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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 3, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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calm down. calm down. >> mom. i am bleeding.
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mama i'd bleeding. >> a south florida shooting gone viral. a woman takes to facebook life moments after being shot in a parking lot. three women were hit as they sat in that the bullet riddled car. >> all three are being treated at jackson memorial hospital and that's where hank is with the story. story. i have not seen anything like it. everybody is just fine. one was just released from the hospital and two others are staying overnight. it was all played out live on facebook. let's take a look. >> god forgive me for all my sins. >>reporter: a stunning first on facebook. 18-year-old tanisha her mother and aunt inside this car outside a burger king. two or three suspects shoot to
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guide killing his wife and on facebook. a woman streaming hurt drunk driving escapades on periscope, this is the top. the victim goes live with facebook's newest app on the world wide web. >> mom. i am bleeding. >> clearly frightened but able to get the picture on her page keeping the cell phone camera generally framed up. police search for the shooter's all three women are taken to jackson memorial hospital. that's tanisha on the gurney on her phone. enter facebook post is viral. by early evening, 200 for thousand had viewed her well- documented ordeal and she kept posting. blessed is all i can say.
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and why facebook? >> that's basically their life. thus the generation we are in now. and her family tonight awarding- a warning. >> you are going to be caught. i don't forgive, you all. >> back live as you heard in the piece she knows who did the shooting but according to our news partners at the miami herald, she will not tell police who they are. reporting. i am hank at cbs4 tonight. making headlines across the country woman pulls over an officer and accuses them of speeding. tonight we're getting a look at the driving records of the officer and the woman. we are joined live from police headquarters. >>reporter: the story has been sensational. a watercooler story to say the
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now we are learning the woman that pulled this stunt often the officer she pulled over. apparently are having a lot of trouble on the road. overcome. emergency. >>reporter: the video of her flying over a cop went viral. she said the cop was doing 100 miles an hour. as it turns out that she may be recklessly basis. 1998. she has been cited nine times for speeding, speeding in school zones driving without a license and accidents. the latest happening two weeks ago. the officer she pulled over has a checkered driving history as well. we looked into his personnel file next to a stack of accommodations are doing excellent police work was a stack just as large braxton's. he has crashed seven times over the last decade.
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three of them were his fault. in october 2006. he sideswiped a vehicle yearly event. he crashed into a concrete pole while turning right. his police vehicle sustained $10,000 worth of damage. a few months after the accident he had another poll trying to avoid a suspect. he had to take driving courses and has had three more accidents. he has been recognized recently for not having accidents. internal affairs is investigating and he was actually speeding. meanwhile, he is being praised for his professionalism. >> i appreciated the officer's attitude in the fact that he was contrite and handled it well. he should not have been speeding. we reached out to castillo to see if she had a comment about her driving record that she had not mentioned before and she did not return any phone calls. the fbi launched a facebook page, to solicit tips on the whereabouts of a former fbi agent who disappeared in iran. robert levinson, who is
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went missing nine years ago. the site is part of a broad effort to appeal to the iranian his disappearance. some it miami-dade police are searching for a missing couple in need of help. alexandra and brandon both 21 were last seen on january 31. detectives say they were having drinks at cadillac ranch at the town & country mall. her car, a red toyota corolla was last spotted going through a toll plaza, florida turnpike. we spoke with her mother tonight. smith this is out of her character. she has never done anything like this before to disappear. for more than a few hours without sending me a text saying trying not to worried that is out of her character. >> anyone with information on
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call police. >> if we are attacked somebody attacks us. would you rather have to pump as president if we are attacked? we will be the bleep out of them. so that donald trump on offense after his second-place finish in the iowa caucuses, but is big story continues to be marco rubio the miami native with a strong performance as many republicans believing he has a shot of going all the way. >> what are we waiting for. after seven years of obama? this is not a time for patients. this is time for urgent action because of the get this election wrong. there may be no turning around for america. >> rubio may have come in third place in iowa bit of politics. it's about perception and no one thought he would do so well. certainly not donald trump asked reporters in new hampshire tonight by everyone is making it into such a big deal. >> you mentioned marco rubio. he is a good guy but he came in
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i came in second place. kim at the republican winter sen. ted cruz headed to south carolina appealing to the same religious voters that helped him win in iowa. cynical across south carolina and this country. people are waking up. there is an awakening and a spirit of revival that is sweeping this country. ; democratic side, hillary clinton would love to win in new hampshire, but polls show her trailing bernie sanders from vermont. tonight she tried to remind voters the last gop president presided over the run-up to the great recession. tenant that republicans want us to have a case of amnesia. as long as i am in this race. they are not mindful that over us again. >> news tonight, the bush campaign is beginning to understand the former governor faces increasingly long odds
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understood all along. see that people are beginning to understand that sen. rubio represents the future and not the past. to make here is where the candidates stand and it new hampshire. polls taken between january 17 than yesterday. sanders holds 66% with a 38% lead over clinton and on the republican side polls give donald trump 30 for percent last night winner ted crews is back at 11% in new hampshire jeb bush is a hair above 10% with marco rubio a fraction of a point behind him and chris christie coming in at 6%. now a tale of two different quarterbacks but 39-year-old peyton manning, maybe playing the last game of his career. while the much younger cam newton is on the rise.
