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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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>> from miami dade, broud ard and the -- broward and the keys, south florida's cbs 4 news. >> i'm walter ma calla. >> thanks for joining us, the birthday girl, vanessa borge is standing by with the look at the roads. >> happy birthday, we'll start with meteorologist lissette gonzalez, first. >> good morning! tomorrow it's all about lauren's birthday, so here we go, lots of celebrations this week and a live view from our fort lauderdale camera, thankfully we can thank the fact that it's dry and quiet, that's the case even on the radar, that will be
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possibly. the breeze out of the southeast has lightened up a bit, anywhere from eight to 14 miles an hour ks it feels hour -- an hour, it feels muggier, not as breezy, highs, warm sunshine, maybe a stray shower best but then we'll start to increase the storms and the clouds as we head in to tonight and then tomorrow will be cooler as well. we have too cold fronts moving through, i'll tell you what that means in terms of weekend forecast, important for all the birthday festivities and the super bowl awell, va necessary -- as well, vanessa! >> thank you to all my coworkers for wishing me a happy birthday, i-95 southbound just as you're approaching miami gardens drive. on that side, everyone able to drive around it, keep those be blocking.
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unfortunately on kendall drive, 88th street and southwest 117th off. the eastbound lanes are opened careyon parkway, traffic lights around 122nd avenue, treat it as a stop sign. >> vanessa, it thank you. following breaking news out of lauderhill, three people taken to the hospital after a car slammed in to their car. >> gabby is there with the latest, gabby? >> reporter: fire and rescue tells us daughter and a family of three were all asleep when a car came smashing through the wall of their home, totalled off the car, you can see tire marks on the ground and debris all over the place.
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33rd avenue and 16th street, this happened just before midnight. lauderhill police say the driver was running away from the scene, fire rescue saying this car bairmed in -- barrelled in to the parents's bedroom, pushing them 14 feet in to the bedroom, the daughter's room is adjacent to the parents' bedroom and that room also affected by the impact. >> went through the front bedroom, out the front bedroom in to the family room in to the back bathroom. so it pushed them through the house and fortunately for them, only suffered minor injuries. >> and they were taken to the hospital to be checked out but they are expected to be okay. firefighters saying that based on the damage that they saw out here, they think all of the three family members are lucky to be alive. now building inspectors did come
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uninhabitable, tagged it with these original stickers -- orange stickers, saying it's an unsafe structure, police still searching for the drivers responsible for all this damage, anyone with information call police. gaby fleischman, cbs 4 news. 176th street a shooting, still unclear if police have anyone in custody, if you have any information, you're urged to call crimestoppers 305-471-tips. a boy hit right in the path child coming. driving way too fast.
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is recovering. >> reporter: jackson memorial hospital, the mother of a 6-year-old upset. >> they came to my house and saying my son just got run over. >> reporter: video from chopper 4 over northwest 58th street and fifth avenue. you see the police car, the little boy for awhile trapped under the marked cruiser. these are pictures of 6-year-old antoine lawson, nicknamed "dirt" his family hez he has a -- he has a broken hip, leg, and internal injuries. riding his scooter when he was hit. >> he was literally stuck, she took him out, all that heat orchblths on the -- >> reporter: all on the scene told by witnesses the officer was speeding and the crowd got riled up. >> any relative comes out and sees their child in distress, they're going to move in to attack mode, they did push the officer. >> did you hit the police officer? did anybody in the family hit the police officer? >> no, no, no, no. he was speeding in the
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of kids riding bikes. >> reporter: miami police traffic homicide will handle the investigation. they were told the little boy darted in to the street from between two trucks. the officer did not see little antoine until it was too late. >> at this point it doesn't appear speed was a factors. -- factor. but of course, this is preliminary >> reporter: as far as all the pushing and shoving and possibly the officer getting punched, no charges filed. i'm hank tufter, cbs 4 cbs 4 this morning. and now to our coverage of super bowl 50, just three days away from the big game, broncos and panthers practicing but another team getting ready for the biggest game of the year. >> yeah, cbs 4's jamie is live with what goes on in the super bowl game, good morning.
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with tv, i had no idea what it took to taking a super bowl, between all those cameras and technology, it's a lot of hard work to pull it off. testing graphics is just a small part of what the cbs sports production crew does to get ready for the super bowl. >> i think when you walk in to this room, so impressive, all the monitors. >> reporter: cbs 4's executive sports director ken heyguard worked on close to seven super bowls. >> all in broadcasting. >> reporter: there will be 70 cameras capturing the sights and sounds, including more than 30 that will be mounted around the stadium for a 360 view. that's on top of a camera mounted to a plane and then another on a tower at great america amusement park. this is super high tech. >> yeah, super high tech. >> reporter: sometimes you just got to use a marker. >> right. >> reporter: there will be 16 of these on ca zone.
