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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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viral of a miami-dade police officer being pulled over for reportedly speeding while on his way to work at fort miami. >> he has been driving recklessly going hundred miles an hour because i was hitting 80 and i could not catch up to him. >>reporter: she eventually caught up to the officer getting his attention by honking her morning flashing her lights. stick. i don't believe i was speeding, but you are entitled to your opinion. i saw you pulled over. so that's why i pulled over a fighter had an emergency, is everything fine? stick everything is fine. you are speeding. >> i apologize. i will be sure to slow down. >> i thought he handled it well. he should not have been speeding. >>reporter: castillo , filed a complaint against the officer in internal affairs is looking into it.>> everybody is watching. and if it is right or wrong. the perception that was created by that sheds light on all of us.
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south florida is nothing there. a few years ago and miami officer was fired after a florida highway patrol trooper clocked him going 120 miles an hour. an investigation by the sun sentinel revealed 800 officers from agencies across south florida routinely speed. 96% of them going between 90 and 110 and half of them stepping on the gas to and from work. >> do i think it is an issue? we see it on the road every day but i see less of it. >>reporter: the miami-dade police union said there is no proof he was speeding and also added that castillo should not have sped up to pursue him. she is expected to meet with internal affairs investigators tomorrow. from miami gabby fleshman cbs4 news. >> caught on camera a thief gets away on two wheels. miami beach police treating this video the suspect. video shows the man last month. checking in several bicycles
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he is seen riding out on one bike and wheeling another. the suspect is facing grand theft felony charges. high school student was arrested after police say he brought weapons onto school property. 18-year-old wayne daymond is a student at coconut creek high school. police say he was caught on campus yesterday with a box cutter and brass knuckles in several pills that he did not have a prescription for. he is facing charges including possession of a weapon on school property. some of the broward sheriff's office is investigating a fatal shooting. a man was found dead this morning outside of an apartment complex at northwest six street and 28th ave. please spend several hours gathering evidence and interviewed residents trying to figure out who shot the man. the victim was in his 50s. anyone with information is asked to call broward crimestoppers.
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person was hit and killed by a car. all this happening there n. state rd. 7 and nw. 41st st. chopper4 was over the scene this morning. the north and southbound lanes were closed for some time as police investigated. the driver stayed on the scene. now a consumer alert and a new warning about a familiar scam. this seems to be on the rise. now that we have to tax season, elliott rodriguez is in the control room with important information for all of us. >> the iressa seen a dramatic increase in scams that have netted cooks $26 million. we reported on these scams before. they usually involve a phone call from somebody plant -claiming to be an irs employee. they will claim you owe money to them or are being sued by the irs and they demand payment on the spot. sometimes they will ask for a prepaid debit card number or a wire transfer. these high pressure tactics to get the person on the phone to pay money immediately in order
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reality it is all a scam. >> they are ruthless criminals. have they really don't care about people. they don't care about anything other than trying to intimidate you into paying them money. the tipoff is if you don't pay immediately you're going to go to jail. that's the tipoff. the irs will never make a telephone call like that. >> so far, the irs has received 900,000 complaints about the scam so they are growing in number and they have already scam people out of $25 million. agency, the irs would never demand that you pay taxes without giving you the opportunity to question or appeal the amount they say that you owe. agents also say the irs would never demand or require a specific payment methods such as a prepaid debit card and the irs would never threat to bring the local police department to your home to arrest you for not
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elliott rodriguez cbs4 news. some of the fbi's joining the investigation into a flint, michigan water crisis. the agency is looking into it officials haven't said if civil charges are criminal charges will follow. officials have resigned since doctors revealed last year that using the flint river for the city's drinking water supply caused elevated levels of lead in some children's blood. differently than men? spirit the report that gives us a better understanding as to why men might have it easier after the break. a mother turns tragedy into a gift of life for another family. it's a touching meeting that you won't forget. if you think cam newton wore these pants well, wait until you see what gayle king, put charlie rose up to on cbs news this morning. lots of sun out there today with passing clouds and a nice breeze. a great day for april, but it's february.
