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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this is south florida's cbs news this morning. right now at 5:30, today is the day, iowa caucus is here. voters get ready to start the formal process of choosing a new president. plus, tragedy near the a student died. play? >> good morning to you. vanessa has an eye on the roadways. she will help us get to work
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>> they're a bit wet this morning, we will track the radar. >> reporter: good monday morning to all of you at home. she's right. the roads are very wet. we've had widespread rain across pretty much all of south florida. earlier, some of the rain is beginning to push offshore. there's still some showers for you in sun rise -- sun -- south west -- wait. that doesn't make sense. >> i know why. the could is covering that. i couldn't see it. i was like is this baby brain, or what is going on? it is monday, guys. just hang in there with me. as we see north miami, showers. there we go. ranches. and across the keys, it is just drenched. basically leave early and take your umbrella. we will continue to see these showers on and off again throughout the day. the breezes are south west from 2 to 14 miles per hour. the low 70s down through the keys.
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highs in tupper 70s with the rain around, -- in the upper 70s with rain around and thunderstorms firing up. tomorrow it will be warmer and big changes ahead. there's more in the complete forecast. va necessary will, let's see if you can get your -- vanessa, let's see if you can get your words out this morning. >> i don't have the excuse of baby brain. >> it is soaked on the mcarthur causeway. you will have to she it down this morning no matter which -- you will have to slow it down this morning no matter which way you are going. in broward county at commercial boulevard, the crash is off to shoulder, at least not affecting your lanes on i-9 a. i-75 eastbound at 138th street, the left lane is blocked by a crash. you continue eastbound when i- 75 turns into the parkway: right where it meet it is palmetto you will see that lane blocked off by a broken down car.
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that crash is on the entrance ramp at 72 and finally 836 eastbound at red road or 57th avenue, the roadway also blocked by a crash there. vanessa, thank you. now to come pain 2016, the official kick off of the presidential election season is finally here. the iowa can you case will take place tonight. the first votes will offer more than delegates. they will determine which can turn support into turn out. >> presidential candidates are chris crossing iowa to seal the deal, becking backers to caucus tonight. >> -- begging backers to can you case tonight. >> sanders and clinton are separated by three points in the poll. o'malley is the third. if his voters jump ship they could be the deciding factor.
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evangelicals. reliable groups to caucus. victory. >> it is so important, they're state. >> hey. this is the ber knee campaign. how are you doing. >> and make -- bernie campaign. >> they should not be trying to change people's minds but making sure committed voters show up. >> you have to be in line by 7:00. if you are not in line your vote will not be count. bad beth ere weather threatened it state but they hope it holds off until after the cue cuss. >> with a crowded field -- caucus. >> with a crowded field on republican side, some are likely to come out without a lot of support. it may be difficult for them to justify keeping on in race. >> how the can you case works and why they're so important. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016.
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lines. a woman is expect today turn over the video of a speeding miami-dade police officer today. claudia pulled over the officer on friday after she said he was driving upwards of 80 miles per hour with seemingly no emergency lights or sirens: she followed him on the 826 on to the 836 and to i-95 where she got his attention and told him he was speeding. the officer promised the slow down. they will have the immediate command staff investigate the murder. >> a university of florida student is dead after falling from an apartment building. 20-year-old chance wolf fell over going over a class partition near campus. police say they do not suspect foul play. police have arrested two virginia tech student ins connection with the murder of a 13-year-old girl.
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hower is being -- eisenhower and natalie helped dispose of the girl's body. police haven't said how or why he was kill. ? an apparent murder over a parking space. dozens of people who knew and cared for jackson held a vandal light vigil where it happened on saturday. it hatched near 27th park. shot during an apartment over parking. >> we another honking at him. the next thing we know the other guy gets out of the car and didn't look good from there. it was over a parking place. it wasn't worth it for all of the spots out here. i mean it just wasn't worth it for what happened over a parking space. >> police believe the shooter was in a dark colored pick up,
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police. 11 people were taken to the hospital. several others were given oxygen at the scene. this happened at 5585 northwest at a food catering shop. the hazmat unit ventilating is that -- ventilated that -- near plannization. police say the officer was on her way no work when another vehicle sideswiped here. they feared right and struck the driver you have cited for failure to -- it happened after the water craft was riding collided with another near 42nd street. she was take on the hospital where he was listed as stable. a health alert for you now,
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will find ways to bat it will zika virus. -- battle the zika virus hawaii will mean a lot manufacture resources. the virus which originated in spreading in more than 25 countries including here in the u.s. they have linked it to a birth defect where babys are born with abnormally small heads and win complete brain development. this is the first trip for a cuban leader to castro for two years. lightning cuba's foreign debt. was receiving a form of welcome at the monument today and will attend a steak dinner. the delegation is also meeting french business loders. >> for the motorcycle ride.
