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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  December 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> it's the time of year for gifts and piracy. 8 on your side is making sure your gifts are safe. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i thanks for being with us.
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everything and have it but -- brought to our doorsteps. >> but it also makes it easier on people who want to rip you off. meredith has high tech ways to slam the door on?. >> having someone take the packages of your doorstep is frustrating and unnerving. fortunately, there are ways to be in control of deliveries had all times and some of them won't cost you a penny. fedex ships to their locations or fedex express stations free. a free ups my joist membership gives you the option to leave packages with a neighbor or for five dollars, have packages delivered to any address. >> you can decide when they are delivered and of where. . amazons free amazon locker service is a one-time use po box. you choose a delivery location and use an unlocked cloture -- unlock key to retrieve the
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pinellis, manatee, pasco, and hernando county's. the package guard is a car alarm for your porch. the wi-fi device notifies your phone when a delivery arrives and must be disarmed before the package is moved. cameras can capture criminals if the picture is clear enough. blank or nest cameras -- blink or nest cameras you. the august smart lock device remotely locks and unlock stores. >> the package gets delivered, i can ask my neighbors to swing over there, drop the package off, shut the door and looked behind them. truck for a big investment, the lockbox is a $500 still container that both to any surface and is opened with a code you share with your delivery service. the three major delivery services, the u.s. postal
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to deliver 1.8 billion packages this holiday season. back to you. >> thank you, meredith. polk county detectives are looking for two guys who tried and failed to steal a boat. you can see a pickup truck back up to the trailer, try to hitch it but as soon as the truck pulls away, the trailer separates from it. they drive off without the boat but detectives believe the same suspects went on to still other things in a nearby special needs caught on fire in north fort myers. the fire left the bus age hard mess. the driver was able to get everyone out safely and an investigation is underway but the ceo of the bus company says the driver did everything right. a suspect is in custody after holding multiple people hostage inside a jacksonville bank.
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this morning. at least 11 people were taken hostage for two hours. no one was hurt. a driver is recovering from a scary situation. marilyn ramos was driving in jamaica bay with her three and four-year-old children when she heard a loud bang. when she pulled over, she found out a window had been shot. police believe it was from abb or a pellet gun but it could have been deadly. ramos is happy her family is okay. >> as long as it didn't harm me , stop me from going home to my kid, i can deal with it.>> ramos has already replaced her window but says she is still on edge. rescue crews in gatlinburg are desperately searching for missing people at the area is devastated by wildfires. at least 10 people have died and nearly 80 hurt. gatlinburg is still an evacuation zone. the mayor had some comforting words for the community today. >> gatlinburg is the people, that's what gatlinburg is.
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buildings. it's not anything else, but the people. we are the strongest community i have ever seen and we're going to be good. we're going to be strong, we're going to be back better than ever. >> officials say the goal is to open main roads on monday so residents can slowly begin returning home. entertainer dolly parton is helping the victims of the tennessee wildfires. she is donating $1000 a month for who lost their homes. immigration was a hot topic during the presidential election that could be a hot topic in the florida state legislature. our capital bureau investigator says there could be an argument brewing over how much students pay for college. >> how much do we want?
