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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good tuesday morning, it is february 2, thank you for waking up with us, i'm . we are going to start out with weather. >> you are stuck with me today, anyway, we have patchy fog out there, we are looking from downtown with our cbs4 camera. you can see the hazy skies out there that could slow you down a little bit. 70 in miami. the humidity is very high as
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it's kind of muggy out there for the early portion of february. it's going to feel like may or june. outside of the patchy fog, you have no weather issues this morning. the fog could be in the western suburbs until about 7:00. at 4:00 this afternoon, 81 quite warm and a bit on the breezy side. that's a look at weather, now here's traffic. good morning. good morning, john, i know you are so excited to be here >> yeah,. [ laughter ] you are going to see cones outside heading northbound on i- 95 so be careful out there. flagler street an injury accident parablely blocking the
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37 ted all the way over to mylam dairy, only one lane open because of construction, guys? i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> iowa, thank you. and we begin with campaign 2016 and this morning, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders following the iowa caucus is too close to call. >> tonight is a courage victory. >> the big story could be marco rubio.
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and this morning, the clinton campaign is declaring victory in iowa, but there's no official word from the party. and now the eyes turn to the next event one week from today. >> reporter: hillary clinton's campaign is saying it is not a tie. the former secretary of state is declaring victory in a very tight race. the democratic side remains unsolved tonight. both of the candidates addressed their supporters last night as the numbers were still bring' counted. >> i am going to continue standing up for you. >> we are going to create an economy that will help the middle class families, not just the upper class. >> reporter: the results don't bode well for sanders.
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for bernie and a tie is probably not going to cut it. he didn't turn out the "obama coalition" as he would have helped for. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa. >> we finished second and i am honored. >> reporter: rubio is only trailing trump by 1%. the focus of the 2016 presidential campaign now shifts to new hampshire which holds the first primary. >> reporter: the iowa caucus
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two of the candidates last night. and the iowa caucuses are front page news across the country. let's start off with the de moines register. in the usa today, the headline cruz wins. and it was a different headline with this one dead clown walking with the words trump loses iowa to cruz, nearly slips to third. now we continue our team coverage. what do the results tell us? >> i think there's a few things we can take right off of the bat. first of all, this is a long race. this is going into march, april
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this is not going to be resolved quickly. that's good news for florida because we are going to be a critical race. i really think florida has a great roll to play, particularly when it comes to marco rubio. and you made reference to the historical nature before. here we have two sons of cuban natives who are in the race. first immigration generations vying for the top office. >> surprising finish for him, third place? did you think he was going to do so well? >> not surprising he was third, but surprising he finished so close to trump. normally, you wouldn't see
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watched marco rubio as i did giving his speech, he showed he was a viable candidate. i guarantee in the next 24-48 hours, marco rubio is going to raise a lot of money. he is going to get a lot of calls from others and he is going to put a lot of pressure on other candidates like casic, bush and others to get out of the race. >> let's talk about jeb bush. he finished sixth in the race. at this point in the game, there's pressure on someone like that to pull out of the race. do you think that's going to happen? >> i do. he spent $15 million in iowa and he got about 5000 votes
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he spent more money in iowa than anyone else. yet, having said that, he still didn't think he was going to do very well. the problem is rubio did so well, it made bush's even worst. >> thank you, we are looking for ward to more of your analysis. it's been a long night for you. >> i love this. >> you can stay tuned here for more details. and we have more details of a police officer pulling over a woman. here's the very latest on the story making national headlines. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, walter. we are hearing that the officer works out of the port of miami and he is now in the center of an investigation.