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people struggling with addictions. the day started with our morning of mass. archbishop then blessed the bikes before they set off on the road with miami and west in do you need a job? you can get one playing with legos all day long. >> the first flight ever. what makes this plan different. the lombardi trophy, what else the winning team gets in the first time in nfl history. parts of the west coast taken by storm, more of the video after the break. wow. did you see that tree? here in south florida, the weather was lovely this past weekend but now it is messy and wet. yeah, umbrella weather for sure: i will let you know if that's the case as we kick off the month of february. i will have the complete forecast. stay with us. if you are heading out the door on the palmetto, the rain
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take a look. this is at northwest 17th. before you guy the interchange,
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of the rain and we have a >> we are keeping our eye on the storm.
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out after being slammed by a powerful storm packing drenching downpours and even snow. at least one person died in san diego after a tree fell on to four cars. trees also toppled on homes causing power outages. in higher elevation, snow played in a roll in this 25 car pile up. up to eight inches could fall along the border with nevada. more than 140,000 power outages were reported across los angeles and san diego areas. we had a dose of wild weather last week. we had tornadoes and of course the flooding, but thankfully this weekend, we enjoyed a nice break. however, now we are seeing the return of the rain my friends as we kick off your monday. a live view here from our camera although it is looking quiet from this vantage point. not the case as we are seeing lots of rain. it is quite active in spots
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county around corral springs. fort lauderdale, the airport, we just had the rain, and i can tell you just earlier we had a shield of rain, that basically soaked most of the south florida. the roads are slick. you want to give yourself extra time for sure morning. -- for sure this morning. everything is moving from west to west, cutler bay also getting drench and across the keys seeing the rain moving in and also making a messy commute for you. the wind flow from the southeast for the most part, 5 to 14 miles per hour, pumping in the moisture that's making it feel so muggy with low 70s across the board in broward dade and down through the keys some the water vapor is showing we have all of this moisture across the southern half toughener anyone will due to an area of dis-- southern half the peninsula. it will remain active.
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27:00 a.m., we could see heavier rain, around 8:00 or 9:00 it is looking soggy most of the day as we head into lunchtime, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, scattered showers and maybe some rain here and there for the evening commute. yes, you need your umbrellas. it is quiet active across the upper midwest deal being a wintery mix and look at the snow across the four corners region and california even through pacific northwest, also getting soaked. so for today we are talking about upper 70s with showers, yet some thunderstorms firing up. seas to a light chop. tonight still unsettled showers likely, lows around 70 and a warm up as we head into tomorrow which is ground hog day. we will see if phil sees his shadow. it is all fun, highs in the mid
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highs and pumping tup rain chance into friday. let's check your traffic with vanessa. >> reporter: we are very busy, broward county, this is your drive at i-95 at state road 84. in broward county after you pass, this is the commute, southbound are all to have lead lights. it will be a lower drive than usual. get out the door early. we have a couple of accidents to worry about i-95 at commercial boulevard. that crash is off to shoulder and on i-7 aeastbound where it meet it is palmetto. on the dolphin, eastbound at northwest 72nd. there's a chance on the the entrance ramp from 72nd and 836 at red root road. we had a crash earlier. it is finally starting to clear up, guys. >> now, cbssports. the nfl best hit the field at the probowl and it is home
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here is mike with your morning sports report. >> reporter: dewayne wade called it month of january, the toughest month of his 13 year career, because of the last 17 games were on the road. they were back home last night and they went right to work on the atlanta hawks, third quarter, in for white side, he throwed down a double-double, 13 points and 12 boards, white chris making it rain. he splashs in 18 points that gave the heat a 13 point lead, then the closer, d-wade in lane, they roll 105-7. the third win in a row thanks in middle. >> i led the league in dunks for several years. now at an older age, these guys are watching me dunk a lot. so now for them to be part of a team with me on the team allows them to enjoy my success. that's the key for us.