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francisco. >> you are exactly right. every time i hear the music for the super bowl. i get so excited. it's going to be a showdown on sunday between the sheriff and superman manning versus newton. panthers quarterback cam newton is brash and bold with a unique style. fans of the 26 rolled love the signature celebration. others claim he is a show about but peyton manning is impressed with the former top pick in the college draft. >> is often a credible start. his young nfl career. second 6'5" 245 pounds. he is built like a linebacker but moves like a running back a deadly combination for defense. >> i am living the dream that i have envisioned myself living. when i was 10 years old.
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peyton manning's 4th. midseason manning was best for injuries. newton watch as the legend closely. some of a lot of things peyton manning has done and is doing that. i wish i could mimic but i can't. i can do it like he can. so just a month away from age 40 peyton manning hasn't decided if he will hang up his cleats after the super bowl but we will have to deal with a possible nfl investigation over a media report linking him to human growth hormones. >> i welcome that investigation but i can tell you what they are going to find a big fat nothing. so despite their different styles. there is a mutual respect between manning and newton a shared love of the game and talents few others will ever know. so tomorrow, the teams will hold their first big practice and we learned that lady gaga will sing the national anthem.
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we are getting close. a small plane crashes into the ocean just feet from a south florida beach. witnesses describe how the people on board were able to survive. plus a health alert the zika virus and the number of cases in south florida and across the state. wait until you hear about the commotion caused by this washed ashore. lots of sunshine today and
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evening and a nice sunset bu an airplane down the water right over haulover beach. both people survived. >> a single top plane the
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submerged for this pilot and passenger made it to the wing and a lifeguard brought them to shore. cynical you hit the water with that speed. >>reporter: marine patrol picked up the wheels from the plane. social media lit up . >> we were out in the ocean. getting whacked and all of a sudden police were screaming and ran out. >> other sunbathers recorded it on their cell phone. some wondered if it was a movie stunt. >> i thought this was a movie. >>they left without, but told lifeguards they were student pilots from south america making a routine trip what they
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a tow boat floated the planet smith they were very thankful that they were thanking god and they were thankful to be alive and that was amazing that there were just a few cuts and scrapes walking away from it. the plane is in a hangar in inspected. the men telling lifeguards that they feel very fortunate to be alive. valley health alert in the state department of health now confirming 4 cases of zika virus in miami-dade county. the total number of cases in florida is up to ninth in the cdc confirmed the first case transmitted sexually in texas. patient became infected after having sexual contact with someone who is sick. south florida staff members at most hospitals are being trained on how to spot potential symptoms. and 10 five is found in 28
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in brazil. doctors link it to serious birth defects for unborn children. hospitals will make it mandatory to ask pregnant women if they had traveled to areas with a outbreak. the navy is investigating an old military device discovered in marathon. a man called police when he found what he said was a torpedo in shallow water sheriff's deputies evacuated the area around the location for several hours and called out the bomb squad. it's unknown what the device is. back to the super bowl and the players meeting the press today and nancy o'dell shares that story from los angeles.>> we were in the middle of media day for super bowl with our special correspondents for destiny child singer michelle williams and the daughter of frank and kathy lee gifford, cassidy gifford if she was experiencing it for the first time.
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day. bowl media day. let me count down the crazy but there was a guy in a dress. >> we are from germany and in here. smith there were puppets. what does this have to do with the super bowl? >> when cam newton entered it was a spectacle and peyton manning faced a wall of cameras. the super bowl air sunday on cbs. but we played a little round of nfl newlywed with their roommates with cutouts of their ladies. >> most romantic thing you have ever done. >> i proposed that the grand canyon. >> where was your first kiss? >> philadelphia. after we ate at a restaurant. on the way back in the cabinet. >> if you could be a famous person, who would you be?
