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tv   CBS 4 Sunday Morning  CBS  January 31, 2016 8:00am-8:30am EST

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good sunday morning. it's 8:00 a.m. here. what we are working on right now. a fun night out ends in senseless tragedy. a man was gunned down after an argument over a parking spot. there is one day left before the first votes are cast in the iowa caucus'. we'll tell you who is up-and- down in the final fallout. the taste of a town on four wheels. we head to the weekly meeting
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hello, it's january 31st, what happen to january? it's over. >>reporter: it's comfortable outside. good morning to you. there are a few clouds overhead. it's comfortable/cool. morning, 69 degrees right now. we love your sunrise pictures. thank you sandra booth for
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sunset at 6:04. water temperature 75 degrees. today sunday fun day. chilly cook off this morning. a pair of 7s winds southeast 5 to 10. more on the forecast in just a minutes. >> michael, thank you. friends and family remember a man who died over a parking lot. there was a deadly shooting outside a miami club. donna was at last nights vigil. >>reporter: dozens of family members of jackson solese
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night. they believe he was shot because of a parking space. family chose not the speak on camera. he worked for miami dade county. he was the father of a 10-year- old boy and a kind young man. >> he was a fight over a parking spot. >>reporter: he was going to the club to have a good time and it turned deadly. >> i saw them arguing. i went inside instead of helping my brother out. then he got shot. >> we saw another guy honking at him. the other guy got out the car and it didn't look good. >> i heard a strong cuban accent. my other friend had a gun pointed at his head. >>reporter: he was rushed to the hospital but he didn't make it.
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for all of the spots out here it wasn't worth it. >>reporter: police have little information to go on. they believe the shooter was in a dark-colored truck. if you have any information give them a call at miami dade crimestoppers. mayor meier taylor and her husband are being investigated. the fbi has evidence that they were part of a kickback scheme to keep their personal finances from collapsing. the government is facing millions in debt payments. the investigation of the couple is the most resent of cases against them. the mayor was fined by the ethics commission to fundal charity.
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looking for two men involved in a armed carjacking in kendall. it happened on southwest 104th avenue. the victim, ryan, picked up two men and took them to his home. once inside they pulled out a gun and shot ryan several times. he was transported to kendall regional hospital. at last check he was in critical condition. a car made a smashing entrance into a gas station. sure value answer have you had -- surveillance video shows the car crashing into the store. they are unsure why it crashed. a new poll is showing donald trump in the lead and hilary clinton and bernie
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historically this is the most accurate. craig boss well is on the campaign trail in iowa. >>reporter: republican presidential candidate donald trump is on top. in the des moines register final poll he has an 5 .lead over ted cruz and 13 point lead over marco rubio. brews lead the poll in early january. >> ted cruz has been my friend and decided to run a defeatful campaign. people see through that. >>reporter: democrat hilary clinton is hanging onto a small lead. bernie sanders is within the margin of error. >> when we began this campaign we were 3%. here in iowa it's tied.
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damage control after the state department said they won't release 35 e-mails. >> i want the e-mails out. i take classification very seriously. >>reporter: clinton rallied her name. they say the e-mails are some thing they are considering. >> i believe this is a way to hide a national security issue. >>reporter: the undecided votedders will make a difference. authorities say migrants drowned when they they capsized. 75 survivors were rescued. in news making headlines across america president obama will make a visit to the first
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he's planning to visit the islamic society of baltimore on webbed. deliver remarks. he's visited mosques over seas states. a shooting at a motorcycle expo in denver left 1 dead and 3 injured. the denver post was told the feud was started by a rival biker gang. so far no arrest have been made. the two remaining fugitives from the california break are back in custody. they were found in the san francisco area 400 miles from the jail hay were being held. they were on the run for 9 days. they believe the three cut through a steel grading and
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tunnels to get out of jail. one turned himself into authorities. a english teacher was connected with the escape. >> the focus shifts to continue to look at where the system failed us. where policies and procedures were not followed. >>reporter: the men are being interviewed and place in a high risk area of the same jail where they escaped. some of the stars that got snubbed got a chance to see their work recognized last night. gild awards. >>reporter: i'll show you food trucks in the area. maybe i'll go for lobster, maybe burgers. >>reporter: good sunday morning to you this morning. micheal smith.
