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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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best view at work every single day. that will do it for cbs 4 this morning at 5:00. >> cbs 4 this morning at 6:00 starts now. next at 6:00, developing overnight, a rude awakening, a car crashes in to a house in lauderhill while a family is sleeping inside. we're live with the search for the driver. plus, in the street, a little boy on a scooter is hit by a police cruiser, hear from the child's mother and what witnesses say happened. and super bowl 50, the broncos and panthers may be practicing but another team is also getting ready. a sneak peek at what it takes to broadcast the big game. good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this thursday, february 4. thanks for waking up with us, i'm walter makaula. >> and i'm lauren pastrana, vanessa and lissette here with us. >> good morning, here's a nice
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for you celebrating your birthday today, it's dry, it's quiet, and we are mild out there camera. the radar is in the clear that will be changing, so enjoy the drier weather while you can, but certainly it is warm for this time of morning, low to mid 70s already, the breeze out of the southeast, anywhere from six to 12 miles an hour throughout the deep today, warm and humid with highs in the 80s and then the return for the rain as soon as tonight and in to tomorrow, could be quite active and down. way this weekend. more on that in my full forecast in just a few minutes, a taste of the traffic with the birthday girl, happy birthday! >> that was suspenseful. here's i-95, miami gardens drive, cruising around south florida, looking good, the right lane blocked off by an accident earlier this morning, no longer the case, that scene cleared up. we had another accident on
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and so has the construction, so really a great drive. here's that southbound side of ierks -- i-95, different story on the palmetto, packed southbound, these are the southbound lanes at eighth street, approaching dural, a number of drivers out there with you. and leaving you in brower county, no construction, 95 at southbound griffin lanes, heading northbound. >> happy birthday, vanessa. meanwhile on a more serious note, following a developing story out of lauderhill. three people including a child gone to the hospital after a car slammed in to their home. >> the driver ran away. gaby fleischman there with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lauren and walter, fire rescue telling me this car was in 20 feet inside the home. the family of three that lives here, a 14-year-old girl and her parents in bed sleeping when it
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they have towed that car away and boarded up the gapeing hope but seeing the -- gaping hole, northwest 33rd avenue and 16th street just before midnight. the driver of the car was seen running after the crash and right now detectives are working to find that driver. according to lauderhill fire rescue, the car barrelled in to the parents' bedroom, pushing their bed through the entire house, fortunately mom and dad only suffered minor injuries. their daughter's room is adjacent to theirs and she was also hit by flying debris. >> the vehicle went through the front bedroom, it went out above the bedroom in to the family room in to the back bathroom. so it pushed them through the house and fortunately for them, only suffered minor injuries. >> reporter: and the family was taken to the hospital to be checked out but they're all expected to be okay. firefighters say based on the damage they are lucky to be alive.
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inspect yoshs out -- inspectors earlier this morning, they say this house is uninhabitable, an unsafe structure, police still looking for the driver responsible, they're running the license plate from that car, hoping that it will lead to an arrest. in the meantime though, they're asking anyone with information to give broward crimestoppers a live from lauderhill, gaby fleischman, cbs 4 this morning. police are investigating after witnesses say two people shot in miami gardens. happened at 176th street and northwest 26 avenue. unclear if police have anyone this custody, call crimestoppers 305-471-tips if you have any information. now at 6:00, struck in the street. a little boy on his scooter rides right in the path of an officer behind the wheel. the city of miami officer says is he never saw the child coming, people claim the officer was driving too fast.
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hospital where that little boy is recovering. >> reporter: jackson memorial hospital, the mother of a 6-year-old upset. >> came running to my house and told me my son just got run over from a police officer. >> reporter: video on northwest 58th street and fifth avenue. the little boy trapped under the marked cruiser. these are pictures of 26-year-old antoine lawson, nicknamed dirt. he had injuries, he was riding his scooter when hit. >> literally under the car stuck, she took him out, the car was on and all that heat. >> reporter: police investigators on the scene told by witnesses the officer was speeding and the crowd got riled up. >> any parent, any relative comes up and sees their child in distress, they're going to move in to attack mode. they did throw a few punches at the police officer. >> reporter: did you assault, did you hit the police officer? >> no. >> reporter: did anybody in the family hit the police officer?
