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tv   CBS 4 News at 6PM  CBS  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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paramedics are on the scene. you can hear one of them speaking to her. >> just breeds. it's going to be all right. as long as you talk to me, it's going to be okay. >> she later post on facebook is blessed, all i can say is blessed, 4 wins and i am blessed. i love you mom. please say the females were targeted. they are not sure why. three. male subjects fled on foot.>> we need to stop this violence from occurring in our community and neighborhood. we take it very seriously.>> we need to bring these people to justice. >> despite the anguish in her wrist. she is grateful to have survived. >> god is good. >> one of the females that was shot is in critical condition.
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female that is what it has stabilized. meanwhile, police do not have a good description to release of the suspects it if you can help them call miami- dade crimestoppers. we are live at jackson memorial hospital cbs4 news. elliott? to my breaking news right now on the zika virus, there are 4 confirmed cases miami-dade county. those bring the total number of cases to nine. also authorities in dallas county, texas, have confirmed the first case transmitted sexually. a patient was affected after having sexual contact with someone who was ill. in south florida. staff members have most hospitals are being trained on how to spot potential symptoms. and zika this found in 28 countries with the most cases in brazil. it has been linked to possible serious birth defects for unborn children of pregnant women.
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mandatory to ask pregnant women if they have recently traveled two areas that are part of the outbreak. now at 6 pm, and airplane is down with student pilots underwater. somehow they are okay tonight. plane plunged into the ocean off of haulover beach today. it happened in front of beachgoers and lifeguards who did everything they could to help out. joe murray spoke with witnesses. tran20 for it happened 40 feet off shore. it was a crowded day with beachgoers, a beautiful day for the beach. luckily for the pilot and passenger this happened right in front of this lifeguard station and lifeguards sprang into action. >> a single propeller plane just went down. zika for within minutes from hitting the water. the single engined piper was submerged.
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to a wig and the lifeguard brought them to shore. >>when you hit the water with that speed. >>reporter: miami-dade police patrol picked up these wheels from the plane. social media lit up with images from spectators who saw the emergency unfold. >> we were in the ocean and all of a sudden we started screaming and ran out. tran20 for other sunbathers began to record this on their cell phone. some wondered if this was a stunt. >>i thought maybe it was part of a movie. treasury for the pilot and passenger, 19 and 20 were questioned that a fire station and released. they left without comment. they told lifeguards they were student pilots from south america making a routine trip. they experienced engine trouble.
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the plane and hauled into a marina. smith they were thanking god. and they were super thankful to be alive and it was amazing that it was just a few cuts and scrapes they were walking away. >>reporter: that's the view from chopper4 overhead the marina where the airplane was taken. someone will pick it up. it will be taken to a hangar. we are told by the faa. the national transportation safety board is going to have a investigation and try to figure out what exactly went wrong on that plane, causing it to come down in the ocean. tonight the two men have returned home. they had no comment but they say they feel very fortunate. they told lifeguards they feel very fortunate to be alive.
