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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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the iowa caucuses. tonight overwhelming crowds is the first official votes are
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the republicans. >> we are going to have a winner. you'd better believe it. >> we haven't to all 99 counties. this is our final stop. >> i feel positive about what is happening in iowa and around the country. >> the democrats. >> i know how to get things done. >> our agenda is precisely what the american people want. all for support in the nations first contest. let's get to the result ted cruz taking iowa, followed by donald trump but the big story could be marco rubio coming in third. on the democratic side, it is too close to call with hillary clinton leading and a speaker that has yet to be officially decided less than 1% ahead of bernie sanders and we're waiting to hear from
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just heard from marco rubio. >> how strong of a third-place finish. he came in is worth noting tonight and he spoke a couple of minutes ago. he is going after hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is disqualified for being the president of the united states. because she stored classified and sensitive information on her email server because she thinks she is above the law and she could never be commander in chief, because anyone who lies to the families of people who lost their lives in the service of this country can never be commander in chief of the united states. we are going to grow the conservative movement. we are going to take our message to the people who are struggling paycheck to paycheck to the students living under
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the family struggling to raise their children with the right values, we will take our message to them and bring them to our side. >> donald trump coming in second as we mentioned, and the heavily conservative evangelical state like iowa, this is what donald trump said. >> on june 16 only started this journey. there were 17 candidates. i was told by everybody, do not to go to iowa. you could never finish in the top 10 in iowa, but i said i have friends in iowa and i know a lot of people in iowa and i think they will like me. let's give it a shot and they said don't to do it and i said i have to do it. we finished second and i want to tell you something, i am just honored. i am really honored. >> we continue our team coverage . what was your main take away from tonight?>>with hillary
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they are pretty much dead even, it will go to new hampshire and well beyond and on the republican side, it looks like it's going to be a three-way race between marco rubio, donald trump and tran25. >> explain why someone like marco rubio could come in third place and emerge as a winter when everyone is talking about the results. >> he had taken so much fire from bush and donald trump and ted cruz and he survived that and came through and that's remarkable in the second thing is the expectation. it's about the expectation. he was not supposed to finish second. this gives him a lot of momentum going into new hampshire. needed. it's exactly what they were looking for.
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bush to drop out of the race. >> you will see marco rubio going into new hampshire and the feeling that he is the establishment candidate, there will be a lot of pressure on bush and christie and paul and all of those guys to get out of the way and galvanize behind marco rubio. when you look at these numbers outsiders still dominate 20% per ted cruz and 20% for trump . even if marco rubio does become the alternative candidate. he has a long way to go to any nomination. we learned that mike huckabee has suspended his campaign and we have been told that martin o'malley, the former gov. of maryland, who is third-place all along is also ending his bid for the democratic nomination. seen again ben carson is not formally suspending his campaign but going to florida
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recuperating in florida. >> stay with us. we are going out to iowa and we are in des moines. let's talk about results on the republican side. what are you hearing from folks about what gave ted cruz the edge tonight? >> the evangelical voters coming through for ted cruz on you look at some of these first- time goers 46% for first-time goers and this turnout tonight. that's up from 38% back in 2012. and it's interesting. you guys were just talking about marco rubio. we followed him around iowa the last few days we spend a lot of time on the road and he has this relaxed and upbeat and confident manner and a lot of these town halls and taking questions. he was relaxed and joking and
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has to feel good about where he sits right now. basically he's almost tied with donald trump in iowa. now we have to look at the democratic race as a virtual tie between clinton and sanders. the clinton campaign has a little bit of dij@ vu as they think back to 2008, they have to think they had their ground game they did not want to make any mistakes and they have to be feeling not as good as a razor thin margin between clinton and sanders at this point. >> is this the finish, that the sanders team needed? >> , certainly. absolutely. in fact, what started to happen early, the younger voters going for sanders and the older voters going for hillary clinton and