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he was speeding, you know. and the neighborhood where there's a lot of kids riding bikes. >> reporter: miami police traffic homicide will handle the investigation, they were told the little boy darted in the street from between two trucks, the officer didn't see antoine until it was too late. >> it doesn't appear speed was a factor but of course this is preliminary. >> reporter: as far as all that pushing and shoving and possibly the officer getting punched, no charges filed. i'm hank tester, cbs 4 this morning. and now cbs 4 news health alert, the zika virus is a health emergency in miami-dade county and other parts of florida. governor rick scott signed an order yesterday. besides miami-dade, covering hils borough -- hillsborough, tampa, and lee county. more on this emergency. >> the bottom line for the
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remains the same: if you're pregnant and thinking of travelling to a place with zika spreading, don't. >> reporter: and governor scott said all nine of the zika cases here in florida were travel-related. but he said the state can't take any chances which is why he declared the health emergency. now, the state agriculture department can use more mosquito spray in those counties, something a local expert says is key. >> if we do appropriate mosquito control, we're not going to be seeing the massive outbreak. if we don't, we're in for trouble. >> reporter: and florida's not the only state dealing with zika. there are 48 u.s. cases overall, one of them in tech was contract -- texas was contracted through sexual contact, but all the rest involve being bitten while travelling abroad to north america or the caribbean. and now the concern, travelling with the infected mosquitos and
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it stays in the body for two weeks. what if that person is bit bin by an uninfected mosquito somewhere else? does that become a carrier able that's the worry. while there is no widespread outbreak in florida, experts recommend using mosquito repellant, eliminating standing water, and wearing long sleeves in places where there might be mosquitos. the virus has been linked to several thousand cases of the serious birth defect called microcephaly which kazs -- causes babies to be born with small heads. the world health organization has declared a global health emergency. i'm rick folbaum, cbs 4 this morning. if you're not pregnant, chances are you can contract zika without release raelzing it -- realing it, symptoms are minor, low grade fever and body rash, no evidence it could affect future pregnancies either, the biggest concern is for women who are currently pregnant. the family of former dolphins quarterback moore
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he was a key quarterback in the dolphins perfect season in 1972. cte linked to certain football players, only diagnosed after death. we learned oakland raiders quarterback stabler had cte. now your coverage of super bowl 50, three days away from the big game, the broncos and panthers may be practicing for the super bowl but another team is also getting ready for the biggest game of the year. >> yes, cbs 4's jamie yucca has more on what goes in to broadcasting the big super bowl. >> reporter: even with working in tv, i had no idea what it took to produce the super bowl, between the graphics, the cameras and all that technology, it's a lot of hard work to pull it all off. testing graphics is just a small part of what the cbs sports production crew does to get ready for the super bowl. >> i think when you walk in the room what's so impressive, all
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>> reporter: cbs sports executive vice president ken aygard worked to close to 20 super bowls. >> we have all the bells and whistles known mankind and sports broadcasting. >> reporter: 70 cameras capturing the sights and sounds, including more than 30 that will be mounted around the stadium for a 360 view. that's on top of a camera mounted to a plane and another on a tower at great america amusement park. this is super high tech. >> yeah, super high tech. [ laughter ] >> reporter: sometime you just >> right. >> reporter: there will be 166 these pilon cameras that mark each corner of the end zone. the 13 production trailers on sight at levi staidup brought in a month ago, the -- stadium brought in a month ago, the set getting the finishing touches. this is where the hosts will be sitting, they're the ones who have to embrace the technology. >> i hope it made me smarter in tv. >> this technology gives him information he can analyze and make it interesting visually.
