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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  January 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning. it us 5:00 on monday, january 18th. martin luther king, junior day. some of you have the day off. we're here with you with your news and your weather. i'm lauren pastrana. let's get a check on the holiday forecast. for that we turn to meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> good morning, lauren. weather-wise. dangerous and deadly severe storms roll across much of the state. we had heavy rain and gusty wind. this morning it is finally quiet and cooler. there's a live view from our
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we can't find a raindrop on the radar. you will need your sweaters and jackets today, mid to upper 50s for today.y. 56 in fort lauderdale and miami, 55 in kendall, and homestead is at 55 as well. in fort lauderdale it's 53, wescontinue, the same goes for -- westin, t same goes for you. the winds are cranking right now. that's filtering in the cool air right now. the peak wind gusts are from 21 to 29 miles per hour. throughout the day today it will stay breezy to windy and highs will struggle to reach 70.
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it will be colder tonight. i'll have the complete forecast coming up. wicked weather on florida's west coast, leaving a path of destruction. in tampa, two people died. >> gaby fleischman is live in one of the neighborhoods that was hit hardn miami. >> reporter: good morning. those strong winds caused a pretty big mess out here, knocking down trees and power lines, even smashing several cars. there were five cars in this area that suffered damage from trees falling on top of them. crews spent yesterday trying to clean up the area and restore power. this is the ss people found in this northwest miami-dade neighborhood. severe weather toppled huge trees onto cars and homes,
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everybody nearby without electricity. morning. i went to bed. noise. we see the branches on the car and it cracked my windshield. >> reporter: in plantation, trees snapped like twigs and dangerously. >> there was definitely a lot of wind. you i heard a lot wind -- you i i heard a lot of wind and rain and everything. they said on tv this morning we're going to have -- there was a tornado watch. >> reporter: south of tampa, tornadoes ripped through sarasota, obliterating homes overnight. it was hard to fathom in the light of day. >>i heard a sound like i never heard before.
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power a tornado has until you see this. it's pretty devastating. >> i didn't ever think i'd see the whole street destroyed. i remember this house being built, it was the nicest house in the neighborhood. to see it now, it's depressing. >> reporter: the tornadoes in southwest florida killed a husband and wife and injured several other people. back in this miami neighborhood off of 12th avenue, crews spent all day and night working to power. people here are thankful to be alive. people out here were without power for about 14 hours. crews were able to get everythingack up and running late yesterday, so everyone here, all the residents were able to stay warm overnight. morning. two people have been rescued from a storm that hit the gulf of mexico.
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received several calls about a vessel taking on water 30 miles from markasa key yesterday. the winds were gusting at 40 20-foot was. the aircraft commander said these were the worst conditions they had ever experienced. if you see wild weather and to us. you could see your image or newscast. you can track the weather where you are at any time, just download the cbs miami weather app to your iphone or android. this are investigating ter a teenager was shot in miami. this happened near northwest 70th street and northwest eighth avenue. police say the teenagers was shot in the clavicle. hes was able to walk to -- he was able to walk to a nearby
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he was treated for his injuries at a nearby hospital. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went toe to toe on gun control sunday night while martin o'malley struggled to be heard. o'malley pleaded for more time to speak. we have the story from charleston. >> reporter: bill and hillary clinton greeted supporters and posed for pictures following the final debate before th iowa caucuses. earlier, secretary clinton and bernie sanders clashed on a number of issues, starting with gun contntl. >> we voted for immunity from gun makers and sellers which the nra said was the most importanpiece of gun legislation in 20 years. >> reporter: clinton slammed sanders for voting repeated ily with the nra -- repeatedly with the nra. >> i think secretary clinton
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>> reporter: health care reform also dominated the discussion here in charleston. >> the wealthiest country in the history y of the world, we should have health care for every man, woman and child as a right. >> there are things we can do to improve it, be but to tear it up -- but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, i think it's the wrong direction. >> reporter: martin o'malley was also on the stage but he struggled to get a word in. >> i don't think there's been a single debate where we left people saying we heard too much from martin o'malley. >> reporter: a new poll gives clinton a big leave. sanders mentioned he's winning in the new hampshire polls and he's tied in iowa where ters are set to caucus in two weeks. >> south carolina holds the
