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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, february 4th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." new hampshire is heating up. a war of words between republicans and accusations of cheating. and democrats spend the squabbling who is more progressive. state of emergency with nine cases in four counties, florida's governor sounds the alarm on the zika virus. while major airlines are letting crew members opt out of trips to the danger zone. and countdown to kickoff.
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bowl 50. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. the fifth democratic presidential debate takes place tonight in new hampshire, just five days before the new hampshire primary. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are expected to go after each other on what it means to be progressive. that is what happened during a town hall meeting last night. weijia jiang is in manchester, new hampshire. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. good morning to everybody. on the gop side, it's a contest for who is the most conservative. candidates in both parties are trying to one-up each other in their attacks, more aggressive than ever. at a town hall event in new hampshire last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton
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their progressive values. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> reporter: clinton who claimed a razor thin victor off sanders in iowa. sanders is from neighboring vermont and is also dominating the attention of young voters like natalie weinstein. >> bernie has been very stable the entire time he has, you know, been in politics. >> reporter: with less than a week before the primary here in new hampshire, republicans lost in a war of words over who won in iowa. yesterday, trump accused cruz, who finished first in iowa, of stealing the state's caucuses, calling for the results to be nullified. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper
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yet another trump tantrum. >> reporter: trump was almost two hours late for a campaign event in arkansas yesterday, after his plane experienced mechanical issues and he was forced to land in nashville. he is expected to hold three events in new hampshire today where he is leading cruz in the polls. despite trump's demands, the republican party of iowa certified the results there. a spokesman says that is the group's declaration that there was no fraud committed and there will not be a recount. meanwhile, two gop hopefuls suspended their campaigns on senator rand paul and rick sanatorium dropped out of the >> weijia jiang in manchester, new hampshire, thank you. the zika virus has been detected in georgia for the first time. health confirms a travel-related case. meanwhile, florida's governor declared a state of emergency.
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advisory to 30 countries and two airlines, delta and united, are allowing certain crew members to opt out of zika-hit routes. growing concern, now that zika has been transmitted through sexual contact. >> reporter: health officials around the world are paying close attention to a dallas case of zika virus transmitted through sexual contact. the patient was infected by a person who picked up the virus in venezuela. at an emergency meeting of health officials in latin america, the director of the pan american health organization said this brings new questions on how to handle the zika outbreak. >> it would bring a new dimension to the zika problem and that will be studied further. >> reporter: the mosquito-born virus is rapidly spreading through the latin america and the caribbean. health officials in the u.s. are not surprised to hear transmission through sex, but emphasized the disease is spread through mosquito bites.
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prompted the governor there to declare a public health emergency in four counties, including miami-dade. >> the bottom line for the public in the continental u.s. remains the same. if you're pregnant and you're thinking of traveling to a place with zika is spreading, don't. >> reporter: the virus has been linked to several thousands of cases of a serious birth defect called microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency. researchers are working hard on a vaccine. brazil scientists are trying to create one, using the vaccine for denga. chris martinez, cbs news, los angeles. coming up on the "cbs this morning." we will talk to dr. tara narula about the growing concerns regarding the zika virus. severe weather continues to hammer the south. suspected tornadoes touched down in north carolina late yesterday. no one was injured but strong winds sent residents running for cover. >> i heard trees crashing as i
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room. i heard a big crash when a big pine fell across my tractor shed. i thought it was going to blow the windows out of my log house. >> storms also caused substantial damage in georgia. the cleanup continues in alabama, where several tornadoes hit tuesday. meanwhile, parts of nebraska and colorado remain very deep in snow. some areas got more than a foot and a half. honda is recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of faulty airbags. the takata airbag inflaters in honda and acura vehicles can explode and causing deadly injures. the recall involves model years from 2005 to the present. that brings the takata recall to 24 million cars and trucks in the u.s. u.s. officials believe the explosion on board a somalian airliner was caused by a bomb. the airbus was forced to make an
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tuesday. 15 minutes after takeoff, a blast ripped a hole in the side of the jet. one man was killed after his body was sucked out of the airliner. 73 passengers survived and no one has claimed responsibility. president obama made his first visit to a mosque in the united states. the president addressed what he called a hugely distorted impression of muslims during a speech at the islamic society of baltimore. mr. obama said muslim americans told him about their fears and the bias they faced, and warned about the growing antagonism, particularly on the campaign trail. >> we are one american family and when any part of our family starts to feel separate or second class or targeted, it tears at the very fabric of our nation. >> the president said too often, muslims are blamed as a group for the violent acts of a few. the criminal case against bill cosby is going forward. a judge outside philadelphia
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out. cosby's lawyers pointed to a deal with a former prosecutor who said cosby would never face a criminal trial. the next hearing is in march. the d.a. still must present evidence for a trial to go forward. robert durst pleaded guilty wednesday to a weapons charge and agreed to spend seven years in prison. the 72-year-old real estate heir appeared frail in court in new orleans. the plea deal clears the way for his extradition to california to face murder charges. durst was featured in the hbo documentary "the jinx." coming up on the "morning news." caffeinated crime stopper. surveillance video shows how a hot cup of coffee stopped a would-be robber. later, drinking controversy. backlash against recommendations that child-bearing women avoid alcohol. this is the "cbs morning news." see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just
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a wake-up call for a would-be bandit when he tried to rob an indiana store. he got a face full of hot coffee. while the clerk hid, the gunman fled. muncie police are still looking for him. a backlash over the government's recommendation for some women to stop drinking. and julian asangge embassy those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the guardian reports that asangge will turn himself in if he loses a u.n. appeal. a u.n. group is set to decide if julian assange will accept arrest. he wants to avoid extradition to sweden to face sexual assault allegations. "daily news."
