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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11. wicked weather on florida west coast.
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near the tampa area were 2 people died. it wasn't as strong but caused a lot of damage. donna is live tonight in one of the neighborhoodings -- neighborhoods hit in miami. >>reporter: good evening. crews were here keeping folks from driving in and out of the streets to get their work done. a very long evening for crews. it started early this morning. finally got powerback up. a power line snapped, crackled, and exploded again. they had to turn their trucks around again. this is what people found in neighborhoods. power cabled snapped like rubber bands.
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i went to bed. around 6:30, 7:00 we heard aloud noise. we came outside and heard a lot of branches on my car and cracked my willed -- windshield. >>reporter: three -- trees snapped. >> i heard a lot of wind i knew something would godown. a torno watch. through sarasota. the destruction is hard to believe in the light of day. >> i heard a sound like i never heard befofo. all of the lights went out and there was a big crack. >> you don't realize how much
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see this. it's pretty devastates. >> i saw the whole street destroyed. i remember this house over here being build. neighborhood. know, it's depressing. >>reporter: a tornadod a husband andself other people. >>reporter: we are back out live after 1 hours of going without power. those folks can stay warm tonight to have their powerback in the last 40 minutes. trees rushed five cars and two homes. >> donna, thank you. we head over to meteorologist john.
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here we can call straight line wind damage. they hit the ground and spread out in a straight line. no tornado spread out in south florida. it was a different story on the west coast. the area is clear of rain and storms tonight. here is what it looks like in rasota. a ef 2 which means winds were between 135 miles per hour. there was rotating winds and weakened as it headed wards the keys. notice that long skinny line of winds and storms. this is at 8:00 a.m. look how long it extends. fort lauderdale wards the keys. a very long line of damaging winds. bad storms. we did certainly not see the
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at 6:00 a.m. a chilly start to your holiday. 62 at 9:00. still mainly cloudy at about 65. we'll let you know when the next rain chance arrives. if you have any pictures send them to us. you can see your image on the next newscast. to track weather any time download the weather app to your iphone or android. also tonight a south florida community is remembering a missionary that was killed in the e west african country. he died when al qaeda attacked a hotel. peter. >>reporter: we spoke with pastors and friends that knew him from cooper city to
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all said he was devoted to his work as a missionary. he was motivated by helping mankind. micheal flew from cooper city. he operated a women crisis center. >> the second thing that drove him toe do what he did was life. >>reporter: he lost his life friday night when al qaeda opened fire on a group he with at capital city. >> he lost his life doing the work of jesus. >>reporter: he was waiting for a team of 15 missionaries from
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they rerouted after he was shot. >> we were so spiritually needed he sacrificed everything. >>reporter: he livedn his home in cooper city. >> he would be the first guy to help you out. >> it's sad. first thing that came to my mind was how nice of a guy he was to me and how genune he was. >> he adopted this little girl and a 4-year-old boy. his wifeosted heaven gained a warrior. he was a example of here the way he lived and loved. >> we will miss him. he was not only our missionary
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>>reporter: micheal had been a youth pastor at hollywood community church and operatedel enmany try school -- elementary school in west africa. that's where he will be buried. there will be a memorial when his family returns from south africa. >> peter, thank you. a block from the charleston church were a gunman killed 9 people candidates clashed on gun control and other issues. we have the story from charleston. >>reporter: under fire from hilary clinton after he changed his mind on a gunman fracturer. >> i believe sectary clinton knees what she said is not real. >>reporter: he voted numerous times with the gun lobby.
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amtrak and national parks. he voted against doing research to figure out how to save leaves. >>reporter: former governor martin o'malley accused them both of being inconsistent when it came to gun control. >> i'm the one candidate that brought people together to pass gun safety legislation. >>reporter: the candidates fiercely debated who would do the best jobob raining in wall street. >> you received thousands from golden sacks. >> i have a plan most commentators said is more tougher, tough and comprehensive. >>reporter: clinton has a big edge. >> when this campaign began she was 50 points ahead of me.
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points. >>reporter: all three are looking for a spark before the iowa caucus. stay with cbs 4 news for more coverage. police are investigating a shooting involving a teenager. the teen was shot in the clavicle near northwest 70th street and northwest avenue. he was able to walk to a nearby house and tell his aunt he was shot before he collapsed. he was transported to jackson memorial to be treated for his injuries. a fire broke out at hollywood. investigators are looking to see if the fire was caused by a generator running inside the home. a judge is expected to set a new trial date for patriots
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degrees -- hornandez. he's acacsed of gunning down 3 people. a judge delayed the trial over evidence. he's severing a life sentence for the 201 killing of a man that was dating the sister of his fiance. still ahead on their way home. the americans released by i iran are now in germany. what the president had to say about the exchange. a car comes crashing into a convenance store and missed a woman inside. a dog is missing and found hundreds of miles away. we have the emotional scene.