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do on the prafts, the comment -- broadcasts, the commentators now have to interact with fans on social media all to make sure there's super coverage for the tens of millions of fans tuning in to super bowl 50. the production teams flul start -- actually start planning the minute the host city is announced, years before the big game. what helps them, thursday night football. they call that minute super bowl -- mini super bowl nights, jamie yucca, cbs 4 this morning. the 19th time cbs will broadcast the big game, using three aerial camera systems, 70 game cameras, and 256 microphones to cover the super bowl. cbs 4's jim berry heading to the bay area for the game, look for his live reports starting tonight. and we're just three days away from super bowl 50 in santa clara california, of course you can watch it only here on cbs 4 sunday february 7.
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6:00 and straight ahead, new backlash against the woman who pulled over an officer and accused him of speeding. a child killer back in court, michael hernandez appearing before a judge 12 years to the day he stabbed a middle school class might. and is hillary clinton and bernie sanders face off in new hampshire as they ramp up their attack. awkward moment for jeb bush trending on social media, why the news isn't all bad. dry, warm, humid today, however, cold front is just on the horizon, look at all the wet weather across the panhandle. we could see storms as soon as tonight in to tomorrow and yet
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welcome back and happy thursday, south florida. happy to report we're waking up to a dry start. however, very mild, dark and early, live view from our fort lauderdale camera, broward. right now the radar in the clear but that will change as soon as tonight in to tomorrow. and we're seeing the breeze is with us out of the southeast. anywhere from six to 12 miles an hour, although today not as windy as yesterday. and the temperatures well above our average. we should be waking up to the low 60s instead of low to mid 70s but not to worry if you like the cooler weather by tomorrow
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down to the 60s, you can see why by looking at the national map. it's clear, we have a potent cold front behind 20s and 30s, cincinnati, chicago, st. louis, across the center u.s., 20s and 30s from kansas city through dallas, 11 minneapolis, 13 denver, 19 albuquerque, much of the u.s. right now dealing with an arctic blast of cold, brutal area, the 50s in dc, new york and boston, 40s in atlanta and that's all ahead of that front just leading to wet and messy condition up and down the atlantic seaboard, the northern edge of that front, precipitation and then run the west coast in the pacific west california, dealing with active weather as well. so this front, it it is going to be pushing across our area as we head in to tonight, you can see the rain associated with it across the panhandle in to georgia and the carolinas, quite soggy tomorrow. you'll need your umbrellas and your sweaters since it will be showers early and cooler breeze throughout the day. saturday we'll see temperatures come up a bit, mild at times,
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another cold front will be sweeping through as we get through sunday, so that mean for your super bowl festivities, early showers and then a colder breeze. for today, it will be warm and humid again, and we'll see the storms later on especially tonight, boaters say three to five, moderate chop on the bay and for tonight, showers and storms and turning cooler for lows in the 60s where we should be at tomorrow morning, the highs only in the low 70s, some areas reach the upper 60s and then saturday morning, 63 when you wake up the high of 70, spotty showers, rain to kick off your sund and -- sunday and sthen a chill -- then a chill, monday and tuesday, highs only in the upper 60s. right now a check of your traffic with vanessa who is braiting a -- celebrating a birthday today. >> i am! and right here, bringing you the traffic report, this is my
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[ laughter ] no accidents out there, no construction, except that there's a lot of drivers, the southbound commute of the pauletto, northwest at -- palmetto, northwest at 88 street, eastbound drive at 17th avenue getting in to the golden fleece interchange. that would mean the tait light driver -- taillight drivers driving away, no construction, starting to see a busy drive as well. more volume southbound and northbound at 95 street and broward county, griffin. seeing school buses out there, everybody heading to school and work, southbound northbound lanes looking great. vanessa, thank you. now it's time for talking with joe, live from the wqam studios this morning, celebrating a heat win, they did that for vanessa's birthdays, i'm sure of it. white had a pretty good game as far as contributing to the team, what do you think of how he did? >> oh my gosh!
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out there in a hurry to get rid of ha san, how about this for subpoena 17 minute -- 17 minutes, you talk about being productive, five for five, nine rebounds, and i'm going to make five blocked shots. the guy was sensational, he gave them the spark he needed, he came right back in, he had energy. i just think he's a big part of this and eric needs to continue to find a way to get him involved with everybody else. it's going to be his job to make this thing work if you're going to keep him around, unless you're going to trade him. because the miami heat are awful, shooting two point shooting team, terrible. >> they've got to keep working with that, bosh and wade had a good game, that's certainly good news for them. but put that aside because someone else had an incredible, course. we're talking about the warriors, curry scoring 51 points against the wizards.
