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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 30, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 7:00: >> good evening.
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trevor dooley was convicted of murdering his neighbor. he asked for bond while waiting for an appeal on his case. rod carter tells us the victim's widow is very upset about his release. >> reporter: katrina was shaking when i gave her the news that trevor dooley was being released on bond. >> how do you feel? >> of course, it's extremely disappointing. >> reporter: trevor dooley, convicted of the 2010 ti james, one and appeal based on what his defense called erroneous journey instruction. and the judge signed approval for a bond but travel is restricted to hernando county where he lives now and he is not permitted to possess weapons and cannot have any contact with the victim's family members. katrina has a message for trevor dooley and his family.
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holidays. i know your birthday is coming up i believe in december. christmas, new year's, new year's, all the rest. just remember we never got to continue any of that with dj because you took him from us. so enjoy that time. >> reporter: rod carter, news channel 8. temple police need your help identifying the person who drove their car and hit someone more than two weeks ago. there are still many unanswered questions. jana jones talked with tampa police today and found out why this case has been so difficult to solve. >> reporter: cameras rolling as punches are thrown and then a car plows over a man and then plows through the bad monkey bar. a video with evidence and a video with what looks like
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scattered. >> reporter: police thought they would get information from the man that was mode over but he is not talking. police have a car that hit that man but they say it's not that straightforward. >> one of the challenges with a hit and run is you have to definitively know who was behind the wheel of the car at the time. >> reporter: making things more complicated, this is a rental car. >> it might be easier to figure out who should have been driving the car but not necessarily who was. >> reporter: that could explain no >> very often when people see video, they see that's their neighbor and they give us a tip. if they are from out of town it's not as easy. >> reporter: jana jones and ybor city, news channel 8. returning a phone found during an uber ride ended in a shoot out for a group of friends. debbie eason hallsburg telis daniel smith opened fire on the victims when he met them to retrieve the phone. one of the victims returned
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investigators believe lit candles started a fire in odessa. the homeowner said she fell asleep with the candles still lit. her husband died in the fire. she also said they were smoke alarms in the home that did not go off. family and friends of a popular bandmember are trying to prevent another tragedy. robert cartwright was killed on an eye 19 accident. jamel lanee' shows us how his loved ones are pushing for change.>> how ma >> reporter: kelly says enough is enough. she started a petition for a traffic light at u.s. 19 and beach boulevard following the fatal crash of friend robert cartwright sunday. >> i have been wanting to do it for years because i live close by and i have been seeing how many accidents have been happening. >> reporter: she says the issue is the constant illegal u- turns. grew at -- cartwright was riding south and a driver made the turn and cartwright crashed
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i just don't get it. i could see if there was just one sign and one car doesn't see it but there is literally three no u-turn signs before they even get there to warn you don't do it.>> reporter: after several studies, the florida d.o.t. concluded that beach avenue doesn't want to light. officials say there isn't enough traffic volume here and adding another light with two nearby would cause conduct -- cause congestion. jamel lanee', news channel 8 fidel castro's ashes were driven to the cuban capital of havana today. crowds gathered as the convoy passed by on its four day journey to castro's final resting place. jeff patterson is the only bay area reporter in cuba with reaction. >> this is a baseball street in old havana. the first time i was here, i was hit by the music, the art some of the culture of this street. the music is silent malice
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by the beauty of the area. >> it's amazing here. >> reporter: hope mckinney is a student from florida that has been in this country on and off since 2014. >> it's an incredible place with incredible people. >> reporter: like many, she will always remember where she was at this moment in history. >> where were you when you heard the news? >> i was out with my friends at a nearby bar, seeing my >> reporter: the band canceled the show, the music went silent, and people began to process what was going on. >> i think there were very mixed reactions. among young people, it is a complicated thing especially. >> reporter: complicated because fidel castro has not been the leader he once was for many years. >> i have a few friends who took it emotionally. fidel has been in their lives their entire life. it's like the great grandpa died.>> reporter: nia runs a restaurant, renting out her
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>> i cry for fidel castro yeah. >> reporter: when she heard of castro's death she immediately called family but over the years, so many rumors of fidel castro's death had been spread that no one believed her. >> my family lived in miami. i call. mom, what happened? fidel dead. no no no. >> reporter: this time, not only possible but true. the music will start here in a few days before future is uncertain without fidel castro. jeff patterson, news channel 8. >> jeff will bring us exclusive reports from cuba this week as the country continues to mourn the death of fidel castro. chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us live right now. you talked about that little bit of rain. it fell directly on me and my car. do you know why? >> why is that? >> because i washed my car. i seriously was like steve
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i don't know who else is talking about it. >> a few drops. you even used your windshield wipers. >> i did. >> your car looks awful. the dust has settled. >> perfect. >> let's take a look at what is happening. max defender 8 is picking up a few showers moving south to northeast. most of the activity right now is out in sectionsof that is all moving rapidly off to the northeast but it's still possible inland areas for elsewhere have a sprinkler two. today is the last day of the 2016 hurricane season. we saw 15 named storms, three hurricanes and -- five hurricanes and three were major. today marks the end of the 2016 season. florida did feel some effects, especially on the east coast but on the west coast as well
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temperature in clearwater, 73 degrees and clearwater. tampa, plant city, 72 degrees. brinton 75 degrees in winter haven 70 degrees. temperatures will be mild largely because the humidity is so high. a cold front is on the way. we will talk about the effects coming up tomorrow. still ahead, i am standing at the lake glant -- the lakeland linder airport. you are taking a look at the new home for the noaa airport.