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voters showing up at some of these sites but as these numbers started to come in. we started to see them even up in these sites had more people showing up than they originally thought. so one of these sites had to go outside to the parking lot because so many people had shown up. so this is definitely what bernie sanders was hoping for. >> on the democratic side, too close to call. we are not projecting a winter on the democrat side and on the republican side ted cruz been declared the big winner and iowa. this is where ted crews is going to be moments from now he will come out and addresses supporters who were there. you can see the sign, this is one of the happiest rooms in iowa tonight with all the people that had come out they were hoping and praying for a ted cruz victory and we are
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a few moments. snake you can see the excitement in the room and we will bring you more breaking news from iowa. as it happens. and in case you are wondering what you will get your chance. the presidential primary is on march 15 and the deadline to register is around the corner. those who have not registered to vote must register by february 16. for more information, go to our website cbs this just into the newsroom miami-dade police have confirmed the identity of an officer pulled over by a woman accused of speeding. the videos making national headlines. we are joined live from police headquarters. >>reporter: police essay mrs. david monticello. he is the subject of an internal investigation into his driving. >> i pulled you over because i
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is. some that claudia castillo has become an internet sensation. the cam video of her pulling over officer daniel monticello has gone viral.>> he is driving recklessly going about 100 miles an hour and i was 80 and i could not catch up to him. >>reporter: she eventually caught up to the officer honking and flashing her life and eventually he pulled over. >> i pulled over because i saw you pull over next to me because i thought you had an emergency. is everything fine? >> everything is fine. you are speeding. >> i apologize. i will slow down. finish the filed in complaint with the investigative affairs. country for speeding cops is nothing new a few years ago officer lopez was fired after a patrol officer clocked in doing 120 miles an hour.
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revealed 800 officers from agencies across florida routinely speed. 96% of them between 90 and 110. half speeding to or from work. still there is no proof, this officer was speeding and they argued she should not have pursued the officer. >> her pursuing the officer was wrong because he is trained at high speeds and she is not. >>reporter: castillo followed safely and backed off when she reached 80 miles an hour. >> that's not the way it works. that's not the way it should work. traffic forecasting are making her case with this media issue will be meeting with internal investigations on wednesday. now it was media day in san jose, california for the super bowl this is the first time this event is being held in prime time.
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all the festivities. >>reporter: we just wrapped up. this time was no different from an orange leprechauns today gold superhero this year's media day did not disappoint. super bowl media day has become a spectacle for the players as it is for the reporters. peyton manning sidestepped all questions about possibly retiring after the game. >> i have not made my mind up and i don't see myself knowing that until after the season. >>reporter: for the panthers cam newton attracted media and questions. >> how do you train to be a great quarterback? tonight just like you train to be great in anything else. you have to put your mind to it and you have to enjoy doing it.
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see the frenzy & that's as close as they will get to the nfl players.>>i got tickets and didn't know what to expect and i am happy tran20 for the league went prime time with media day caring it live on the nfl network. players are required to be here for one hour. the fielding questions from miss universe helped pass the time. the teams get a off day tuesday and get down to the business of trying to win super bowl. tonight's sold-out event is one of many organizations. expect thousands of fans to participate throughout the week. we will be heading to the bay area for the big game. report. starting thursday, february 4 and we are six days away from super bowl l in santa clara,
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sunday, february 7 on cbs4. estimate. tonight was being called an international emergency, the zika virus. we will have an update on the number of cases in south florida. place make a major arrest of a florida home. we will show you the amount of bombs and ammunition. officers found at the scene. another day of wild weather in south florida.
