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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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a bazaar scene where firefighters battling a fire faced off with a man who was throwing things out of a second story window. good morning. >> this is on the 4,300 block of bay to bay. and we're joined live from the scene. bring us up to speed on what's going on at this hour. >> reporter: right now crews and police have cleared the scene but when we first arrived here this morning it was a wild scene. there was a subject hanging out of this apartment building who was throwing things at firefighters who had responded to this scene trying to fight a fire inside of this apartment building on bay to bay. now, around 3:30 this
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inside of an apartment on fire. crews put a ladder up, found a man threatening them with a hammer, fire crews were able to make entry with the police who used shields. the man had barricaded himself inside of a bathroom and put furniture up to barricade the door. we spoke with the woman who lives next door to this man. she had to evacuate this morning with her children. . >> very scary. my daughter is very shaken up, my son he's probably lost 2 family members to us tonight unfortunately. . >> reporter: your pets? >> yeah, but, you know, we're out, we're safe and that's the main thing. . >> reporter: now, that woman did have a few pets that she was concerned about. we did just learn that they are all okay and safe this morning. all 4 pets, the children and that woman were able to escape. no injuries were reported in this fire. back here live in south tampa the forensic investigation unit
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we are told that that man will be charged with felony arson. right now he's at tampa general hospital, he was baker acted there but this just shows you when firefighters respond to reports of a fire they really have no idea what they are going to find when they're here. they found a very combative man who was throwing things at them. thankfully everything ended peacefully this morning. back to you. >> bazaar scene indeed. thank you. and of course we will continue following this developingto long. you can follow it on our breaking news app simply download that app onto your smart phone or tablet. it's free. nice and crisp when you step outside. >> a big change from 24 hours ago. it was warm muggy yesterday but this morning nice and refreshing and dry. max defender 8 showing dry conditions this morning. 57 out the door in clearwater, 59 in plant city. really cooling down to the north. it's 50 in
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you were this time yesterday, 10 degrees colder in tampa. 8 degrees colder in bradenton. you get the idea. a cooler less humid morning here and that's going to set the stage for a beautiful afternoon. lots of sunshine, some passing clouds and a steady breeze at 75 degrees. we'll preview the weekend coming up. issues out there but nothing that's going to slow you down that's the good news. the bad news there are issues out there. let's take a look at them. right in the south tampa and we still got some closures although this is trying to wrap up on bay to bay it is blocked. now, you'll just be detoured around it on any of those streets that run parallel. so there's no delays due to that police activity. let's move down now out in the sun coast area a couple of issues going on 301 state road 70 collision off to the side of the roadway, and then this construction that was tying up all those lanes on university parkway, on the exit
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and that is now open. so that's some good news. also the construction down here in the venice area that was tying up the right lane and blocking the river road on-ramp that has cleared as well. that's a look at weather and traffic. and now to the ashes of gatlinburg tennessee. there's more heartache this morning for the families up in the great smoky mountain. the wildfires are blamed for killing at least 11 people and crews right now a searching for those who are of destruction and this new drone video gives us new perspective on that damage. well, a tampa couple narrowly escaped those deadly wildfires and now for the very first time we're hearing their story of survival. >> what a story it is. they had moved to tennessee to start over but the raging wildfires burned their dream literally to the ground. i'll tell you what it's hard enough to start over anywhere but to start over in a place where
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again it's heartbreaking for them. >> yeah, it really is. here's their story: they moved to gatlinburg about a year ago. they left their friends and family to start a new chapter in their lives. wildfires drove them from that home with just minutes to react. with flames shooting 30 feet into the air and the sound of snapping trees all around them they grabbed 2 treasures they couldn't leave behind, they stuffed theog is there lives down ski mountain. they made it to downtown gatlinburg stomping out the fire as they went. >> for a while we didn't think we were going to make it. we were starting to choke real bad and got sent an angel and she picked us up and gave us a ride here and thank you very much if you see this. >> now, they ran without important medications, karen is a diabetic and gregg's job at the gatlinburg resort is now
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karen's daughter who lives in florida has established a gofundme account to help them. we've posted a link to that account on our website i think this is something that a lot of pet lovers can totally understand that they just took whatever they had and ran. . >> what a story. hopefully some folks here at home can help them in this time of need. and this morning the cause of a massive fire that destroyed a bay a mystery but good news to report. the building was covered under insurance. flames broke out early yesterday morning. we were there when it happened. nearly 3-dozen firefighters from hillsborough battled the fire for over an hour. you can see the photos right here and the video. the facility undergoing a $2.5 million renovation thanks to a donation from tampa bay lightning owner who is now working with the boys and girls club to rebuild. and right now a major
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tampa. mr. trump says he'll nominate a former head of the u.s. central command as the next secretary of defense. news channel 8 ryan hughes joins us now live with this story. ryan, donald trump made this announcement in ohio. . >> good morning. donald trump is on a so-called thank you tour and told the cheering crowd in ohio that he picked military -- retired military general james mad dog mattis to lead our troops. listen here. . >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis. as our secretary of defense. but we're not announcing it until monday so don't tell anybody. mad dog, , he's great.
