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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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popular tourist towns left to pick up the pieces. wildfires leave a trail of death and destruction in gatl we will show you the damage done . a wild scene inside of a tampa gun store. crooks caught on camera grabbing dozens of guns. there is a hefty reward to catch the thieves and get the guns off the street. fidel castro still sparking controversy even in death. news channel 8 is the only local station in cuba so you can hear for yourself what the cuban people have to say about the fallen dictator.
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time now is 5:30 and we're here with the look at the weather on this last day of november. >> wrapping up november today just like we spent this entire month with plenty of warmth and almost no rain. temperatures this morning about 10 degrees above average, upper 60s and low 70s. 71 in tampa, the dewpoint is very sticky 60s. that is why our temperatures are so warm this morning. the southeast wind pumping up the warm air. later on this afternoon just like yesterday we could see some gust about 20 miles-per- hour. nothing to track just yet on max defender 8. we could see a few sprinkles this afternoon. high temperatures background 83 degrees, close to 10 degrees above average but we are tracking a cold front in here for tomorrow. a bring some slightly better
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it is quite on the roads with one exception, this accident on 275 just north of the years avenue -- bierce avenue , we have seen clearing since my last update. i suspect this will be out of your way well before the height of the morning commute. 75 past the apex looking fine. there are no problems to report . sliding you over to the veterans expressway, it is al -- hit the veterans and your bay area bridges are up to speed . florida voters made medical marijuana the law of the land earlier this month. some bay area cities and counties are not happy about the new law and now they are pushing back by banning the dispensaries that provide patients with marijuana . ryan hughes is in zephyrhills this morning which just put a ban on suspend trees for year.
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>> reporter: good morning, city leaders here don't want dispensaries in certain areas. they just put an ordinance in place to keep them away for now. that ordinance was just past to temporarily ban is dispensaries from opening in the city. the ban can stay in place for a year . supporters are upset calling it a health issue saying some people are in desperate need of marijuana to deal with in this illnesses. leaders say they are being proactive and don't want dispensaries opening your places like churches and schools due to safety concerns. >> we are not against the idea , it is state law. we just want to be sure before someone comes in and says i want to open up a dispensaries here, that we are ready for where here will be. >> reporter: backslide this isn't the only place for ban.
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approved a 6 month ban. >> i know it has to be frustrating for people that need the medication. a truck rammed through the front window of a tampa gun store and within minutes a gang of thieves made off with dozens of firearms. atf agents are offering a big reward to get these themes in the guns that they stole off the streets. mary mcguire joins us live. mary, this is a frightening story number of illegal guns now on the streets. how many did they manage to get off with? >> reporter: you can see these criminals left behind a big mess to clean up here at this tampa's arms company. these thieves took around 35 guns from the store with a mix of long guns and handguns and it was all caught on camera. check out this wild surveillance video from inside of the store. the back i smash and crash their truck into the store.
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everything they see. detectives say the whole heist took less than 2 minutes. now lots of dangerous firearms are in the hands of some dangerous criminals. >> the type of world that we are in right now with everything happening, politics and everything, that is crazy. there are a lot of people running around with a whole bunch of guns. the big question, where are these guns this morning. we talked to atf agents and investigators who tell us as they are typically sold illegally online, at fleamarket, and even shipped around the state or to south america. the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that could lead to an arrest in this case. detect say they are following some strong leads on who might be involved in this case this morning. we're told anywhere from 8 - 12 suspects could've been involved in this whole heist. when you see the surveillance
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there were so many people involved that it had to be well thought out.>> they sell a lot of high-powered rifles, full rifles as well so a lot of concern there. now special coverage of cuba mourns castro. cubans flocked by the hundreds of thousands to bid a final folwell to fidel castro -- farewell to fidel castro. we will report from havana. >> reporter: by some estimates more than 1 miio come here to revolution plaza for an official service for fidel castro. >> [ video playback ] >> he is a blogger from cuba and lives in havana who told me for him and many others, this is a special night. >> it is absolutely perhaps the last big leader of the 20th century. for us the 20th century into this week with but don't -- with the death of
