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right now on news channel
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a man convicted of gunning down his neighbor six years ago has been released from prison on bond. as rod carter tells us, trevor dooley will be allowed to stay out of prison as he appeals his conviction. truck much like the beginning, trevor dooley didn't say one thing as he left jail today. now, 75 years old, trevor dooley uses a walker although he walked very quickly to a bondsman's car without he was convicted of the shooting death of david james bellator one and appeal based on erroneous jury instructions. judge thomas barber granted him bond while that appeals process plays out. but under conditions like staying away from the victim's family. carinae, david james what i was not surprised and she is definitely not happy. i talked with her shortly after the order was released.
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i tried to move on. i try to make a happy environment for my daughter. >> reporter: rod carter, news channel 8 the florida supreme court has overturned the death sentence of a triple murder in polk county . paul johnson was convicted in 1988. in january, the u.s. supreme court struck down the death penalty law in florida so now a jury will have to unanimously recommend jeff police are looking for a missing 12-year-old. the boy is new to the tampa bay area, missing from a neighborhood south of fowler avenue. he is wearing classes but he is not -- was not wearing glasses when he left. a truck hit a man in a motorized wheelchair in clearwater this afternoon, killing him around 2:00 on missouri avenue. paramedics airlifted them into
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tonight, fidel castro's remains are on a journey around cuba. today was the second day of the convoys journey across the island with crowds of cubans showing up to show their respects. castro will be interred on sunday, entering the country's nine-day mourning period. jeff patterson is the only bay area reporter in cuba as that country mourns fidel castro.>> reporter: the funeral possession -- procession continues to wind its way through this country. stepter coffin covered by a cuban flag filled with flowers and pulled by a green, military jeep. the route the coffin is taking is the reverse of fidel castro's march to power after his revolution in 1959. along the journey, thousands lined the streets to wave flags, some crying as the procession passed. casters ashes will be interred
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there are officially nine days of mourning until the internment takes place. castro's death is just symbolic to some. he hasn't been president for a decade. many cubans have told us it's like losing a beloved grandfather. one historian from tampa says you have to go back to the funeral train that took abraham lincoln from washington to illinois to compare this event to anything like it in the united states. it is a symbolic loss to somebody meaningful and emotional loss to news channel 8. >> jeff's reports from cuba will continue throughout the week. st. petersburg police say a burglar who crept into a woman's bedroom did something even creepier before he left. they have charged jasper firoenza with burglary of a home in shore acres. the victim awoke to find him standing in her room. she screamed but before he ran,
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citrus county deputies believe a woman burned to death in her car while trying to make a u-turn. the fire happened monday but it was just today that deputies identified the identity of linda steve. they believe she tried to turn around on a dirt driveway, got her car stuck on roots, and the grass caught fire and engulfed her car. fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a popular recron center caught fire just before 3 am. nearly 3 dozen firefighters spent more than an hour putting out the fire. people who live in the neighborhood say the center was an important part of the community and the can't believe it's gone.>> it's just heartbreaking coming you know? these kids go to school right in these two schools. working out of their home and being able to put a smile on their face knowing they had somewhere to go like this.>> reporter: in march, tampa bay
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donated $2 million to renovate the center. it was the single largest gift ever made to the boys & girls club. county officials say insurance will cover the damages. these will not be hitting the water this weekend in the's boat. a security camera captured their attempt to hitch up and drive off in a boat in polk county but this happened on november 13. if you think you know the guys, you should call crimestoppers. you could receive a cash reward. right now, the annual lakeland christmas ra underway. by than 100 floats are cruising the streets for tens of thousands of people. many claimed their spots days ago. as melissa marino shows us, getting a good seat is a pretty big deal. >> a long-standing tradition but it's what happens before the parade that steals the show. >> we have always had rules. unfortunately, many times those
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chairs, and everything in between, set up hours and some even days in advance.>> we saw chairs going out on monday. >> reporter: at this business, they meant business. they put signs up days ago, warning that any unauthorized chairs would be removed. >> fantastic. we came out this morning and there was not one chair out. >> reporter: local officers keep an eye on the situation. >> looking at these chairs to make sure the ramps aren't blocked. we check them every hour. shortage of complaints but this is tradition. in lakeland, melissa marino news channel 8. >> chief meteorologist steve jerve joins us now. have you ever been to the lakeland christmas parade? >> no, i am always working but i'd love to go or be in a. you've been and it. >> i've been in it for usf as a usf alumna and i took my little niece on it. that was years ago. she dressed in her clear at -- green and gold. it was fun to see it from that vantage point.