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>> reporter: undocumented students from across the state took to the capital in 2014. week after week, they rallied in support of a bill that granted in-state tuition to some undocumented children looking to go to college. the historic bill was passed with bipartisan support. >> we have the funding to pay for education. >> reporter: daniel was a student when the bill was being debated in supported if passage. she came to florida from ecuador at six months old. >> we have clients at florida state university that benefit from this waiver. >> reporter: now tuition benefits in jeopardy for undocumented students. >> i was angry. i was disappointed. >> why punish those students that have done everything right? that have gone through education, applied and been admitted to a university. >> reporter: the house speaker and senate president voted against the bill in 2014 before
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the bill because -- craig -- greg stuby repealed the bill. >> when the bill passed in 2014, the governor signed the -- signed the legislation and call it -- called it a historic day. the pentagon is forgiving debt owed by thousands of california national guard soldiers. the problem started when the defense department try to recoup reenlistment bonuses that were paid out to the soldiers who served overseas. however, soldiers who knew they were ineligible will have to repay the bonus. this new deal is part of a larger defense bill that will be voted on in just a couple of days. an alert for everyone who owns a computer and cell phone, which is pretty much all of us. a new rule takes effect today allowing federal agents to search millions of devices with a single search warrant. the updated rule is essential
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one senator who tried to block the bill says it is government hacking. charlie crist is a familiar name for floridians but in washington he is a freshman. the newly elected house member vied for office space with his fellow newbies. the freshman on the hill must draw numbers from a lottery system to determine what order they can select their office space for the next two years. he didn't have the best of luck. take a look. >> mr. crist drew >> [ applause ] >> thank you. >> he said thank you at least. 50 is dead last so he can pace -- kiss that nice office space goodbye but he said the last is first, close -- quoting the book of matthew. we're learning more about
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coming up, what the pilots knew in the final minutes of that doomed flight. a manatee rescue mission. we will tell you why moving stranded manatees from one bay area lake is so important. it started out one this morning with the temperatures in the 70s. that's really warm for this time of year but a cold front is passing through with much cooler air ahead. we will talk about shortly. >> we will have that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8, the station that is always
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eagle 8 hd is brought to you by your local suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local hyundai dealer today or visit >> now to stories making headlines around the globe. we are learning new details about a plane crash that killed members of a brazilian soccer team. experts are investigating a black box that stated the plane
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recordings between the pilot and the control tower. the pilot said the aircraft was in total electrical failure and was out of fuel. the plane slammed into a hill in columbia -- colombia. one of the goaltenders is speaking out about the crash. >> translator: i don't know why he didn't want to take me. that was in his head. it was my destiny. i have this dual feeling of being alive today but deep in my heart >> last night, thousands of fans filled the stadium where the team was set to play its biggest match ever. the french satirical paper charlie hedbo published its first german language version and germany has given the best reception of the paper except france since the deadly terrorist attack in 2015. the addition will be available starting today.
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the south pole due to medical problems. buzz aldrin was visiting the cold climate as part of a private tourist group. he is stable but when he got there he started to feel sick. he was flown from a u.s. research center on the arctic coast to new zealand. rapper kanye west is feeling better and he was admitted to ucla medical center after suffering exhaustion and sleep deprivation. he went to the hospital after canceling the remainder of his san pablo tour. lebron james has been named the sports illustrated person of the year. the magazine says they chose him for historic performances playing the game. this year, lebron james took them to a major championship for the first time since 1964 and this is the second time james has received this honor. florida fish and wildlife means to save manatees from a
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them if you spot one on lake tarpon. anthony allred joins us from palm harbor. how has the search for manatees been doing today? >> reporter: you are going to have to follow me on this. three manatees were spotted on lake tarpon, three captured, given a clean bill of health and returned back to the wild. i guess you could say it was a very good day for manatees on lake tarpon. right before noon, fish and wildlife pulled this massive eight-foot manatee from lake tarpon. >> once we find a manatee, we will capture it, bring it on to the boat, and bring it up here on shore for a health assessment. we want to make sure these manatees are healthy enough to be released back into the wild and back into the warmer waters. >> reporter: part of the assessment consent -- containers regimens, blood samples and weighing the massive mammal. >> the first was a juvenile male.
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body fat. his weight looked good compared to his length. he was an exceptionally good health and condition. >> reporter: hours later, fwc brought in this second, much smaller baby calf as part of an effort to save the manatees from when the water temperature dips into the 60s. >> we are concerned that the water is getting too cold for them. manatees can really only be comfortable in water warmer than 68 degrees manatees ca that is kind of the threshold for good water for a manatee. >> reporter: the manatees captured on this day got a clean bill of health and released back to the wild. the whole process was a sight to see 14 a hatton. -- for tina hatton. >> i was thinking this poor creature is wondering where am i? where is my family?