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ago, while the set still getting its finishing touches. this is where all the hosts will be sitting on super bowl sunday, they're the one who really have to embrace the technology. >> i hope it's made me a little smarter in tv. >> this technology helps give him some information that he can analyze. and make it interesting, visually. >> reporter: but beyond what they do on the broadcasts, the commentators have to connect with fans on social media. >> it's hard, i tell you. >> reporter: all to make sure there's super coverage for the tens of millions of fans tuning in to super bowl 50. and i had no idea the production teams actually start planning the minute the host city is announced. that could be years before the super bowl, lauren. >> jamie, certainly sounds like a lot of work! good luck to them at the big game as well, super bowl 50 for the 19th time cbs will broadcast the big game, the network for
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systems, 12 production trucks, 17 cameras and 256 microphones to cover, heading to the bay area for the big game, look for live reports starting tonight and we're now just three days away from super bowl 50 in santa clara, kal, watch it -- california, watch it only here on sunday, february 7. the family of dalton's quarterback moore confirms he had the brain disease cte. he was the key part of the dolphins perfect season in 1972. it's been linked to repeated brain trauma, among football players, only diagnosed after death. former oakland raiders quarterback stabler had cte. now to a health alert, the zika virus is a health emergency here in miami-dade county and in other parts of florida, governor rick scott signed a report yesterday including tampa, lee county and fort myers and santa rosa in the panhandle.
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>> the bottom line in the continental u.s. remains the same: if you're pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading, don't. >> reporter: and governor scott said all nine of the zika cases here in florida were travel-related. but he said the state can't take any chances, which is why he declared the health emergency. now, the state agriculture department can use more mosquito spray in those counties, something a local expert says is key. >> if we do appropriate mosquito control, we're not going to be seeing a massive outbreak in south florida. if we don't, then we're in for trouble. >> reporter: and florida's not the only state dealing with zaika, 48 -- zika, 48 cases in all, one in texas through sexual contact, but most bitten by infected mosquitos while travelling abroad to latin america or the caribbean. and now there's a new concern. a person travels to a country
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then returns with the virus to the u.s. zika stays in the body for up to two weeks. so what if that person is then bitten by an uninfected mosquito here in florida or someplace else? does that mosquito then become a carrier, able to spread it to other people? that's the worry. while there is no widespread outbreak in florida, experts recommend using moss kit kwo repel -- mosquito repellant, eliminate standing water and wearing long sleeves where there might be mosquitos. several thousand cases of the serious birth defect called microcephaly which has babies growing with a small head. i'm rick folbaum, cbs 4 news. >> maybe symptoms are body rash,
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women currently pregnant. coming up, new backlash this morning over the woman who pulled over an officer and accused him the of speed -- of speeding. michael hernandez before a judge 12 years to the day he stabbed a student to the death. getting ready in hapz tonlt -- new hampshire tonight. and an awkward moment jeb bush trending, why the news isn't all bad. >> good morning, my friends. it is dry right now, however, look at what's knocking on our door, we have the first of two cold fronts that will be sweeping through and that means you need to get ready for some rain tonight in to tomorrow and cooler weather.
