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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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they want to see changes how fast police officers travel through their neighborhood, which is always full of children. >>reporter: a cell phone capture the crash aftermath. witnesses ran to help. antoine lawson seconds after a manly police officer hit the child who is crossing the street on a scooter. wednesday at northwest wednesday at nw. 5th ave. and 58th st. an officer checked for a pulse spectators lashed out at police on the same. >> he was twisted up. it looks like he was dead. >>reporter:, but he was alive surgery. his family said he will recover. >> he is breathing. he doesn't have any brain damage. everything is okay. >> crash investigators are piecing together the accident. police are not naming the patrol. stick it does not appear that
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but this is preliminary. >> witnesses disagree and say the officer was speeding and it is comment on this street. >> that block their they always are screaming pass. there should be justice and my friend should have some type of closure and they should fire him because police are still supposed to help people and not hurt babies. that's how i feel. >>reporter: this investigation is just beginning, of course. how fast he is going will play a part in the result of the crash investigation and at that point police will determine if that officer faces any disciplinary charges. a group of teenagers arrested, accused of trying to sell stolen birds. hialeah police say the teenagers 14 through 17 years old were trying to sell 39 stolen pigeons at a pet shop it they were stolen from people's backyard cages.
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almost for thousand dollars worth of birds. the teens are facing charges of dealing with stolen property. they may also be tied to fire their burglaries this week and hialeah for the stolen pigeons are safe and are being returned to the rightful owners. some of fire crews called out to the campus of florida reports of a gas leak. the sprinklers activated inside the graham university center. the building was evacuated and close for an hour while crews investigated the cause. there were no reported injuries. caught on camera a iraq war veteran is being called a hero. not just for his service to his country but for fighting off an armed robbery. he was working at a gas station demanded money. you see the vet go to the register with a man pointing a gun at him and he turns the tables quickly grabbing the gunmen and throwing him around
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the robber runs out of the story police are looking for him. now to campaign 2016 in the first debate featuring just 2 candidates sanders on the left on clinton on the right face- off tonight for the first time since iowa.>> and now there is a lot of talk of the town hall about who the most progressive candidate is. we expect more of that tonight? >> i hope is something besides, who is the real progressive or not. it shows you how week. this is compared to the republican debates. the democrats are basically trying to argue over who is the true progressive. what you are going to see in tonight's debate is a challenge of whose aside, can you count on in terms of if the candidate is on the side of the wall street and that's the argument that
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clinton is trying to counter. you mention the difference democrats and the republicans holding so many debates and the democrats are only going to have a couple but now campaigns for their own reasons have agreed to a new slate of debates. student the conventional wisdom was they tried to limit the number of debates in a way of helping clinton because fewer presumptive nominee and move along that sanders has overturned that applecart. and to me and this big discussion, the loser is the head of the dnc in our own congresswoman in south florida because she tried to rule with an iron fist and say we are not going to have extra debates. in the candidates essentially went rogue because sanders. it did so well that the hillary campaign realize they need to combat him a more hat on but they were losing ground to the republicans by not being on tv
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caved in and said yes. deborah schultz was hung out to dry. i don't mean to throw you a surprise, but a brand-new poll from cnn the new hampshire comes out and trump is in the lead among the republicans and marco rubio rising up tied for second place in new hampshire with ted cruz and jeb bush. spirit they come out with those polls almost every day. is not the only one that's out there. there is clearly, he has momentum. that's a big word right now momentum. he came out of iowa want to do new hampshire. his clouds are larger they are more energized so it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case, but we will now in a few days. should i thank you very much. we will be in new hampshire for next week's primary look for the live reports beginning
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stay with cbs4 news and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. it's a new era for the iconic men's magazine. is it safe to bring playboy to the office? details after the break. and stephen colbert's post a super bowl plans. what he told us this morning about his live show after the big game next. it's a taste of the town with a twist. the hidden gem that we found and how you can help her reveal even more of them. winter about to return to south florida . much of the southeast on the cool side. we will match those temperatures next week. the details about forecast coming up. convicted killer michael hernandes testified at his resentencing hearing, here with the prosecutor told him when he began crying on the witness stand. the mothers of murdered kids protesting outside the
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cigna. together, all the way. university of central florida has been hit by a hacker. according to the university president the data breach involved. 63,000 social security numbers