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z26htz z16fz y26hty y16fy legoland is making a big splash into the resort business next year with plans to open a brand-new retreat in winter haven. as mary mcguire shows us, all of your favorite legal fans are heading to the beach with you.>> see you real soon.
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-- april 7, 2017. >> reporter: construction workers are working hard to finish the legoland beach retreat. transforming this site into a toy wonderland. >> when you stay here, it's as if you are staying among with toys that you played without home as a child. whether you are 10 years old, 30 years old, 50 years old, this will remind you of all of lego bricks at home. >> reporter: this is a very first north american beach themed retreat in the legal and family and is located about a half-mile from the theme park entrance. it is designed with the same details and kid centric features as its counterpart across the street. bold designs, bright colors, and lots of lego toys. >> we are the first legoland resort in north america to add this style of accommodation.>> reporter: it will feature 83 beach themed bungalows offering
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meant to look like a child made them. while the resort is geared toward children, it will have a lot for adults to love like a pool bar, retail shop and restaurant. i am mary mcguire, news channel 8 once open, the beach retreat will bring 100 new jobs to and they are set to open on april 2 of next year. legoland itself opened in 2011. coming up, a million-dollar heist con camera. we will show you how one daring thief managed to gather the lead that not make a speedy
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on wall street today, the dow was up just less than two points. the s&p 500 was that about six points and the nasdaq was down about 56. the number of people with type ii diabetes has risen sharply in some states are worse than others. in alabama and west virginia, 16% of people have diabetes according to a gallup health ways report. colorado, utah have lower rates at 8%. obesity remains the leading factor behind the increase.
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the spread of the aids virus ahead of world aids day. the pope's message signaled a shift in the vatican's stand on using contraception. however, the pope was more concerned about access to treatment. he asked people to pray for everyone to see they -- to receive adequate treatment. one dallas restaurant refuses to serve customers with certain types of tattoos. littlewood wrote is turning way -- little woodrow is tattoos. kellogg's announced it is pulling its ads from the breitbart news site. breitbart's future -- previous chair is now chief strategist for the president-elect. kellogg's said it could not advertise on websites that don't share their core values. breitbart called the move a mistake. a drunk driver caused a
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check it out. police say the driver crashed over a median, and then into the car lot where the vehicle sheared off a fire hydrant. that sent water gushing everywhere flooding the entire lot and the cars. the suspect and a passenger fled the scene but were caught on the road a short time later. one brazen thief pulled off a $1.6 million gold heist in new york in broad daylight. the nypd is looking for this guy who snatched gold flakes from the back of an open armored truck getting away wasn't easy. the pricey bucket of flakes late about 86 pounds. police believe the man may now be in orlando or miami. get ready to play some of your classic video games again, this time on facebook. pac-man and space invaders are just two of the favorites being rolled out with the feature. you can play alone or challenge your friends through the messenger app.
