were videos of her naked all over the internet. >> i remember just crying and trying to get all my stuff, and hotel. >> reporter: she was distraught telling the courtroom the fear she experienced after the video was released, not knowing where it came from. >> had to hire security because they didn't want me on a plane, didn't want the media, didn't
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following. it was a mess. >> reporter: at a nashville hotel where the video was filmed, she said she was never aalerted a man called asking -- alerted a man called asking to be in the room next to her. >> nobody told me. >> reporter: her mother also took the stand talking agent the poll the -- about the toll the video scandal had on her daughter. >> and now unless something is standing there to protect her, she does not interact with people. she's very, very frightened of crowds. >> reporter: the one person not emotion mal was michael -- emotional was michael barrett, the man that filmed her through the hotel room door. >> i called the hotel, got a residencization there -- reservation there. >> reporter: erin refusing to hear the testimony from a man
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>> barrett also testified about how he's filmed at least ten other women, and doesn't know their names and they don't know they were filmed. he followed erin to multiple cities hoping to get the video and make money. the hotel maintaining they did nothing wrong. >> this hits close to home, as you said, steve andrews, this has his daughter, so -- this is his daughter, so it's personal for us, but i don't think you have to be connected to the family, when you watch what she's standing on the stand to realize -- saying on the stand to realize, this changed her life, and she even testified she has depression because of it. >> yes, she says she's ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed, and she's reminded of the video every singlable day. >> not -- single day. thank youment well a high school student so badly beaten at school he ended up in the
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now deputies are stepping up their presence at alonzo high school. the patients are greatly -- parents are greatly concerned, but the district says it's mostly rumors. students say the fights are a daily occurrence, but the school insists in the a quiet year. jeff, we're getting two very different stories here. >> reporter: yes, indeed. good evening. a lot of patients have serious questions about -- patients have serious -- parents have serious questions about what's going on here, but the principal and district maintain it's a safe place to go to school. the photos are disturbing. showing a teen wheeled out of school on a stretcher, and then in the hospital after being revolverred in a height. >> just -- involved in a fight. >> just every day. >> reporter: students say fights happen here every day. so many fights a parent who
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told reporter mary mcguire this afternoon she's thinking about pulling her child out of the school. >> i'm very concerned, thinking about taking my child out and home schooling. >> reporter: students tweeted ant the fights all week, one saying my mom doesn't want me to go to school tomorrow. a vice principal took to twitter to reassure parents the school is a safe place, and extra deputies were in place this morning. >> today we had an increased presence at the school, in part because of the fight friday, and also there were a lot of rumors on social media. >> reporter: but hillsborough county school officials maintain there have been few fights at the school this year, and the rest are just rumors. >> we have not had a rash of fights. maybe a couple of fights between girls last week, but nothing that led up to this fight. >> reporter: they were rumors about the fight friday, and
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result of that fight, but the school system telling us they were only two students directly involved in the fight. >> jeff, so why the discrepancy about the number of fights? is it one fight that's been rumors? what do you think? >> reporter: well, you heard them say fights happened last week, but she maintains those were just fights between a couple of girls, and not related to the fight that sent the young man to the hospital on friday, so she's telling us that it's actually been a quiet year here, of course students will talk, and social media is involved, so that's why things may be ramping up. >> all right, jeff patterson, thank you. an armored guard car driver is accused of pointing a gun at
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he was wearing his work uniform at the time, but was in his personal car. speed was a factor in a fatal crash in pinellas park. the truck slammed into a support pillar on us 19 this morning at the road overpass. the truck caught fire, and the driver was killed at the scene. he's been identified at 60-year- petersburg. a library shut down overmild, and moth after other -- over mold, and a lot of people not happy about it. >> how they're trying to get it back in business. and a scam targeting contractors. what you need to know about this unusual con. looking out the window i see bright sunshine. mostly clear skies this evening, a few clouds today. ended up with 74 today right at the normal high. a great week of weather ahead. a few clouds and cold fronts,
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you're watching news channel 8, the station that's
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jury selection is expected to begin tomorrow in the hulk hogan -- gawker trial. he's suing the gossip website
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privacy was violated when gawker released a video of him having sex with a radio personality's wife. and now to your vote, if you live in hillsborough county or polk county you're now able to cast your vote in person in this presidential primary. the early voting started yesterday, actually today in florida. hillsborough county and polk county are two of them. there are 15 early voting sites in hillsborough county, the bay area counties starts early voting march 5th. the presidential primary is march 15th, and remember you can only vote in this presidential election if you're a registered republican or registered democrat, and you can find more information about florida's primary, including a lot of people living in the venice area are upset over the closure of their library. it was shut down a month ago because of mold. officials plan to tear it down and build a new one. hundreds though signed a
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reconsideration, saying the building is worth saving. >> the thing that comes through the clearest is how much people depend on their public library. it's not nice to have, it's an essential part of their daily lives. >> county officials will hold public meetings about the closure march 21st. looks like roofing companies are now the new target of scam artists. >> coming up how contractors are being that is corrected and the signs -- targeted and the signs they need to look out for. that plus your storm team 8 forecast coming up.