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says the step is being taken to address a spike in crime in the transit system. he says half of reported crimes involve sleeping passengers. the "los angeles times" says a man is claiming a 63 million dollar california lottery prize. the winning ticket was sold at this store. the man is suing, saying he turned it in. lottery officials say the ticket was damaged. the jackpot must be claimed by this evening. "the washington post" joins the backlash over the cdc telling young women to avoid alcohol unless they are on birth control. the warning is intended to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcoholic syndrome. but critics say the one-sided approach is condescending toward women. up next, rooftop parking. an out of control car in california ends up on top of someone's house. we will tell you how it got there. keep it supple and hydrated day after day. formulated with hydrating hyaluronic acid which
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(becky) i started smoking when i was 16. now i have end stage copd. my tip is; if you keep smoking, your "freedom" may only go as far as your oxygen tube. (announcer)you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. well, there is no sign, but this lexus is illegally parked. it's perched on a garage at a los angeles area home. the car went airborne after a problem and then crashed. the driver survived. the former pharmaceutical
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saving drug by 5,000 percent will face congress today. martin shkreli's lawyer is telling him to plead the fifth. lawmakers are investigating soaring prescription costs and shkreli is facing unrelated criminal charges for securities fraud. on the cbs "moneywatch," the irs electronic filing goes offline. say good-bye to a sandwich staple. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. >> reporter: the irs is trying to get its electronic tax filing back up and running today. a computer failure shut down several tax processing systems, including the e-file system. the irs is still accepting returns from tax preparation companies. the outage could also affect tax refunds. stocks on wall street staged a late rally. after oil prices traded higher, the price of u.s. crude jumped 8%. the dow gained 183 points and s&p finished nine points higher but the nasdaq flipped 12
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a worse than expected four quarters sent gopro plummeting. shares dropped 10% in after-hours trading after the company's earning fell far short of wall street's expectations. trading had to be temporarily stopped. gopro's fourth quarter revenue is down 32% from a year ago. redstone resigned as executive chairman of cbs. he is 92 years old. his health is a focus of a he will replaced by cbs chief executive leslie moonves. some sandwiches. 12-inch subs will cost you $6. subway says the new price is pgood to the end of the month and they say the price hike is due to rising costs. this morning, the rumor mill is swirling around amazon. company that owns and managing malls said that amazon planned to open up to 400 physical book stores. then the mall company issued a
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no comments from amazon, which physical store last year in i was kind of excited. >> yeah. i thought it was an interesting story. anything about amazon because the company is so hot. the stock is so hot. people lose it as soon as they hear the word amazon. >> we will see. >> jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, super bowl show time. we will take you live to california and show you how television crews are getting ready to broadcast the biggest
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alright.. big smile! hey, honey! how' d it go? thanks, dad! mcdonald' s happy meal. with
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around
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our fans don't know if they are catching a football or a cake that is shaped like a football. >> oh! >> you guys hungry? there it is! >> if james corden's late late show test is any indication, the broncos will win the super bowl. the logic? the fan who caught the most footballs or football-shaped cakes would be an accurate predictor of a victory for his team. it's certainly a delicious way to make a prediction. well, both teams are practicing for super bowl 50, but another team is also getting the year. and gets a sneak peek at what goes into broadcasting the nfl's ultimate game. jamie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning,
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let me put it to you this way. even working in tv, i had no idea how much production goes into the super bowl between cameras and graphics and all of the technology. it is a lot of hard work to pull it all off. testing graphics is just a small part of what the cbs sports production crew does to get ready for the super bowl. i think when you walk into this room, what is impressive is all of the monitors. cbs sports executive vice president ken aagaard has worked on close to 20 super bowls. >> we have got all of the bells and whistles known to mankind in sports broadcasting. >> reporter: there will be 70 cameras capturing the sights and sounds, including more than 30 that will be mounted around the stadium for a 360 view. that is on top of a camera mounted to a plane and another on a tower at great america amusement park. this is super high tech. >> yeah, super high tech. >> reporter: sometimes you have to use a marker. there will be 16 of these
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the 13 production trucks on-site at levi stadium were brought in still getting its finishing touches. this is where all of the hosts will be sitting on super bowl sunday and they are the ones who really have to embrace the technology. >> i hope it's made me a little smarter in tv. >> this technology helps give him some information that he can analyze and make it interesting visually. >> reporter: beyond what they do on the broadcast, the connect on fans with social >> it's overwhelming for the old-timer here. >> reporter: all to make sure there is super coverage for the tens of millions of fans tuning into super bowl 50. the production teams actually start planning once the host city is announced. that could be years before the game is actually played. and one thing they said helped them was "thursday night football." they call that mini super bowls every week. >> jamie yuccas in san francisco, thanks a lot, jamie. the only place to see super bowl 50 is right here on cbs.
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p.m. eastern. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," late show host stephen colbert. this is the "cbs morning news." (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something
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