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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 5AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good friday morning, it is february 5, and it is a special day. thank you so much for joining us, and we have our traffic and weather, and taking a look at the traffic. good morning. happy birthday, lauren. it is also the national weather person stay, and it is also
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so go red for women. we did not text one another, we both were on the same page. your traffic and weather together, cloudy conditions looking live from the broward county camera, a line of heavy downpours rolling through much of south florida. the roads are slick, and we have lingering showers along key largo, and as we take a look at what is happening, here is that cold front, and temperatures are cooler and breezy, anywhere from 18 to 22 miles an hour sustained winds, hour. look at these numbers, low 60s in the broward and dade county. highs will only be around 69
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windy, 65 to the night, and another cold front on the weekend. i totally your red on purpose. -- your red -- wore red on purpose. we have some construction, flashing lights, and the tones are lined up on the right-hand side at the palmetto northbound. 595 eastbound two u. s. one, the ramp is shut down. the dolphin expressway has the westbound lanes at shut down and you can take the side streets, eight street, flag street or the perimeter road. the police are investigating a deadly shooting, and we are live on scene with the latest.>> reporter: the miami
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man was shot and killed early this morning. it is still an active scene, this is on northwest 31st street and detectives are working to collect evidence to identify the man killed. around 1 am, neighbors heard nine gunshots, saw a man lying on the ground inside this courtyard in front of his home, and he had been shot multiple times. the victim lives in the area, and he is a father of four. they are working to find the person responsible for killing him, and also trying to figure out why he was targeted. they are asking you to give the miami-dade crimestoppers a call if you have any information. a 15-year-old is recovering in the hospital after being shot last night just before 10
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miami, at the apartment complex , and it was taken to the hospital in stable condition, and the shooter is still on the run. grieving families are waiting for word on the official identity of two bodies found in a submerged vehicle. >> 851-year-old woman disappeared with her boyfriend several days ago, and we talked to an official at the miami-dade coroner's office. >> reporter: lives lost early sunday morning. >> we don't really have any details about how the car ended up in the water.>> reporter: the 2010 toyota corolla was discovered in the water with two bodies inside, and could it
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girlfriend alexandra missing since 3 am and they dish disappeared. -- they just disappeared.>> this vehicle is identified as the same vehicle that brandon and his girlfriend disappeared in. >> reporter: the family lawyer.>> they are devastated, even though it is not been confirmed, they are devastated. >> the cell phone was turned off somewhere in this area. we looked year last night around 3:30 am. >> reporter: family and friends grieving, barricades to warn
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of the road at the corner of 200 268 street -- 268 street. >> reporter: the vehicle was towed to the miami-dade police office, and they will determine the bodies found in the car. super bowl 50, the half game show -- halftime the show is always the big event of the year. >> reporter: the artist play for free or they play for extras, and i could not believe that. that is because the audience is so huge, 120 million people tuned in last year, and coldplay is ready. >> reporter: the british man, coldplay , was confident and funny. >> we don't do press conferences
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us if we aren't that good. >> reporter: the front man chris martin has been practicing, carpool karaoke. his dad shows off the saxophone skills, and asked to join the band on stage at the game. at the nfl shop, we caught up with the fans that are excited about the entertainment. >> it is about the commercials and halftime show.>> reporter: beyonce will perform, but no other surprise guests were confirmed. lady gaga will sing the national anthem. wear? >> who knows, she is always a surprise. >> reporter: what do you know about john, we'll and guy?>> i
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reporter: how much does it drive you crazy that john gets all the attention? and can i have a hug? >> reporter: this very excited reporter did get a hug. the highlight of the week.>> reporter: the stages have to be set up in eight minutes or less on super bowl sunday, and we pushed to find out what the other surprises would be in the show, but they would not tell us. and we wanted to wish you a happy birth day.>> thank you so much. guide, john, will, thank you. if you play in the super bowl, each player gets a big
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an extra $110,000 and if you are member of the losing super bowl team, $51,000. watch the big game here this sunday on february 7. let's talk about the issues . let's talk about the issues that divide us. we both agree with campaign finance reform. >> the campaign 2016, democratic debate, hillary clinton and birdie sanders duking it out in the race for the white house. last night clean and sanders faced off in the fifth debate, tackling foreign-policy, wall street and progressive values. >> reporter: the blows -- and the gloves came off as hillary
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each other in the democratic debate. >> i don't think it was particularly progressive took both against the brady bill five times. >> reporter: and campaign finance reform. >> it is undermining democracy and allowing congress to represent wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: clinton is trailing sanders in new hampshire, the former secretary of state that she would not give up. >> we will work as hard as we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: republican candidates had their sights set on a win here, the first primary tuesday. >> reporter: they say the win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will both, but it
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important.>> it sends a signal to the potential donors about whether their money is well invested or not.>> reporter: marco rubio is on the heels of donald trump in new hampshire, ahead of ted cruz. >> we will be in new hampshire for the primary, and we will have reports beginning sunday in the newscast following the super bowl and the following the late show with stephen colbert. michael hernandez apologizes to the victim's family and says he is a changed man, but prosecutors are not buying it. no apologies for his actions, and why he says he was justified in pulling his gun on the motorcycle riders. jacking up the price of the life-saving medicine, going to capitol hill, and things get