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campaign 2016 florida sen. marco rubio rolled into new hampshire today after a good showing in iowa last night. he placed a solid third of the republican caucuses. gary nelson is live in the newsroom with the reaction from some of rubio's supporters and a rival.>> they are calling it momentum. not only did he perform well in iowa, but dramatically better than polls had predicted. the comeback kid hard at work in new hampshire, the morning after. similar god bless the great state of iowa. >> after ted cruz finish number one in iowa. and donald trump number two. smith this is the moment they said would never happen. estimate but rubio came in third and not a distant third. this five points off the leader in right on trump's tail. >> we have taken the first step an important step towards winning this election. smith booster see him in a
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nomination. >> people in iowa saw rubio in the qualities that they want >> this young candidates campaign sees rubio's babyface >> people are beginning to understand the sen. rubio represents the future and not the past.>> jeb bush, the once heir apparent to the nomination with plenty of past behind him, drew only 3% of the vote. finishing a dismal number six. with the target on rubio's back got a whole lot bigger. integration. he took a lot of heat in a minute, that god hot, he ran the other way. so the heat promises to rise but a key demographic was revealed in iowa. anthony cervantes reports. attorney for he did well with people who are looking for a
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would win in november.>> we will unite our party and grow our party and defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders, or whoever they nominate. synergy sounded very much like a winner monday night. history shows the third-place finisher in iowa can go on to win the nomination and the presidency. bill clinton placed third and did it for the democrats. and george bush the first did it on the gop side. gary nelson cbs4 news. the iowa winter ted cruz was in new hampshire today and he spend time with an enthusiastic crowd by telling them the election will be decided by voters not media or lobbyists. >> , it's incredible. it's important other americans across this country who are counting on you to make that determination. >> donald trump took second place in iowa is also a new
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he was at a rally that is about to begin in an hour. but he has been treating all day long in one post. he took aim at the media saying it has not covered my longshot finish in iowa fairly and he also said he brought in a caucuses. let's bring in. jim was more on i will. what is next with new hampshire? >> one more second time iowa just for a second. this is part of the story that has been missed. now ted cruz made history. he is the first hispanic to ever win a caucus are presidential primary and i think that god overlooked in all the back and forth so let's give him acknowledgment and move forward to new hampshire because it's a whole new ballgame. it's going to be one of these cases where is going to be bloody and there are only so many tickets out of new hampshire.
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ambush and ted cruz antron focus their attention on marco rubio. the key is for jeb bush he has to finish ahead of rubio. he can finish second to new hampshire. he goes into south carolina strong and he is sitting in a nice position. since i heard chris christie call marco rubio the boy in the bubble. they called him that because they said this is not a student council election. they're going to go after him as if he is too polished and slick, a first-term senator from those are what you're going to hear used by christie and others against marco rubio. but the reality is as gary's piece pointed out and others have pointed out, there's a feeling that the rubio campaign has had on this idea that they are the most electable. that donald trump and ted cruz
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or bernie sanders was a result marco rubio this on the fact that he is hillary clinton's worst nightmare.>> how worried are the democrats that hillary clinton will make it past bernie sanders? >> right now, the field is pretty good. she survived in iowa. she is going to lose a new hampshire, but the rest of the field is pretty well.>>i'm not sure how he brooklyn guy socialist place in the deep south. he has drawn some good-sized crowds but the hillary people think they are strong in south carolina. until bernie sanders. it shows he can attract minority voters specifically african-american voters. this is an interesting ride. but clinton is in the driver seat. >> we won't see that until south carolina.
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stay with cbs4 news and cbs for continued coverage of primary 2016. look for life reports beginning sunday on cbs4 news. next, what a ride, some south florida children get to go for a spend in a very expensive luxury car. why today's experience meant so much to them and their families. jamaican florida feeling the effect of last month powerball fever. you may help rewrite the record books. nice and warm today with radar not showing anything locally but not too far away.
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south florida kids today got to do something most adults never do, take a ride in a luxury racecar. it is a chance for them to forget about the medical treatments they have to go through every day. more from hollywood. >>reporter: a day they will never forget. kids with life-threatening medical conditions are given a day to forget about their hospital visits and ride in the front seat of some of the worlds most expensive and fast luxury sports cars.