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a rough game a couple days back but making up for it now. >> law len -- lauren, this is the best show in professional sports period. the nfl, the nhl, any other sports that you like, any of your favorite soccer teams, this guy is the best show going on the best team in professional sports. he went for 51 points, he hit 11 threes last night by himself! it didn't matter who was covering him, big guys, small guys, quick guys, physical guys. it's just a great, great show. so much fun to watch, he is about as good as i can remember, can't wait at the end of this month. he'll be coming to american airlines arena to play the heat. that's going to be one hot ticket. >> hey, you said we need a good three point shooter, maybe we can lure his talents to south beach. [ laughter ]
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>> thanks joe, have a great day. >> thank you, lauren! campaign 2016 now hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in the fifth democratic debate tonight in new hampshire, the nation's first primary next week. both koeuntdz made their -- candidates made their case to voters as the top republican candidates made their attacks. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton continued to trade jabs over their progressive values. >> i do not know any progressives who has a super pack and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders set himself progressive. >> reporter: a razor thin victory over sanders in iowa is state. sanders from neighboring vermont also dominating the attention of weinstein.
6:21 am
been in politics. >> reporter: with less than a week of the prime rer here -- primary here in new hampshire, a war of words. he says he stole the caucuses, calling for the results to be nullified. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or a trumper-tantrum. >> reporter: trump was almost two hours late for a campaign event in arkansas yesterday after his plane experienced mechanical issues and he was forced to land in nashville. he's expected to hold at least three events in new hampshire today where he's leading cruz in the polls. weijia jiang, new hampshire. former pennsylvania senator santorum says he's dropping out of the race and now endorsing florida senator marco rubio.
6:22 am
former governor jeb jeb bush still -- jeb bush still in the race and had an awkward moment now trending on social media. >> i think the next president needs to be quieter but send a signal that we're prepared to act in the national security interests of this country to get back in the business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. [ applause ] >> the news isn't all bad for bush though, a poll from harper polling has him in second place in new hampshire, that's still though 17 points behind donald trump. cbs 4's david sutta will be in new hampshire for next week's primary, look for live reports beginning sunday on cbs 4 news. stay with cbs 4 news and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. the latest now on bill cosby, his attorneys lost the bid to get the assault case tossed out. a judge said he would not throw the case out, the decision means there will be a hearing in march
6:23 am
evidence to prove cosby assaulted his accuser back in 2004. meanwhile, e-cigarettes have fast become the alternative for thousands of smokers but tonight at 11:00, meeting a young florida man who says never again. >> they say like a pipe bomb, you know, just exploded. i had burns on my entire esophagus and my lungs. i was going to lose half my -- half my face. >> a lot of critics who say you're to blame for this, you're the one that caused this to happen. what do you say to that? >> the victim of an e-cigarette explosion tells his story in a cbs 4 news inclusive. hear -- exclusive, what he's going to do about it. burned by an e cig tonight at 11:00. a car slams in to a home sending three people to the
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in this morning's pop news,
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app game market, taylor swift with glue mobile for a game users can play on smartphones and tablets, she's joining spears, and kim kardashian who have games for their fans. the app due later this year. the grammy award will get a taste of broadway. the cast of the smash hit hamilton performing during the live show via satellite, a version of the founding father alexander hamilton. don't forget, you can see the grammy award on february 15 here on cbs 4. cbs 4 this morning is coming up at 7:00. >> and charlie rose joining us, there he is, charlie rose with us from the cbs 4 morning studios in new york city, good morning, what have you got planned for us today? >> good morning, walter and lauren, i'm right here. donald trump takes to twitter for new attacks as more republicans drop out of the