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it does not include credit card information or financial information or medical records but officials discover the breach last month. they are notifying potential victims by letter and offering them one year of free credit monitoring and identity protection services. it's a new look for playboy magazine. the latest issue, the models known for what they are not wearing or keeping their close on figures. the first ever non-nude issue of playboy. also missing is the tagline entertainment for men. the magazine even feels different. it's bigger with thicker paper playboy is struggling, but keeping out nudity opens the door to new advertisers. >> it looks like she is taking a selfie bit. i don't get it. stephen colbert revealing
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we are three days away from the super bowl and as we told you earlier, coldplay, that was the media to talk about their halftime show. to make more of what the band has planned. >>reporter:, coldplay has the
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show at the super bowl. they told the media that they feel the pressure of 100 million viewers watching, but they have a game plan. >> we did two things. we spoke to each other about what we would like to communicate at the show and we decided we wanted to make it about togetherness and acceptance and the things we believe in and then we called the right to guests. they could not reveal who the surprise guest would be, but we know that beyonci will join them on stage, as well as bruno mars. they did not reveal their song list but hinted at it. tonight we thought we would play our number 110 work to fill the other 10 minutes. >> i hope my kids will watch. what else is on that day? student the musicians will
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the magic of what this special show means on live tv.>> we are going to try to celebrate those years and hopefully make the show as memorable as some of our favorites. >> it's a big deal. it will be fun and before it begins. lady gaga sings the national anthem and that's going to be great and i am back with you guys talking about a sunday night. >> will have a full review of the halftime show. >> we will have a lot of action going on. spirit as much fun as the halftime show is there will be more fun to be had. once the game is over. student the late show with stephen colbert areas live after the game. from our sister station in-- >> i am doing this show live for two reasons, to practice for the live show. we are doing.
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draw attention to the fact that there is going to be a super bowl. cbs4 for that was stephen colbert last month that he said dallas cbs this morning to talk about his live show after the game. he will also have an all-star lineup of celebrities including tina fey will ferrell, and some surprise guests. >> megan kelly. >> , but is he a football fan? >> i enjoy food. i like cam newton. >> what did you think of his pants? >>he appears on this week's cover a bad weekend tells us the magazine is going to be the greatest post-super bowl show ever. sounds like a donald trump saying.
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approximately 5500 journalists were going to cover the super bowl and all of the related events, including our own. jim barry, who arrived in california to cover the games. catches live report from san francisco starting tonight at 11 pm and you can watch the big game this sunday, february 7 at 6:30 pm. look for extensive coverage on our website cbs bowl. and while you are there. check out the live blog. and now tonight, bae bae the panda is out and about with his mom. they have released pictures with his mother. this is the first time he has ventured out into the yard and he seems to be enjoying himself. you can see him climb a tree. he was introduced to the public
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zoo's adorable star.>>all right, i don't know what is going on. what is happening? >> tomorrow is the national weather persons day and our friends at cookies by design sent this over as a free gift and you can see the even the highlights in my hair. how about that? i will leave this for you guys to watch. donate the highlights. we will show you what's going on right now with partly cloudy skies and it's a pleasant evening. temperature wise but there are big changes on the way. 81 was the hyatt miami close this morning. 73. 81 in key west. after a low of 76. temperatures right now in the mid-70s but look at the overnight lows. close to mid 70s.
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these temperatures tomorrow we will probably stay in the 60s. the entire day. we are quiet in south florida but a big line of showers off to the west and activity gradually going to work its way towards us. so we will see showers increase and the rest of south florida tonight and tomorrow so it could be a bit of a wet commute. temperatures right now in the upper 70s a very warm evening we are saying so long to the 80s and so long to the 70s as this big cold fronts going to come through. there's the first part of the cold front and a good deal of clouds for much of the day tomorrow and the moisture starts to come back on saturday. are cool, not cold. temperatures in the 40s and 50s and not a bad day. if you like clouds and cooler temperatures. temperatures will be dropping 53 in boston and 30s behind the
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weather in store upper midwest is chilly with temperatures in the 20s, 30s and cold air over the border heading south. it's going to reach us next week and showers in the northwest and 17 and grand junction. here is our forecast for tonight showers and cool by morning. temperatures. 600 by tomorrow, breezy and cooler through the day, the high temperatures will struggle to get to 700. the pollen count showing mold is low and cyprus juniper and pine are moderate and so long to the 80s. we will see, 60s tomorrow 70s on saturday with showers around sunday, turning colder to the day of 60s for highs and 40s for lows it could be the coldest week so far this season. and e-cig is an alternative for thousands of smokers but you'll meet a south florida man that said never again.
