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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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so it will be fun to cohost with her as well. all right. the news is next. we'll see you next time. bye-bye. go, bucs. >> go, bucs. [laughter] ? deadly weather, strong system moves across the southeast destroying homes and killing 3 people here today vacation destination ravaged by flames coming up we have the damage done by his unstoppable wildfires extract the driver of the big week to 9 rigged may not even know because 3 areas cars to crash what happened
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afternoon or 2 nato killed 3 people in northern alabama others injured include the children and 3 adult who took refuge from the storm at a day care center in the cab county alabama and in the town of tuscumbia storms destroyed a three-bedroom trailer here to rescue is about 3 minutes to save her 90-year-old mother and her son from the debris. >> it s community members that were out here trying to help them out and try to get orders know what was going on, where we needed to start. >> another big concern, down power lines rescue workers wanted some may still be energized extract the line of strong also hit hard to tennessee this morning. 10 shows us some of the morning -- damage in the town of benton .
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counties and tennis the. or tornado ripped through the southeast destroyed homes and businesses. right now we are in the community that is that is is still. power is out everywhere benton tennessee. power lines were ripped down. the roof was torn off and thrown across the parking lot. debris is blocking cell phone roads. shut down several major highways. we spoke with the chf river. the chiefs tells us there are at least a few fatalities. right now shelters are open for those just waste from the tornado at the local high school. expect flash flood warning to last until early afternoon. >> the storms may have helped in the wildfire battle but it was not good for firefighters. officials have now confirmed 3
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than 15,000 acres of wind -- have burned . those movies you see above apocalypse, that is what looked like a godbold place. fire and smoke everywhere expect we had not be able to get in all of the areas. we pray we do not experiencing more fatalities expect things turn flames threatened are the dollywood part another 150 buildings did not fare so well. june oliver has been closely watching the situations in alabama and tennessee. such as that situation in east tennessee, such a nice place to visit especially this time of year. this is what made it so different to fight the wildfires what allowed them to spread so quickly and seriously. this is
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that does include east tennessee . that is extreme and exceptional drought. the remedy for drought is rain and that is exactly what they received this morning but it came with the squall line of from cold front with severe weather, a number of severe thunderstorm warnings in tornado warnings earlier today. this line has weekend but it was don't want watch. this is the front that is headed our way diminish the barely bringing rain chances but it does bring relief for the mugginess. it is very warm already, 82 tampa, 79 clearwater 80 sarasota, 79 dinesen north port. check of the dewpoints upper 60s and low 40s. is muggy stuff especially this time of year. we are moving into december tomorrow talking about 2 points in the low 70s. max defender 8 is pretty quiet
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day. high temperatures climb a little bit more. see a cloud coverage as we go throughout the day. our rain chance does increase slightly. will highlight that for you coming up in a couple of minutes. >> the search is on for driver of the truck spilled gravel all over the road. it caused drivers of 3 vehicles to lose control slammed into a concrete barrier wall. is ryan hughes reports, one driver got out to check his car and was >> this is the part of the crosstown connector where the crashes happen. the driver was in spent his car near the wall when another car hit him tossing him over the wall where he landed 33 feet below. it is a dangerous stretch of road. cause trying cars trucking big- rigs pick up speed as they approach eastbound i-4. using the more dangerous when trucks
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truck ran into rebel. >> the loss of the road left massive amount of gravel on several hundred feet of roadway. the next 3 cars that came down the road, the drivers lost control. these are pictures given to news channel 8 by the florida highway patrol. it shows some of the wrecked cars. the 24-year-old driver and one of them got out to look at his car and was hit and then tossed over a barrier wall. >> of fall like that can fhp still does not know was driving the truck and they even realize some of the load spilt on the highway they want to find the driver. spat with one or have that driver losses low to please come forward. >> troopers think the man -- the truck had a kettle -- mechanical issue the man who was tossed from the wall remains in serious condition. another day of mourning is
