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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> this happened last evening. there is very clear surveillance but we don't know if you can make out the face and any of the images and police are not sure they will be able to say for sure who did this. bishop mccarthy students returned after the weekend. confronted with golden red spray painted graffiti. we learned some of the images. because of the offensive nature. >> in the breezeway in the front they had it on the gym mostly there. and and another building. that's all i saw. second, i sought on snap chad and when i walked in the school. some of it was covered up. >>reporter: most students believe it is connected to a contentious basketball game with a rival school saturday. macarthur lee-mccarthy, handily beating the other team. mccarthy basketball player sheldon taylor told us he does
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after seeing the vandalism. >> that's crazy. i was upset. i could say much because what could i do? >>reporter: this is not a hate crime of their looking at the evidence. an archdiocese told us that last evening archbishop mccarthy was vandalized by graffiti. the broward sheriff's office and police were notified. archbishop mccarthy's administration is fully cooperating with the investigation by providing documentation at the damage with videos and photos and security video spread the graffiti has been removed and classes began on a regular schedule. >>reporter: police are still reviewing the video for their asking anyone with information to contact them. joan murray cbs news. we have our eye on the
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lightning strikes in cooper city this morning. craig, are we done with the rain? >> just about the showers are moving off. still, a few showers over the mainland, but as we get to the evening. these are going to fade out and we will see dry conditions, but humid conditions and terms of rainfall. rainfall amounts. nearly an inch and a half and marathon and middle keys and homestead one third of an inch in hollywood widespread areas got an inch and a half of rain in south florida but we will have a break for a few days. here is the computer model forecast showing showers moving out over nine. maybe a brief shower. tomorrow, how much of the day will be dry and temperatures are going to be warm, back into the 80s. showers. tonight and thought returns
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coming up. you can track the weather wherever you are at any time. just download the cbs miami avenue onto your iphone or android you can find it itunes or google play store. and lightning strikes bringing down a tree in cooper city this morning, causing damage to a home. we are there with more on the cleanup. ted? >>reporter: lightning and thunder got a lot of people out of bed this morning at for 30 a.m. a tree was hit by lightning, a direct hit. split that tree into several parts. part of it was in the street and the rest fell backwards. some of it's going inside the house. a violent moment in a torrential downpour with lightning scores a direct hit on a tree of the rock creek neighborhood of cooper city. >> it was a loud boom and i thought a bomb had gone off. >>reporter: john and his wife
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lightning strikes their home. >> it was a huge noise before the alarm went off. we came down and the living room was in shambles. >>reporter: this is what is left behind. a shattered glass slidably john take a picture of the tree limbs a slammed into their door the left behind glass and debris all over the neighborhood.>>these were vertical blinds and that loveseat was up against it. i shouted out into the middle of the floor. >>reporter: now that doors being covered up until he can be replaced. back to the intersection of lakeshore drive neighbors try to get to work and bring their kids to school. tree tremors worked to get it cleared away. took a couple of hours to move it out but many are grateful.
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can i just a reminder of mother nature and her power. >>reporter: mother nature was flexing her muscles this morning. you can see the shutters over that home. the homeowner will be looking at the idea of getting impact windows of that area. had there been impact windows there that would have stopped shatter and glass from going inside the house. a reminder, if you see news or whether happening. take a picture and send it to us and you may see your pictures on tv. it's crunch time. candidates making a last-minute push ahead of the first votes to be cast in campaign 2016. tonight, the country has its eyes on iowa. we count down to the caucuses. those first votes are cast tonight.
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the race for the white house officially kicks off. craig boswell is live in des moines with more on the last- minute push. craig? >>reporter: good evening. rick there is an extra layer of energy and earned urgency -i think and urgency. there are so many that are undecided. it could be a nailbiter and it will all boil down to turn out. democrat hillary clinton brought breakfast to thank her campaign workers in des moines. >> i am feeling energized because of you. >>reporter: clinton is in a dead heat with bernie sanders. sanders says coming out on top defense on one thing. >> we will win tonight is the voter turnout is high. >>reporter: sanders and donald
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tonight, it is crunch time. >>reporter: in waterloo trump thanked his supporters. >> hopefully tonight we will have the beginning of a very positive resolution. >>reporter: trumpet is ahead of sen. tran25. >> we can restore the last hope for mankind. tran20 for 1700 precincts will use an app to avoid human error the gop got it wrong. >> for years ago, they'd caucused for barack obama three weeks ago. she cited a shift in issues. but she has yet to decide on a
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we are in the nerve center of that polling of the results. when they come out they will be up on the big screen behind us with republicans on the right and democrats on the left. 25% of democrats say they are undecided and 45% of republicans say they could change their mind.>> , anything could happen. what are the iowa caucuses and how do they work? people in iowa don't vote like we do in florida. instead of going to polling places they gathered schools and churches and homes and talk about the candidates. republicans and democrats hold their own set of caucuses subject to their own rules and it's a long process. some of voters are persuaded to change their minds and they wind up supporting the person who might have been their second or third choice going in. each of the precincts will elect delegates to the convention said they go to the
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the national delegates. strikes sarah palin made her first television appearance today since endorsing donald trump the former alaska governor sat down with the anchors on the today show this morning but things turned sour when she was asked about recent comments she made suggesting her sons domestic violence arrest was pres. obama's fault. take a listen.>> you regret the comments gov. palin on the day of the endorsement? >> what did i say that was offensive?>> that you lay it at the feet of the president. second, don't regret any comments i made because i did not play ptsd at the feet of the president but i did say and i suggested adamantly that there was more than our commander-in-chief could do to prove that he respects our troops will let them do their jobs. >> here is the comment she made during the rally a few weeks ago.