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how about the lower 60s right
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davie add 61 with a good morning and welcome back. the carpet rolled out for the screen actors gild awards. they made an uproar of the second straight year of all white academy nominees. some were shown loved at last night awards. albus took 3 awards. the producer for straight-out of compton was nominated. [ music ] i like the sound of that. what if you could have a great
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you can in all the in one area. we'll take you to this cool weekly event. [ music ] >>reporter: it's monday night in the art park and the weekly food event is happening. dr. alex comes with his kids often. >> we just walk-up adowned. it's very community oriented. we are allowed to get out and get fresh air and see the community a bit. 25 trucks are on the spot monday evening. we do laps around to decide which truck to hit first. these two moved from wisconsin to sever their specialties. >> this one is great. it took us a while to get in. there are a lot of trucks.
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>>reporter: a lot of choices but i went for the big one. the butterbur gear. it's one-third of a pound. done medium. cheddar from wisconsin and a prezle bun. >> this is a great dish. >>reporter: there is a jersey dog and lobster guy. >> very nice. >> they are good. >>reporter: the choices seem endless. i stop at the fusion food truck. they have been severing their food for 3 years. >> at first it was a family event. people were bringing their kids. walking around and eating good food. it's one of the cities best miles. >>reporter: i'm somewhere in mexico.
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the beef is so tasty and seasoned so perfectly. it's a special. >> finally the degrees dessert. >> this is a new way to eat bilato. >>reporter: i'm ending it hear at tiptop. with your taste of the town cbs 4 news. >> i always say she has the best gig. >> yeah, she does.
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>> yes, that's today. >>reporter: the weather couldn't be any better. >> grab your hat and boots. >>reporter: do what you want. >> let's go for it. >>reporter: sunday fun day. good sunday morning to you. we'll go. she promised me. >> we will go. >>reporter: the holiday park. look at your calendar while i do this forecast. >>reporter: west browerred on this sunday morning. it's a bit on the cool side. >> i know i do. i love you. >>reporter: 69 in the key west. chairing this beautiful sunrise
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i would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful sunrise. if you would like to share your weather pictures with us go to our website. here is the deal. we have that southwesterly wind way up above. high clouds will continue to streak in moving in from the southwest to northeast. in and out of the clouds today. temperatures are in the 60s. jacksonville 48. elsewhere 33. wins cities right now 39 new york city. atlanta georgia 47. new orleans 61. a warmup, warm air relatively speaking coming out of the gulf of mexico. developing a storm system there. that will impact our weather.
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can check out for your monday business trip 3:00 this afternoon we are all in the 70s. we'll hang out in the upper morning. not as cool tomorrow morning. tomorrow for the drive in i don't think you will need the sun classes. maybe the windshield wipers, rain chances increase into the 80s. high pressure into control today. some clouds warmer compared to yesterday. boating east-southeast wind. if you are waiting for a beautiful sunset 6:04. we'll see more clouds around tonight. today, some clouds, warmer, pair of 7s. extended forecast as we look ahead into a new workweek.
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rain chances back with a few storms on monday. >> all right, my micheal, thanks. right after the news we have a preview of today in florida. >> we'll look at the relationship jeb bush and marco rubio. >> for most of the voters in the country and florida they are saying what the heck are they talking about. they are nitpicking at each other about changing this and changing that. sometimes you want to be very antiimmigrant or proimmigrant, pro immigration. >> this is personal.
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new study that show bike drivers are stopped twice as much. >> all right, looking forward to it. the florida panthers are getting ready for tonights all- star games. it was a tough one for them on the road. here is mike with your morning sports report. the hurricanes are learning it's tougher on the road. they lost to nc state. they went on the hunt right from the tip-off. martin had an 5 point lead at the half time. that was a popular spot. reed dials it up. nc state wuss absolutely relentils down the stretch breaking through the defense
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we weren't offensively. steph curry got a game tying done. 22 seconds left to play. these are the warrior's. harrison was wide open in the corner. good night philly, golden state hits the winner with 2 seconds left on the chloric. the nhl all-star game is on next week. the goalie got out of the way just in the nick of time. canadiens pete and yogger loved every second of in the most
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this is cbs 4 this morning. face the nation is coming up on cbs 4. john, we hear you marco rubio? >> yeah, that's right. they are voting in iowa in a day. finally it's here. we'll talk to donald trump about his campaign and move to bail on the debate last week. we'll also talk to marco rubio who may be the hot candidate. that doesn't mean he will win in iowa. some voters makeup their minds in the last minute. those will fall towards marco rubio. he may be the alternative to trump or cruz. we'll speak to ann who has had a good time reading the tea leaves in iowa. at the end we'll have our
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prospective and finally figure out what's happening in the race. >> oh, yeah.
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face all right, we are just about running out of time. let's talk about the weather. >>reporter: let's do it quickly so we can entrepreneur joy this sunday fun day. clouds thicken tonight. a few showers or storms tomorrow. we'll be in the high 80s for the workweek. >> thank you for watching cbs 4 this sunday morning. have a
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