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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning 6AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> and on the facebook page, they are sharing those live pose that we put up all the time, and you can see our antics before and after the show. and we have your cbs this morning at 6 am starting right now. a man shot multiple times, left for dead on the street. the search for a missing couple, the card they were last seen in his pulled from the water. super bowl 50, and meeting the press, as they prepare for the biggest performance of their life, coldplay. good friday morning, it is 6 am on february good friday morning, it is 6 am on february 5, and a special day, happy birth day.>> thank you so much,
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a special day for you. >> i forgot. you can tell my mind is focusing on the temperatures. it is national weather person day, so happy national day to all of my fellow meteorologist. it is also national wear red day. we did not coordinate, but we raise awareness for heart disease in women. bring out something red, and we are rocking this. walter is wearing his red sox. we have live view from our camera, and some of the roads are slick. thankfully right now the action is offshore courtesy of this cold front, but we will remain
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with wind gusts up to 36 miles per hour. temperatures in the low 60s, and tumbling. we will continue to see the temperatures jock just before sunrise, highs in the upper 60s, and a return of rain tomorrow. we have your complete forecast for super bowl sunday. let's take a look at the traffic. i-95 at griffin road, right lanes blocked off, and it is a mess southbound at griffin on i- 95. it is pushed over to the right hand shoulder, but still flashing lights on the left hand shoulder, so they should get that cleared up. an update on the other crash in broward county, this is the broward boulevard at northeast second street, so take the side streets. and we had this other issue in
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down bus, at alston road, the right lane is blocked. breaking news out of miami, the police are investigating a deadly shooting, and we are live on the scene with the latest.>> reporter: the police are telling me that a man was shot and killed right in front of his home while his wife and kids slept inside on northwest 31st street and 19th avenue. the crime scene investigators have been out here collecting evidence, trying to piece this together. someone walked up to the victim, and shot him multiple times. the neighbors said they heard gunshots at about 1 am, and they saw the man lying on the ground in front of his home, but the paramedics were unable to save him. based on the preliminary investigation, he was a family man that kept to himself, and they do not know why this
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they are asking for your help, and if you know anything, you are urged to call the miami- dade crimestoppers. live from allapattah. a 15-year-old is recovering in the hospital after being shot last night. this happened at 6410 nw. 6th avenue in miami. that is an apartment complex across from the l presidente supermarket. the teenager was taken to the hospital in stable condition. the shooter is still on the run, so if you have any information, you are urged to call crimestoppers. this grieving family is waiting for the official identity of the bodies found in this car submerged in the water. >> a woman disappeared with her boyfriend several days ago, and we have more from the miami- dade medical examiner's office.>> reporter: dark and almost deserted, the end of the
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three lonely white roses in the bud, lives lost here early sunday morning. >> we don't really have any details about how the car ended up in the water. >> reporter: this toyota corolla was discovered in the water with two bodies inside, and missing since early sunday morning is 21-year-old brandon, and his girlfriend alexander. they were last seen at 3 am at the cadillac ranch in the town & country mall. they simply disappeared. >> they have identified the vehicle to be the same in which both brandon and alexander were last seen on sunday morning. >> reporter: the miami-dade police divers in traffic homicide drivers are attempting to sort out what happened. the family lawyer. >> they are devastated, and it has not been confirmed, but they are devastated.