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out the secret until the official announcement expected on monday as you heard there. he's a retired marine corps general was head of central command from 2010 to 2013. he has 44 years of service in the marine corps. also held key commands in both afghanistan and iraq. coming up why there's controversy surrounding this pick and what some key democrats plan to do about it. . >> okay. we'll check back with you in about a half hour. thank you. well, the presidentct his november election win. mr. trump's first stop indiana that's where he touted a deal with carrier air to keep a thousand jobs from moving to mexico. from there he went onto ohio. donald trump says this tour is to thank voters in battleground states for their support and he's outlining his plan of action when he takes office. president obama is going to be in tampa next week to talk about counter terrorism. he'll make a stop on tuesday to deliver a speech on strategy
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military to thank them for their service. also the president talking about this this morning believing that women should register for the draft just like men. this comes as more barriers to military service are removed from women but despite the support of the draft the white house insisting the president still believes all volunteer military is the way to go. time now 5:59 on morning. we made it. >> finally got the december chill in the air coming a day late but we won't complain about it too much. you may need to bring out the long sleeves especially if you live farther to the north. this morning 60 at 7 a.m. and hour by hour the numbers get to around 75 for your afternoon high which is right where we should be for this time of year. mostly clear but we have clouds out over the gulf. but with that dry north and northeasterly
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so we stay dry all over the tampa bay region this friday. so it's looking like a picture perfect day and for the most part a picture perfect weekend. it gets warmer through your weekend 78 on saturday, 82 degrees by sunday, but enjoy that because look what happens long-term. i'm talking by friday a huge drop in your temperatures again that will be thanks to a powerful cold front that slides through the area. warm just like you like it in december. >> i do. i like it nice and warm. that's why i live in or all right. let's take look at traffic right now. here's what's going on out in the davenport area. let me show you we do have an accident right at the county line. it's at harmon road. once you cross over u.s. 17 once you guest east, it's at sorino drive and that's where that crash is located. moving over to the south tampa area
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to bay, you'll be routed around it but no delays. that a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. a sarasota bakery sweetening the deal when it comes to catching some vandals. they hit the bake house earlier this week. they shot it up with a bb gun. they caused about a thousand dollars in damage and now the owner wants to find who's responsible. so listen to this, she is offering a free cake every month for life track down those vandals. how's that for a fair exchange there? >> she's my kind of gal. 2 thumbs up. >> those cakes look excellent. >> so turn the person in. come on. get us some cake. well, a woman was just trying to buy a burial plot but what happened next very crazy. >> in the process a pasco county woman was blind sided and scammed and coming up an 8 on
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place say tricked her. >> plus have you taken a trick on the new cross bay ferry. since opening it's been quite popular but what are the exact numbers of folks traveling and what did rider really think about it? you're watching news channel 8 today on your friday morning.