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they are all here. 11-year-old jermaine reese junior has a kidney disease. he chose the white lamborghini.>>it was the fifth annual event founded by brett david and his sister to give kids and their families. a special experience. some of the kids are here because they are fighting different diseases and for them to be able to come here and get out of the hospital setting with permission from the doctors and become racecar drivers for the day. >>reporter: today is a car lovers dream. snake may favorite car is made by shelby motors. i like it because it's futuristic and awesome. >>reporter: 11-year-old-from hollywood knows what these kids are going through. he has been in remission from leukemia for three years but he has a wish for them.>> i
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ride.>>drivers are volunteering. so many people are having such a great time. they're talking about next week's event. >> the city of hialeah unveiled a new fleet of police vehicles. they have 36 new patrol cars with eight on patrol. they also purchased two new firetrucks will be used for major emergencies. carlos fernandez said the vehicles will allow both departments to better serve the citizens of hialeah. and if you can believe that groundhogs can predict the weather. grab your flip-flops t- shirts and shorts. an early spring is on the way. punxsutawney phil made his prediction this morning after emerging from a tree stump and related. he said there would be an early springlike weather because he
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the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says accuracy is at about 45%, which is pretty good in baseball and other things but not when it comes to predicting this. >> your chance of getting heads on flipping a coin is 51%. so i will show you what's going on outside. a few clouds pushing in with the sunsets and 77 in miami 77 in fort lauderdale, 77 in key west. fairly humid and the humidity is going to stay up through thursday. temperatures are in the mid-70s and wins out of the east southeast will be picking up tonight and tomorrow. at low to mid 80s in store for tomorrow. here's a big weather maker. strong low-pressure area with
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tornadoes ahead of it moving slowly to the e. we are way ahead of it. plenty of sun warm and humid temperatures and on thursday. here comes a cold front. we are ahead of it so very warm sunshine for thursday late thursday cold front comes through early on friday temperatures stay warm and drop off the roads not going to go away. sunday second low-pressure area comes through. we will see showers and storms early on sunday and basically weather pattern is warm for a few days and turning cooler and unsettled friday saturday and sunday could turn cold on monday . temperatures southeast right now warm head of the system 50s, 60s and 70s. cold behind it. 21 in denver at
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50 in kansas city and 75 in new orleans. a nice night breezy along the tomorrow. sunshine breezy and warm humidity on the high side feeling a lot more like april. mid 80s. small craft exercise caution winds coming up conditions on today at 77. through the weekend. a couple of days in the mid-80s. breezy warm and humid in the front comes through thursday night so cool on friday. showers saturday and storms on sunday, turning colder temperatures over the weekend in the 70s. back to you. the cbs news team is working on the 11 pm news. we have a quick look at what is in the works. crews--and rubio ted cruz clinton and sanders have events
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you and have the latest in a new chapter in the search for a former fbi agent from south florida possibly missing in iran. we will say the facebook page that might make a difference. tonight at 11 pm. elliott? to make the miami heat face-off tonight without their big man. remember, if you are not narrative you can watch all of our newscast streaming live remember, if you are not narrative you can watch all of our newscast streaming live. you will see a link on the homepage. it is now a three-man race for the republican nomination. hillary clinton narrowly escapes defeat in iowa. we will look at which way the moment thomas turning as the candidates had to new hampshire plus health officials have now confirmed the first zika transmission in the united states. we will talk to the head of the cdc and check in with ground
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steve this year. in order to win basketball games. you need a big guy in the middle. a guy to rebound and block shots. smith the heat have been having some fill is because their big man is out. riding a four-game winning streak their longest in nearly
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will be without their big man. dwight howard is suspended from the rockets for swiping the arm of a referee mitchell irvin saturday leaves the nba with a dozen technical fouls and the heat-i: mrs. six straight game tonight and some say maybe the heat are better off without him. here is his response. >> i'm always going to be criticize. jesus was criticized. nobody is above that. the panthers are back in action tonight. a matchup of east. montoya will get the start. he is allowed three goals in two games against the capitals and the caps will be without their injured a star. alexander out of the game because he set up the all-star
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you would think that would only help out the panthers.>> a great hockey team. we have to play harder work hard in the second-half starts with-i for points. some of the cleveland browns have had enough of manziel, they say his off the field behavior has become intolerable. super bowl week is in full swing of the panthers are having a good time today dan the broncos both the media last night. peyton manning is the center of attention to check out this guy the broncos could have a problem sunday night. if he doesn't get access to the game. >> we are looking at your credentials in a says no stadium access. >> i hope they let me in. we are going to work real hard this week.
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sunday.>>game without the coach could be a problem. >> cam newton was having more fun during media day than peyton manning. >> manning's personality is a little more button-down. cam newton has no act. he loves playing the game he loves having a good time and it shows. next, super sales, the powerball fever last month helped shatter a lottery record in the state of florida. pick up some fresh florida zucchini, beautiful golden squash, plump tomatoes, mushrooms, and garlic. combine with the pasta, and serve. everyone's a winner with this flavor packed meal. for more delicious recipes
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billion powerball drawing was
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