6:27 am
the major news of the day, plus the doctor on your big story, the zika outbreak in florida and we visit charlotte and denver for a battle of the cities from barbecue wrap to beer and the great outdoors, we look at what each city has to offer. and "late show with stephen colbert" joins us. we'll see you at 7:00. so much. and remember, it kicks off at 7:00 a.m. right here on cbs 4. >> time right now 6:30, let's get a check on your thursday morning forecast for that we turn to meteorologist lissette gonzalez. >> good morning, walter and lauren, all of you at home, thankfully it's dry with you muggy and mild for the beginning of february. that will be changing though, yeah, as soon as tonight in to tomorrow. the radar is quiet and dry, we're seeing the wind flow out of the southeast six to 12 miles per hour, still seeing the low
6:28 am
morning, we'll be about 10 to 15 degrees cooler in comparison but also contend with wet weather ahead of a cold front though today. this afternoon, it will be warm with the low 80s this evening. 79 degrees, although we're in for a slight dip in temperatures by tomorrow, wait until you see how low the temperatures will be going as we get in to next week, courtesy of a second cold front on the way, we're talking potentially lows in the 50s and 40s. so there's a tease for you. i'll have your complete forecast in a few minutes, vanessa is celebrating a special day, happy birthday. thank you! and it's been an easy morning, no accidents in miami-dade, broward, a great drive for the last 30 minutes or so, the palmetto southbound and northwest 58 streets, even though there's no crashes of course there's a lot of drivers out there with you. so it's packed every single spot in the palmetto northbound and southbound at 58. let's talk about your drive times. show you a couple other areas slowing down for rush hour.
6:29 am
turnpike, starts to slow down as you approach u.s. one after that opens up a bit to 874. then northbound to the dolphin that will take you about 11 minutes for that drive. around 875, the expressway slows down a little bit as you're entering on from the turnpike, after the palmetto should take you eight minutes and then the palmetto the golden fleece interchange, 12 minutes. following a developing story out of lauderhill. a car slammed in to a home overnight sending three people to the hospital. cbs 4's gaby fleischman live with details, gabi? >> reporter: we're told about lauderhill fire rescue that a 14-year-old girl and her parents were sleeping when the car came crashing through the front wall, it ended up 20 feet inside the house as you can see it's been boarded up but there's significant damage that was left behind and debris all over the
6:30 am
northwest 33 avenue and 16th street just before midnight. laurd -- lauderhill police say the driver of the car was seen driving after the crash and right now detectives are working to find that driver. now according to fire rescue, it slammed in to a bedroom and pushed the parents' bed through the living room and in to the back bathroom. mom and dad both suffered only minor injuries, the teenage's room we're told wasn't directly hit but she suffered minor injuries from falling debris. >> based on where you saw with the vehicle in the house and where the bed was located, they're very lucky to be alive. they're lucky they only suffered minor injuries and it could've been a lot worse. >> reporter: so is even the firefighters who responded -- so even the firefighters who responded out here in shock at the damage out here, saying this family lucky to have survived all of this. that family was take tonight hospital to get checked out but they're expected to be okay. also building inspectors out here earlier and they have
6:31 am
they say it's uninhabitable and no one is allowed inside. now police are still looking for the driver responsible, they are running the license plate from that car hoping that it will lead to an arrest. in the paen -- meantime though, they're asking anyone with information to give [ indiscernible ] tips. we're live from lauderhill, gaby fleischman, cbs 4 this morning. now at 6:33, a new chapter in the story of the south florida woman who pulled over a miami-dade cop, the president of a different police union stuck himself right in the to the debate by harassing castillo, many blasting her for pulling
6:32 am