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>> kobe bryant. >> does your fianci prefer you in spandex like your uniform or your birthday suit?>> birthday suit. smith, that's will be called another super wild super bowl media day. >> we will have much more on the super bowl. you can check it out tomorrow on et. >> our very own. jim barry, heading to the bay area for super bowl coverage, but look for his live report from san francisco starting thursday, february 4 and you can only watch the super bowl on february 7 right here on cbs4 that are covered starts with a special cbs4 sunday morning and at 2 pm. coverage begins with nfl today. kickoff is set for 6:25 pm and after the game. a live edition of the late show with stephen colbert followed by cbs4 news tonight and the
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show. we have some new video of a tornado on the ground in alabama. take a look at this, but hit the ground at mississippi and went to the town of ellisville, alabama, where damaged homes in a federal prison north of mcmullen, we are getting some reports of damaged structures and two people were trapped somehow fit we will keep our eye on that. we had our own taste of tornadoes last week. it couldn't be prettier. >> and that's not going to affect us in a significant way. let me show you what's going on. a warm and humid evening for this is a live picture of downtown fort lauderdale. we have a few showers passing by 76 right now in miami and 76 in fort lauderdale and key west very warm for early february and very humid. a summary type of humidity out there with east southeast breezes and a little bit of rain here and there and
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networks in the mid-70s starting to pick up along the coast. that's helping trigger a few showers. here's the radar. brief bits of rain so if you are out and about overnight. you might get hit by one of those but it should not be a big deal. it should be mostly quiet tomorrow. we will see flow to mid 80s tomorrow and the big picture showing the strong storm system. the tornado is ahead of it with blizzard conditions behind it. it will gradually weekend and tomorrow sale. plenty of sunshine warm and humid temperatures in the low to mid 80s same story for thursday. we are ahead of the front with warm sun storms possible. late thursday in the front comes through thursday night so cooler on friday showers in the day, but the front does not get far away.
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so we settle into the weekend. mid 70s for highs developing low-pressure area and the second side of this front comes through on sunday so showers and storms, turning colder we could fall into the 50s by sunday night that's before the cool down begins. temperatures across the country warm in the southeast. but tonight is looking good with brief showers warm and humid with a low of 72. a mix of sun and clouds and plenty of sun by the afternoon high temperature of around 830. small craft caution and southeast breezes 15 to 20 more warm days and he gets unsettled turning much colder by sunday night. back to you. the u.s. postal service
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by releasing a new stamp the postal services celebrating black history month but issuing a stamp to honor the founder of the ame church, richard allen. dozens gathered in north miami to dedicate this year's stamp to the famous activist and citic leaders the black heritage series stamp coincides with the 200th anniversary of the founding of the church. estimate we heard earlier lady
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anthem at the super bowl and have a tribute to david bowie at the grammy awards. she will pay homage to the singer who passed away last month issued credits him as a major influence. she will perform any of his hits per the only place you can watch the awards is right here
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hello everyone i am steve goldstein. a winning streak in texas starting a road trip in houston. it was a shoot out tonight is sitting out with injury. the rockets jumped out of the lead. but the heat of it. hang in there. a two-point game and in the fourth quarter. the rockets were too much. marcus thornton with a nice way up there up by 11 and later on. james harden nails a three- pointer. he had 26 points in the game, the heat go down they will play in dallas tomorrow. >> we talked about it before the game. if we have turnovers will put them in transition. it will be tough to win and giving up 116 points is not our style. we are not going to win like that on the road. exhibit. the panthers keep on rolling.
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a big game as teams went out and scored a goal and look at this. check it out. a lead for the panthers. and then after the power-play this is a rifle. the second goal of the game, making it 4 nothing. they will host detroit on thursday. summit tomorrow. it is national letter of intent today for college football and the hurricanes got good news. a commitment from romeo family choosing miami over clemson and georgia tech. basketball back at it tomorrow night hosting notre dame the irish have won five out of six last time out. they beat up on the hurricanes it was a 16 point loss and it is a situation miami cannot let fester.
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energetic and enthusiastic and just get back on track. i know that one game. it hurts to lose but you cannot let one game become two games. how weird is it for you to be watching a panthers game about calling it on tv. >> of course they score 5 goals and have a big night. i like doing the games.
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