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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 530AM  CBS  February 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking news. police looking for the thieves behind armed carjacking and chase in miami-dade. 2 people are injured. a woman pulls over and officer and accuses him of speeding. what we're learning about the records of both drivers. good wednesday morning. traffic and weather together. let's check in on the forecast. happy wednesday to all of you at home. it is nice and quiet but breezy . the radar is showing the weather is cooperating for our
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the breezes from the east southeast from 9-20 miles per hour and that will keep the risk of rip currents high. monica day foreboding. low to mid 70s but we should be in the low 60s this time in the morning. well above average. highest in the low to mid 80s this afternoon. warm with plenty of sunshine. there could be a stray shower because of the onshore breeze. tonight 79 and staying breezy. big changes to the end of the week. the full forecast coming up. let's check traffic. not much going on. i-95 northbound at 135 street or opa-locka boulevard we have a stalled car blocking the shoulder. that's the only issue and a road ranger has moved that car
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here is 95 closer to downtown miami. there is the southbound lane. the palmetto eastbound and westbound in and out of the golden glades interchange have no accident or construction. all of these headlight drivers heading southbound. we're following breaking news. an armed carjacking led to a police chase that started in southwest miami-dade and ended in coral gables. scene. >> reporter: good morning. police said this was a violent carjacking. one of the victims was shot and another was pistol whipped. one of the people involved was caught. he ditched the car behind this fence on lejeune road. in coral gables. let's show you video of one of the victims shot in the arm.
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stolen car and asked that we did not show his face. police say that around 9 pm last night he and another victim in their 30s or 40s drove a rental car to meet people at southwest 230 street and 135 court. police say at that location three armed men held the victims at gunpoint after that shooting and stole their property and took off in the rental car. >> according to our detectives the victims drove down in a rental car to meet unknown subjects at an abandoned location. at this time why they met is under investigation. >> reporter: cops were able to recover the stolen sebring and took one of the carjackers into custody. the suspect ditch the car when he was cornered by officers. he tried to make a run for it but officers were able to catch him. he apparently was the only one
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suspects are still on the run. has for the victims one of them was released from the hospital. the man shot in the arm was treated and released the second victim who was pistol whipped remains at homestead hospital in stable condition. headlines. i woman shot while in the car in opa-locka took to facebook live to film her reaction. the video has gone viral with more than 92,000 views. in the video you see the nation can't shot several times -- donesha gantt who was shot several times. it is still unclear what the motive behind the shooting was. anyone with information is urged to call police. ntsb and faa are investigating a plane crashed
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beach. 2 been on board were student pilots from south america who encountered engine trouble. rescue crews check out and then once they were on shore but no one was injured. it's the first wednesday of february which can mean one thing. it's national signing day. high school football players around the country will send letters of intent to play college football. south florida is one of the richest recruiting grounds in the country with some of the best talent coming from miami- >> details this morning on the south florida story megan headlines. a woman pulling over a police officer and accusing him of speeding. we're getting a look at the driving record of both officer and the woman. david sutta has more from police headquarters. >> the reason i pulled you over today i wanted to know what is the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going >> reporter: the pulling over of my media, went viral.
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miles per hour. >> he's been driving recklessly. >> reporter: it turns out she might be just as guilty of driving recklessly. since 98 she's been cited nine times for speeding, speeding in school zones and driving without a license and accidents. the latest accident happened two weeks ago. the officer has a checkered driving history as well. we look at his personal file and next to a stack accommodations for doing excellent police work was a stack equally as large for accidents. he's crashed seven times. most of the accidents deemed non-preventable but three were his fault. in october in october 26 -- 2060 sides of the vehicle and miami beach. when you later he crashed into a concrete pole while turning bright. $10,000 in damage. a few months after he had another poll trying to avoid a suspect. he's taken extra driving courses and since has had three more accidents of those were not his fault.
