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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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policecere on the hunt for the gunman responsible for a violent t ght in miami. three shootings were just hours art. one shooting tyke -- took the life of a young teen. response to the violence. >>reporter: law enforcement and the community are fed up with
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two people were rushed to the e hospital. one was a 15-year-old. a third victim is in critical condition. the third victim is clinging to life. >> they shot him in the body. >>reporter: family sobbed, hugged, and prayed were hill was shot and killed the night before. he was riding his bike home when two gunman shot him. it's pretty emotional. hills mother stood next to her niece. >> he doesn't mess with anyone. he's quite. >> very quite. >>reporter: it was a violent crazy night with 3 shootings within hours of each other. a man was shot several times and is in critical condition. the second shooting about an hour later. that was in the liberty city
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they herd the pop, pop, pop of gunshots away. street. linord was shot and killed. this has out ranged the community. he tweeted miami wakes to the horrible news of 3 overnight shootings. it's heartbreaking, senseless, and unacceptable. the community must put a stop to this. >> the schools are safe but the streets are. after the last bell the safety net vanishes. >> hill won't be going back to the middle school where he was an 8th grader. >> we have to put my cousin in the ground. >>reporter: police are looking for moves between the shootings. they hope for information that
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call crimestoppers if you have information. you can stay anonymous. cbs 4 news tonight. thank you, a special church service honored the victims of the shooting as well as the victims in another shooting earlier this week. victims of violence came together. they raised their voices in prayer over the violence tearing apart their neighborhood. javar was shot and killed the other day. his mother was heart breaken. >> i moved away because of all of the killing. he had to come back. i didn't want him back here killing. >> we are looking for the community to come together. those who know some thing say some thing about it. we have your back. the law has your back.
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shot and taken to the hospital in critical condition. police have not made arrest. the fbi arrested a man who stololmore than $3 million from a brinks facility. they found the man in san diego yesterday. he washe former manager of the facility. on new years day he walked into a vault and walked out with the money. he left a resignation letter before leaving his shift. he is expect 9 in federal court tomorrow. a driver crashed last night. a dive team pulled three people out of the water. they were taken out of the hospital. we just heard that two of the victims didn't survive. we have our eye on the storm on cape corral were a
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the twister struck saturday with wednesdays of 132 miles per hour. no one was seriously hurt. locally the rain we saw earlier is making way for cooler temperatures. how soon before we can pullout our sweaters again. >>reporter: we look for any excuse possible to break out the sweaters and leeter jackets. we'll be in the 50s and 60s. those storms moved across south florida. they are well out to sea and well to the east. we had pretty gusty showers today. this is a classic el nino signature. we'll see a lot of that. the rare tornado we normally don't see in january, february, and march. miami garden picked up an ch
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we are down to 63 in parkland. there is a cold front on the way. still in the 60s and low 70s in south florida. it will push into miami by 2:00 in the morning. mosley -- mostly cloudy and mild at 6:00 a.m. a cool breezy, partly cloudy sky by noon. i'll have the full week ray head. we learned more about sean penn's interview with el chapo a. >>reporter: according to mexico officials he wanted a movie to be made about his life and agreed to a meeting with sean penn.
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entertainment business that lead them to his capture. for the first ti we hear from el chapo behind bars. they are turning their interest to sean penn. they would like to question penn about a secret meeting. on saturday rolling stone published an article written by penn featuring a interview done via video massaging. [speaking spanish] >>reporter: penn met him in
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the meeting was brokered by mexico a mexico actress that had been friends with him for years. [speaking spanish] >>reporter: mexico officials recaptured him early saturday morning. in the rolling stone article penn wrote el chapo was interested in having a film produced about his life. [speakinspanish] >>reporter: el chapo faces drug
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mexico will look at extraditing him. >> thank you. now to campaign 2016. marco rubio raised crash at a rally style fundraiser. he took the stage in miami and florida. he highlighted his middle-class upbringing. he said the president isn't committed to the constitution. >> we would like to expand the american dream. >> this may be his last home town fundraiser befo the iowa caucus. a new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders are nearly head toe head. wall
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likely iowa caucus going show he edges them out. a lead that's within the polls margin of era. president obama will give his final state of the unioned a dress. he will give a nontraditional state of the union. he will look at how the past 8 years will shape the country. he discussed his vision for the future. 23 people have been invited inclcling a special guest. you are watch the presidents
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the mister -- misterrious death of a florida woman. powerball fever we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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>>you did it, yay! it was a golden night. this
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brought to you by rickey travais. suzanne from our sister station in las angeles is live from beaverly heels. it must be electric elekfying. >> i have our host over our shoulder. the beaverly helton is under construction. it's heavily guarded by security. there was a bomb sweep before the event was underway. once you get inside it's s e of the losest night. they keep the stars liquored up during the entire ceremony. they were very lose tonight. i saw the raw feed. i'm sure there were lots of bleeps throughout the show.