claiming he was going 100 miles per hour. one commenter on ortiz's page said quote you mess with the law it will haunt you. another person wrote quote, i guess it's only a matter of time before she gets pulled over and jailed. still others have been supportive. this man writing on our cbs 4 facebook page said quote just because you're a cop doesn't mean you're allowed to speed, breaking the law is breaking the law. another quote, is that how they're going to play it just because this woman has a history doesn't let this cop off the hook. the miami police department had no comment on ortiz's behavior the fop. ortiz not replied to cbs 4's visit or comments. stabbing a student to death more than a decade ago, he's back in court. michael hernandez given a mandatory life sentence for the murder of jamie gough. a three day hearing determining a prison sentence. yesterday the court heard testimony from a psychologist
6:33 am
from his journal. >> make sure they're dead, make sure there is no one in the bathroom, kill them. >> hernandez's father also took the stand to urge the court to release his son. the defense hopes to prove that he suffers from a mental illness to mitigate a life sentence. a hearing for a 15-year-old boy accused of gunning down a rabbi from new york expected to continue today, trying to get bond for charlz before the -- charlz before the trial -- charles before the trial, accused of murder and trying to rob rabbi raksin, his daughter heard in court as the suspect's mother spoke about her son. >> he always come to school but he always late. >> blair charles always told cbs alibi. miami-dade police detective
6:34 am
evidence tying charles to an suv he was reportedly in near the crime scene. he also testified that a witness saw charles fleeing. a familiar face in south florida politics hopes to return to his old seat in congress, democrat garcia announced he's running for the congressional district spot which was redrawn recently to include more democrats in monroe county and parts of southwest miami-dade. garcia lost his reelectioned by to republican covelo, he'll have to face in a contest. super bowl 50 right around the corner, what's changed since the first championship game, details for you in this morning's money watch. a hoverboard catches fire where the family was and the damage left behind. check this out, a bizarre video of a car on top of a roof. so, how did this happen and how's the driver doing? no cars on roofs just the roadways, still breaking newsy
6:35 am
directions, what about the rest of the roadways, do all those drivers mean accidents? i'll let you know after the break, lissette. and speaking of roadways, as you're getting ready to drop off the kids, you don't need the rain gear, we're waking up to a with 80s. you will need those umbrellas by tonight and the jackets, in fact tomorrow will be cooler. there's a lot going on in terms of our weather changing up the next couple days, details in
6:36 am
money watch this morning, facebook giving friendship collages and one company recalling millions of vehicles. jill wagner live from the new york stock exchange with that and more, good morning! >> reporter: good morning, lauren, honda's recalling another 2.2 million vehicles because of faulty takata airbags, they can explode with too much force. this recall includes older models from 2005 and up, also new vehicles from the 2016 model year. well it's been exactly 12
6:37 am
started to work on his site from the harvard dorm room, to mark the day, it it's marking today friends day, the friendship of the 1.6 billion users by putting together friendship collages, photos previouslily posted -- previously posted on the site, they'll start posting by noon. >> i've seen a couple of them, i got to log in and make run for myself. the 50th super bowl almost here, days away on cbs 4, a lot of history, of course, jill. what's different now based on or compared to 50 years ago? >> reporter: all right, well. when it comes to places a lot, the average price of gas was $.33 a gallon, the median cost today. the average income for men? today. and of course, there were a lot fewer women working back then. the super bowl airs on sunday
6:38 am
>> plus, i'm sure the players make a lot more money than they did and the ads on those more. >> and a lot more to go, if you want to see it in person. >> watching it here from miami, have a great day! that's right, you can watch super bowl 50 only here on cbs 4 and this sunday i'll be working along with lauren and marybel and the entire cbs 4 game, we've got you covered, i'll let you know what the forecast will be like if you're planning a barbecue or a game watching partied and of course, what the weather conditions will be like for the players the weather this morning, nice, dry, but a little warm. as we look live from our miami camera, nice sunrise underway and also seeing clouds as we check out our fort lauderdale camera broward county. at least you don't have to deal with the wet weather or the windshield wipers, likely tonight and tomorrow, you'll need the windshield wipers for