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>> that no one takes a chairs. >> they are just set up for days. >> lakeland is cool. >> and they have a great parade apparently. let's look forward to the weekend. the temperatures are cooler saturday but we will start to warm up. for friday, we have a cold front passing through and it's not bad timing for the parade itself. should be a fairly comfortable might in lakeland. a cool start to the day for saturday morning but by sund, have had the past couple of days with highs in the low 80s. right now, from north to south has you would expect for the cold front passing through, there is a bit of a temperature difference and that goes with humidity difference. 62 degrees in crystal river, 64 degrees in venice, 79 degrees sebring. 71 for a low this morning. also for lower numbers, that just indicates drier air. compare crystal river to north port, venice or sebring. there is definitely a difference but that front is on the move and if you haven't
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not cold but cooler. we will talk about real cold air in the a day forecast coming up. still ahead: >> florida fish and wildlife is on a mission to save manatees from a soon to be frigid tappan lake. i'm trying to help a family with a $1300 water bill but there is no municipality to help them because they pay a
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closed captioning is sponsored by our exclusive advantage. for real savings, go to florida has replaces for manatees to spend the winter but lake tarpon is not one of them. three wayward sea cows arrived there today and help arrived. >> reporter: right before noon, fish and wildlife pulled this massive eight-foot manatee from lake tarpon.
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will capture it, bring it on to the boat, and bring it up here on sure for a health assessment. we want to make sure these manatees are healthy enough to be released back into the wild and into warmer waters. >> reporter: and part of that health assessment includes measuring from head to tail. taking a blood sample. and weighing this massive mammal. >> the first manatee who came in was a juvenile male. condition, excellent internal body fat. >> reporter: hours later, fwc brought in this second, much smaller baby calf. the whole process was a sight to see for tina hatton. >> happy they rescued this manatee and that he's going to be okay but at the same time i'm thinking this poor creature was wondering where am i? where is the rest of my family? it just gives me goosebumps talking about it. >> reporter: after a long day
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returning them back to the wild, i guess you could say it was a very good day for manatees. anthony allred, news channel 8. it's a pretty sweet idea. coming up, how one chocolate maker wants to change sugar so it can use less. will your pet have a very merry christmas? a bigger holiday than ever for
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the dow gained 60 points, the s&p 500 was down seven and the nasdaq drops 72. cord cutters have any way to get cinemax. amazon is giving prime members the ability to add on premium talent -- premium channel year prime see per year. you can sign-up for hbo go for the same price but with amazon, you can watch without switching apps. cinemax is also available for $10 a month. haven't heard that in a while have you? that ring tone probably brings back some memories and now it's possible that the gnocchi a
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nokia meantime could be making a comeback when it enters reproduction in 2017. and it comes online maps, google has always been the leader but now apple plans to use drones to catch up. a report from bloomberg believes it can collect data faster with drones and camera equipped vans. it is planning to fly drones around cities beating street changes. apple has received approval from the faa to fly those drones. can chocolate without as much sugar be just as sweet? nestli thinks so. they want to hollow out sugar particles, reducing the sugar content by about 40% while keeping the same flavor allegedly. nestli is applying for a patent and hopes to roll out new items
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has sugar with natural ingredients and not an artificial sweetener. it looks like every cat and dog in america is on the nice list this year. americans are spending big-time on their pets for the holidays. the data analysts at adobe are seeing a huge surge in pet toy purchases in pet treats and everything else that can suffer best friends stocking. seal big and you can also subscribe to monthly delivery services but don't wait. >> right now, shopping for your pet, the best time is this week or as soon as possible. >> pet owners will spend $62 on average per animal this christmas. millennials are expected to spend the most. the only proper way to celebrate christmas is go out and buy all the things in the
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how much will that cost? pnc wealth management figured out if you but all the gifts of a song, it would cost you $43,363. that's up $233 from last year. that is due to the jump in turtledove prices that everyone has been talking about. if you've been cheated, when you need help, she is on your side. better call behnken. >> a temple terrace family saw their water and sewage bill jump from the normal $50 per month to more than $1300. the private mobile home manage company controls the bills and collects cash. when the landlord offered no help, they called shannon behnken. >> the bill should not be that much. >> reporter: charlotte and her family have a whopping $1300 water bill and they owe lamplighter on the river mobile home park. >> we don't have this kind of money to pay this bill.>> reporter: their typical bill is around $50. the mobile home park has not offered any help in managing this big bill.