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>> reporter: it's giving me goosebumps being out here all day while they pulled three manatees from the water. before our last shot, they got the third one out of the water and gave it a clean bill of health. they are returning it to safety harbor. it was a very good day out here on lake tarpon. >> a quick question. now that they have pulled three manatees out of the water, is fwc going back to look to make sure there are no other manatees on lake tarpon? or do they think they got them all. >> they think they got all three that were spotted but to be safe, they are coming back out here tomorrow at 8:00 to search for more. as the sun has gone down, it is getting a little cold so i understand why they want these manatees out of the water. >> they are true floridians. they like warm water as they should. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> with a cold front coming
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cooler. water temperatures will drop but it's not a super cold front. it is a little cooler. in terms of precipitation, highland county is seen most of the precipitation if any. the eastern sections of highland moving off to the northeast. there is really not a whole lot going on in the way of precipitation at the moment. a few clouds remember -- remain at innisbrook. 68 degrees at palm harbor. with that wind shift, temperatures will be a little er jacket. new port richey, 68 degrees. not a real strong breeze. humidity at 77%. and cloudy skies and land o lakes at the moment. 73% relative humidity. here at veterans ford, traffic moving right along. not too bad under mostly cloudy
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winter. 24 days out for christmas. 31 days to new year's. that year has really gone fast. our temperatures will warm right back up again. we are talking but a cold front here but the effects will quickly go away as the front my >> to the north. a warm front in the north comes with the 80s. a few clouds left to start the day tomorrow. that's a big change from this morning. 71 degrees for a low. northeasterly wind. dew points delhi at 67 degrees but that will change once that front pushes to the south. 73 degrees in downtown st. peters. -- st. petersburg. 59 degrees in crystal river, 72 degrees in north port. satellite showing a few clouds across the area. a few light showers on max defender 9 across the southeastern part of highland county. the sky is starting to clear in
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will continue to watch that front move to the south as an area of high pressure builds and high pressure change drives these stronger winds. friday afternoon, more sunshine with pleasant temperatures as we get into sanity -- saturday morning. typical december mornings. temperatures close to average but that is where the bottom out and then we had back to the warm stuff. i sunday, temperatures are back in the low that is a high of 82 degrees on sunday. rain chances are essentially nonexistent with high pressure taking over and a drier atmosphere in place. beside bigger, more significant cold front long-term out friday or so. that will mean cold temperatures for much of the country. if you're traveling eight days out, farther to the north, know that you might want to bring your jacket. a big jacket and boots. maybe a sweater and a scarf. >> some gloves. the list goes on.
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painting the side of a grocery store. >> the anti-donald trump message left behind. start pushing for a book them. the american classic one school is inking about pulling from
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a student at a utah junior high school is in police custody after firing a shot inside the school. investigators say someone called 911, reporting a student with a gun. by the time police arrived, a gunshot had been fired into the ceiling and the student was disarmed by an adult. no one had been hurt. no word on motive or charges. boy has been charged in the deaths of his mother and younger brother. the victims were found in their beds with a gunshot wound to the head. 14-year-old jacob remotely -- remally has been charged with her murder. an assistant city solicitor was one of two men seen in this surveillance video showing suspects spray painting anti-
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a community in virginia is considering banning classic novels after a parent filed a complaint about the adventures of huckleberry finn and to kill a mockingbird. the school district may ban the box because a parent expressed concern over racial slurs in the text. the request will go before a committee who will then make a decision. news channel 8 at 6:00 is coming up next. >> the centerpiece of a community is now just charred to ruin. >> a multimillion dollar recreation center that helps so many children emma destroyed in the fire. coming up next, what's next for the facility and those who rely on it. is a guy who gives the term cat burglar a whole new meaning. what police say he did during a chilling break-in. a new bishop is welcomed to the bay area but he fails to address the catholic church's elephants in the room. coming up, we will tell you
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history center in havana during a unique moment in history. those stories plus your storm team 8 forecast and sports with paul ryan coming up on news channel 8, the station
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right now on news channel 8 at 6:00: >> a rex hunter in ruins. what's next for the community that lost so much in this raging fire. hunting history. will the st. petersburg diocese prioritize sexual abuse. plus exclusive coverage in cuba. we track down people from tampa who made the trip. >> thank you for joining us. tonight, a place of refuge for children in claremore city is
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center burned to the ground and a massive fire this morning. for the people who live in this community, this loss is heartbreaking. it's such a reopen in just a couple of months. jamel lanee' joins us live from the rex hunter where cleanup continues tonight. >> reporter: good evening, station tribal schaible. investigators are still going through this rubble. people who live in this community have been stopping by all day, many in disbelief, in tears. this community center was a staple in this area and it was a sign of hope and now it's gone. josi rivera can't keep his eyes off what use -- used to be his second home. >> i used to play basketball. >> reporter: tickets of memories, instantly wiped out. the winston park rex hunter burned to the ground thursday


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