6:39 am
tomorrow morning. now the wind flow is out of the southeast, anywhere from six to 12 miles per hour, low to mid 70s, temperatures still well above our average low of 61 degrees. we'll enjoy the 60s by tomorrow morning, courtesy of a cold front and you can tell it's pushed across much of the u.s., 30s, 20s, teen across the central u.s. look at that, 13 in denver, 11 minneapolis, 34 near freezing in dallas, downright freezing in memphis. we have the 50s on the flip side of the front, dc, new york city and boston, but boy it's a soggy mess. not only up and down the atlantic seaboard, but over on the west coast. but this is the big weather story as already the panhandle is getting soaked, the carolinas and even up through the northeast, we're seeing that front is starting to push up but still wintry precipitation on the northern edge of that front. this is the first of two cold fronts that will be sweeping through across our area. tonight in to tomorrow, we will see the potential for some rain and then cooler during the day. so you need your sweaters. saturday temperatures in the
6:40 am
with a few showers, a warm front and then a cold front will seep through, second one on sunday, that will be a soggy start for super bowl sunday with a colder breeze setting up. warm and humid in the afternoon with a high of 83 degrees and we will see those storms later, likely more so tonight. boaters three to five, moderate chop on the bays. and tonight we'll see the rain and then cool things down to the low 60s where you should be at this time of year. now tomorrow, the high runs #2ki7, some areas -- 72 some areas may see the low 60s, sotty showers, sunday a soggy start and then we'll see high 70 degrees, monday and tuesday, 70 and by tuesday, lows in the 40s and high around 68 degrees. right now check of your traffic with vanessa. all right, 826, drivers, northbound and southbound, here's the southbound side of the palmetto, it's the northbound side where we're
6:41 am
that left shoulder, causing onlooker delays, slowing down on that approach, 826, northbound lanes at northwest 58th street. the rest looking good, no other accidents to report, turnpike slow approaching u.s. one. you start off on 288, you end up 874 and take you 24 minutes for that drive. after that about 13 minutes on the turnpike from 874 slows down as you approach kendall drive all the way up to the dolphin expressway and then eight minutes on 874 from the turnpike all the way up to the palmetto. this car landed on a two story home in california, it veered off the road at one point but unclear how it ended up on top of the roof. firefighters say the driver of the car was transported to the hospital with only minor injuries. meanwhile, one of this year's most popular gifts pirnts
6:42 am
cause of a house fire in ohio. the hoverboard causing thousands of dollars in damages, leaving a hole in their carpet. their son plugged the hoverboard to charge and minutes later it exploded. a neighbor helped them put out the flames before firefighters arrived. the homeowners say if they weren't home at the time, the house would've been completely destroyed. 6:46, all new taste of the town. >> it is all about authentic, delicious, argentinian food, it's a hidden gem, a taste of the town and coming your way,
6:43 am
what truck company do you think offers best in class v8 fuel economy? best in class v8 horsepower, and best in class v8 towing? chevy. i'm going with ram. definitely ford. the new 2016 chevy silverado offers best in class v8 fuel economy... holy smokes! ...horsepower, and towing. they're all chevy. that's right. all chevy. the fastest-growing pick-up brand. pnow during truck month, get this silverado all star 5.3l with a p total value of seventy-five hundred dollars. find new roads at
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time for a new edition of taste of the town, all this call hidden gems, spots that have one thing that makes they will really special. >> yeah, lisa petrillo heads to the bun berry for a find >> reporter: located off northeast second avenue in
6:45 am
wine bar with tables inside and out features a vast variety of wines and empenadas, owned by two italian women, geraldine who want to do bring it to miami. >> i think this sensation of, like, coziness is because of that, because of the love of that they had and the same which td wine. >> reporter: it's named after a character in the favorite oscar wilde book, it's filled with books and nooks, they're both somaliers, so it's just like you're in somebody's home. >> it's like, homemade argentinian food, the steak that maybe your grandma made at home, we don't have a grill, we cook on a kitchen similar to a house kitsch.