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calling every day and still they are like maybe we can work out a plan but there is still no answer, no call backs, no nothing. >> reporter: she called me to help getting answers. i found water bills here at lamplighter are handled a bit differently than most communities. each home has a meter but it is only read by lamplighter employees. lamplighter then pays temple terrace utilities one big hill for the entire community and sends residents a bill for so i checked out how much lamplighter is paying for water and found something interesting. >> there hasn't been any giant increase in usage. as a matter of fact, i think it has gone down a little bit in the last month. >> reporter: the family admits they had a leak last month but fixed it within hours of finding it. >> so you don't think you used that? >> not 129,000 gallons.>> reporter: more than half of the big hill is sewage costs. those are based on water usage.
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lamplighter handles its own sewage treatment as well. i went to the on-site management. >> they have a $1300 water bill. >> reporter: and then i spoke to corporate. >> these residents came to us because they felt like nobody on your and was taking them seriously or looking into this. >> reporter: management agreed to take another look at the bill and explore the same kind of public utility options others have. the management company believed the meter was correct but said they would take another look. we will stay on this and find out how the management company can explain this. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> we did see a few showers around the bay area today. saw some light rain showers lining up ahead of the front earlier today in the nature
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defender 9 is well to the east drifting southwest to northeast at the moment. not widespread by any means but it is fun to use max defender 9 to stop -- spot some showers. toys for tots is on. letter carriers day, i heard this on polk county is this saturday. letter carrier, brand-new toy out for the letter carriers this saturday. bring a bear, get some blood and bring some food. mostly cloudy skies, definitely some clear patches. you can see this trail of clouds and showers ahead of the front. deeper moisture there. we talked about the dew point from the north to the south around the bay area and that's a cold right there. the cold front pushing down to the south. high pressure will building, change the wind pressure, increase the pressure. that will be fairly strong and
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around, pretty close to our average high. saturday morning, typical december lows, pretty chilly and close to average. then we start to warm up and we will get pretty mild by sunday with highs back in the 80s. 82 degrees for sunday for our high. overnight low temperatures will come back as well with the humidity. we have 71 degrees for the low. by tuesday morning, near 70 degrees. long-term, looking for colder air overtaking much of the country. we will forecast 75 degrees for this day. that will likely change but that gives you the idea we could see a significant change long-term is a cold air that is spilling across most of the u.s. could bring record lows. is not that unusual this time of year. >> it's getting close to christmas time. we are on the countdown now. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year. >> without question. >> ever heard that? >> i just heard you say it. >> it's a song to. >> okay and using it?
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goats don't have a lot to worry about but some do suffer from anxiety. fortunately, there is a cure. poly the goat couldn't relax until her owner dressed her up like that in the decoste in. >> of course. >> you would think that would cause more anxiety along with two months from other goats but the ducks it actually helped poly relax. pauli's owner has two dozen special needs goats. she hopes to someday have hundreds of them. >> you could try a geese costume or a cat and that would work. a lot of research. >> [ laughter ]
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goats. it was a sample of codes --
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welcome to downtown minneapolis. dallas and minnesota, set to meet in a crucial nfc showdown tonight. rookie phenom, dak prescott and the cowboys, bring the nfl's best record. and will be looking for an 11th-straight victory, as they visit sam bradford and the 6-5


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