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police were determining when the cell phone went dead in the vehicle. >> the cell phone was turned off in this area, and we look to your around 3:30 am. >> reporter: family and friends grieving, barricades to warn the drivers that this is the end of the road at the corner of 268 street and 107 avenue. >> the toyota corolla was told here to the medical examiner's office, and the mds office will determine the identity of the bodies found in the vehicle. let's talk about the issues . let's talk about the issues that divide us. >> let's talk about the issues.>> i have worked hard for campaign reform. >> campaign 2016, the democratic debate, one on one
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presidential candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders duking it out for the white house. they want to win the voters ahead of the primary. last night they faced off in their fifth debate tackling foreign-policy, wall street and progressive values, and we have the latest from manchester.>> reporter: the gloves came off last night as hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced each other one on one for the first time in a debate, sparring over the progressive values. >> if they get into labels, i don't think it was progressive to vote against the brady bill five times. to vote for the big gun makers.>> reporter: and campaign-finance reform. >> you are undermining the american democracy and allowing congress to represent the wealthy campaign contributors. >> reporter: clinton is trailing the senator and new hampshire, and the former secretary of state said she
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>> we will work as hard as we can between now and tuesday. >> reporter: and republicans have their sights set on a win here in the granite state with the primary tuesday. the political experts say that the win in new hampshire is not indicative of how the rest of the country will both, but it is important. -- vote, but it is important. >> it sends a signal to whether the donors are investing their money well.>> reporter: putting the senator ahead of ted cruz now. a new poll of the likely voters shows donald trump maintaining a wide lead, and 29%
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14%. we will be in new hampshire for the primary, and look for the report beginning on sunday following the super bowl and the live edition of the late show. the broward county added to the list of florida counties under the public health emergency due to the zika virus. residents and tourists till cbs4 news that they are monitoring, but not worried. we report from fort lauderdale. >> reporter: broward county has the first case of the mosquito borne zika virus, the word from the health officials, making broward county the fifth state to be under the official health alert. they said that all of the cases are travel alerts, people traveling from elsewhere, but not a concern for the tourists that we spoke with. >> infecting diseases, you have to live life, but things will
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>> i don't think it will happen to us. >> reporter: clearing the way for more mosquito spraying, home inspection is to eliminate the standing water, and more calls for people to use insect repellent, and wear long sleeves and pants in areas that have the mosquitoes.>> we have to be cognizant of this problem, it could be dangerous. >> reporter: they have declared a global health emergency, spreading through the latin american and caribbean countries, and there is no outbreak in florida, but a handful of cases is enough for the state health officials to try to get ahead of any potential problem. several people we spoke with believe that is a good thing.>> we think they will do what they have to do.>> reporter: i spoke with the tourism development agency, and they say they are well aware of the zika virus, and there are no travel
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travel due to the virus. she said it is perfectly safe for people to be here in florida, and everyone should be aware of how to limit or prevent getting bit by mosquito. super bowl 50, the big game halftime show always one of the biggest pop culture events of the year, and coldplay is the leading at this year. >> we are live in san francisco, and jamie attended the press conference. >> reporter: good morning. the artists play for free because the audience is so big, more than 120 million people tuned in last year for the halftime show. and coldplay says they are ready. the british band coldplay, confident and funny at the super bowl 50 halftime news conference. >> we don't do press conference is that often, so
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that good.>> reporter: chris martin has been practicing this week. this is the carpel karaoke on the late late show. >> [ music playing ]. >> reporter: and showing off the saxophone skills thursday is dad, asking to join the band on stage at the game. at the nfl shop, we caught up with the fans that are excited about the entertainment.>> it is about the half game show. >> reporter: beyonce would perform, but they would not confirm any other surprise guest. lady gaga will be singing the national anthem. >> what you think she will wear? >> who knows, it is always a surprise.>> reporter: what do
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will, and guy? >> i don't know who that is.>> reporter: martin gives this excited reporter a hug as he walked out. >> the highlight of the week.>> reporter: they have only eight minutes to set up the stage, a 12 to 15 minute performance, heavy minutes to tear it down and get back to the football. >> apart from the contracts, if you play in the super bowl, each player gets a big payday. if you are member of the winning team, $102,000, each member of the losing team gets $51,000. and now we are to days away from the big super bowl 50 in santa clara, california. he can watch the game only here on cbs4 on february 7. michael hernandez, convicted killer, apologizes to the
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changed man. the miami-dade also that shot and killed the mentally ill man, facing charges, and the decision is in. the man that jack up the price of the life safety -- life-saving medication goes to capitol hill, and things get awkward. on the scene of the accident, right lanes blocked off, and at one point, two right lanes were blocked off as a result of the crash, and we will talk about the issues after the break. overnight, and heavy downpours, and now about the windy conditions, low 60s across south florida, and 50s,