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after months of searching, the noaa hurricane hunters will have a new home at the lakeland linder airport. what this means for liquid. >> reporter: i am standing at the hangar that will be their new home. right inside here, they are going to have offices and an operations center built. construction has already started back there. there will be a brand-new hangar. when a hurricane hits, the hurricane hunters fly into the storm. giving the any other. >> we are sampling the environment. >> reporter: they learned they needed to find a new home. >> macdill has other needs right now. we have been fortunate to be there for 30 years but they didn't receive any military construction money and they have 100 new people and eight tankers coming in. >> reporter: after months of searching, they landed in
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airport. >> reporter: construction is already underway for their 100,000 square-foot operation center. noaa will be one of if not the biggest tenant because -- at the airport. this means millions more in revenue at the airport and beyond for the next 10 years. >> it is a total game changer. >> reporter: y lakeland? >> the decision came down to cost. >> reporter: plus there will be more than enough room for the nine state-of-the-art aircraft in its is within 50 miles of macdill air force base. >> we have 110 le decades and we couldn't risk losing any of them. >> reporter: most important, they have a new place to continue doing what they do best. >> our purpose remains the same, serving the nation, providing data and protecting lives. >> reporter: the goal is to have them move in by may 2017. and lakeland, melissa marino news channel 8. hurricane season ends today and begins again in june. l -- now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve
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>> i actually saw umbrellas and that story. there were a few m1 showers and raindrops farther west as well. most of the shower activity to the east at the moment. you can see it moving through southeastern sections of polk county and perhaps northern sections of highland county moving rapidly toward the our yearly rainfall since january 1, over 52 inches of rain. compare that to extreme drought conditions causing wildfires in places like tennessee but also georgia, alabama extremely dry. for us, 8.3 inches above normal. last year was also above normal. we are not in drought conditions. it is always nice to get those above normal numbers. temperatures in the low 70s this evening. is a cloudy skies. you saw shower activity on max defender 8. 70 degrees. thanked the high humidity for that. in the afternoon, a few clouds
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we are currently 70 degrees at tampa international. to the west, showers and thunderstorms. active severe weather in atlanta and south carolina today. showers kind of wrapping up today. clouds to the west and we will see clouds move in with the approach of this front. as we head throughout the evening hours, you can see a few extra clouds around the region and the wind is coming in from the south. a big reason why it feels so humid around the region. differro us that rain chance that we have at about 20% for the area tomorrow. 79 degrees for a high, 86 degrees on friday. i think we had to add breezy to that as well. it will just feel cooler and drier. beyond that period, saturday, sunday, monday, temperatures warm back up is that front lifts back north. that will make it feel warmer and a bit more humid. high temperatures in the low
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visiting the state of florida. >> especially those warm lows. 69 degrees. >> pretty warm this time of year. about 10 degrees above normal.>> the visitors a loving
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one might say a hotel in turkey is for the birds, literally. more than 2000 pigeons have already taken up residence in the one-of-a-kind resort. the hotel features 20 to 30
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makeshift locks. the guests are cared for by local pigeon enthusiasts and volunteers. i would like to be a local pigeon enthusiast. that sounds like a job i would enjoy. >> [ laughter ] get a business card. jennifer leigh, local pigeon enthusiast. this is king louis, a 23 pound lobster caught near brunswick, canada. he was taken someone's dinner plate. instead, a woman paid $10 a pound so he could be returned to the sea. be free, king louis. i don't think the really big ones are delicious anyway are they?>> they are interesting to look like -- look at that they would be hard to eat. so why not return him? >> you are a large man. maybe it wouldn't be that hard for you to eat a 23 pound lobster.>> or send me back to
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>> old man from the sea. that's a different story. thank you for joining us. we will be back here at 11:00. >> does this confirm they're officially a couple? now on "extra." kissing, hugging, frolicking in the dancer bryan tanaka going public with rumored relationship. hillary clinton's big surprise for katy perry. our new interview with katy, a day after spotte wearing a possible engagement ring from orlando bloom. press-elect trump feasting
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>> inside jean-georges. >> the kardashians versus kanye? >> and pop star demi lovato opening up about battle with bipolar disorder. how she took control of her mental illness and ufc star boyfriend helping her find happiness. plus bon jo sexiest on earth. >> gigi hadid backstage at victoria's secret show. entertainment capital of l.a. welcome to "extra." i'm mario lopez. coming up khloe kardashian new video tour inside denim factory. and rihanna, taylor or
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in 2016. and after rumors, mariah carey confirms dating backup dancer. there's definitely no hiding this romance anymore. aloha. brand new pics. mariah and bryan tanaka lip-locked in a passionate kiss. "extra" with the hot shots of the not so secret >> does have a crush on her. pda show near grand wailea resort. >> we have shows in hawaii around thanksgiving time. >> just days before her reality show premiers on "e!." just days after told mario this about engagement ending to james


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