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forced to buy the government but because they want to be here for fidel. >> i think they did very good for cuba. we offer public health, public safety, things that we didn't have before. this service is a part of the official 9 days of mourning. steve is from tampa and was leading a group in havana when the news of his death was forced -- first announced . >> it is a little surreal for me because i have been coming here for 20 years and be like. it was strangely subdued -- subdued as cuba faces a new error without fidel castro . is there uncertainty about the future? >> yes i believe there is. even though finnell -- fidel was not absolutely in charge at the time he has left an indelible mark on the government. >> reporter: some also say they believe the new relation opened by barack obama will be close
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now we turn our attention to the ashes of gatlinburg. as the sun rose tuesday this is what we saw, charred rubble and scorched earth. the historic wildfire fanned by strong winds and fueled i bone dry woods tour through the tourist towns of gatlinburg and pigeon ford. the fire is to blame for the death of homes and businesses forcing or than 14,000 people to evacuate from gatlinburg alone. some entire neighborhoods are completely obliterated. >> those movies that you see about apocalypse, that is what it looked like as we left our place. >> firefighters amid they have not been able to reach some areas. they estimate 15,000 acres have been burned so far. officials believe humans caused
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of course the extreme drought in the southeast led to the dangerous by weather conditions. it is rain that the south east badly needs but unfortunately not like this. this is a cold front we're tracking this morning, powerful one across the southeast. the red shading is a tornado watch in effect right along the leading edge of that front. that front is headed our way tomorrow but in a greatly diminished state. it will washout as it gets here . temperatures today back up just like degrees above average, low and mid 80s across the area. 71 degrees right now. you would never know it is the end of november. it feels like the beginning of october with temperatures in the upper 60s in the low 70s. as the front comes through in october temperatures back down to what would be considered average for this time of year by friday with temperatures in the mid 70s for our afternoon. this afternoon just like yesterday you can expect extra cloud cover, maybe a stray
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until tomorrow as the front moves through and we dry out into the weekend. our next rain chance if we cannot cash in on this front will come by the end of the weekend into early next week. we have had no luck with these cold front in november. one of him will bring us rainfall. hopefully it is tomorrow. let's continue over to the maps. southbound 275 approaching bierce avenue, we have crash off to the side. this one is almost clear. it will be out of the way the next 10 to 15 minutes. the city of tampa wants me to let you know that starting at 9 am they will close one block of freight lynn street between tyler and cass. this is how a lot of people access 275 for their afternoon drive.
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up on that. florida avenue one block over is the alternate route. i do expect delays for the evening commute. president-elect donald trump taps the man who helped bankroll his campaign to be america's top money manager. it is where he worked before the campaign that is raising eyebrows. we will tell you why. a pair of morning. how they escaped is something right out of a movie. you are watching news channel 8
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president-elect donald trump is claiming a big win. carrier has struck a deal with the president-elect to keep
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great news with more details to come. donald trump spent much of his campaign pledging to help keep companies like carrier for moving jobs overseas or in carrier's case to mexico. donald trump is expected to travel to indiana on thursday to discuss the agreement. abc news has learned the president-elect trump is expected today to announce the steve as treasury secretary. he had a long career with investment banld 2008 section -- recession through wealth -- risky home loans . these 2 pics will add 2 billionaire businessman to a cabinet largely filled with political insiders. mitt romney is still in the running the secretary of state. he had dinner with president- elect donald trump and his wife health chief of staff -- white house chief of staff . mitt romney says they had an
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message of inclusion in bringing people together in his vision is something which obviously connects with the american people in a powerful way. over the last few weeks he has been carrying out a transition effort. i have to tell you i have been impressed by what i have seen in the transition effort. >> romney called the people selected for the so far to be solid, effective, and capable. the president-elect is drawing fire for another early morning on tuesday donald trump row, no one should be allowed to burn the american flag and if they do there must be consequences perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail. the supreme court has ruled the flag burning is a form of political expression and therefore protected part of first amendment of the constitution -- and therefore protected by the first amendment of the constitution. one of 2 inmates that sought their way out of jail is back into custody. authorities recapture campbell
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search is still continuing for the other inmate, chavez. appeared cut through the bars -- the pair cut through the bars and then repelled to the ground on a bed she wrote. the convicts escaped last tuesday with 2 other prisoners that were quickly captured. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack at ohio state university. they called the suspect campus police officers -- officer shot and killed the suspect stopping the attack. the fbi's now souring -- scouring his social media tax -- accounts for connection to isis. >> it scares me that i live right next door and didn't know . >> his family fled somalia in 2007 lived in pakistan until 2014 where they then lived in