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state, as we continue with welcome to the weekend, and what a difference one day makes. maybe those heavy downpours woke you up, and i know that was the case for me, but it is cooler out there. expect foggy conditions and we
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to the day. look at these sustained winds, 12 to 21 miles an hour out of the north-northwest. that shift in the wind direction is everything in terms of a shift in the weather pattern today. peak wind gusts as high as 24 to 36 miles an hour, so not a good day to go boding, -- boating, it is dangerous. temperatures continuing to fall, and that is usually the case with the stronger front. 61 in fort lauderdale, low to mid 60s in the keys, and the kids will need the jackets and sweaters. searching for the coldest spots, and in coral springs, upper 50s, and then pembroke pines. usually we will see temperatures cooler across these areas, and looking at the forecast models, some areas down by a few degrees, and struggling to
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a few areas hitting the 70 degrees mark, but most of us staying steady in the 60s. tomorrow morning wake-up in the low 60s. coast to coast, 30s across the northeast areas, mid-atlantic and even atlanta, and quite cold across much of the country. nine in minneapolis, 30s and 40s in texas, and it near san francisco, 45 degrees. for us tomorrow, showers increasing, and this storm system lifting across the area, and this strong cold front, starting off with early brain. even colder as we get into early next week. we are talking some chilly days in the nighttime areas. cool cloudy and windy in the upper 60s today, wind gusts up to 36 miles an hour, and filling chillier, so keep that in mind as you get ready to
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a small craft advisory, and it is rough out on the water. breezy and cool, 62 tonight. tomorrow 74 with waking up to the wet weather, so the bowl sunday, 50s and 60s. winter sunshine with lows in the 40s, mid to upper 60s, and don't forget to tune in for special newscast on sunday, and watch the super bowl here on cbs4, and the weather should cooperate for your game parties. flying over the scene of the bso deputy involved crash, so bear with us. here we have the and are avenue, and chopper for is live over the scene, and you can see the deputy crews are banged up in the right, and another vehicle is involved. we are hearing that the deputy was transporting a prisoner, hit by a vehicle, and they had
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the deputy and a passenger's into the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries, but that area will be closed off for quite some time. we also have a live look at 195, this is the julia tuttle causeway. you can see the flashing lights, and this is a bus that stalled on the right inside westbound on alston road, but plenty of space for the drivers to move around. and we talked to joe, live from the studios, and it was just yesterday we talked about that we needed more three- point shooters for that he, and a find out we are in the three- point shootout. does this make sense? >> reporter: nodded all, actually. i was shocked, it is funny you would mention that, there are so many good three-point shooters in the league, and the heat are not very good, and
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group, but i looked his chance of winning that three-point shooting contest with curry and thompson from the golden state warriors, throwing jj redick, and i'm thinking, that will be a tough one. it is nice have anybody playing in the all-star game from your team and these events, but if you're asking about his chances to win, i would not take my money to vegas years back but we like to see is doing well. it will be fun to see. do you think that johnny manziel can make a comeback? we talked about him yesterday, and now we hear more about the situation with the ex- girlfriend. >> reporter: sadly enough, and i will say one thing, and he can call rate rise on this, he is lucky that if he was slapping his girl round at a hotel, or whatever he was
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were, he was lucky there is no video, or his butt would be out of football forever, just like rate rise. he will probably -- rate rise -- ray rice. and he is lucky, and he never hicks rock-bottom because his family is worth hundreds of means of dollars, and he is a help. he will probably end up on somebody's roster because he is a great con artist. he knows all the things to say to get back on the team. >> thank you, and we will talk to you later on in the morning. on capitol hill, the young executive notorious for jacking up the price for the life-saving drug, martin shkreli was called to testify about the life-saving prescription. >> do you think you have done
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counsel -->> i invoke my privilege against self- incrimination and i respectfully decline to open -- answer your question. >> martin shkreli tweeted out that it is hard to accept that these imbeciles represent the people in our government. he was arrested on security fraud charges but remains free on bail. hadi keep your stuff safe when it is really expensive? we will show you where the really wealthy go we know other storage unit will do. >> find it all under one roof in fort lauderdale. >> you will not see storage wars here. >> reporter: robots run things, press a few buttons, hand over
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storage pods open on demand.>> the storage for the rich and famous, tonight at 11 pm only on cbs4 news. just in, the vatican says that pope francis and the leader of the orthodox church will meet in cuba. still unclear what the joint statement will be, but they are expected to sign the agreement in cuba, and he will head to mexico next week. your time now is 6:25 am. playbook, playboy has a brand-new look. the details coming up. offers best in class v8 fuel economy? best in class v8 horsepower, and best in class v8 towing? chevy. i'm going with ram. definitely ford. the new 2016 chevy silverado offers best in class v8 fuel economy... holy smokes! ...horsepower, and towing.