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for not having accidents. >> internal affairs is investigating if he was speeding he's being praised for his professionalism. >> i appreciated the officer's attitude in the fact he was contrite and i thought he handled it well. he should not have been speeding >> reporter: we reached out to the woman about her drug market but she did not return our phone calls. caught on camera a thief gets away on two wheels. the surveillance video shows a man inside a garage in collins avenue. checking out several bicycles parked there. he's seen riding out on one of the bicycles and willing another. the suspect is facing grand theft felony charges. the fbi has launched a facebook page in farsi to solicit tips on the whereabouts of an fbi agent who disappeared in iran. robert levinson from cold springs disappeared nine years
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a new site is part of a broader effort to appeal directly to the iranian public for information about his disappearance. the state health department confirmed 4 cases of zika virus in miami- dade county. the number of cases in florida is now at nine in the cdc confirms the first case transmitted sexually in texas. of they should become infected after having sexual contact with someone already ill. staff members at both hospitals -- most hospitals are being trained about spotting symptoms. it's now found in 28 countries with the most cases in brazil. doctors link it to possible serious birth defects for unborn children. hospitals will now make it mandatory to ask pregnant women if they had recently traveled to areas with a secret outbreak. a team in south florida students is celebrating a big when for developing a nap that could save the lives of athletes. seventh graders from pinecrest school in fort lauderdale were
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the kids wanted $20,000 grant from verizon wireless tablets and help from mit to develop the app which measures and manages concussions in football. 1200 ideas were submitted nationwide in the app will use sensor and each player's comment and send real-time information on collision force to coaches trainers and parents. some kids around the world got to do something most adults never do and that's take a ride in a luxury racecar. it was also a rare chance for them to forget about the hospital visits and medical treatments. >> reporter: it today they will never forget. kids with life-threatening medical conditions are given the day to forget about their hospital visits and stroll in wheelchairs instead right in the front seat of some of the worlds most expensive and fast luxury sports cars. lamborghinis cut for every cut mercedes they are all here 11-
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has a kidney disease called lowe's syndrome. he chose the white lamborghini. >> it went superfast. >> it's the fifth annual event sounded by brett davis and his sister to give the kids and their families the special experience >> the kids here because they're fighting life- threatening diseases. for them to be able to come here and get out of the hospital and with permission by the doctors to become a race part driver for the day. there's one of the sum the worlds craziest cars >> today is a car lovers dream. >> my favorite car it's made by shelby miller's. i like it because it's sweet. and futuristic and awesome. >> reporter: anthony peskin of hollywood those what this group of kids is going through. he's been in remission from leukemia for three years. he does have a wish for them. >> thing i want to the next is the other kids having a ride. >> the race cat track and luxury vehicles were donated. everyone involved including the
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the postal service is celebrating lack history month by issuing a stamp. details coming up. leadership for internet pioneer yahoo. does your job have work perks? some companies are offering employees various perks. turning to see the path of destruction across states. that's due to a strong front tracking across the gulf coast.
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tornadoes. this is the storm that also buried the midwest under snow. the national weather service says the storm moved into alabama where at least one large and dangerous tornado touched down. the storm for mobile homes apart and left trees and power lines knocked down. hundreds are without power. the front that spawned the severe weather continues to track across the gulf coast states and that the northern edge of that is bringing blizzard like conditions to portions of the planes and midwest. here in south florida we see the front eventually get here but i headed we see a warm and humid. i'm going to keep that going. that i love the positive outlook for calling this the peak of the week.
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the winds are picking up out of the east southeast from 9-20 miles per hour. the onshore flow will continue to pump invoiced are making a feel sticky and very mild. low to mid 70s already. we should be in the low 60s. it is much warmer and above average in terms of temperature already. and here is the front that led to the tornadoes in mississippi and alabama. they could see more severe weather across the southeast into the tennessee river valley and ohio river valley. this is moving toward the east and wrapping around this area of low pressure. the planes and midwest are dealing with wintry mix and blizzard conditions. we will continue with highs in the 80s today and tomorrow. then here comes the first cold front. tomorrow night into friday and that could lead to some showers around. a wet start on friday but cooler through the day.