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primary on saturday, february 27th. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016, now through election day. through americans freed from iran over the weekend are in germany waiting to be reunited with their families. they'll under go medical treatment at a u.s. military hospital in germany following their ordeal. we have the latest. >> reporter: this picture shows freed washington post reporter jason rezian as he and two others made a stop in switzerland sunday, of after leaving iran. half a world away, the sister and brother-in-law of freed marine veteran amir hekmati left detroit sunday, heading to germany to see him. >> it won't hit me until i see
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>> reporter: chris can pastor said awadini is also on his way home. >> my kids helped to put together some cards to write to him while he was in prison. >> reporter: the three men and a fourth american were swapped for seven iranians held or charged in the u.s., two of them were released from a federal detention center on tuesday. the u.s. lifted economic sanctions on iran as part of the deal to roll back the country's nuclear program. >> once again, we're seeing what's possible with strong american diploma. >> reporter: iran recently test fired a missile. the u.s. moved to pose new sanctions tied to those involved in the ballistic missile program. >> there arere two other americans believed to be detained in iran. a fourth american was released
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ed to stay in iran. this week, a massachusetts judge is expected to set a new trial date for aaron hernandez. he's accused of gunning down two men in 2012. he has pleaded not guilty. jury selection was scheduled to begin this month. the judge agreed to delay the trial due to a pending appeal over evidence. he is already serving a life sentence for another crime. today is martin luther king, junior day. several offices will be closed, including federal, state and county offices. courts, public schools, and post offices, the stock market and most banks are also closed. tri-rail will run on a normal schedule. a humanitarian is killed in a terrorist attack in africa. >> how a community is
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and his devotion to helping those in need. 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii have been identified. we'll have details. an outof out of control car crashes into a convenience star, narrowly missing a woman inside. we are waking up in the 50s in broward and dade county. check out the colder air to our north, 40s, 30s, we could feel the upper 40s inland by tomorrow morning, certainly going to be chillier tomorrow.
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welcome back. in anticipation of colder
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dade fire rescue is warning people about space heater safety. >> firefighters say people who are using space heaters shouldn't place them chose to upholstered furniture, clothing or mattresses. turn off space heaters before leaving the room or going to bed. >> know how it operates before you turn it on. some basic requirements that we suggest is having a safe zone, an area around that space heater where children, pets, the elderly, those that may be somewhat confused or even your lanes of travel in the room where it's kept back at least a minimum of three feet from any of those types of environments. >> firefighters also s to never plug a space heater into an extension cord, always use a wall plug to avoid a fire. >> that's some good reminders, especially on a cold morning
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>> we ve a space heater under the desk. i turned it off because it got a little too hot. >> i had my car seat heater on on the way to work. when you're born and raised in sosoh florida, if the temperature drops below 60, we call that chilly. it's all relative. you can use those temperatures as an excuse to break out the boots, the sweaters, the jackets. you know, we have been on a wild weather ride this past week. a line of severe storms pushed across the state of florida. by the time it reached here it weakened a bit but we still had heavy rain and wind. at least we didn't have to contend with those dangerous, deadly tornadoes. unfortunately, some other areas in florida, especially up near tampa, sasasota, had to contend with damaging tornadoes. we are waking up to a quiet, cool, breezy, dry start as we
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king, junior holiday. many of you have the day off. the weather is cooperating for whatever your plans are. the radar is quiet. we have a wind flow out of the northwest, as high pressure buildses in. weave wind gusts from 21 to 29 miles an hour. we had over 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts in some areas yesterday. it's all about the 50s this morning. we are seeing a 56 for you in fort lauderdale and miami, 55 in homestead, 63 in key west. tonight will be even cooler. we're seeing low 50s in westin, davie, usually the inland areas are the coldest spots. as we take a look a the rest of the -- look atat the rest of the state, it's in the 40s through
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highs will struggle to reach 70 degrees today. most areas will likely be in the upper 60s, so that's why you'll need a sweater even into the afternoon. for this evening if you're headed for dinner, the low 60s. temperatures will tumble tonight. most everyone will wake up to the low 50s tomorrow morning as you head back to work, back to school. but some inland areas could even see the upper 40s as we head into the morning tomorrow. let's see where it's seriously cold. it's dangerously cold with 12 below in minneapolis, single digits for kansas city, st. louis, since that -- cincinnati. when you fbctor in the wind chills, it feels like 27 below in minneapolis.