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it is a new era new look for playboy magazine, and the latest issue, the models are usually known for what they are not wearing, and now they are keeping their clothing on. the first non-nudity issue of playboy, and they no longer have the tagline, "entertainment for men." which leads to opening the door for the new advertisers. the rocket man elton john shows up
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staging a low-key performance. he played tiny dancer and a few other tunes, and the left -- he left a note on the piano, that said it was a gift, love elton john. he walked away leaving the piano in place. he is promoting his new album. and don't miss the late late show, teaming up with a special edition of carpal karaoke. check it out after the super bowl. coming up, we will be joined live from the studio in new york city. what is planned for today?>> reporter: good morning, we are covering the clinton-sanders showdown and all the major news for the day. former first lady barbara bush ripped donald trump as a comedian, and says he is bad for women. wait until you hear the
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and we are with the hunt for bonnie and clyde that ended in the shootout. super bowl fever, the halftime more attention than a game itself. we will see you at seven. and did you see the ratings for last week? and also, isn't it somebody else's work day there? birthday. >> reporter: happy birthday, take care. >> watching the super bowl, so that will be fun. and that is so cool. >> she is wearing her red for women. >> we are all wearing red in some form, lauren has her red nail polish, walter is wearing
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-- socks. happy birthday, lauren, so cooled she just gave you a shout out. winter cranking up 15 to 20 miles an hour, gusting up to 24 to 36 miles an hour, and it is cool. low 60s in broward and that, and mid to upper 50s, 56 in parkland west and deerfield beach, coral springs up. you will need your jackets and sweaters throughout the day, remaining cool, cloudy and windy. we will start to see temperatures creeping back up as we get more rain tomorrow, and what about the super bowl? if you have big plans, we have your complete forecast, and you can also watch us on the special newscast on sunday
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and make sure to tune in on at 7 am on sunday. chopper for over this scene, deputy involved crash in downtown fort lauderdale. and the deputy was transporting a prisoner in his cruiser and he was hit by car in the intersection, and they have shut the intersection down, and the prisoner and the deputy were sent to the hospital, and luckily that is non-life- threatening injuries, but the intersection will be shut down for quite some time. you can see it right there, three cars totally involved in this crash, and expect that to be blocked off for the next couple of hours. the broward county drivers on the turnpike outbound at griffin road, new accident just past 595 on the turnpike, the right lane is blocked off. your travel time is 30 minutes
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interchange, and the slowest pot -- spot, you guessed it, the turnpike. the total drivetime from 288, 17 minutes. breaking news out of miami, the police are investigating a deadly shooting, and we are live with the latest. >> reporter: the police tell me that the victim is a father of four back, -- four, shot and killed while his family slept inside. he was killed over here, a northwest 31st street and 19 avenue, in allapattah, a residential area, and crime scene has been out here collecting evidence. they say that someone walked up to the victim, shooting him multiple times.
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about nine gunshots around 1 am, came outside and saw the man laying on the ground, and his wife was there as well, and did not know what had happened. in shocking grieving. based on the preliminary investigation, he was a family man that kept to himself, and they say they don't know why he was targeted. they are asking for the help from the public to try and find the person or people responsible for the shooting, asking anyone with information to give the miami-dade crimestoppers a call. it is 6:30 am. the prosecutor going after the convicted middle school murder during the resentencing hearing in miami, and he brutally murdered his classmate, jamie gough , and they were both 14 years old when
6:32 am
times after being lowered into the bathroom. and he is asking for parole. the prosecutor let this 26-year- old killer habit, letting him know she did not buy that sob story. >> it hurts me because he was always such a good friend to me . i to apologize to his family, his mother and his father. >> how did you muster up those tears? >> i feel horrible about what i did. >> so horrible to say "i may have to stab myself." >> what was stupid is that you did not think i was smart enough to listen to your calls. >> and they told the judge that if the was released in prison he would like to get married and have children someday. experts say if he gets out of prison, he will become another ted bundy or jeffery dahmer.