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the super bowl welcome back, south florida and good thursday morning to you, getting ready to head out the door, you don't have to worry about the windshield wipers or the umbrellas, you'll need the rain gear later tonight. tonight, quiet, dark, view from the camera. the radar is also quiet and in the clear and in the breeze is light, anywhere from eight to 12, 14 miles per hour, throughout the day will not be as windy as yesterday. which, actually, with that breeze in place, sometimes that helps keep the edge off the heat. but we are still very mild and muggy this morning with the low to mid 70s out there. 74 in faud fort lauderdale, miami, and a cold front on the way. look what's going on behind it, 20s and 30s, stretching from cincinnati through memphis, in to dallas, st. louis, kansas
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minneapolis, 11 in denver. so an arctic blast really taking over much of the country. you can tell where the front has not moved through yet. we're seeing the 50s for boston, new york city and dc, 40s in atlanta, new orleans and it is a mess, up and down the atlantic seaboard, lots of weather across the deep south, even across the panhandle, wet and in that edge of that system, the wintry precipitation and over on the west coast, also quite unsettled with wintry weather there. for us, we're going to see that front push through, showers early on and much cooler during the day. saturday, sun at times with a few showers as that warm front is going to be lifting back up and then another cold front is going to push through sunday, early showers and then a colder breeze. in fact, by early next week, wait until you see how hoe -- low the temperatures will go, for today, 83 degrees, warm and humid and then we'll start to
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boaters three to five, moderate chop on the bays, slight risk of rip currents. 61 degrees, showers and storms and then cooler with the low 60s tomorrow morning. light jackets and sweaters, spotty showers in the morning. it will be rainy for super bowl sunday with upper 60s and then a high of 70. look at monday and tuesday, talking a low of 50, even 48 degrees possible by tuesday with highs only in the upper 60s. right now a check of your traffic with the birthday girl. >> all right, thank you! and i'm loving the forecast, that's my birthday gift. 5:18 in the morning, south florida, it's looking great throughout the rest of your highways but on i-95, just watch out because we have this crash here at miami gardens drive that has that right lane blocked off southbound. the construction on i-95 is cleared off and then no other accidents to report, just have to drive around this one, southbound side of miami gardens. unfortunately this morning we're
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has your westbound lanes shut down at 117, killian or sunset drive as your alternates and also hearing the traffic lights malfunctioning on kindle, treat that as a four way stop sign. walter? now to campaign 2016, hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in the fifth democratic debate in new hampshire which hold the nation's first primary next week, both made their case to voters during a town hall last night as the top republican candidates ramped up attacks. the latest from manchester ham. >> reporter: at a town hall event in dairy, new hampshire last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton continue to trade jabs over their progressive values. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gate keeper on who's a progressive.
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over sanders is trailing him in the granite straight. he's from neighboring vermont. he's also noit nominating -- dominating the attention of young voters like weinstein. >> bernie has been very stable the entire time he's been in politics. >> reporter: with less than a week with the primary here in new hampshire, republicans donald trump and ted cruz remain locked in a war of words over who won in iowa. yesterday trump accused cruz who finished first in iowa of stealing the state's caucuses, calling for the results to be nullified. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temperature -- temper tantrum, or trump-er tantrum. >> reporter: he was late for an event last night after his plane experienced mechanical issues and he was forced to land in nashville. he's expected to hold at least three events in new hampshire
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wija jang. former pennsylvania snoeurz son senator santorum is dropping out. former governor jeb bush is still in the race and an awkward moment in new hampshire. >> i think the next president needs to be quieter but send a signal that we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [ applause ] >> the news isn't all bad though, a poll from harper polling has him in second place in new hampshire that's still 17 points behind donald trump. cbs 4 david sutta will be in new hampshire, look for his live reports on cbs 4 news. meanwhile, e-cigarettes have fast become the alternative for
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at 11:00, meeting a young florida man who says never again. >> they say like a pipe bomb, you know, just exploded. i had burns on my entire esophagus and my lungs. i was going to lose hafr my -- half my face. >> a lot of critics who say you're to blame for this, you're the one that caused this to happen. what do you say to that? >> the victim of an e-cigarette explosion tells his story in a cbs 4 news inclusive. hear -- exclusive, what he's going to do about it. burned by an e significant tonight at 11:00. backed by a judge, what happened in court. also ahead, a driver survives a crash landing when a car ends up in the water, what investigators think happened. but first, taylor swift wants you to play a game, details on her next big project in this morning's top news. and here's a look at what's
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welcome back, and this morning's top news, yet another celebrity is entering the app game market. taylor swift is teaming up with glue mobile to develop a game users can play on their smartphones and tablet. tai tai joins brit britney spears katy perry, and kim kardashian. it's due out this year. a broadway show, hamilton will perform during the show live via satellite, a hip-hop version of the founding father alexander hamilton. see the grammy wards live from los angeles -- awards live from los angeles on february 15 here on cbs 4. you want -- >> you want to see that performance, tickets are sold out in advance. >> i think 60 minutes also did one interviewing the creator of the show, what a brilliant mind to come up with something like that. >> even the obamas have gone in, had to wait. >> a lot of celebrities want to
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we want to see it too, we're lucky we get a peek on february 15. a look at our roadways, we see blinking lights. >> yeah, i-95, affecting the southbound drive for those jumping on, you're going to see it on the right-hand side of that right lane, block ofd, not the -- blocked off, not the only incident, lissette. and it's time for your forecast, as you're getting ready for teachers, yes in for a mild morning, the breeze is relaxing a bit and we'll see those highs in the 80s, warm then get ready for wet weather
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a lot going on in all the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
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