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tv   CBS 4 News  CBS  February 4, 2016 1:37am-2:12am EST

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a cop car collision. a little boy on a scooter rides into the path of an officer behind the wheel.
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>> people that saw this happened said the officer was driving too fast. we are live at jackson memorial hospital where that boy is recovering. >> things got heated at the accident scene of that little boy is lucky to be alive and the police officer will face an investigation. a big crowd at jackson memorial hospital. the mom-the mother of a six rolled upset. >> kids came to my house and tell me my son got run over by a police car. transfer for video of a chopper you see the police car trapped under the cruiser you see the little boy. these are pictures of the six- year-old antoine dawson nicknamed third. he has a broken have been broken leg and internal injuries. >> he was literally stuck under
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the car was still on him. told that the officer was speeding and the crowd got riled up. so mckinney parent or relative that comes out and sees their child in distress. i want to move into attack mode so they threw some punches at the police officer. >> did you hit the police officer? >> he was speeding and in a neighborhood where there are a lot of kids riding bikes. >>reporter: miami police, traffic will handle the investigation. they were told the little boy darted into the street from them between two trucks. in the officer did not see him until it was too late. as far as pushing and shoving and striking an officer no charges were filed. the little boys condition. we are told tonight is stable. hank hester cbs4 news tonight.
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the zika the virus is now a health emergency in miami-dade county gov. scott signing in order today that covers tampa, lee county and fort myers in santa rosa county in the panhandle. >> the bottom line for the public remains the same, if you are pregnant and thinking of traveling to a place where zika the spreading, don't. >>reporter: all nine of the cases in florida were travel related but the state cannot take any chances, which is why he declared a health emergency. the state's agriculture department can use more mosquito spray of those counties for something a local expert says is key. >> if we do appropriate mosquito control. we are not going to see a massive outbreak. if we don't, we are in for
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traffic for florida is not the only state dealing with zika there are 48 cases of robert wanted texas was contracted through sexual contact . but all the rest involve people bitten by infected mosquitoes while traveling abroad to latin america or the caribbean and now there is a concern pretty person travels to the country within infected mosquitoes and returns with the virus to the us. because zika stays in the body for two weeks. and if that person is bitten by an uninfected mosquito in florida or someplace else, does that mosquito become a carrier able to spend it to-spreading to other people? experts recommend using mosquito repellent, eliminate standing water in wearing long might be mosquito through the virus has been linked to several thousand cases of a serious birth defect that causes babies to be wireless small heads for the world health
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global health emergency. if you are not pregnant chances are you can contract zika without realizing it. the symptoms are minor. a low-grade fever, a body rash. there is no evidence that could affect future pregnancies of the biggest concern is for women who are currently pregnant. tonight the family of a former dolphins quarterback confirmed he has a brain disease cte. morrow was a key part of the dolphins perfect season in 1972. cte has been led to repeated brain trauma among football players and can only be diagnosed after death. today we also learned former oakland raiders quarterback ken stabler also has cte. some of the feds are wrapping up their security operation ahead of the superbowl 50. the homeland security director arrived in the area today. there is no specific threat to the game with the recent attacks in paris and in san bernardino are on everyone's
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francisco tonight with more on the massive operation. terry? >>reporter: in every corner of super bowl city and across town. there aren't officers in command a style gear and security measures here are conspicuous and covert. heavily armed officers are very visible of super bowl events this week but authorities have a message for fans.>> at this time we know if no specific credible threat directed at superbowl 50 and all related events. tran20 for the san francisco bay areas expecting 1 million visitors each day and keeping everyone safe has been a two- year project. on the ground, and the water and in the air, please are using high-tech equipment to search for explosives and watch
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all the intelligence and data files to the fbi command center, not far from levi stadium where police agencies can instantly share information. authorities admit suspects acting on their own are a concern. cyclic is about identifying the lone wolf before he or she acts. tran20 for organizers want to tighten security, but not so overwhelming that it becomes intimidating. surrogate makes you feel like you're in a foreign country. >> i think it sends a message we are going to be protected. tran20 for on super bowl sunday. 70,000 fans packed the stadium. there have been no threats that they are not taking chances for the safety of fans and players on the nfl's biggest day of the year. the super bowl is the largest event in the world through the organizer said they are going to see this type of security.