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now an 8 on your side investigation, roofer rip off. it's a different kind of roofing scam. this time contractors themselves are the target of con artist. a family owned roofing company in valrico claims it's the target of an internet rip off with roots overseas. >> they don't buy it, but with afraid others in the industry will fall prey to the scam. >> good evening, this is what consumer frayed investigators call an advanced fee scam. it's almost always directed at consumer, but in this case one business has been targeted time and again for about a year now.
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is great, give them a free estimate. >> reporter: it didn't take her longer to figure out something was amiss with an e-mail request. >> the person claiming to be a woman claimed she was deaf, and said she was also in the hospital, and needed our help, can we help get things done quickly to get a reroof done. >> reporter: the blessings touching, but the writing was terrible, and wilson picked right up on that. >> the grammar and spelling was off. >> reporter: and you're a teacher? >> i have been yes. >> reporter: and there was a special twist. they wanted to give a credit card payment for the job, and have cardinal wire the money in cash to an unnamed plumber that supposedly didn't take credit cards.
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wire transfer, that's not what we typically do. >> reporter: she figured out she'd end up stuck with the cost of labor and supplies of roofing a vacant home, but what really grates wilson is how the person posed as a disabled person. >> when this person told you they were deaf, did it make you mad? >> yeah, it really chapped my hide that someone would use a dis ability to get this. >> the person never got a dime out of cardinal roofing, but even after a year the e-mails one arrived today. >> and this is the advanced fee scam, but it's a little different this time around, so what's the lesson here for others if you're a roofing kind? >> well, first of all businesses condition victims just like consumers, and the
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evidence of a scam, and the be the tom line is -- bottom line is, if you have concerns, follow your gut, like this woman did. she's a smart business woman, and now wants to warn other people. >> good, thanks, mark. nice view at new port richey, bit of a breeze here, not much. northwest winds at 6 miles per hour. the flag going there. 66, clear skies, though, same with the lows, st. petersburg beach, 65. nice, maybe a little bit of a cool breeze out there. the jacket not a bad idea. and here at freedom plaza, 70 with a north wind at 5 miles per hour. 67 this evening, temperatures in the 60, but pleasantly. today was about average for this time of year, and the rest of the week is really about the same.