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showers as well. a warm front lifting and the cold front sweeps through on super bowl sunday. showers and storms to start the day and then cooler later in the day. today 83. breezy leading to a small craft caution for boaters. a dangerous high risk of recurrence. -- rip currents we are going to be in for a roller coaster ride of weather. showers and cooler tomorrow with a high of 72. 60s and saturday with highs in the upper 70s. storms on sunday and then cooler with a high of 70. let's check traffic. we have a traffic alert in south florida . police are the scene of an accident on 38th st. and collins avenue in miami beach. the shutdown the intersection and traffic will be diverted
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37th st. 38 and collins is shut down for a crash. 95 drivers there was a stalled car to the shoulder northbound. that is cleared up. 95 looking good now. 95 from 595 into goldman glades 12 minutes. on the palmetto after the interchange and had westbound or southbound to us 27 it's 17 minutes. for the turnpike 288 up to 874 all green arrows. 13 minutes for the drive. one winning streak continues while another and >> steve goldstein has the highlights. >> reporter: good morning the
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streak to texas to start a road trip. the houston last night. it was a shootout. hassan whiteside set out a six- game and row with injury and the raucous some doubts to believe but the heat tried to hang and justise winslow trying to keep up the makes a three pointer the houston native cut it to a two-point game but the rockets just too much. marcus thornton the nicely up gets to go pick up by 11. later on james harden nails three pointer. he had 26 in the game and the heat go down 115-102. they play in dallas tonight we talked about it before the game if we have many turnovers and put them in transition it's going to get their game it's going to be tough to win. and giving up 116 points is not our style. that was their style. we're not going to win like that on the road. >> reporter: how but the first- place panthers? they kept rolling last night in washington. nick bewkes align pass align pass out ctr., park off buries
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2-0 panthers. against the first-place capitals. on the power play a rifle of a shot his second goal to make it 4-0. the panthers of 14 in a row and now have a seven point lead in the lead a division they host detroit tomorrow. in preparation for super bowl l, look for jim berry's live report starting tomorrow. you can only want super bowl 50 here on cbs 4 sunday cbs 4 sunday, february 7. it's time for talking with joe. joe a busy day and exciting day for the high school football players. national signing day. >> this is a huge day. this is where colleges over the last couple of years all the top schools have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into schools down here in dade and broward and palm beach county to have a chance to get some of
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and yes it comes down to today. national signing day. still many guys undecided on where they are going. but all of the big boys are down here. michigan ohio state. florida state and many others. fighting to get some of the top players in the counties. it's going to be fun to watch today. a big part of our show as well. and of course all the shows that will be going on tonight and the rankings to see how the top schools do. >> it such an exciting day for the young athletes. and a lot of thought must go into it. a lot of talking with parents and coaches and friends. >> it gets to the point -- it's almost dirty because it gets out that maybe the mother is involved or the father or the uncle. whatever it is. sometimes the high school coach getting involved.
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a top recruiting class today cut there's a good chance in a couple of years that you have a really good college football team. it's not by accident every year alabama and ohio state have the top ranked teams. and it pays off. they play in national championship games. it really does start with today. it is big business. a lot of money is spent on recruiting and assistant coaches and head coaches spend time down here in south florida. great for the economy. >> and a big day for the new hurricanes football coach. what are you thinking as far as his recruiting class? >> i think it's going to be solid. it's going to be better. he's only been on the job for two months. he did not hire many assistance until the last month. he is really playing catch-up. it's a 2-3 your process of recruiting these guys and getting to know their families so when al golden was fired, mark richt had to play catch-up
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nice top 15 or 20 class. he is waiting on four or five players. they lost a big quarterback the tennessee last night. but they pick up a guy from northern florida. a big-time safety who committed to university of miami. we will see what happens. there are still many guys undecided it sounds like again in and of itself. talk to you soon. the postal service is celebrating black history month by issuing a stamp to honor the founder of the ame church richard allen. dozens gathered in north miami to dedicate the stamp to the famous activist and civic leader. the serious to coincide with a 200 and anniversary of the founding of the ame church. hundreds of thousands of suvs and trucks are being recalled. what you need to know. from free coffee to free workouts.
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the best job perks coming up. selfie make up.
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welcome back. toyota is recalling thousands of cars/yahoo is laying off workers. jill wagner has details. >> reporter: good morning. a big shakeup at yahoo. they are letting of 700 employees. -- laying off 1700 employees there considering strategic alternatives including some of its internet operations. several to say it's time for marissa mayer to head out. toyota is recalling 300,000 suvs and trucks because of airbag problems. the airbags mounted on the roof can inflate even without a crash. it's a problem with the computers that control the airbags. dealers will replace the computers at no charge there a model details on cbs mystery meat is on the menu
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the chain will officially unveil a meat mashup in a super bowl ad on sunday. nba player james harden stars in the commercial. he doesn't know what it is but the mystery is available right now and they will say it's a blend of different foods they call it their biggest creation yet. mystery meat? not so popular in high school. we will see how it does at taco bell. >> i've never been a fan. i am a fan of work park >> apparently there are companies out raising the bar when it comes to work perks and benefits. fill us in on these new ones. >> reporter: glassdoor compiled some of the best on the job perks. netflix will offer one year of paid maternity leave and paternity of a. spotify covers egg freezing and are in the light will give workers 2 paid days off. they are called parade days where they can enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.
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