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super bowl--in san francisco. i am terry with cbs4 news. fresh off the neck and neck finish democrat hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing voters tonight in a town hall event. the first nomination primaries next tuesday so scott maclean is life. scott?-i think so scott is live tonight. scott? tran20 for bernie sanders has a double-digit lead in new hampshire and hillary has won the state before she is far from conceding a. she went after bernie sanders. today, continuing on with her point, she is a progressive who can get things done and sanders is arguing he has in his willing to reach across the aisle to make compromise and get things done in dc. all of this happening with less
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vote. bernie sanders was first fresh off his narrow defeat to hillary clinton and iowa. >> we have no money and organization and little rate -name recognition. we have come a long way in the last nine months. sanders argued that he is a true progressive in this race. sacked this campaign is about not just electing a president. it's about creating a political revolution. stick with the stakes high for the primary sanders sharpened his attack against his opponent.>> you cannot be a moderate on one day in a progressive on the next day. clinton is urging voters to focus on her record and experience. student good ideas on paper are important, but you have to be able to translate them into action to get results for people. i have a lot of experience doing that. i can deliver.
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needs to be more well-rounded and versatile than her opponent. >> i am a progressive the likes to get things done and i was amused today that sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper. see my she is ready for challenges facing the country. student the progress we have made in the democratic party has made has been hard-fought for, hard-won and must be defended. smith there was an uncomfortable exchange in tonight's town hall behind -between cooper and clinton. was she was pushed on her decision for $275,000 from goldman sachs are speaking fees after she stepped out from secretary of state. clinton said that's what she was offering at the time she was not going to run for president, but she has an uphill battle in new hampshire, bush is hoping a better-than- expected results can energize
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carolina and nevada. thank you scott. on the republican side, former pennsylvania sen. rick santorum said he is dropping out of the race and he is endorsing thank you scott. on the republican side, former pennsylvania sen. rick santorum said he is dropping out of the race and he is endorsing florida ctr., marco rubio. and randy paul is also dropping out of the race. jeb bush is in the race and had an awkward moment in new hampshire that is trending on social media. stupid. i think the next president needs to be quieter and send a signal we are prepared to act in the national security interest of the country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> the news isn't all bad. a poll out today has him in second place in new hampshire, that still 17 points behind donald trump. meanwhile trumps airplane was forced to make an emergency landing today in nashville, the republican candidate, 757 was flying from iowa to arkansas.
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engine problems. nobody on board was hurt. stay with cbs4 news and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. we will be in new hampshire for next week's primary. look for live reports on sunday on cbs4 news. new video tonight of a car on a roof of this does not happen on purpose. look at that. a local police union president goes on a twitter tirade against a south florida woman who pulled over an officer.
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visit mattress firm, america's number one tempur-pedic retailer today. look at this car that landed on a two-story home in california. the driver was transported to the hospital with minor injuries.
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one point but it is unclear how it ended up on top of that roof. a south florida woman pulled over a miami-dade officer. the president of a different police union stuck himself in the middle of the debate by attacking her on social media. we have the story. some of the reason i pulled you over today. >>reporter: the question heard in the video seen more than 1 million times is posted online by days ago and the miami police lieut. ortiz posted about her on his social media pages. lieut. ortiz, the president of the miami police union posted her phone number. inviting people to call her. she pulled over police officer daniel monticello plastic in miami. her camera catching it all. she said the officer was speeding up to 100 miles an hour with no lights or siren's on the a 26, 836 and getting his attention on the 95 exit. systemic i don't believe i was
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some of i apologize. i will slow down. stupid people point out she was out of line and speeding. and others chastise her. one pointed out if you must the law will haunt you. another person wrote. it's only a matter of time until she gets pulled over. i'm sure there is a countywide be on the lookout for her. and others have been more supportive. this one riding on our facebook page. just because you are a cop doesn't mean you are allowed to speed. is that how they're going to play it just because this woman have some history doesn't want this cop off the hook, but others disapproved putting a private citizens information out there. inviting people to call her, including the officer. john rivera. >> we are careful of information we put out. i cannot speak for why or how another organization does it. i can tell you that's not our style.