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it exploded. i had burns in my esophagus and my lungs. i was going to lose half my face. spirit there are critics out there who would say you are to blame for this. you are the one that caused this to happen. when you say to that? stena he tells his story in a cbs news exclusive. hear how he claims that happen
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time for taste of the town. we are featuring restaurants would like to call hidden gems. >> we are finding spots at have one thing that make them special. we had to win wait for this unique find. >> welcome to bun barry in miami. this cozy wine bark features a vast variety of wines, piata addison homestyle meals. it's owned by two young women pollen and geraldine he wanted to bring the flavor of their homeland to miami.>>every little detail and the sensation of coziness is like because of
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>> it's named after a character in a oscar wilde book. the place is full of books and next and all the food and wines are perfectly paired like you're in someone's home. >> is like homemade argentinian food. and maybe it's the same that your grandma will get. we don't have a grill. >> we begin with empanadas. paula presents me with quite a sampling. >> this is so light and flavorful. the outside is flaky and light and there is some salt and some cheese. >>the lamb is super tender and soft with tons of flavor and it does not feel heavy and very soothing. >> there is another was chopped
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so many empanadas, so little time. >> i am just eating all of these empanadas. i should probably stop. >>i can't stop eating empanadas. similar cheese lovers will love the pre-breaded with almonds served with a vinaigrette. where's the beef? sausage marinated eggplant and homemade chimichurri. my feast ends with an argentinian crest with dolce delle leche and ice cream. it's caramelized and crunchy. it's gooey with salted caramel and there's a powdered sugar on top folded into one. it's divine. >>bunbury were books wine and a passion for food makes for a hidden gem. >> is open six days a week, monday through saturday, dinner's only check it out with
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lisa petrillo cbs4 news. well bunbury is hidden no more bigots at 2200 n. e second avenue in winwood and we are always looking for other hidden gems so send us your hidden gem and check it out. you might see your favorite restaurant on a future taste of the town. here's how you can tell us about the spots you love most email us at taste of the town at about the spots you love most email us at taste of the or tweet lisa directly at lisa petrillo, or had to face\cbs miami can like our page and leave us a comment. >> it's exciting to see the things that people introduce us to. >> i'm going to write them down because we are also always looking for places to go.>> i know that you have a lot of hidden gems because you have been in the community for a long time. >> here's what's coming up on
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as you sit here today, you cry on cue, that's what you do. >> a convicted killer's tears questions and corporate the emotional testimony and the resentencing of a middle school murder and police make a disk got-discovery a carrick missing couple was last seen and is pulled from the water. it has game when it comes to super bowl ads? we have a sneak peek of the commercials, you will see during the game. a man convicted of killing his middle school friend takes the stand at his resentencing trial. 12 years after the murder of jamie gough and michael hernandes apologized to his family. but the prosecutor was not convention had some tough cross- examination. gary nelson is live in miami
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>>reporter: michael hernandes is seeking to get his life in prison sentence reduced at this resentencing hearing. he took the stand today and testified tearfully. the prosecution would argue they were crocodile tears. michael hernandes took the stand and apologized for the savage killing of his classmate jamie gough and when they were 14 years old, 12 years ago. a southwood middle school. >> i am sorry for what i did to him. and it hurts me how sensitive he was because he was always a good friend to me and i want to apologize to his family and his mother and his father. tran24's the first time we have ever seen him cry the first time we have heard from him since his confession to police the day of the murder. hernandes that prison programs helped him appreciate the
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>> it helped me realize how
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