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cubans filled plaza of revolution for service honoring becoming needed to figure -- communist dictator . the presidents of several countries move into attend the services. today his remains to part of havana on the 4 take caravan across the island. the procession will trace the reverse is victorious march from santiago to capital. it all follows days respects. >> jeff patterson has traveled -- to cover the turning point in that country's history. >> what you are seeing is a remarkable display of respect, something like it i have never seen in unit states. people are standing in this line for hours. we met people in this line from france, netherlands, the next, even from all over cuba. they will
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that are at the top of this hill . perhaps they will sign a book. they will pause for just a moment to take a picture, pay their solemn respect to move forward. this line went on into the night late last night filed by hear some of them standing in line for hours. some of them crying, some of them holding signs about it. there are leaders from all over the world here have loan in for the official observance is. caught on camera a wild scene inside of a tampa gun store. crew of crooks moving in every direction grabbing all kinds of weapons. now the question is, where did these guys in the guns in the. melanie michael has a look at this brazen crime. >> there is no doubt that the bad behavior was determined to determine and deliberate. no mistake at all because they got the goods. it is one of the wildest caught on camera moments we have ever
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bad guys smashing crashed their way into one crazy crime. check out what they did next. they pushed, shoved and run right into the gun store unleashing a fury of felonies in one big -- and one big burglary. >> the temple world that we're in right now, that is crazy that people are running around a guns. >> 35 guns to be exact. in the into this group, they came for. the owner tells us he su they ripped off long guns in handguns grabbed from store shelves and glass cases. >> it was well thought out. from what i know there were a couple of cars waiting outside to escaping going to the 2nd direction. >> the big question now where are the guns? we spoke to agents who tell us
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online, to the market and even shipped around state or to south america. >> they just wrote it through the front window, back to the truck out and about 11 people rushed in and stripped the racks and then took the guns. >> the surveillance video will be key in this case. i'm told investigators are tracking down very strongly. once again $10,000 on the table for anyone that turns in the bad guys. if you might want to take up tennis . coming up a new study that suggests you to rack up some extra years with the racket. >> i have an update on the family who fell victim to a rental scam and then thought they had figured out a way to stay home for the holidays. now they have been told they have until tomorrow it out. tony cologne caption what was a foggy start to the final day of november lakeland. a beautiful shot there. we're tracking much-needed but
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will get to the details some
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the wildlife in kansas is pretty wild. check out these images. a captured animals including a wolf in high heels, boots and a couple of gorillas. facebook page saying thanks all the people who notice their cameras in decided to have fun with them. so someone actually does look at that video. >> i thought those cameras were big-game hunters or something so does a good thing they belonged the police. what we need is some rain. >> we have chances for rain. they are not slamdunk which has been case from november. we have an underachiever headed our way tomorrow to start out
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video from lakeland all mall where we are already up to 80 degrees. like yesterday we will likely to see an increase in cloud cover moving on through the afternoon hours for max defender 8, that is completely dry at this point we will see the potential for a stray shower 2 moving on through the afternoon. this is the latest look over the satellite imagery. you can see the increase in cloud cover, just some fairweather clouds that the heat of the day with all of the moisture above us in the line of storms that have ripped through the southeast. the good news is that is the tornado watch through portions of alabama and georgia, the has been dropped. will continue to watch this but overall is -- it is decaying. that front will move through tomorrow but nothing like we saw earlier today . this month, as we close out today, 1/100 of an inch of rain fall,
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the tires -- ties us for our 2nd driest november going back to the 1800. the only one we didn't be out in november 1960 there was no rainfall. >> here's a look at the 2nd half of the day. more clouds then son expected. it does continue to be muggy as we went on that front. it drops in from the north and west tonight and then during the day tomorrow. some areas of fog to start off thursday and then a few for another reminder, kindness say is coming up next friday. we are partnering with the rough riders to get those distributed to kids in need who won't be able to be home for the holiday season. also toys for tots, feeding america and a blood drive. this all takes place in our parking lot here a channel 8 studios, 200 s. street. if you can make it, come by and say hello. if you can help out one of our causes we would greatly appreciate that.