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and for us and our standards. it's not appropriate. >> the officer ortiz did not respond to our calls, visits or text. the police department had no comment on lieut. ortiz behavior or performance as president of the fraternal order of police. as for claudia castillo. she is being harassed nonstop online, by phone and email, forcing her to lay low. >> we have news to tell you about the police on the scene at 176 street and nw. 25th ave. at the call came in after reports of people shot. we will pass it along as we get it. a teenager sentenced to life in prison for stabbing a classmate to death of southwest middle school a decade ago is
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michael hernandes was given a mandatory life sentence for the 2000 for murder of jamie gough. a three-day hearing will determine a new prison sentence. today, the court heard testimony from a psychologist the red a murder plot from hernandes journal. >> make sure they are dead. make sure there is no one in the bathroom. if so, kill them. spinach hernandes father to the standards, the court to release the stand. they urge the court to prove that he suffers from a until almost a mitigated life so-life sentence. some of the super bowl just a few days away coldplay's busy getting their halftime show together. smith ad agencies are about to hit us with their highly anticipated commercials. entertainment tonight is tracking it all. nancy o'dell has more from los angeles. tran20 for kevin frazier went high above super bowl city today and he is taking a behind- the-scenes at the big commercial before coldplay hits
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it's a madonna throwback for this pepsi ad. >> were time traveling, going to the 60s, 80s and to the present and the future. >>reporter: coldplay's latest rehearsal videos up on and chris martin took a load-a road trip with chris gordon. >> you know the road rules for american football? >>two teams in two balls on the pitcher does to tee off. some it may be chris can learn more about the game by watching the rich eisen show that airs on directv. he will interview coldplay tomorrow on super bowl tonight. >> all three of my kids were born to coldplay music in a hospital room. so getting a chance to meet chris martin the guys will be a throw for me this week. it tran20 for the nfl network asked kevin for a celebrity
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smith, we're hearing rumblings that vanity fair is going to have a party. >>reporter: and lady gaga performs at halftime. marley matlin will be beside her performing the sign in-i for performing the song of sign language. it's getting close. jim barry is heading to the bay area for superbowl 50. look for his live report. starting tomorrow and look for more on cbs4. we have one more nice day for you. winter lovers we are hoping to make everybody happy.>> who is a winter lover? >> not me. >> a beautiful south florida evening for february feeling like early april. temperatures in the mid-70s. 76 in key west and a little bit higher humidity wise has come
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with 76% breezes and a marathon to mid 70s when gus earlier in the day from 20 to 30 miles an hour and the wind is settling down a bit. here's a satellite. we have a line of showers working its way, southeast. this is ahead of the cold front working through tomorrow night and we will see a chance of showers or thunderstorms tomorrow night into early friday and the weekend looks a little more unsettled. temperatures are mostly in the 70s and 60s but we are ahead of the front tomorrow for one more day so warm sun possible later tomorrow and the front comes through friday and a cooler breeze throughout the day. saturday, not looking too bad. a little bit warmer in the mid- 70s and a few showers and a
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a low pressure area. it's going to sweep a stronger cold front was early showers on sunday and a cold breeze through the day will drop into the 50s for sunday night and monday and tuesday are going to be chilly. wintertime sunshine with highs in the 60s and lows in the 40s. a stray shower tonight a low near 72 high temperature in the mid-80s. tomorrow, storms possible. tomorrow night. winds out of the southeast and sees settling down to moderate chop for the weekend. one more warm day temperatures
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over the weekend and a chance ben & jerry's is going vegan, some of their ice cream is. today they rolled out their first nondairy flavors. each is made with almond milk. chunky monkey, chocolate fudge brownie coffee caramel fudge and we cannot call them ice cream since federal regulations require it to contain milk. fans have been asking am petitioning the company to make vegan products for years. look at this big girl cooling off. we have these pictures of peggy a 40-year-old african elephant. he caught her enjoying her morning bath. you can see the joy on her face as she cooled off from the florida sun. set great pictures. awesome.
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the heat. they can bounce back. they got a tough win at dallas on the road. and after missing seven games his sprained muscle must be fine for us, he would not be doing this. she has a monster dunk right here. crunch time. a typical game with the heat moving it cannot relax because firing with no conscience. the final seconds heat up.
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and the heat within 93-90. and hamming it up for the big show the former wrestler is a big dude. against notre dame they lighted up. 18 points off the bench. he was the leading scorer. a mighty tough game at home. they need this kind of effort on the road. on signing day the football teams hitting campus with plenty of confidence. a trio of stars commits vowing to bring back the slag in the coaching change did not sway anyone. and michael irvin junior says for his players, the door will always be open. >> i want our guys to know our current players and anyone we recruit to know that we are going to take care of you while you are here and what you want your relationship to this university to bless you for the
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a few years. in the super bowl just a few days away. you know anyone going to the super bowl? >> you are. it's not the broncos and panthers are getting antsy to play. the teams led by quarterbacks with different styles. you have the new school cam newton and the old-school peyton manning. he knows he is playing for a lot of people. smith there is no question when you plan the super bowl, you are playing for your teammates, you are playing for the broncos organization but you are playing for your family and
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