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in section assaulting her, to me howard attacked a woman at a bus stop. the victim said she was walking when she was confronted by the man that threatened her with a knife. authorities say that he rocked her and sexually assaulted her. the officer that fatally shot the mentally ill man last year will not face charges. the report says that the officer was justified in using deadly force against hall, at three threaten the officer with a metal tipped a broomstick after a series of confrontations after his mother had called the police for help. and he says he is not surprised by the decision. mothers seeking justice for the murdered children marched outside the office of the miami- dade state attorney. they are accusing the prosecutors of
6:34 am
criminals, and not responding to the needs of the victims' families. they say that the state is not investigating the case -- cases of their murdered children as aggressively as they are the whole profile -- high-profile cases. a big problem percolating for dunkin donuts part of this coming up. and who is going to win, the battle between jeb bush and marco rubio. road rage video goes viral, and hear from the man that was pointing the gun at the motorcycles. you may have heard, a little game is going on this sunday. a huge game, the super bowl, and of course many of you are planning to grill out, game watching
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cooperate. a high around 64, cool and breezy. i will let you know what is ahead, temperatures even colder for next week. good morning, we will take you back live to the super bowl. >> jim berry is in the middle of all of the action as we
6:36 am
kickoff here on cbs4. an all-day breakfast at mcdonald's, and it is affecting dunkin donuts. irs is back up and running for tax season. >> reporter: the irs is back in business, and the agency has resumed processing the tax returns after the computer issue caused a system outage on wednesday. the irs said that taxpayers should see little if any impact. the all-day breakfast at mcdonald's eating into the bottom line for dunkin donuts. a surprising drop in sales in the past quarter, and dunkin donuts and said it lost customers when they raised the prices to offset the rising
6:37 am
and big bucks for the lead, ticket sellers, and anyone else associated with the super bowl 50. the super bowl this year will generate $620 million in overall revenue, a record for a one-day sporting event. >> that is incredible. i know those super bowl commercials sell for quite a bit of money. speaking of the big game, if you are thinking about calling in sick, don't do it. >> reporter: and office team survey found that managers think that workers often call- in to skip work after a big sporting event like the super bowl. four out of 10 workers said they have done that, or they know someone that has. >> a friend of a friend, i know a guy. thank you.
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lauren, myself and marybelle, we will be working sunday morning for the special super bowl newscast, though tune in 7 am to 9 am, so we will probably be hard for us to call in sick on monday. that will not happen. this morning i have good news for those of you that of it looking forward to the cooler weather. we will see this gift in the degrees courtesy of this cold front, and cloudy as we look through the be staying camera in miami. we had this moisture behind this front, so we could see some fog. the rain that rolled across the area overnight, and thankfully the wet weather is offshore, and the winds are kicking out of the northwest anywhere from 10 to 23 miles an hour. that is sustained. take a look at these wind gusts, anywhere from 24 to 36
6:39 am
is a head. that means some rough voting conditions, -- boating conditions. take a look at the broward and that counties, and even down to the keys, temperatures are falling in the wake of that cold front, and some of the coldest spots inland. you need your sweater and jacket this morning. and throughout the day today as these forecast models indicate that the highs will struggle to reach the 70s as we head 60s. most areas sitting steady in afternoon and evening. overnight, waking up in the low 60s with temperatures milder tomorrow courtesy of that warm front. we will see rain as well. coast to coast, 30s across the northeast inland, as far south as atlanta, memphis in dallas,
6:40 am
minneapolis. and california near san francisco, 45 degrees right now. as we take a look at the forecast, sunshine at times and showers as well. into sunday, have a second strong cold front pushing through, so early rain on sunday, colder and breezy and colder even by next week. it will be cooling cloudy, windy with gusts up to 30 miles an hour, and we have small craft advisory, and it is rough on the water. if you are planning a game watch party, watch it right here on the cbs4 morning. as we head through the weekend, 74 tomorrow, a high of 64 for the super bowl sunday. 40s when you wake up monday through wednesday in terms of the lows and highs, upper 60s, so it is beginning to feel like
6:41 am
to update you on the traffic alerts in broward county, deputy involved crashed on anders avenue and south e second street. the deputy was transporting a prisoner, and slammed into another car, the deputy and prisoner taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries, and treated on scene, and no one was seriously injured. but the intersection will be set down -- shut down for quite some time. and look at the southbound commute approaching griffin on i-95, be careful and get over and if you can avoid that area. another issue on the roadways, broward on i-95 northbound at atlantic boulevard, the left lane is blocked off, building up. caught on camera, a texas man featured in this road rage video that went viral, speaking out for the first time. he says he is no apologies for
6:42 am
he said he pointed his handgun at the motorcycle riders because he did not like how they were behaving on the road. he said the bikers were driving recklessly, and almost hit him. he said when the group started to surround his truck, that is when he felt threatened. >> i was not taking any chances. when he knocked on my window, i was ready for him. >> the biker says he regrets his actions, but the driver said he does not. and we have more on the battle for survival, what truck company do you think offers best in class v8 fuel economy? best in class v8 horsepower, and best in class v8 towing? chevy. i'm going with ram. definitely ford. the new 2016 chevy silverado offers best in class v8 fuel economy... holy smokes! ...horsepower, and towing.
