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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good wednesday morning. it is february 3. think you for waking up with us. >> traffic and weather together. let's look at the roads. but first it started with the forecast. it's nice to be back. but i'm still a little under the weather but i'm getting there. now as we take a live view from the radar it is dry for your happy hump day. we do have the onshore breeze from 9-20 miles per hour out of the east southeast.
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and warm already. temperatures are 10-15 degrees above normal for this time of year. we should be in the low 60s but we are in the low to mid 70s. still human and warm through the day. dry with a stray shower possible. highs in the low 80s today. 79 and staying breezy with elevated risk of recurrence. we have advisories for boaters. there's return of some wet weather and more of that is coming up. let's check traffic. you will be happy on this drive. nice and quiet with only a few cars out now. a handful of cars out. let's talk about construction. there are no accidents. 836 drivers westbound at nw. 27th avenue. there are a number of france shut down.
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over to 72nd avenue. 75 in broward county southbound at sheridan street you'll see three lanes blocked by construction. we're following breaking news. a carjacking at gunpoint led to a police chase and to begin southwest miami-dade and ended in coral gables. >> gaby fleischman is live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. police say this was a violent carjacking. one of the victims was shot and another pistol whipped. everything came to an end in coral gables on lejeune road. this is where police say the stolen car was ultimately ditched after a chase and they were able to catch up with at least one of the suspects. let's go to some video we got a short time ago of one of the victims shot in the arm. he asked we do not show his face . police are saying around 9 pm last night he and the second victim both in their 30s or 40s drove a rental car to meet
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location on southwest 253 street . it's not exactly clear why these people were meeting. three armed men held the victims at gunpoint and started shooting and stole the property. >> three black males approached the victim produced firearms and began shooting at one of the victims. and pistol whipping the other. >> reporter: again cops are able to recover the stolen car in coral gables. they were able to take one suspect into custody. at this point it's not clear if they have been able to catch the other two people involved. both victims were taken to the hospital and the man shot in the arm has been released. the man who was pistol whipped he remains at homestead hospital
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not i'm bleeding. >> a south florida shooting gone viral a woman takes to the new facebook live moments after lot. in the car. >> all three were taken to jackson memorial hospital and that's where marybel rodriguez has the story. >> reporter: good morning. an interesting story. all are expected to be okay. one of the women was released last night and to others -- 2 others remain here including the woman who was live on facebook >> god forgive me for license. >> reporter: 18-year-old denise raj her mother and aunt inside the car outside opa-locka burger king. two or three suspects shot to kill and all three women are injured.
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posting a picture of her body on facebook a lakeland woman string her drunk driving escapade on periscope this might be a topper. the victim goes live with facebook newest app on the world wide web. >> it's crazy. i know he shot me but it's good. >> reporter: clearly frightened but able to get the picture up on her facebook page. keeping the cell phone camera generally framed. >> there's a bullet in me >> reporter: police search for the shooter's and all through in were taken to jackson memorial hospital. on the gurney on the phone and her facebook post gone viral. by early evening 2004 -- 204,000 witness the ordeal and she kept posting. all i can say is blessed. 4 wounds and i am blessed. love you mom. shot? >> that's a generation were in.
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>> reporter: her family has a morning. >> you all will be caught. god will be watching. i don't forgive you all. >> reporter: one hour ago she went live on facebook from her hospital bed. she seemed okay at a bandage on her arm. she may have been talking to her mother. they believe she may know who the shooters are but is not telling police. the pembroke pines police department is looking for a missing teenager and her daughter. rose rodriguez ran away from her home in the 700 block of sw. 71st avenue. in the 700 block of sw. 71st avenue. she took her two-year-old
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from bipolar disorder and her medication. it's believe she and the baby might be living on the streets of pembroke pines or in the fort lauderdale area. anyone with information is urged to call police. miami- dade police are searching for missing couple who might need help. alexandra picon and brandon arana are 21 years old and last seen january 31. detective said they were having drinks at cadillac ranch in town & country mall the night it's a. her car was last spotted going through a toll plaza on the florida turnpike near burke wrote. >> this is out of her character. she's never done anything like this before. to disappear for more than a few hours without sending me a text and trying not to worry me. it's out of her character. >> anyone with information is asked to call police. a sky bahamas plane made an emergency landing. they capture this video.
