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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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popular tourist towns left to pick up the pieces wildfires leave an area of death and destruction extract a wild scene inside of a tampa gun store there is a hefty reward to catch the thieves pitch fidel castro sparking controversy even in death you can here with cuban people have to say about the fallen dictator. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today.
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good morning, an extremely mild start to our wednesday. yesterday we had high temperatures already in the low to mid 80s. these temperatures right now, 71 degrees in tampa. these are about 10 degrees above average for this time of year. dewpoints middle and upper 60s. the mugginess really rolled in yesterday. will continue to be today. max defender 8 is completely dry. your high temperature this afternoon 83 degrees. we could see a stray shower this afternoon, but i think we will have to hold off until tomorrow. we do have a cold front coming through bring some better rain chances. so far pretty quiet.
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30 minutes ago. this is an palm harbor, us 19 at nebraska right in front of the apartment complex. moving over to north tampa there was an accident on fletcher east of florida. that will be between florida and i 275. fhp is working that one otherwise looking pretty good with no delays on the big bridges picture florida voters made medical marijuana law on the land earlier are not happy about the law and now they are pushing back by banning the dispensaries that provide patients with marijuana . ryan hughes is live in zephyrhills saw orion, kansas city do this even though it was voted into law. at this point they can for now. city leaders don't want the dispensaries in certain areas. they just passed an
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to been dispensaries from opening in the city. the behnken same place for a year. medical marijuana supporters are upset about this calling it a health issue sing some people are in desperate need of marijuana to deal with illnesses. city leaders claim they are being proactive and don't want dispensaries in places like churches and schools due to safety concerns. >> we're not against the idea, it is state law sure before someone comes in and sarah one open a dispensary that we are ready to. >> zephyrhills isn't the only city with the band -- been. hillsboro -- ban hillsborough also is considering a ban.
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the front door of a gun store in in just minutes thieves made off with dozens of firearms. agents are offering a big ward to get these thieves and guns they stole -- reward to get these thieves and guns they stole off the streets. this is a frightening story because this adds to the number of illegal guns now on the street. how many did they manage to take? >> reporter: you to take a look high meat yo here. this place is boarded up after they busted through the windows but these thieves did not leave empty-handed. this up around 35 guns from the store, a mix of long guns and handguns and it was caught on camera. check out this wild surveillance video. they smashed and crashed their truck in the store shattering the windows. they run and push into the
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took less than 2 minutes. >> the type of world that we are in right now with everything happening with politics and every rings, that is crazy. there is a whole bunch of people running around with guns.>> reporter: the big question, where these guns are this morning? we talked to agents who tell us that tracking these weapons is tough as they are typically sold illegally online at flea et now that firearms industry and the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for information that could put these crooks behind bars. detectives are following up strong leads in this case, but when you check out the surveillance video and you hear the number of guns that these guys were able to steal from the store it really is frightening. >> it is remarkable that they were able to get in and out in less than 2 minutes.
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blocked by the hundreds and thousands to bid a final farewell to fidel castro in revolution square. jeff patterson reports from havana.>> reporter: more than 1 million people have come here to revolution plaza for the official service for fidel castro. she is a blogger from cuba who lives in havana and told me fo very special night.>> he is perhaps the last big leader of the 20th century. for us the 20th century ends this week with the death of fidel. >> he told me people come here not because they are forced to by the government but because they want to be here.>> i think it's a very good thing for cuba. we offer very good health, public safety, things we didn't have before. the services a
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steve is from tampa and was leading a tour group in havana when the news of his death was announced. >> it is a real for me. i have been coming here for 20 years and i always wondered what this moment would be like. it was strangely subdued. >> reporter: subdued as cuba faces a new era without fidel. is there uncertainty about the future? even though fidel was not in charge he was -- he has left an indelible mark . >> others are worried that things put in place by barack obama will be changed after donald trump is elected.
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we saw. the wildfire spans by strong winds . it towards through the tourist towns of gatlinburg. the fire is to blame for the death of at least 3 people and the destruction of more than 250 homes and businesses forcing more than or 2000 people to evacuate from gatlinburg alone. some entire neighborhoods are completely obliterated. >> those movies you see about an apocalypse, that is what it looked like, fire and sm not been able to reach some areas. the estimate 15,000 acres have burned so far. tennessee officials believe humans cause this fire, possibly arsonist. >> many had to evacuate the roads. they believe it may have started along the chimney top hiking trail. the drought like conditions fueled the storm. it is unbelievable the images coming
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sight? >> there is some rain across those areas right now but unfortunately it is the extreme and exceptional drought preceding that fire that has made it so difficult to fight but again we have rain fall apart -- across the southeast and will tell you about that. here's how your wednesday is shaping up we are very warm again temperatures already above average. this afternoon in the low and mid 80s close to 10 des temperatures in the upper 60s, low 70s. 71 degrees right now in tampa. our high temperatures over the next 5 days declining as a cold front moves through tomorrow knocking our temperatures back down close average. there is a look at the satellite and radar picture. unfortunately that red shading
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through mississippi, alabama, into east tennessee, that is a tornado watch in effect. severe storms are rolling through parts of the area. you want your rainfall anyway you can get it when you're in a severe drop -- drought. for us this afternoon it is a stray shower chance . our better chances will hold off until tomorrow with a cold front. >> you want to see the rain but not the severe weather. is tennessee i hate to see my friends and family dealing with this. >> into the such a beautiful part of the country. it is quite on the roads, good news for the city of tampa one of me to pass this along: at 9 am a small portion of franklin will be closed between tyler and cast -- cass. even though it is just a block it is
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donald trump taps the man who helped bankroll his campaign to be the country's top money manager. it is before -- is where he worked before that is raising eyebrows this morning. we will tell you why. it is 4:41 on this wednesday morning and you are watching news channel 8 today. storm team 8 weather is brought to you by: we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant?