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students and staff held a vigil for the victims of the attack last night on the ohio state university campus. the 11 victims are expected to recover from the physical injuries but the concern is now the emotional trauma caused by that attack. a prayer service to end the death penalty in conjunction with the worldwide city for life campaign. it starts at 5:30 tonight at the courthouse in tampa. some encouraging medical news, few americans have according to data about 60 percent of people under 65 live in households who struggle to pay their medical bills pick that is down from 21 percent in 2011. families with children are more likely to have failed -- problems paying health care bills as our families without healthcare insurance and those living in poverty. the sharing of syringes and needles have significant --
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american and latino drug users. both groups saw a 50 percent drop in hiv diagnosis from 2008 ?2014. perfecting your tennis game could improve your health. researchers looked at how participating in 6 different sports next -- affected the life expectancy. racquet sports were linked to a 47 percent lower risk of death from any cause followed by swimming, aerobics, . soccer and running did not reduce the risk of death. to you get out there, play some tennis, some racquetball, is that you think we >> it has been a while. i have a couple of racquet semitruck. i don't think i have used them in like 2 years but if it will help me live longer i should. windy up in brooksville on this extremely mild final morning of november, we have warm spots getting in on this way above average warmth.
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we could see a few sprinkles around later on this afternoon but the better rain chance will arrive with the cold front tomorrow. just a few clouds passed along the bay area. we have activity off to the north and west. we have powerful line of storms off to the northwest. or tornado watch is in effect with a number of ongoing severe thunderstorms warning -- thunderstorm warnings. when he gets here will not look like that . only about a 20 percent rain chance around this afternoon. a few showers possible late tonight. that will take us through the day tomorrow. a high temperature today of around 83 degrees. a 20 percent rain chance for thursday then drying back out toward the weekend. we are going to get your traffic report started with the look at your bridges. courtney campbell less than a 10 minute drive. howard franklin 6 - 7 minutes. mcginty 5 - 6 minutes.
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fantastic. 15 minutes or so from mcintosh wrote into downtown tampa. there are no delays. the selmon expressway looks fantastic, both upper and lower levels. no issues with 75. watch this crash clear on southbound 275 just north of bierce avenue. everything is moving along just fine threat area. you are delay free. knows county, all qu earlier crash on us 19 in the palm harbor area has cleared as well. the musical hamilton is doing just fine despite calls for a boycott. coming up, the major milestone the tony award-winning show just past. >> in the days continue, black friday, cyber monday, and there is one more. we will tell you -- show you how you can participate in choose women wednesday coming up. >> closed captioning is
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in 8 on your side consumer alert. in the spirit of small business day today's being called choose women wednesday in support of women in business . log onto the website, choose there you will see more than 70 retailers supporting the movement
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to support spanks. sara blakely is from clearwater. us percentage -- a percentage from the sales will help impoverished women from around the world start their own businesses. hamilton just broke a big sales record even after calls for a boycott. the 11 time 20 award-winning show generated 3 point generated $3.3 million just last week. that breaks a record to the new york times. wicked recently held that record . this group of 20 coworkers picked up their powerball prize in tennessee and tuesday after landing a $420 million winning ticket. the lucky crew work together at a stamping plant. they played twice a week and spent $60 each time. now each of them walk away with a little less than $13 million and that is before taxes but i'm sure
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with the swipe on your smartphone you can do just about anything including some pretty great things. >> coming up, how a bay area businesses trying to make relation a little less scary. >> let's take you live outside to the howard franklin bridge this morning. i don't want to step on meredith's toes but it looks like traffic is moving pretty smoothly right now. it is a great day across the bay . we will have weather and traffic on the 8s and just 3
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so far and average morning commute. this is i-4 and macintosh. westbound traffic picking up a no delays.
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dangerous thieves caught on camera, the group of moving steps that into a tampa gu that leads to their arrest. a battle over medical marijuana. why some bay area towns are trying to ban marijuana next -- dispensaries. raging wildfires in tennessee. it is forcing the evacuation of thousands of threatening many tourist attraction nation -- attractions . good morning.


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