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high temperatures back into the lower 80s. overnight will see the showers arriving. we have chance of those during our 3rd day a little bit cooler with highs around 80 degrees. than we will get slightly cooler indefinitely less muggy as we head toward the weekend. temperatures down in the middle to upper 70s. it is a scam that hurts the most vulnerable, cr and it is happening all over the bay area. tomorrow pasco county family will be forced to leave the home they were tricked into renting. shannon behnken has the story and the information you need to protect yourself . >> unless something happens quickly, dean is one day away from being homeless. >> here it is christmas and i have my kids have to be out on
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the real on the -- owner wants them out . she saw sign advertising this home in holiday . the rent was $800 a month in the house was a dream. >> when i open the door and i walked in i saw my children going up. i saw me growing up there. it reminded me of my grandmothers house. a few days in the sheriffs office showed w their supposedly on lord did not own the home. she was arrested and had done his for him hillsborough and pasco county . molina applied to rent the house but she didn't qualify. >> is scary that i'm not going to be able to have a place to live. >> rental scams are so prevalent that long as they can keep up but there are ways to
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the home. look up the house on your county 's property appraisal website. talk to neighbors and make sure they know your new landlord, and don't pay in cash. search for the home address in -- online . if it is a scam you might find multiple ads in red flags molina holds her story will help others in hopes someone will offer her another chance. >> this all live. >> this type of scam is so common that on the way back another woman called crying to tell me that she had fallen victim to this type of spam and this time it was in pinellas county. if you have a problem that needs solving you better call behnken the number of 855 behnken .
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shoppers to support women in business. consumers can log into the website and shot more than 70 retailers who are supporting the movement. a percentage of sales will support microloans to help women start their own businesses . fewer americans have health care related that. about 60 percent of people under 65 16 percent of people under 65 live in families that are struggling to pay their medical bills. families with children have more problems playing -- paying health care bills as our families without insurance and those living in poverty. affecting your tennis game could also improve your health. researchers looked at how participating in 6 different
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shown to have 40 percent with death less than any other cause. soccer and running did not reduce the risk of death. it is probably one last thing to think about, shopping or -- think about shopping for our line -- online but? making -- cremations are
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anything on your smart phone or computer. now a new funeral business here in the bay area is giving customers the option of making and paying for cremations online. mary mcguire gives us a look at how right choice cremations is giving consumers a new option. >> from grabbing food to ordering a ride, consumers have the power to do almost anything with the swipe on their smart phone. the services are typically turn 6 feet under. >> you are able to do all of the arrangements online from selecting the earn or the keepsake items that your family may want to paying and filing all of the necessary documents. >> bay area families can now make them pay for cremation arrangements for themselves or a loved one online at right choice cremation in brandon. >> go to right choice cremation
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business and bring it into a digital age. two thirds of adults shop online every month and one third does so each week. it appears that the time has come for this concept. >> everyone is more tech savvy nowadays. >> idea planning your own cremation may sound morbid but those in the industry believe it is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving. >> this is a gift to your family in the future so they'll have to worry about it when you pass away. they'll have families can also visit the right choice cremation facility in brandon if they prefer to make the arrangements in person. right choice cremation office customers a full refund if they are not satisfied with the services. every day we learn something new and interesting about donald trump's presidential plans. today he is out with the big announcement about separating his new job from his old one.