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a great moment was when is creed. doing his interview. post interview after they accept their reward. no one could understand what he was saying because it was so loud. when he went up to accept his reward it was touching. he thanked rocky for being the best friend he ever had. he said he's happen to be in movies after a 40 year dry spell. he received a 1977 honor for the irs rocky. this was pretty special. i can tell. it was a nice touching moment after a night of teeing. >> leonardo won for best actor. that was a good night for him.
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i have been preaching how great the movie is. i liked this more than birdman. they say it was the hardest movie they ever worked on he used all natural lightning. >> thank you for reporting from beverly hills for us.
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the movie. we spoke about the tornado that hit the cape corral area yesterday. we had another area of storms yesterday. dry air is filtering in from north to south. if you wonder what you morning rush hour looks like. 60 at 6:00 a.m. with mostly cloudy skies. by 9:00 a.m. 64. a bit on the cool side. by noon, we'll look for sun and clouds. it will be breezy and relatively cool lunchtime with temperatures around 68. we have been in the low to mid 80s with record highs. you will feel a difference tomorrow. compared to 84 you will feel a difference. the camera is looking nice out tonight.
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humidity is at 75%. .37 of rainout in mia. low to mid 80s across the area. 83 in miami. 84 in ft. lauderdale. say good-bye to that for a while. it will be cooler tomorrow, tuesday, and wednesday. 40s and 50s on one side. 60s and 70s on the other. 65 in miami right now. the front is pushing drier air through. high level moisture is on top of the cooler air. we won't completely cool out tomorrow. we'll see a lot of cloud cover. clouds. we'll see breaks in their as well. the second system is back here in texas. that will move very quickly in
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country. -5 in minneapolis cincinnati was at 14. everybody north ofhe blue line is below freezing. 60 for the overnight low. general breezes out there. bay waters at moderate chop. it's warmer in the water that be out of the water. 72 tomorrow. here is your week ahead. follow the bouncing ball. we have ups and downs. thursday. >> thank you so much. tonight in world news italian police are investigating the death of a florida woman found inside her apartment in italy. ashley olson was originally from summer haven, florida.
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oles boyfriend and landlord found her body after they hadn't herd from her for days. north korea claimed they tested a hydrogen bomb. a bomber flew over south korea and the b-52 was joined by two fighghr jets. one from the u.s. and other from south korea. this is to under score the straight of the i alien answer between the u.s. and south korea. if you play powerball you could win $1.3 billion. we'll explain more coming up. star wars the force awakens is still on top. the latest record the film broke coming up. tomorrow on cbcb4 this morning.
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the last two days. before taking tamiflu, tell your doctor if you're pregnant, nursing, have serious health conditions, or take other medicines. if you develop an allergic reaction, a severe rash, or signs of unusual behavior, stop taking tamiflu and call your doctor immediately. children and adolescents in particular may be at an increased risk of seizures, confusion, or abnormal behavior. the most common side effects are mild to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. welcome back. no one matched all of the numbers last night. even though all number
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the largest jackpot will be able to seen. the next winner will be able to get 806 million. the next powerball drawing is wednesday. the odds of winning the largest prize in u.s. history is 1 and 292.2 million. star wars the force awakens managed to hang onto it's box office crown. it earned $41.6 million. it gave it a record of 812 million. the force awakens is the highest crossing movie worldwide. the revenent is in second place making 38 million and winning the best picture award in the
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daddy's home c ce in third it may have been the third cold game in history but that didn't keep bud from wheeling on the field in a shortsleeved shirt. performance. the panthers 12 game win streak
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the oilers are give willing all they can. hall. florida jumped out to a early 2 goal lead. they buried it for the 6th goal of the season. the oilers are making a run at their streak. in the third. we know adam, the dolphins new head coach. who will round out the rest of if couching staff. there was a report thahadan would be the only one revenenttaned and all others would be fired. we have been told by team forces that no decisions have been made. the windchill hit 25 below be the fans were ready for them to beat the seahawks. he's under disaster for a 35-
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tyler rolled deep into the viking territory to set up the go ahead touchdown. minneapolis had a chance to win. he pushes it wide left. the red skins went to the nfc east. he caught his own number. the red skins took the lead but it wouldn't last very long. he scored on the inside hand- off. green bay moves on. great news for hurricanes fans. stacy will return for his senior season at the u. also
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elder and morter hamel back -- the nets are looking for a new head coach. they reassigned the teams general manager after a 10-7 start to the season. they are next to last in the eastern conference. james learned the hallway.
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he was a that's our news for now. for more news head to cbs . you could see your image on tv. make sure you tune in to
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