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welcome back, donald trump is claiming a big win. air condition carrier has struck a deal. in a facebook post come. he spent most of his campaign pledging to keep companies like carrier for moving overseas. donald trump this is expected to travel -- is expected to travel to discuss the agreement . donald trump has named stephen m?nchen as treasury secretary pick he had a long career with the investment bank goldman sachs and says they helped cause the 2000 a
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he has also tapped robe or ross for commerce secretary. this will add 2 billionaire businessman to a largely filled with political insiders. mid-romney is still in the running for secretary -- mid- romney still in the running for secretary of state . he had a dinner with donald trump and reince priebus. romney who was critical of trumps says -- trump says they had a new mining discussion . >> he continues with the message of improvement and his vision is something that will help connect with the american people in a very thoughtful way. in the last -- powerful way. in the last few weeks he has been carrying out a transition effort and i have been impressed with the transition effort. he called the people selected so far to be solid, effective, and capable. the president-elect is drawing fire for another early morning twitter posted this morning. he wrote, no one should be allowed to burn the
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perhaps lots of citizenship -- loss of citizenship or a year in jail but the supreme court has ruled it is a form of political expression and is protected by the constitution. breaking news at a california: one of 2 inmates who saw the their way out of jail and vanished is back in police custody. authorities recapture campbell late last night though the search still continues for the other inmate, chavez 2nd story window and then rappelled to the ground on the bedsheet rope. the converts -- convicts escaped last week with 2 the parishioners that were trying prisoners that were quickly captured. that wish you student that -- the osu student that used
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police shot and killed him stopping the attack. they are now scouring his social media accounts for isis connections. >> it scares me, it scares me that i live right next to that and didn't even know. >> his family fled somalia in 2007, lived in pakistan until 2014 when they moved to the us. the 11 people injured 3 are still in the hospital. a vigil was held last night on the osu campus. the 11 victims are set to recover but the problem now is the emotional trauma. and emotional trial after a deadly police shooting was caught on camera. this is dramatic cell phone video. it shows walter scott being shot in the back multiple times by former south carolina police officer. that officer gave his first detailed public account of what
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>> in my mind, at that time, people don't run. i fired so the threat was stopped like i was trained to do. >> he says in hindsight he would not have chased an unarmed scott on foot and instead called for backup. the jury is expected to begin deliberations later this week. a prayer service in the death penalty in conjunn campaign. the service starts at 5:30 tonight. the time right now is 4:48. when you step outside you would never think we are a day away from december 1. you could never believe it. the mugginess rolled in yesterday. we didn't have showers associated with the extra humidity. we did have the potential to see a few stray showers later on this afternoon. right now max defender 8 quiet.
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the north and west with a strong cold front working it's way through the southeast. all the red shading his tornado watch is in effect. we have some ongoing tornado threats and tornado warnings in that area. that could bring us a few showers but a 20 percent rain chance. on the month so far just 100th of an inch. only november drier than this one was back in 1960 only november drier than this one was back in 1961 tampa didn't measure any rainfall. bringing with it the 20 percent chance of showers. today, breezy, warm, muggy with a stray shower chance with a high around 83 degrees. the cold front cools us down back to average for the weekend . traffic is light but we do have an accident on the interstate so i wanted to be sure to mention it to you. this is 275 and beers avenue. you can see just a bit north of pershing the exit ramp we do
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here's a look at the map so you can see where that is. otherwise interstates look fantastic. to 75, polk county 75, 75, i for all up to speed including our area bridges. the musical hamilton is doing fine despite the calls of a boycott. >> a major milestone for the tony award-winning show just past. and the theme continues, will show you how you can participate in choose women
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happening today, barbra streisand is performing at the emily arena. the performances tonight at 8:00. this is her first appearance in tampa. you don't want to miss it. in the spirit of small business day, today is being called, choose women wednesday in support of women in business a. you log onto the website, choose and there you will see more than 70 retailers supporting amusement -- movement including bobby brown , lily pulitzer and even spanks.
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hamilton just broke a big sales record even after calls for a boycott. 11 time tony award-winning show generator $3.3 million and 8 shows setting a new record in courting to the new york times -- according to the new york times. wicked previously held the record. my daughter saw saturday and said it was amazing. i am jealous. with the swipe on your pretty grave things. coming up how one bay area business lets you make a pay for cremations online. we will you know how this is a hit next on news channel 8. first let's take you live outside to downtown tampa. it is definitely warm out there . it does not feel like where one day away from december 1. weather and traffic on the 8s
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without consulting the calendar you would never know it is the final morning of november with temperatures and humidity levels like these. bright start to our wednesday morning. at the bus stop we are already mild with temperatures in the low 70s. later on this afternoon breezy and warm with ex chance with the temperatures headed back to the lower 80s. better chance for a shower tomorrow morning when a cold front brings our rain chance up to 20 percent. florida highway patrol working in early morning crash on 275 n. of beers avenue. you can see those flashing lights. it is reported right there at the exit to bierce avenue. as you can see traffic is really like. it will not a major issue.
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75 it is close for the next hour or so. you want take the exit of how can board win convert, go to
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dangerous thieves caught on camera this morning. reward that leads to their arrest. efforts to put a band on dispensaries in cities across the bay area. and tennessee raging wildfires, high winds fueling the flames forcing the evacuations of thousands and threatening many tourist attractions. good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. time now is 5:00 and we are here with the look at our wins morning weather. good morning, we will wrapup november today just like


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