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74 wednesday with a slight rain chance, and a cold front. the rain chances cheer, 10 and 20 percent. the high points for the week, but really not that high overall. great shot from gay here in winter haven. the nice sun dog effect, the rainbow, and we actually have a real dog here from picnic islands. great shot, dogs love the chase the tennis ball. don't forget our storm team 8 weather max app. 77 degrees at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. very typical for this time of year when we start out, temperaturing in the 50. new port richey 69, and 70 at crystal river. got a few high clouds, but again very dry air aloft remaining in the at not fear, so not much in the way --
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way of clouds as the cameras showed a couple of minutes ago. clear skies, dry air, so when we develop cloudiness they end to just evaporate except for the high clouds. this evening looking good overall, looking for a nice start to the day tomorrow. blue sky, sunshine, temperatures in the mid-50s to rapid warp up. there's -- warm up. there's a cold front, typically this time of year, and we had a lot of experience with it this year, getting paranoid seeing the cold fronts with potential severe weather, but this is not the case. wednesday a slighted possibility of a shower, then by the afternoon a winds shift out of the north, and that'll help draw in slightly cooler air for a short period of time. should set up a very nice thursday overall with typical march temperatures near 73 for a high. forecast lows for tonight.
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61 in st. petersburg. brandon 55, and highs tomorrow 79 sebring, sarasota 74, and 76 in st. petersburg. this evening, fantastic, 67, enjoy it. 57 to start the day, should be mostly sunny skies. 74 by wednesday with a few extra clouds with the front on the map. rain chance about 10 perses, not a great -- 10 percent, not a great chance. 20 percent rain chance friday. temperatures in the 70s through the weekend, saturday, sunday, so some great weather ahead highs. >> you know spring training really kicks off, playing the first game, so nice weather for the out of towners. >> thanks steve. breaking news to share with you right now. a new york judge has just ruled that the justice department cannot force were aable to --
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access to locked phone data, this regards a brooklyn drug case, apple does have to help hack the phone of a shooter that killed 14 in california. again, it's a new york ruling. california doesn't have to follow it, so we'll see. this is not over. and up next in sports, the nhl trade deadline has passed, and one lightning player didn't get his wish. and dan lucas shows us what
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president
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(elephant noise) hey candidates, answer the call already. the lightning general
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he could not get equal value for jonathan drouin, then no trade, and there was no deal. now jonathan drouin is its suspended, no pay checks rolling in, but the manager said the door is open for him if he decides he'd like to play. translation, stop pouting and put on your skates. jonathan drouin was suspended undefinitely last month for failing to show up for a crunch game. tonight is night two for back to backs for the bolts. this was johnson last night in boston, he takes a puck to the head, underneath the words trust me it happened, it was a scary sight. he lost a lot of blood, but was stitched up after the game, we're waiting for confirmation
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last year it was winston versus moat. this year for -- mariota, this year a few more of course, but the combine was all about ramsey versus hargraves. ramsey of florida state put up better numbers in the measurable category, the 40, the vertical jump, and more. and hargraves is the tampa guy, he's slotted by a few mock drafts to land with the bucs. interesting stuff. two days now until the rays grapefruit league opener. the bats were cracking this morning during another round of live batting practice against rays pipers. the -- pitchers. the manager kevin cash liking the offense so far. >> >. we kind of challenged them a little bit, and they rose to it.
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other, the best thing about it. they got their work in, but the pitchers did too. got a good sense of where their stuff is, so it was a win for all of us. >> and tonight is the regular season finale for the usf women basketball team against number one undefeated uconn. they lost to them by 16 last month. they already secured the number two seed in the american conference tournament, so it's a tall task. no one's beaten uconn this year, and they're the favorite to win it owl. >> but you never -- all. >> but you never know. >> and the bulls have closed the gap, to their credit. we'll see what happens. quick check of the weather. >> where he is, very nice evening, the normal high of 74. upper 60s tonight, enjoy it. it's that nice time of year. nice week of weather ahead as well. not much rain. normal temperatures.
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joining us, steve and jenn will be back at 7:00. >> and we'll see you back at 11:00.
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tonight the klan controversy exploding around donald trump after refusing to condemn the kkk's former leader. what he's saying now and what we found him saying years ago. plus, tensions boil over at trump's rally, and tonight some republican leaders are scrambling to stop him. school shooting emergency. all-out chaos as police say a 14-year-old suddenly opened fire in the cafeteria. taking the stand, an emotional erin andrews tells the jury about her hotel nightmare as a stalker secretly taped her and posted the video for the world to see. craving sleep. a wake-up call tonight


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