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what he goes through, coming back come i can certainly relate with other families who kind of feel these ramifications of ptsd and some of the ones that are soldiers returned with and that makes me realize more than ever it is now or never for the sake of america's finest that we have a commander in chief who will respect them and honor them. said her son was arrested at the family's home last month, according to police. he punched and kicked his girlfriend before threatening to kill himself. the 26 rolled served in iraq in 2008. grammy award-winning singer adele with the world and she does not approve of trump using her music at campaign sought --and he has been using her song sky fall and rolling in the deep. the singer has not given permission for her music to be
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campaigning. the democratic national committee said it reached an agreement have a party. section more debates during the this will include a debate in new hampshire this thursday at 9 pm. our coverage of over. we will take you back to iowa means with all the different candidates that is coming up on the on the cbs4 news at 6 pm. and stay with cbs4 news and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. now through election day. a fatal crash tied up traffic this afternoon. a semitruck collided with a car at lejeune road and e. 5th st. one person was killed and two other others were injured. the cause of the crash is under investigation. to make a global emergency has been declared over the zika
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cars pile up on the highway creating a frantic scene caught on camera at 5:30 pm. we are counting down to the super bowl and taking it to the bay area for the look at the fun and how the face of the football fan is changing. to make it a hotel shaped like a guitar be coming to hollywood? a nice weekend but the humidity has returned with showers. look at the humidity level across the neighborh
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they are counting down to the super bowl live pictures from the place to be. before the game on sunday. super bowl city is close to market street and places to family-friendly activities to fans of all ages and in a few hours. they will be the-we will meet the players grabbing the headlines making their first appearance at the unpredictable media event. >> it's fun to see what these guys have to say to reporters and fans from all over the world. we will be watching tonight as well. our reporter terry okay, not --our reporter terry. it is no longer a man's game. >> you are right about that.
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tonight and it has gotten so big and bananas, that the nfl is holding it a day early and it's going to be live on the nfl network. fans love it. they can't get enough of it, including women who have seen a lot of these activities. >>reporter: now that the teams are in town. fans are ready for some football. super bowl activities including the popular nfl experience kicked off this weekend in the bay area. sophia and carla arrived from la for this event. they are diehard gridiron gals. >>we have three tvs in our house with the ball. >>reporter: that's what the nfl wants to hear. women account for 45% of the football viewership.
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immense consuming buying power. jerseys, caps, tickets and more. >> nfl package, all games all day aware there for it. tran20 for many nfl teams have launched booster clubs exclusively for women. kathy hughes attends every 49ers game with her sisterhood of followers. >> it's unique. it's a different era and time. tran20 for she has volunteered on the santa clara project to help build the stadium, which is the site for this year super bowl. as more women huddled to the game footballs long time romance of guys. maybe over. there is no shortage of football fans, for sure. super bowl committee members expect there will be 1 million visitors a day at these events and tonight's media spectacle is sold out.
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back to you. spirit thanks, looks fun out there. the guest list for the special post-super bowl edition of the way show is getting bigger. fox news anchor megan kelly is joining a long list of guests including will ferrell, tina fey and the late show is the first late-night show to air directly after the super bowl. it will be followed by cbs4 news tonight and after the news. stay tuned for a star-studded post-super bowl broadcast of the late late show with zac efron and adam levine making guest appearances and elton john will join the show for his carpool karaoke series. jim barry will be heading to the bay area for the super bowl. look at his life reports started thursday, february 4 and we are now just six days away from super bowl xv santa clara, california.