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wildfires are scorching tennessee mountains strong storms hammered alabama. both situations prove dangerous and deadly. we will bring details on the storms and our own dry conditions right here in the sunshine state. it is another day of deliberation at the trump tower. big announcements expected. trump disclosed special news of his own this morning via twitter. and one bay area city keep the marijuana dispensaries from opening. we will show you the effort to keep them out of this town. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. there are breaking developments out of tennessee right now where wildfires have ravaged gatlinburg. officials now confirmed the death toll has risen to the feet . the thief -- the 4th fatality
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4. the 4th fatality was unveiled this morning. >> in northeastern alabama 3 more people died when a nato slammed into that area. at least several others are the scene of what used to be a 24-hour day care. luckily the daycare was closed when the storm hit the several adults and children were inside. we are told they will be okay. at least 25 other homes were also damaged. in oliver is closely watching the situations in alabama, tennessee and right
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we're still tracking that line of storms that created the severe weather early this morning. it is not as nearly as intense as it was. part of alabama still has a severe tornado warning on it. we have a warning one in -- running until 1:00 this afternoon . our temperatures are searching out in advance of this front which will make it through the day tomorrow but in a much diminished state bring us a chance of a few showers during the day thursday. these temperatures are way low 80s. 88 degrees breaking 10 as well as sarasota. it is the dew points that you really notice. it is muggy out there, upper 60s and low 70s. it feels like 72 in plant city. the dewpoint has it more like the beginning of october in the beginning of november -- december. no showers to track to ship . through the end of the day we
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showers. we have 10 percent rain chance through the 2nd part of the day today. slightly elevated tomorrow as the front make it's way through >> we have raking news out of charlotte north carolina. prosecutors have decided not to file charges against the charlotte police officer shot and killed a man back in september sparking several days of protest and unrest. officer bradley vincent sh him. that whole encounter was captured on video. police say scott ignored orders to drop a gun. his wife says he did not have a gun and had just taken medicine for a traumatic brain injury which made it difficult for him to communicate. big announcements are expected out of trump tower today. one of those announcements was just made this morning. the president-elect tweeted he will leave his business and will hold a news conference in
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in the meantime he is putting together his cabinet. here's tracy potts. >> i think the american people are saying the leadership and to the energy that our president-elect will bring to the white house on january 20. >> reporter: 2 more announcements are expected today. goldman sachs alum stephen my nugent as treasury secretary and billionaire wilbur ross as commerce secretary in the air, secretary of state. >> my sense is he has narrowed it down to a very small group of people -- reporter: including mitt romney. he had dinner with donald trump last night . >> the people that he has selected, the members of his cabinet are solid affect and capable people. >> reporter: cameras are swarming trump tower pick >> we talked about the secretary of labor. >> reporter: mike pence meets
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they are ready to quickly confirm donald trump's cabinet. n'sync on governing but not flagburning. >> in this country we have tradition of supporting our freedom of speech. i support the supreme court. >> reporter: donald trump suggest jail or loss of citizenship. he heads off on a thank you to her in a rally in cincinnati. he will appear in indiana to talk about 1000 factory jobs that will not be leaving that state for kellogg is taking it's advertisements off the breitbart news website. they are considered an all right website. steve bannan will now serve as donald trump's chief white house strategists. a statement from kellogg said it does not want to advertise on sites that are not aligned with it's values. less than a month ago the state voted to legalize medical marijuana.
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we break down the plan to at least temporary -- temporarily put pot on hold. this dispensary is already open it in zephyrhills they want a band businesses like these from moving in at least temporarily. medical marijuana, a hot button issue in this year's election won the state of florida voted yes to. >> 71 percent of floridians that is a clear mandate that the people want this. since then zephyrhills has passed an ordinance to temporarily and dispensaries from opening there . >> it is still a federal offense to sell it but we need to be able to decide do we wanted in his seat to zone, next to a church -- c c2 zone, do we wanted next to a church, do we wanted next to school? >> the band pushes it out for -- ban pushes it out for a
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>> what is someone have to receive the treatment in the mail or drive to get it when it is something that they need? >> some things need to be figured out on the state level not the local level. >> city leaders say they are just being proactive. >> we're trying to be in front of it before someone tries to common and we cannot undo -- come in and we cannot do >> you have these last few elements fighting back to try to hold onto power and it is just a failed fight. >> the vote in zephyrhills did pass unanimously in here in hillsboro county there is this month ban but that only ban new dispensaries from opening because clearly some businesses are already open but that ban will be lifted in april .