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>> a little nfl action, the probowl in honolulu saw very little tackling. julio jones, later in game, miami's own jackson said anything you can do i can do better. team irving they bought rice 47- 27. that's it for sports. the lombardi is now at the nfl experience in san francisco. it is the new home for the next week. last night the trophy was the guest star at a party at the tiffany and company. after the super bowl it will be return today tiffanies where it will be engraved with the names us. >> it has been loved, cover window champagne.
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for the first time the winning team will debt an 18 carrot goal gold plated. cbs 4 is the only place to watch the broncos take on the panthers on february 7. it is time the to go live, here. how excited are you? >> it is great. there's nothing like it. the hype, we are going to learn more about every player than you ever thought we could. we will hear about quarter backs, about ted junior: we will hear about carolina, they weren't expect today be here. peyton manning is he going to retire? plenty of great storys and you will get a lot of it. >> of course we will learn those starting tonight because
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the panters and bronco versus arrived. you've done this before super bowl 17 and 19, not to put a date on you but what's that feeling like getting to the location? we are on super bowl other. our viewers can cothe -- -- super bowl 50. i really hurt when i had to answer how old i was this weekend. >> these things are unbelievable. i thought super bowl 17 in los angeles 19 in bay area were big but after these year, this spring has just exploded, so much or media conch. so the concentration -- coverage. so the concentration level and to make sure you don't get caught up in hype and focus why you are there and how good you have been to work to get there. it is really important. i thought as a matter of fact,
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lost some of the focus, got caught up in fifth but these teams now pretty mart about this but it starts today. >> yeah, someone who has never felt that excitement, megatron plans to retire. what do you think of this news, joe. >> i ram really not surprised even though he's -- i am really not surprised even though he's making a lot of money. highway at the back end of a huge contract. he has been smart. he has mar than 700 college, more than 11,000 yards, he's taking a lot of big hits,'s one of the wide receivers. he's looking to see what has happened to some of the old guy have played this game last feoffment he has made a lot of money, med more than a hundred
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here if you are smart, you continue to have to keep playing, he's almost a hall of fame famer with these numbers. i like the fact he's calling his own shot when he wants to leave. >> on his own term, owe. >> we will talk to you in the next hour. don't go away. the 31st annual chili cook off the annual event took place in pen brook pines, some went for the music and some went for high lee anticipated which he will competition. >> we're looking. we are easied to look for taste, make sure there's not burned stuff in it and off. not too hot, not too salty.
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>> jake owens. i would say the chili was the headliner. i'm kind of hungry. >> >> a big change is coming to diet coke today. >> plus do you love legos, how you can get a job played with. find out how he can be part of your family. good morning. >> for the first time tonight, actual vote also be cast for president.
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>> boeing new 737 hit it is friendly skies plus could drone, jim wagner ginning us live from the new york stock exchange with details. good morning. >> good morning. the drone that is could deliver high speed. have within conducted over new mexico. they could deliver data 40 times faster than world's
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boeing new 737 max took to air on friday the inaugural flight, the plane is 15% more energy efficient than previous model, it is more luggage room and a bigger wingspan. administer shelves are about to get more colorful. coca-cola is teaming up with hp to print designed for 12-ounce diet coke bottles. it is called itself mine. walter. >> very interesting. we intron talking about this all morning long. a job out there, we have been talking about this all morning long. a job out there that's going hire the you to pay with legossts. they would make make sturdy, accurate, complicated and safe installable. the hiring process fun. it includes participating in a lego build off. >> i wouldn't mind seeing that.
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>> yeah, you -- that would be a competition. >> you get to live florida. >> for us here in cold new york. >> i can dream. >> maybe you can get the lego job. >> yes. if i am not here tomorrow, you guys know where i am. >> all right. we expect a visit pressure here: we will see you. >> you got it. >> -- we expect a visit if you are here. >> we will see you. >> it is time for our latest. the humane society here. she has brought along poppi. he's very loverring, very sweet. he has a little energy: he's a hilmer voice here. he has been skiddish on my leg. he's a great as my mix is as well. he wants to play but he's a good boy.
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to any family tell us around bark around time to help us, some of them that have a harder foster, you strong to bring them home, take them to event, to a restaurant. where they accept diagnose, it socializes them. people will see them that don't ordinarily have time to come to the shelter. it is wonderful for the dogs who love taking care of them but can't. >> some people want them for a day oar two, can help at certain people too im-- can help at certain times. >> he's saying adopt me.
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