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nassau bahamas to freeport yesterday. the propeller stopped while they are in the air. reports say the engine failed over the very islands around 11 am. that's when the pilot turned back to nassau to try to land safely. during the flight back to the island passengers held hands and prayed that they made their way back. a short time later the pilot safely landed the aircraft and once they arrived 2 passengers were taken to the hospital suffering from high blood pressure. or shock. candidates are crisscrossing the state of new hampshire ahead of the first primary next week. republican site between ted cruz donald trump and marco rubio. on the democratic side hillary clinton is campaigning hard after her razor thin victory over bernie sanders. >> reporter: donald trump the
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hampshire tuesday brushing off his second-place standing in iowa. and downplaying marco rubio's third-place finish. >> he comes in third. i come in seconds. trump no good. rubio unbelievable night. >> reporter: rubio outperformed expectations in the hawkeye state. finishing just one percentage point behind trump >> we have to go out and convince the people that conservatism is the right approach for america. i've done that and will do that. >> reporter: the florida senator is positioning himself as the alternative to trump and ted cruz with the first in the nation primary in new hampshire less than a week away, candidates on both sides are flooding the state in an effort to sway voters. some have already made up their minds, everything ted cruz believes in, he axon. he believes in the best things for america. >> reporter: others remain undecided
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many town halls and look at candidates face-to-face and talking them. >> reporter: after beating razor thin margin, hillary state as the underdog. trailing centers by 18 points. >> i hope you will choose with both your heart and your mind. >> we're going to go through state after state. >> reporter: both candidates could face each other in a possible debate tomorrow. the super bowl game is already a big win for small businesses which get work from the nfl in the bay area. this morning we're learning how this business connect program changes the life of one woman in san francisco. >> reporter: you know the super
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you need launches for meetings balloons and signed the nfl is turning to local businesses to fulfill its needs. for 10 years you've on heinz has opened her southern sweets bakery to the san francisco public. >> don't act upon company is around. i'm talking to my brownies. >> reporter: she learned the nfl would give her the biggest order of her life >> i could not fumble. >> reporter: 2400 baked goods for its business connect program for on-site meetings. >> reporter: the super bowl contract are worth a lot of do more than $3 million went to hundreds of san francisco area businesses. >> reporter: and just because super bowl week has started does not mean more orders could not commit. >> there are businesses that this week are still so many invoices and getting contracts and last minute.
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after the super bowl is over. >> reporter: the economic impact from super bowls is often debated but jason to me with the host committee says when local businesses are hired it is easy to tell how much they earn. >> are you ring for the panthers or broncos? >> i'm rooting for san francisco. >> reporter: the added business is not just a win for yvonne. but for her community. don't you just love her? if you want to be eligible for the program you have to be a woman lgbt minority or veteran owned. everyone in this program is to take class with google to further their business through technology. i want one of those brownies. jim berry will be heading to the bay area . will be there for the super bowl and bring live reports starting tomorrow. we are four days away from super bowl 50. you can watch the beginning
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february 7. it's the first wednesday of february which means one thing. it is national signing day. high school football players around the country will sign letters of intent to play college football. south florida is one of the richest recruiting grounds in the nation. some of the best talent comes from miami-dade and broward county. it's an opportunity to chase dreams of an a career but it's a chance to further their education. and also because the schools like university of miami who are trying to land some of the biggest recruits. >> a rare case of the zika virus has been transmitted not through a mosquito bite but something else. >> also ahead a plane goes down and two men learning to fly. a one pulls over a police officer and accuses him of speeding what we have learned about her driving record. south florida children dealing with life-threatening medical conditions that a
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those of you students getting ready for school here is the bus stop forecast. short sleeves will do. low to mid 70s already.
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what? lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. welcome back. it is dry and breezy and warm. the weather is quiet and cooperating for your commute.