6:46 am
empenadas, paula presents me with sampling, the signature empenadas, greek cheese, and mushrooms. this is so light and flavorful, the outside where the dough is, it's flaky and light and then there's a little bit of salt with the prosciutto and the gooey cheese. then the braised lamb. the lamb is super tender and soft with tons of flavor, and again, it doesn't feel heavy at all. and very soothing. >> there's another [ indiscernible ] and when spinach and cheese, so many empenadas, so little time. >> i'm just adding all these empenadas. i think i should stop soon, but they're so good, i can't stop. i can't stop eating empenadas! [ laughter ] >> reporter: cheese lovers will love the bri cooked
6:47 am
where's the beef in in this flank steaked tomato confit and homemade chim churi chimichurri. >> there's a powdered sugar on top, folded all in to one with the dolce de leche, divine. >> reporter: making for one hidden gem in the middle of winwood. it's open six days a week from monday through saturday, dinners only, come and check it out with your taste of the town in winwood. i'm lisa petrillo, cbs 4 news. >> we'll take two of everything. 2200 southeast avenue in winwood. cooling off, zoo miami ron magill sent us pictures of peggy, a 40-year-old african elephant, enjoying a bath in her pool, the joy on her face as she cooled off from that south florida sun.
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> stick around, a lot here's a quick wrap up of your morning headline, searching for a driver who slammed in to a lauderhill home overnight. >> at midnight at 43rd and west 15th street, the car barrelled in to a bedroom where the homeowner and their 14-year-old daughter were sleeping.
6:50 am
the house pushing the parents' bed through the living room. all three people inside the home suffered minor injuries and taken to the hospital to be checked out. police say the driver of the car was seen running from the scene after that crash and he's not been found. a 6-year-old boy recovering in the hospital after hit by a city of miami police patrol car, while riding his scooter at northwest 58th street and northwest 5th avenue. he has a broken hip, leg, and internal injuries. the officer says he did not see the little boy. witnesses say the officer was speeding. a health emergency has been declared in miami-dade and three other towns in florida due to the zika virus, nine confirmed cases of the mosquito virus in florida, four of them in miami-dade. officials say female who have -- people who have the virus travelled to south america. a debate tonight in new hampshire which holds the
6:51 am
week, the candidates traded jabs during a town hall yesterday. meanwhile on the republican side, donald trump and ted cruz remain locked in a war of words, following trump's second finish in the iowa caucuses. >> now time for talking with joe, live from the wqam studios, i'm sure there's a lot of talk about the upcoming super bowl but what else is on the agenda today? >> well, a lot of national signing stuff to get to today, including one of the hurricanes, richards out of palm beach turned down alabama, auburn, he'll be joining us. let's get to the good stuff, happy birthday to you! [ laughter ] >> we've got to go to camera, vanessa here! >> this is year two you guys have done this to me! >> happy 21st birthday! >> and he knows! volume, question mark. we will put that out there this morning, joe. happily to say -- >> that boyfriend, that
6:52 am
something really nice! [ laughter ] >> i'm leaving that! >> we'll let vanessa handle that one! all right, joe thanks so much, we'll continue to bother vanessa. >> i'm matching lauren's dress. >> couple necklaces we saw on the show. >> something bright and shiny. >> the pressure is on! i feel bad for him! [ laughter ] >> somebody text him! >> there you go, there you go! i'm sure plenty of people have been texting him already. so, happy birthday, vanessa. tomorrow it's all about lauren. so we've got two gators celebrating their birthdays this week, what a gift, a gorgeous start to the day as we look from our biscayne bay camera, light and dry, highs in the 80s, wet weather tonight in to tomorrow, and cooler with the 60s in the morning, highs around 72. spotty showers as we get in to your saturday. and then temperatures creep up to 76. as yet, a secondary front is going to push through for super
6:53 am
then we'll see temperatures cooling down, the high only 70. but 50 degrees on monday morning in the high of 66, in fact by tuesday even colder with lows in the 40s and highs in the upper 60s. so it will be much, much cooler as we get in to early next week, just have to get through this little rollercoaster through the next few days, vanessa. okay, a great birthday gift, the last few hours, no accidents on the roadways, couple drive times, 29 minutes from 288 up to 874, after that, another 15 minutes from 874 up to 836 and eight minutes up to the palmetto, it is my birthday, i'm going to leave you with a live shot of miami beach. and lauren's birthday is tomorrow, make sure you tweet her and facebook her tomorrow too. >> oh, too kind! at least not as red as the taillights! >> no, i'm not, i'm not! joe! >> leave it to joe! >> happy birthday, ladies, meanwhile stick around for cbs
6:54 am
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