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papaern. after a day of days several americans were allowed to leave iran. this was part of a prisoner swap the president spoke about today. wendy reports from new york. >>reporter: a swiss air force plain landed safely inga today.
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and the others flew to a hospital in germany where they are being evaluated. >> today we are united in here welcoming home sons and husband and brothers. >>reporter: anotr man who chose to stay in iran were part of a swap. two of them iranian americans were released from a federal detention center on sunday. family members of the freed americans were planning reunions of their own including a sister and brother of a former u.s. marine. they are traveling prominent michigan to frankford ere they will see their relative for the first time. >> everybody is surreal. he called last night to tell us
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>>reporter: another american student matthew is on his way home. secret talks to free the five americans started five years ag wendy cbs news. hehecopters are cararing 6 people. hours later the coast guard spotted debris off the coast of hawaii. they have been searching around the clock. the cost guard said the choppers collided. a investigation into the crash hasn't been completed. miami dade fire rescue is warning people about space heater safety.
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them close to uphosterred furniture, curtains, and other fabrics. >> you should have a safe zone. a area were children, pets, elderly, or lanes are travel in the room were it's kept back a types oven voirment. >> firefighters said make sure you don't overload a plug in. some will be using space headers because it's chilly. >>reporter: it could be some of the coolest weather we have seen this season. >> it changed from this morning.
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to chilly. we'll anticipate some of the big storms. the large area of tornado got smaller and smaller as it approached dayton. here is your out look for the morning hours at 6:00 a.m. you will feel a bit of a breeze. still rather cloudy at 62. mostly cloudy. it will be on the cool side. temperatures at midday around 65 degrees. the big storm has gone by and pulled in drier air. 79 was the high. 80 in ft. lauderdale. temperatures around the state look like this. we have 41 in gainesville
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just near ore over 60. 65 at key west. meyers. don't be alarmed. . no more showers or storms on the way. we have very dry weathernd quite weather over the middle of the country. nothing coming in from that direction. we have low level clouds from the north. high level from the southwest. it's very active but not off energy. no storms around. we'll result in high level moisture and clouds around temperatures will be on the cool side. the high level moisture will give us high level clouds. if that's the worse thing you can say about the weather is it will be cloudy that's not too bad. we'll take this through did day on monday. shows on the radar but offshore. we'll see more showers on tuesday.
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outside is cool weather. we aren't looking at any more rain for a while. cool breeze out there tonight. for monday, mlk day, hope you mostly cloudy skies. boating isn't that bad. 2 to 3-foot seas. here is your out look. down to the 50s at night. next chance for rain is not until friday. >> all right, john. thank you. after australia. one woman almost didn't escape we'll show you the remarkable reunion. morning. city.
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does caught on camera crashing into a gas station. the woman disappeared from the site of the car as it flies into the connient store --
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the car just barely missed here. others were taken to the hospital. a texas woman and her dog are back together after 4 months. her chihuahua was found in atlanta, georgia. that was 800 miles away. he escapedrom his leash in september of last year. someone recently found him and took him to the human society were staff took care of him. they notified the owner and flew her into atlanta for a reunion. >> we put fliers out. we called the chip people. they said, you know, we went door-to-door and everywhere. >> that's a wonderful story. the dog owner is grateful for help and of course for being
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>>reporter: our performance of the week goes to theheady canes. they knocked off their rival this week. katy meyer earned her 200th win. miami is now 17-2. welcome back. i'm mike will sports dwayne wade turned@ 31 today. the heat were trying to finish their 6 game road trip at 3 and
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west brook drowned his 5th triple double for the season. the birthday boy showed rain. he hit 3 in the third. wade finished with 22. it was not enough. the thunder break off a 16 win. kevin durrent dropped another one. >> ware scrambling trying to put it together. we hope guys are getting healthy. it's tough with this part of the year. we knew it would be tough. we have toe stick -- to stick with it. the florida panthers had another streak today. a losing one. a sold out crowd 19,000 cramming in the arena. all you
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said keep it alive. they pulled a goal. it's going to fail. the panthers lose. >> i guess we have to keep going and trying. we knew our r game plan and it would keep going. they like the jump this the play. we had a game plan. move oversee atal. the panthers eliminate the sea hawk with him hope to the super bowl. russell wilson found himself i a huge hole thanks to cam knewton. knew hits greg olson. a great catch.
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wilson looking like a magician. carolina holds on 31-24. they have a date with the cardinals. >> a lot of guys were playing with their butt tight, coaches with their butt tight. at one point fans and myself were butt tight too. you have to find ways toet your grove back going. >> they found their groove. the broncos rumbled past the banged opposite. pittsburgh is leading by one they recover the fumble and they orchestrate a 13 play drive. capped off by c.j. anderson. the steelers needed an on-side kick to extend the game.
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recovered to prevent a come back. finally today marked the conclusion of a 3 day festival. more than 1,000 athletes
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that does it for cbs 4 news. tune in tomorrow morning
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