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we will tell you what he saw coming up. you can see there are crews tried to remove wreckage of a small airplane that went down today. the men inside that plane were learning to fly when the plane went down but they were able to escape. we will follow the story for you. here is a look at the
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a new study suggesting women find it more difficult to lose weight than men. researchers at the university of aberdeen in scotland say hormones that regulate appetite, physical activity work differently in men and women. it could change the way that obesity is tackled through medication. a mother was able to hear her son's heartbeat again for the first time in nearly 3 years. heather clark's seven-month-old son lucas died suddenly and 2013 and 18-month-old jordan was fighting for her life because of a congenital heart defect. she needed a new heart to survive and lucas is part was a was made anonymously. the families had never meant. the moms found each other
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instant. >> there is another family out there who is feeling something like what i am feeling and i have the chance to make them not go through what i am about to go through. spray she would be selfless to think of another family while she is going through her grief. smith jordan is now 4 years are and gave clark a toy bear to play the beat of her sons donated heart. spirit. the mom is more emotional than the kids who are just there for playtime. >> she is a great time and is healthy think goodness peggy is hate to think of another family's tragic situation but how generous of them to donate their sons organs of such a difficult time.>> a touching reunion for them. coming up date night for mr. and mrs. clooney at the premiere of his brand-new movie. there they are the red carpet. what george had to say about
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a super bowl fashion statements was made over the weekend. see what happened. one gayle king charged charlie rose to make a state meant. all new at 6 pm violence gone viral. at jackson memorial hospital where females are taken after being shot. and a brand-new video posted on video shows the english one of those victims experienced moments after the shooting. we will have that story coming up. snap beans and strawberry parfait. fresh florida bell peppers sizzle in olive oil. add snap beans, a dash of garlic and serve with roasted chicken. for dessert, surprise them with juicy florida strawberries
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it was a star-studded night in hollywood for the premiere of george clooney's new film, hail caesar. the film follows the day in the life of a studio fixer who is presented with all kinds of problems to fix. i must have done something stupid or evil because they just keep sending me scripts. here is another numbskull and you're the guy for it. connected also stars channing tatum and jonah hill.
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>> and lady gaga will perform a special tribute to david bowie at the super bowl. gaga said david bowie greatly influenced her career. he will-she will perform any of the greatest hits and you can watch the grammy awards on cbs on monday, february 15 at 8 pm on cbs4. you have heard of carpool karaoke, what about hitchhiker karaoke. check it out.>>what are you doing? trying to get to the super bowl.
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coldplay of the host of the late show singing some coldplay tunes they are anticipating the halftime show and singing on the late late show you can watch it tonight. doubtless the late late show weeknights at 12. doubtless the late late show weeknights at 12:30 pm--12:30 am after the late show right here on cbs4. and he will host the 70th annual tony awards on cbs. this will be his first time hosting the tony's that will be broadcast live from the beacon theater in new york city and james gordon is actually a past tony winner himself. he wanted 2012 for best actor in a play. to noon sunday, june 12, 8 pm right here on cbs4. cam newton made headlines for these were such a fancy wore on sunday for his trip to san francisco and his fashion statements. gain the attention
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the host gayle king and charlie rose and norah o'donnell. charlie was challenged to wear pants on the show today like cam newton's. look at what he did. >>for saatchi. >>i tried to get them. see mcveigh you didn't. >> it's awesome. >>that's so great. >>i'm going to write you a check. so that they'll give it to my favorite charity. >> i will write you a check it. don't pay it until april. >> use it to pay your taxes. >> how did you get them?
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versace-i think versace. i wonder what they had to get him to do behind-the-scenes to do this. >> he has friends, charlie rose. >> you can watch that every morning at 7 am on cbs4. in february. second, groundhog day and 1010 went out and he did not see his shadow which means he did not get scared by his shadow that means an early spring. just means an early spring, which is a relative term and he did not bite anybody this year which is a good thing. estimate this is a reason why it's not going to be an early spring. through next week. these are taken intrusions tried to calm down a couple of healthy cold front but they're going to push the midsection of the country. it will be an early spring but
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now. the sun setting in the west and west broward and a beautiful evening. temperatures happen warm today, 81 in miami and 69 as the low and high of 81 and low of 70 and 80 in key west. a low of 73 and windsor picking up southeast from deerfield beach to kendall and we will see wins get pretty gusty tomorrow from 25 to 35 miles an hour and a sustained breeze that southeast warm breeze going into the low pressure area. high rain chances to our west. go with the computer models and the rain chances increase, especially thursday night and into friday with this first front coming into play a better chance for rain and on friday things improve a little bit and saturday enough for a few showers and another front comes through on sunday with a better chance for storms in the day.