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i want to know what is the emergency. >> reporter: claudia castill has become a national sensation. >> he has been driving driving wrecklessly. >> reporter: castill honked her horn and pulled him over. >> i thought you had an emergency. is everything fine? >> no, everything is fine. it's your speeding. >> reporter: monday, castill filed a case with the internal affairs. >> reporter: speeding officers in miami is nothing new. one was fired after doing 120
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a pulitzer prize investigation showed that officer across the area routinely speed. still, there's no proof this officer was speeding. >> assume for a second the officer was wrong. he is still trained at high speeds. she is not. >> reporter: castill said she drove safely. >> police officers drive fast all of the time. that's not the way that should work. >> reporter: and castill is set to meet with internal affairs on wednesday. >> thank you. now to our coverage of
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broncos and the carolina panthers both took the floor. >> here's more with a wrap up. >> reporter: walter and lauren, opening day did not disappoint at all. you had miss universe, a leprocon and more. super bowl l started well. >> i didn't know that was a bridge until i got down here. >> reporter: the big question, will veteran quarterback peyton manning retire after the game? he says he doesn't know. we have been trying to get
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cam knew ton, -- newton, this is where the reporters start and jockey to him. the nfl wanted to take away from the antics of the past, but there were plenty of questions. vonn miller was expected to put on a show. you are a fashionable guy. where's the hat? >> i walked into the locker room and they said this is what you are wearing. >> reporter: you didn't get to do anything crazy? >> it's all about the team. >> reporter: a spectacle for fans looking forward to the biggest game of the year. the teams get today off. some players and coaches will do more media events out here in san francisco and then it's
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walter and lauren? >> thank you, jamie. in the meanwhile, jim berry will be heading to the super bowl. we are just five days away from the big day on sunday, february 7th. 5:13 right now, the zika virus is being said a state of emergency. >> and bill cosby is set to appear in court. why his attorney is saying the charges should be dropped. and we have our first sneak peek of chris martin doing karaoke. it's fog ky out -- foggy
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good morning everybody, john gerard in this morning and happy ground hog day, everybody, right now, the radar is pretty clear all though the skies are foggy out there, we will see our shadow and we are expecting a lot of sunshine out there today. punxsutawney, this is his big day, this is his chance to make his debut begin if he sees his shadow, let's take a look at the video. if he sees his sees his shadow, that means six more weeks of winter, if he does
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we are going to find out exactly what the veer ticket is a -- verdict a little bit coming up. we are looking at highs in the 80 here in south florida, but hazy and foggy out there from our camera looking east from downtown. temperature ins the mild and muggy low 70s. right now, the humidity is very high at 93%. a light breeze at 3 miles 3 miles per hour. by the way, punxsutawney is worth a google. that's actually the name of a real town in pennsylvania. anyway, drier air, if you like the drier air, that's what you like on this map. we are in this little section of drier air here, so some low level moisture getting us the fog, but the sunshine is going to burn right through that by 8:00, 9:00 this morning.
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the 60s and 70s in is southern section today. we are in a pattern where the storms continue to come in off of the gulf of mexico. 82 for a high a little bit later today. the southeast winds picking up 10-15. that will make it a little bit bumpy for the boaters. here's a look at your out look for the rest of the week and the weekend. things changing a bit, a few showers and turning a bit cooler friday, saturday and sunday. here's vanessa with a look at traffic. be sure to keep the low beams on because it's foggy in the area. i-95 drivers seeing some construction. still haven't cleared the zones with the cones. you can see the air pushing everybody to the right hand side. we have one accident you have to worry about in miami-dade
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you are going to see an injury accident on flagler street partially blocking the intersection. all right, thank you. now to news a i cross america. today, big cosby's attorney is expected to ask the judge to throw out a sexual assault case in virginia. >> sources say that cosby was told by a previous attorney that a self-incriminating case could not be used to charge him. cosby says the encounter was consentual. and the police in central florida have arrested the director of a day care. this video shows kimberly reed
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welcome back. in this morning's top news, the nominations are out for this year's country music awards. jason al dean, garth brooks and miranda lambert are all up for
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betly will cohost the event with bryant. so you've heard of car pool karaoke, but what about hitchhiker car -- karaoke. check this out. >> chris,. >> james, what are you doing? >> i'm trying to get to the super bowl. [ music ] >> oh, yeah, that's chris martin and late, late show host james cordin singing together. martin, of course is headlining the super bowl show, but before that, you can catch him on the late, late show tonight. don't miss it weeknights at 12:37 only here on cbs4 and remember, you can only watch
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february 7th right here on cbs4. >> it makes you want to look twice on the road. >> you never know who you might see. >> it's going to be a good one! hopefully, the electricity won't go off as well. good morning guys, good morning to all of you at home. i-95 drivers, we have construction out there, but look at this road ranger, he is making your drive a lot easier. he is picking up the construction cones. good news there. what about the other spots? if we have any construction or traffic alerts, i will let you know. john? you might want to give yourself a little bit of a head
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right now at 5:30, the 2016 presidential race now turns to new hampshire just one day after the iowa caucuses.
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winner, but it's a different
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