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legal land beach retreat under construction in winter haven. construction crews are working hard to finish the retreat before it opens to the public. this is the very first beach theme retreat in the legoland family of resorts. it will feature 83 beach themed bungalows offering 166 separate rooms that are meant to look like a child made them. >> say here it is as if you you played with at home as a child whether you are 10 years old, 30 years old, 50 years old, this will remind you of all the time we spent playing with lego bricks at home. >> the beach retreat will bring 100 new jobs polk county. construction began less than a year ago. >> maybe you have noticed the price of gas djing up over the last few days. this may have something to do with it. opec
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levels. oil prices have jumped more than $2 a barrel. so far a rivalry between saudi arabia and iran has hindered a cut in production. martin scorsese had the chance to meet pope francis today at the vatican. his new film silence screen does this week in rome. is about jesuit missionaries in the 17th century. pope francis is also a jesuit and he mentioned that he had read the novel on which the film is based. why would hundred strong for funeral is someone they never met? coming up our community came together for a hero who served and struggle. plus, how does a suite treat sound that is also healthy? gayle guyardo shows us that treat. it is pending -- trending on petrus.
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your something forecast after
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a green bay packers fan can finally put some pants on although i think he is opting not to. glenn has been wearing shorts in the chilly snowy weather all season long thing he wouldn't be putting back on trousers until the green bay packers broke their losing streak. they one him wearing shorts has been luck for the team so he will continue wearing them. >> he strikes me as the type of guy that goes to the ski resort and wears ski boots in shorts.
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mountains and numerous ski resorts into a winter wonderland. approximately 16 inches of snow has fallen in the last 7 days in breckenridge. up until now there was a lack of snow causing winter events to be canceled but now they are back on just like that. a quick 16 inches of snow and winter is in business in colorado. i'm sure a lot of skiers are rejoicing. if you are meteorologist you might also be pretty excited about that. live look out from the late club into late wood ranch. just like yesterday with the humidity, sure above us, we have seen increasing cloud cover already heading toward the lunch hour and we will likely see more clouds and sun in most spots heading on through the 2nd part of the day. that temperature already way above average with the south wind at around 5 to 10 miles- per-hour. max defender 8 is clear that don't be surprised we see a few sprinkles in some very light showers crop up with the heat of the day through the afternoon hours. that is what we see on the visible satellite imagery.
11:45 am
cumulus clouds are developing. the strong storms are back to the northwest still moving on to the southeast where the tornado watch continues for another hour or so we have one ongoing severe thunderstorm warning. this line will make it's way through the tampa bay area early tomorrow but it will look anything like that just a few showers at best and we could really use a few showers after this historically dry november. on the month so far, one 100 of an inch of rain at tampa international airport. that is a deficit of better than an inch and a half tied for our 2nd driest november on record going back to the late 1800s, the only november that was drier, 1960 when no rainfall was measured at the airport. here's a look at the 2nd part of the day. you can see some extra cloud coverage, also the potential for stray shower 2 still staying muggy. the cold front approaches during the overnight hours, make it's way through during
11:46 am
for a few showers. it is a small one, only a 20 percent chance of showers like most of the friends we saw here in november, it is falling apart as it moves on through. we will not produce any widespread rain although we could really use it after things have gotten really drive . we have stray shower chance with high temperatures close to 10 degrees above average right around 83. some areas of fog developing tonight, a few showers possible closer to daybreak as temperatures only fall back front. 20 percent rain chance with mostly cloudy skies during the day tomorrow. high temperatures are cooler for well above average right around 80 degrees then cooler drier air continues to filter in moving toward the weekend with high temperatures by friday and saturday back run average in the mid-70s. >> a big crowd gathered in wyoming to say goodbye to a homeless veterans many of them had never even met. the large crowd attended the funeral service of stephen ryman in
11:47 am