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this morning we're getting an idea of how many are using the new cross bay ferry. the company released numbers for the first month of operation. 7,400 people took the ferry across tampa bay in that first month, 4,700 bought full price, one way tickets another 2,700 people took free weekend trips. by the way, a one-way ticket costs
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half. the ferry is operating on a trial basis through april to see if the interest in it is really there for folks using it every single day. and we're coming up on 5:45 on this friday. the governor headed to miami today to give an update on the fight against the zika virus. now, his visit comes over a week after an announcement that the northern portion of miami beach is clear of the virus. there are still the busy tourist season. the governor is expected to address that issue today and talk about what's next in combatting zika. and the governor wants to give state law enforcement officers a raise. he's propose ago 5% pay increase for next year. about 4,000 state officers would benefit from this including state troopers wildlife officers, fdle agents
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kill certificate waking up not in a prison cell but at home with his family. he posted bond and walked out of jail on thursday. you can see our cameras were rolling when it happened. he was convicted 3 years ago for shooting and killing his neighbor david james. duley and james were arguing about a kid skate boarding at their neighborhood basketball court. he is free on a $100,000 bond while he appeals his conviction. a jacksonville bank is closed this morning after nearly a dozen people attempted to rob the community first credit union yesterday morning. we're told the suspect threatened those hostages pointing a gun at their heads. a swat team responded and they were eventually released unharmed. the bank hopes to reopen monday. and this morning an 8 on your side consumer alert questions about a funeral home employee accused of selling a fake burial plot to an elderly woman in pasco county. now, investigators want to know if he
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old michael ritz is charged with grand theft accused of selling a 74-year old a fake burial plot while he worked at the gardens in hudson. when she called to get her money back she claims he gave her the runaround. >> i wrote him a check for $2,410 and he gave me a receipt if it weren't for that receipt . >> that receipt was just the proof she needed. the funeral home refunded her the money but deputies are concerned he could strike again or perhaps already has. the man works at the garden of memories funeral home in tampa. if you know anything about this case contact the sheriffs office. well, it's the season of gift giving and you'll want to budget for higher gas prices. december gas prices unseasonal
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for a gallon of regular unleaded increased $0.03 and that's because oil production was cut in an evident to reduce global excess and raise oil prices. coming up, hey good morning, gorgeous outside really nice. >> it is so refreshing this morning. just a true breath of fresh air. we had some fog in the middle of day. but this morning r polk county. the forecast today looking gorgeous 70 by noon. getting to 75 for your high by 3 p.m. with mostly sunny skies and some fair weather clouds. a dry wind this morning now coming in out of the north averaging around 5 to 10 miles per hour. temperatures cooler 60s localing and a much colder air mass to the north. 30s and 40s all over the southeast this morning. our high pressure system will be the dominate feature for today giving us that continued dry flow out of the north and northeast.
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50s when you start the day and we'll be looking at our next weather system taking shape tomorrow. our rain chances will start to increase into next week with highs getting back into the 80s. we still have this issue out in polk county near the davenport area. we do have a crash heads up on harmon road. it's right at turinori aware of that. also over in south tampa of course we've been following this news story throughout the morning where we had a stand off. still portions of bay to bay that are blocked here. you'll just be routed around it. no need to really leave house early or anything like that. 301 at state road 70 in manatee county we have a crash. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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world. it isn't your ordinary lamp post. >> it does a lot more than light the streets at night. check it out how a lamp post saved a woman's life. we'll show you this video next right here on
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course landed on the moon in 1969 was saved from the south pole in a rescue mission. check this out 86 years old seen smiling and stable in a hospital. he arrived at the south pole for an adventure tour. fluid add built up in his lungs and had to get flown out of there quickly. add vented sure. well, a woman was saved from being hit by a car in poland and the hero is a lamp post. you've got to see this video. you see this white vehicle making a left turn then the black car hits it and goes right into that latch, did you see what was behind the lamp. take a closer look, yeah, that's a woman walking behind it, she falls down hops back up
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injured. >> had it not been there. >> right time right place, right? well, this police mug shot is one of a kind. >> it features 2 jail birds. craig buckner brought his bird e and the bird remained outside while he had a hearing inside. but when he landed back in jail for the 2 jail birds posed for the mug shots together. >> does that mean he has a record now? that's not fair. one kayaker took an unexpected guest for a ride of a lifetime. check it out. that is john and a sea otter on a kayak together. he says he was kayaking at elk horn when the otter swam up next to him and hopped on the boat. they took a
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enough of the free ride buddy. you've got to put in some work if you want to sit up here. trump's cabinet time. >> the retired marine general mr. trump wants to name as the new secretary of defense. coming up why a u.s. senator says trump is making the wrong call in this case. a live look outside beautiful downtown tampa we have weather and traffic on the 8s
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break out the shades today more sunshine coming our way and very comfortable conditions, mid-70s this afternoon. we'll call it picture perfect with just a few passing fair weather clouds and a chill in the air. we start your weekend on saturday morning at 56 degrees and mostly clear skies. got a little bit chill out in the air this morning. looking at south tampa i do
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lanes have been reopened here everything is clear from an earlier stand off bay to bay now open. here's a
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breaking news out of south tampa this morning, an apartment fire leads to a bazaar stand off with a man inside threatening firefighters. we'll tell you and a tampa couple's escape from the tennessee wildfires. >> it was so scary i've been through hurricanes in florida but it was nothing compared to that. . >> heartbreaking for this couple, what they faced as she walked through burning town of gatlinburg to safety. plus donald trump choosing general james mad dog mattis to head defense department. coming up a look at his tie to say tampa and the controversy around


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