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sunday, february 7 right here on cbs4. over the zika virus growing. the world health organization holding an emergency meeting today in the cdc has issued an alert warning pregnant women about traveling to areas where the mosquito borne virus is suspected of causing severe birth defects and thousands of babies. our chief medical correspondent is in brazil with the latest. >>reporter: the world health organization is determining the zika the outbreak a global health emergency. it is spreading rapidly through latin america and the caribbean and is linked to a serious a birth defect called microsoft was.>> other complications constitute an extraordinary
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threat other parts of the world. and microsephalis causes babies to be born with and usually small heads. dr. chan said while the link is not scientific. there seems to be a strong relationship. >>survey brazil is getting more aggressive. officials have access to any home or building to get in there and destroy the mosquito breeding ground. groups are spreading insecticide to kill the mosquitoes that spread zika that pregnant women are taking extra precautions. >> >>reporter: world health
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be for my in cases of tran28- tran05 been america the next 20 years. spirit. the department of health is working with partners like the centers for disease control and prevention and closely monitoring the situation said the florida's well-equipped and prepared to address emerging health threats, including the zika virus. we have an eye on the storm in southern california were a strong storm system brought heavy downpours, powerful winds and even snow. wind advisories remain in place after stronger gusts tore down trees and ripped off with top spirited driver was killed yesterday when a tree fell on his car in san diego. this morning a main highway going in and out of los angeles was shut down due to snow and ice. spirit our chief meteorologist is with us now on a wet start to the week.>> great sleeping weather. sinnott hard to get out today. the sun is coming back out and looking to the west with the cbs4 camera.
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and it will be sunnier tomorrow. 75 in miami and 70 ford fort lauderdale and 78 to key west. humidity is up there for this time of year. the energy levels will stay up much of the week and two thirds of an inch of rain. here's the radar in motion. some showers over the bay moving to the north and a few showers here there but as a go through the night. they will fade out there precipitation and rain today with a disturbance and you can see it right there and we saw clouds thicken up early in the day and showers move through. it's moving on, except for a stray shower tomorrow. things will be quiet from wednesday to thursday. a big storm system winding up. it's going to be a strong winter storm system but there is the possibility of a tornado outbreak later tonight into the south after the ohio valley to
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tomorrow and tomorrow night. warm sun and a stray shower and temperatures in the low 80s for the highs and no changes for wednesday or thursday, looking nice and warm a bit on the human side with temperatures in the low 80s every day. a strong cold front comes into play on friday early in the day showers early in a cool breeze late and highs in the 60s on friday and 80s. much of the week and the comfortable breeze and showers possible on sunday. across the country can see the temperature contrast over the front of the storm system and 29 in denver and 71 in dallas. warm air will collide with cold air that will bring that threat for severe weather. tonight showers. and inland thought with low temperatures around 70. look for some sunshine and warmer with stray showers possible wins out of the southeast at 10 to 15 a light chop on the days and surf temperature 76 taking us
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warm days in store with lows in the 80s and humid conditions and lows in the 70s. the cold front comes through so we go from 80s to 60s in the week and looking comfortable and cool and the best chance for showers coming on sunday. thank you. if you have your w-2 yet important information coming up on the money watch. a grieving father wants answers. was his son shot and killed because of a fight over a parking space? we will have more on that story coming up. cindy crawford makes a major announcement about her future. the end of an era marked by a big birthday at 5:30 pm. a complete wrapup of the first voting of the 2016
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we are live in des moines we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico.
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big news for chipotle the centers for disease control has closer investigation on the e. coli outbreak. it appears to be over but investigators have not been able to pinpoint the exact ingredients responsible for spreading the illness. it is beefing up its food safety protocols and planning an advertising blitz to win back customers.
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alert. the glass food storage cubes are being recalled. because of an injury hazard. they can break unexpectedly. there have been 23 reports of incidents but no injuries have been reported. consumers should start stop using the food cubes and contact the company i-play if you have not gotten here . debbie to form it's okay to ask your boss. because today is the deadline for them to provide their w-2s. if you do not receive your form this week, you are advised to call the irs. right now at 5:30 pm. looks for answers. tonight after witnesses told police his son was shot and killed outside a miami nightclub during a fight over a parking space. the father is speaking to cbs4
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saturday morning. similar police are looking for the government and the father wants to go there is more than one suspect out there. peter spoke with the father and he is life outside the nightclub. peter? >>reporter: josi had his son loses life. across the street outside of this nightclub on nw. 7th st. and 17th ave. down the street from marlins park. the family members held a vigil here saturday night and his father is speaking out for the first time because he hopes someone will give police information they need to solve this case. >> i can't believe it because my son, it's hard for me to say. >>reporter: his oldest son, 33- year-old jackson was killed outside this nightclub near marlins park. >> i feel terrible. i want to know the truth.
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tran20 for this man said he was


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