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rain earlier, showers across portions of south florida, but check out these low 60s in the broward and it
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welcome to the weekend, and happy friday, south florida. we have had some torrential downpours, but now there is some foggy conditions as we remain cloudy throughout the day. here is a live view from the camera in miami, looking at the radar, the bulk of the activity has pushed offshore. we take a look at the keys,
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key largo, and alvarado. and here it is actually just making its way across the area, and behind this there is moisture, and some isolated showers. the big story today is the wind, 17 to 22 miles an hour, and that is sustained wind, with wind gusts up to 36 miles per hour throughout the day, it will be windy and cooler. grab your sweater and jacket as you head out the door. that breeze will make it feel colder. 60s, and as we look at the forecast model, temperatures will be dropping as we head toward the 9 am hour, and we could see some hours slip into the 50s. as we head into the afternoon, low to mid 60s, and highs
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into the afternoon and evening. tomorrow will be a little milder as we head this warm front lifting across the area. it is only nine in minneapolis, seeing near freezing temperatures across the northeast and mid-atlantic. widespread 30s stretching from atlanta through memphis, dallas and new orleans. near san francisco, 46 degrees. we will see sunshine at times, showers increasing, a second front bushing through, leaving super bowl sunday. early next week, chilly, cold at night. for today, 60s in the forecast, cool, cloudy and windy with wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour, and a small craft advisory is in place. tonight lows down to the low
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you can watch the super bowl on cbs4, and i will be working along with lauren and the rest of the team. if you are planning a party, you will see this cool and breezy conditions through the afternoon in the low 60s. we will see 74 tomorrow with showers increasing into sunday and waking up in the 50s with a high of 64. colder on monday morning with lows in the upper 40s, and i -- highs in the upper 60s on monday and tuesday, and the winter sunshine laughing -- lasting through sunday. good morning south florida, we have traffic alert in broward county, on i-95 south around at the griffin road. you can see the players and cones, one of the cars involved
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have's run out as a result of the crash. i-95 at griffin road, and move over and keep it safe. no other accidents reported. we have want it or need it 595 and u. s. one, but that has cleared up. the dolphin is shut down westbound, a 36 that northwest 42nd avenue, westbound lanes closed off due to construction. that construction closure had a number of lanes blocked off. the defiance on capitol hill from the young executive notorious for jacking up the price of the life-saving drug, martin shkreli was called to testify and said basically nothing. >> do you think you have done anything wrong on the advice of counsel?
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privilege against self- incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> after the contentious hearing, he tweeted that it was hard to accept that these imbeciles represent our government. he was arrested on security charges but remains on bail. two days away from the big game, and it jim berry arrived at the super bowl city yesterday, and he got a sneak peek on the preparations for the big game. >> reporter: the city is alive with the super bowl energy as the big game is only a couple of days away, played in santa clara about an hour south of., and they are ready. the super bowl teams are getting focused to get down to the business of playing the biggest game of their lives. the fans are enjoying themselves because they have a little bit of everything for everybody. concerts, ziplining, and many
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and legends are roaming around with fans eager to get a glimpse of the celebrities. and we have jarvis landry that is back from the pro bowl in hawaii. >> this shows you how far the nfl has come. this is more than a game. >> it is, but at the same time, it comes with the game, and having the opportunity to be here and represent my name, my brand, miami dolphins, amazing. >> i have carolina, 24-17. >> reporter: that is how most folks outside of denver see the match up, favoring the panthers. but the broncos have peyton manning, and he has been around the block a few times, and like his boss john elway, he may get the chance to ride off into the sunset after a super bowl win.
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super bowl 50 two days from now, only here on cbs4. hadeed keep yourself safe when it is really expensive? we will show you where the rich and famous in south florida go we know ordinary storage unit will do. >> lamborghinis, picasso, the finest wines in the world. >> you will not see storage wars here. >> reporter: the robots run things, press a few buttons, handover of fingerprint, and you can get to your cars and storage pod on demand. >> that is so cool, and watch this tonight on cbs4. i want to see what is in those storage units. the iconic magazine, is it safe to bring the playboy magazine to the
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shut down the robber. a couple that robbed radioshack. a look at what is happening in south florida, and for more
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maurice white has died at the age of 74, the cofounder of earth, wind and fire. fantasy, september and after the love is gone, a few of the hits. the playboy magazine, the models are keeping their clothes on, the first-ever non- nude issue of playboy, and also missing is the tagline, " entertainment for me in." like other magazines, playboy
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door to new advertisers without the nudity. elton john showed up at the train station in london, and played a low-key performance, and then he left a note on the piano they read "enjoyed this piano, it's a gift, love, elton john." and he walked away and left the piano there, and was promoting his new album that is coming out today. >> apparently he donated the piano and hope that people walking through would play it. let's take a look outside, the traffic, and something already going on. >> a big issue for the broward county drivers, i-95 southbound at griffin road, right lanes walked off due to a crash, and it was a spun out, and as you continue southbound, the left lane is blocked off by the same
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it will be slow in that direction. we will let you know what else is going on after the break. roadways are slick, and heavy rain and now it is all about these cool and breezy conditions, your bus stop forecast, and the kids will need the jacket, and highs will struggle to reach 70 degrees. behold the power of protein in birds eye protein blends. ok. they're delicious side dishes with the protein of beans, whole grains.. ...and veggies! mmm good. my work here is dooooone! bird's eye protein blends. so veggie good. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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