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sunday night dry air works its way in and cool temperatures arrive next week. over the southeast severe weather continues with tornadoes reported from louisiana to mississippi and tennessee. that front will bring us some rain thursday night and friday. a nice night tonight, breezy along the beaches 71 tomorrow. the breeze picks up high in the mid-80s and plenty of sunshine and pollen count showing mold is low and taking us through the weekend, temperatures will be warm for a few more days, thursday the cold front comes cooler friday saturday. spotty showers and sunday could be unsettled. yahoo is going to make some drastic cuts the company announced this afternoon. it is laying off 1700 workers.
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she took over 2012 and the company has had a hard time competing with google and facebook. we have a sneak peek at the super bowl commercials. >> what is it like to be in the thick of things at the super bowl media event?
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similar people were enjoying the countdown to the super bowl is officially on. yesterday. the panthers in broncos face thousands of reporters from all over. it was media day.>> one reporter stood out from the rest.>>we had quite the game plan. three steps to standing out and surviving media day madness. >>reporter: we are at the main event.
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day works. there are thousands of media personalities from all across the world and each team has one hour and that means that media is scrambling to get questions in. how did i get a question with peyton manning, the biggest star of the super bowl? i wore this referee shirt and i held my bag over my head and i asked the producer to lift me up. >> what would you tell your younger self going into this game? >> i tried to talk all of this up to the unique opportunity but one thing i haven't done is being too reflective. i stay in the moment. so that's how you get a question with the number one player at the super bowl media day. put me down, steve. i did it. are you ready? i thought it would ask the
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their younger selves? did you have any idea you would turn out to be a star or successful when you're that guy?>> i never thought i would be sitting here talking to you guys. >> are you good with canvas pants? did you have such a great sense of fashion? do you have a celebratory out that you will be wearing on super bowl sunday?>> i have to get on that. >> i need a rhinestone and another zebra pants. sarah beth our girl. back to you. >> i am very impressed with her ability to go out there and get those questions answered. we are getting a sneak peek at more of the ads that will air during the super bowl. first up a few brand-new ads in this year's again. here is one of them. take a look.
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short sighted utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution. a selfish coward. if your brain was donated to science, science would return it. so stop it. semen tell us how you really feel. a budweiser ad tackles the ad- top-i for tackles the topic of drunk driving and mountain dew is getting back into the advertising game. the soft drink giant treated brief videos of the videos star but it might leave viewers scratching their head. >> i am scratching my head. it features a creature acting like a human baby by sitting in a high chair. this is the mountain dew's
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years. >> and we are heading to the bay area for super bowl l look for his live reports from san francisco starting on thursday. >> you can only watch the super bowl sunday, february 7 right here on cbs4 . and if you can't get enough coverage. head over to cbs bowl for a live blog from the super bowl and radio grow. >> i like watching those at some people watch the games for the ads. if anyone is going to get people to stop destructive behavior. it is helen mirren.>>we have a show of the greatest super bowl commercials on cbs. >> thanks a lot. here is what is coming up on cbs4 news at 6 pm. raw emotion live online seconds after a shooting. a week south florida woman goes
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help to arrive. young pilot sendup underwater pick it back to shore just fine. we talked to beachgoers who saw it unfold. >> marco rubio on the ride. he charges into new hampshire. fresh off of his big night in iowa. what is next for the other candidates fighting for every vote. cbs4 news at 6 pm starts right now. violence gone viral. south florida women are shot inside a car and one of them goes live on facebook and she uses a new feature called facebook. live and more than 100,000 others have viewed the video sense. we are live at jackson memorial hospital where doctors are treating the woman.>>this woman had been shot for ties, which
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what happened. the video you are about to see shows what was posted live on moments after the shooting. you can actually see her anguish. >>she cries out after bullets riddled the car as she and two other females are at a burger king restaurant. sounds like the mother is with her. >> calm down. calm down. >> mom. i am bleeding. mommy i am bleeding. spanish. she appears to be using her cell phone to show her suffering. gant was one of the wounded females lifted to jackson memorial hospital. i been shot three times. survey she struggles to keep her composure.
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