ptsd. after he died the local corner struggle to find any of his family members so he asked -- to attend his service . eventually she found his sister who was overwhelmed by the turnout at the service. >> i am so grateful. i never ever expected to turn out like this for all that i have been given. >> hundreds turned up for the funeral. it is a popped up on pictures -- suite craves -- it is a sweet craze that has popped up on petrus. gayle guyardo shows us more -- pinterest . drill -- gayle guyardo shows a small -- more. it is hard to believe but sweet potato toast is trending
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off. i cut off the ends and slice. here is one slice of toast, sweet potato toast. >> this dietitian shows me it is just that easy. pop it in your toaster. it takes a little bit longer than regular toast but it will brown like the real deal.>> that is perfect. you can pick this up and have it just like toast. >> and you can topic just like toast with anything you want. >> i tried the peanut butter combination and it right now we have an important announcement for frontier communication subscribers. frontier communications contract expires today at 5 pm. as a right now a new agreement has not been reached, and by law, for your communications -- frontier communications cannot carry our tv stations without an agreement . please know we
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to negotiate. without fair and equitable treatment, local tv stations will not be able to continue to provide top already news, sports , entertainment, and other local programming that is important to you. we thank you for your support and please know you have many choices and you may continue to watch news channel 8 over the air via antenna or by switching to an alternate pay-tv provider. for further information on this story and to learn more about those alternate providers, t alternate providers, visit us -- visit us online at . if you haven't gotten enough of dolly parton keep watching news channel 8 for her special. it airs tonight at 9. it is the last chapter in the life of a young dolly parton. the young girl is hoping that
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>> it is a story about sacrifice and what the parents are willing to do for their children and one of the children ultimately willing to do so that their mom and dad can have a nice christmas. >> the story in the message may strike some as old fast and but dolly parton says -- old- fashioned but dolly parton says she wouldn't have it any other way . this evening the rockefeller christmas tree will be lit in new york city. the 84th annual tree lighti live right here on news channel 8 at 8 pm. garth brooks, josh groban, and dolly parton are some of the high-profile guest will be performing holiday songs tonight . the story of friendship told through pictures. coming up a boy and his best friend has more than 1000 -- 100,000
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a boy and his dog are becoming a bit -- big hit on social media. they are part of the mission to help other kids who need a place to call home. always camera ready but he really shines when he is with his best 2, 3-year-old buddy. 3-year-old buddy. buddy is a foster child living in oregon. >> i saw the -- i started calling him reagan 's little buggy -- buddy. together the pointer dog are nothing short of adorable.
11:55 am
day one. >> the voters never show a clear view of buddy's face for his protection at the to have more than 100,000 instagram followers. because of that foster grandma had an idea, a book. >> i felt like it is a story that needs to be told in addition to cute pictures, the good, -- the good that they had been able to do for each other and for foster kids nonprofit that the arts foster caregivers like buddy's foster mom kari lewis. foster care has been one of the hardest but absolute best things that we have ever done. >> there are more than 400,000 foster children in the united states with more than 100,000 awaiting placement. the pictures tell you a lot about love, joy, and sharing. >> it is such a powerful
11:56 am
dog needs it is kind. -- who needs a new friend. >> that is best story i have seen in a long time, those pictures. >> dogs are the best companion in raising money like that is a good one. we're still very muggy as we wait on the cold front tomorrow. we have extra clouds this afternoon with a tiny 10 percent chance of a stray shower with highs back in the low to mid 80s. way through with a slightly better rain chance but not a home run by any sledge -- stretch of the imagination, 20 percent tomorrow. it will bring us relief from the humidity headed toward the weekend. cooler tempers from -- cooler temperatures from what we consider average . i will see you back here -- on first at 4 news channel 8. every day.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. wow, everybody! it's our favorite day. it's wines day wednesday and hump day, november 30th. >> yes, it is. >> look at our three hunks. >> every day's wednesday. >> piece of chicken, right? >> come on. >> it's really going to be fun. just -- ours until the lighting of the rockefeller tree, which you know --


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