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through munro county as well. look at the winds. out of the east southeast from 9-20 miles per hour . that is going to continue through the day. elevating risk of recurrence and pumping in the moisture making it feel oh so monday. low to mid 70s but we should be in the low 60s. temperatures are well above maybe punxsutawney phil was correct about his reduction in terms of early spring. -- prediction in terms of early spring. with a frontal boundary that pushes across the gulf coast states into the ohio and tennessee river valleys. and wrapping around this area of low pressure. the upper planes and midwest dealing with winter precipitation and possibly blizzard conditions. we had reports of tornadoes in alabama and mississippi overnight. here is the first cold front.
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through tomorrow. friday we see showers early and a cool breeze. saturday sun at times with a few showers as the warm front let's back up across the state sunday. we will's key showers and storms sunday and then we cool week. 83 degrees. warm and breezy. that's the reason the small craft caution is in place. not a good day for boating seas are -- 4-6 feet. tonight 70 degrees with a passing shower but overall mainly dry. warm and steamy with 84 tomorrow. 72 on friday. showers and coolly -- cooler on saturday with 76. and it turns colder next week.
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in broward county the only problem we have was the construction. it looks like everything is starting to clear up now. this is 95 at 595. we have to construction closure this morning throughout the rest of south florida 836 westbound at 27th avenue. we have to construction closure this morning throughout the rest of south florida 836 westbound at 27th avenue. only one lane was open throughout the evening. it looks like this should clear up soon for you westbound often drivers. same a 75 southbound at sheridan street. three lanes blocked earlier causing delays and that is clearing. say with 95 southbound multiple and have been blocked from last night until this morning. everything is clearing up.
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down in the water off of haulover beach. both people on board survived. we're learning the pilot is a 20-year-old man from ecuador in the passenger is from chile. >> rudabeh shahbazi has more about why the plane landed in the water. >> we the single propeller plane that went down and it's sinking now >> reporter: within minutes of rain water the single engined piper was submerged the pilot and passenger made it to a wing and a lifeguard brought them to short >> unlucky when you hit the water it's like concrete. >> reporter: miami-dade police marine patrol picked up these wheels from the downed plane. social media that up with images from spectators who saw the emergency unfold >> we were in the ocean getting wet in the middle of nowhere we started screaming and ran out. >> reporter: other sunbathers began recording the sinking plane on their cell phone. some wondered if it was a movie stunt. >> once in a while we come here
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i thought maybe this is one. >> reporter: the pilot and passenger or questions at the fire station and released. the left without comment but told lifeguards they were student pilots from south america making a routine trip from marathon when the experienced engine trouble. a towboat floated the plane and halted to a marina. >> they seemed thankful. they were thinking god and thank you to be alive. it was absolutely amazing it was only a few cuts and scrapes and they walked away. a new push to find former fbi agent and south florida resident robert levinson who disappeared in iran. caught on camera a thief gets away on two wheels. coldplay chris martin goes on a musical ride with james
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tzd{|fxzkp\tzd{|fs@kp=tzd{|f|{kpytzd{|fmnkp carpel karaoke is on the road to the super bowl. chris martin hopped in the car with james corden to hitch a ride to the game. >> you're going to play this keyboard at the super bowl? >> yes. to say who's winning. >>[ music ] >> this is huge. >> i have not shown it to the nfl yet. >> something tells me the nfl is expecting quite a bit more in terms of production value but that is a chris martin original. the coldplay front man saying some of his greatest hits with the late late show host ahead of the halftime performance sunday night.
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plenty of rest before then. >> they started singing to each other. it was sweet let's call it sweet. don't miss the late late show with james corden weeknights at 12:37 after stephen colbert. and of course you can catch super bowl l this sunday this sunday, february 7 here on cbs 4. >> james corden looks like he's wearing the same pajamas your son wears. >> i need to get jordan one of the hats. the acoustic version of the super bowl halftime show. that will be a lot of fun. >> i was laughing but i was envious because they are in
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and i am here. and i'm happy to be here but i wish i was in pajamas. a northbound and southbound lanes. we see a number of drivers out. the update coming up. time to get up and get going. it is wednesday and a warm one ahead. low to mid 70s already. upper 60s around the state.
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