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moment now ted cruz breaking there is a live pictures from iowa, where we are about to hear from the republican winner of tonight's caucuses, ted cruz and his family taking the stage ahead of the candidate who came out in a big victory tonight over donald trump and the third-
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it should be noted that ted immigrants. >> we lose the history of these moments sometimes and it's amazing to think of it. here we have the sons of cuban immigrants leaving in the republican field. buying for the presidency one generation into this country. >> your talking about marco rubio and ted crews looks like it will be a three-way race with donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio. nobody expected he would have done as well as he did tonight. tonight just looking ahead, you have to think about march 15 is the first big winner take all primary everything is mostly proportional. you have delegates am a florida winner take all right now he is ahead in those polls and it's a lot of times and can he win the state? it will be a great contest to
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we will continue to follow that take you back to des moines ted cruz takes the stage. to make a health threat now the threat of the zika virus and we have seen some cases a miami- dade county and broward is recording somebody who caught internationally. we are joined by the miami-dade health department and what is the latest health emergency. >>reporter: you did the math and there are three cases in florida. supposedly originated outside of the usa. therefore more countries that have been added to the list of travel concerns and a confirmed case, we just got this information. a confirmed case in jamaica. here is the latest. the zika virus is a public health emergency of international concern. so says the world health organization. the mosquito borne virus is spreading rapidly throughout
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the us center for disease control added, american samoa, costa rica, and nicaragua to the list of travel alerts where the zika virus transmission is ongoing. >> i hope to finish my pregnancy well and i hope to have a healthy baby. confirmed of causing microcephalis with babies being born with small heads. brazil has seen 4100 suspected cases. >> the causes of microcephalis and complications constitute an extraordinary event and a public health threat to other parts of the world. >>reporter: brazil attempting to control the virus health officials can enter any building or home to destroy breeding grounds. in florida, the department of
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such as the center for disease control and prevention. the department is closely monitoring the situation. florida is well-equipped and prepared to address emerging health threats, including zika. if you are traveling to one of those countries that follow the list and you have tickets, you might be able to talk to your airline for cruise ship to delay that flight. back to des moines, iowa, and are breaking news and there he is, ted cruz the republican winner tonight. the texas sen. coming in first place in the iowa caucuses. the first vote of the 2016 presidential race being cast tonight and iowa on on the republican side, it is ted cruz , hugging his wife heidi, who has emerged as a big winner.
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have ties to south florida. the cell phones are up and hear the cheering. let's listen to what he has to say. >> god bless the great state of iowa. let me first of all, say, to god be the glory, [cheers and applause] tonight is a victory for the grassroots. [cheers and applause] tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across
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nation. tonight the state of iowa has spoken iowa has sent a notice that the republican nominee in the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the media. [cheers and applause] he will not be chosen by the washington establishment [cheers and applause] and will not be chosen by the lobbyists, but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful
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arrives in our nation by we, the people, the american people [cheers and applause]. tonight, thanks to the incredible hard work of everyone gathered here for courageous conservatives across the state, together we are in the votes of 48,608 iowans. [cheers and applause] >> and ted cruz thanking his supporters for the victory. talk to us about the importance of these results in iowa as we move forward. >> this gives ted cruz a lot of land at his back. he was going to win anywhere . it was going to be in iowa. this gives them a huge ground into new hampshire.
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for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. is another warm humid evening across florida. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. 93% humidity. we will see some fog later tonight. we saw two thirds of an inch of rain and some over that. the radar showing a few showers pushing their way from south to north across the area and maybe a brief shower. you can see the bigger picture with the disturbance and the rain today has moved to the east so things are looking better in the middle part of the week, 20 of sunshine.
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and 70s. a big storm system will bring very heavy weather. blizzard conditions it will stay well to the north so our forecast a brief shower and inland fog more sunshine and we saw today. warm temperatures. high-end the 80s and maybe a stray shower. a light chop on the day and the rest of the weekend.
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temperatures in hillary clinton, talking to her supporters tonight after what could be a razor thin victory over sanders. >> if we do our part to build it. i am a progressive. i get things done for people. [cheers and applause] i am honored to stand in a long line of performers who make up our minds that the status quo
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still is not an option and it brings people together and defines ways forward. that will improve the lives of americans. i look back over the years of my involvement from the very first job i had with the children's defense fund and i know what we are capable of doing. i know we can create more good paying jobs and raise incomes for hard-working americans. i now we can finish the job of universal healthcare coverage for every single man, woman and child. i know we can combat climate change. >> not all of the precincts reporting, but clinton has a slim margin over sanders
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so ted cruz is a good night and marco rubio and
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