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chicago. it feels like 7 below in kansas city. here we are in south florida. we are enjoying a cool, refreshing start with highs in the upper 60s today. the breeze will be cranking and we will see some bumpy conditions for you boaters, seas 2 to 3, moderate chop on the bays. tonight even colder with 54 near the coast, inland areas 50 degrees. we'll continue with the wintery weather south florida style, waking up to the 50s, highs in the upper 60s on tuesday. we'll be up to 79 degrees on friday with the return of the wet weather and passing storms. an intense search is in its fourth day, contntuing off the coast of oahu. >> 12 marines are missing after a mid-air collision of of two military helicopters thursday night. hope of finding anyone alive is fading.
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up to 20 feet high are hampering search efforts. overnight a coast guard air crew had to briefly change course when a laser was pointed at them. searchers scoured nearly 14,000 square miles off oahu, looking for any trace of the missing marines. they found small amounts of debris. >> a lot of people are focused on debris. we're focused on hopefully finding the survivors. >> reporter: the marines reteased the names of the 12 on- board. the oldest, 41, the youngest just 21. last night hundreds packed a high school field in oregon, where 21-year-old lance corporal ty hart attended. >> it really gives you goose bumps, with all those people showing support. >> reporter: major shawn
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children. the family of captain kevin roshe says they believe they are doing all they can to bring the marines home safely. >> president obama has signed an emergency declaration for flint, michigan because of the city's ongoing problems with lead in the drinking water. the problems began in april 2014 when the city switched the water source to the flint river to save money. the river water wasn't properly treated and stripped lead from pipes caused a number of children with high lead in their blood to double. the problem persisted for a year and-a-half of before they switched back to the original water source. the damaged d pes still make the water unsafe to drink. authorities are investigating after several students were found dead in new york.
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a 21-year-old, a 24-year-old were found dead, along with another 24-year-old, collin kingston, who was a graduate at the school. a worried father said his son told him he killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself. police haven't called it a murder/suicide but they are considering that a possibility. shawn penn defends what he calls his experimental interview. >> he had one regret over his when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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welcome back. last night marked the 21st annual critics choice awards hosted by t.j. miller.
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picture is "spotlight." >> "spotlight" was named best picture. "mad max" received nine awards. ride along 2 is the new top movie in the u.s. the comedy made more than $34 million in its opening weekends. "the revenant" remained in second place with $29 million. "star wars" dropped to third with $25 million. happy belated birthday to betty white. she turned 94 years old yesterday. she's been in show business since the 1940s. she was best known for her role on "the golden girls." she has had the longest tv
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she said retirement is not in her vocabulary. >> who doesn't love betty white? >> she is in a new commercial that's really funny. >> i love when she does the weather for r the state of california. she says "that'sow we roll." >> i'll have to check that out. let's get a check of weather with lissette gonzalez. you're a fan of betty white, aren't you? >> i love her. she us one cool lady. it is cool this morning, south florida. wait until you step outside. we're waking up to the mid to upper 50s in broward and dade, low 60s in the keys.
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