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that's right. all chevy. pick-up brand. pnow during truck month, get this p total value of seventy-five hundred dollars. find new roads at
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for the latest on campaign 2016, the republican race is less about who is going to win, and more about the survival of jeb bush and marco rubio pitted against one another. we have this report. >> reporter: last month, on a new hampshire morning, temperatures dipping to only 6 degrees, coming to listen to jeb bush address the local chamber of commerce.
6:45 am
rubio. back i like that rubio is younger, and has a different take on the issues, and speaks to a different generation. i think jeb bush is the most capable candidate right now. i think out of everybody that is running, jeb bush makes the best sense.>> reporter: the state of the race between these contenders, the tuesday new hampshire primary is a race between bush and rubio, not for first, but for survival. >> we are living in a complex world, and i hope you want a president that has intellectual curiosity, and six the very best advice. a president that is grounded in principle, that has core beliefs, his compass points north. >> we are on the verge of leading in america worst than the one that our parents left us. but the good news is it does not have to stay this way, it
6:46 am
we are not a weak nation or a week people, we just have a week president. >> reporter: rubio wants to solidify his place as the establishment candidate i finishing ahead of bush, chris christie and john kasich. the governors want to finish ahead of rubio so that they do not get written off. the question for the new hampshire voters, who best addresses the fears and frustrations. >> i liked him better than i thought i would. >> reporter: another late decided that is looking at marco rubio after hearing him speak. back where down to the finishing line, and i liked everything he said. >> reporter: and his wife threatens to divorce him if he does not agree to go to the bush event. >> he was surprised. >> it is wonderful to see him not being attacked in a debate,
6:47 am
he believes, what he stands for, and what he thinks he can do for america. and we will be in new hampshire for the primary, look for that report beginning on sunday on our newscast following the super bowl and the live edition of the late show with stephen colbert. and bush will appear with the former first lady barbara bush on cbs this morning
6:48 am
we are following breaking news out of mammy, investigating a shooting that left a father of four dead this morning. the man was standing in front of his home on northwest 31st street and 19th avenue in allapattah, and someone walked up to him and shot him multiple times a while his wife and kids were sleeping inside the home. the neighbors described him as a family man that kept to himself, and they are trying to targeted. the leader of the russian orthodox church meeting with pope francis, three decades after the tents relations. the pope is expected to meet next friday, debris 12th in cuba, and they are expected to sign a joint declaration on the island, but it is unclear what that joint statement will include.
6:49 am
of your headlights, a red toyota corolla with two bodies inside has been pulled from the miami-dade water, the car that the missing couple was last seen in. the vehicle with the bodies was taken to the medical examiner's office form identification. alexander and brandon have been missing since sunday morning, and it is not known how that car ended up in the water. the prosecutor going after that convicted middle school murderer during his resentencing hearing in miami. he killed jamie gough to death at the age of 14, they were both 14 when he was lured into the bathroom and stabbed more than 40 times. and hernandez is hoping to possibly get out on parole thanks to the new ruling, and
6:50 am
old killer habit, letting him know she did not by his story. he said he would like to get married and have children someday, but the state experts said that if he gets out of prison, he could likely become another ted bundy or jeffery dahmer. last look at the forecast. >> i wish i had more sunshine for your birthday, but it is cooler. when it is friday, nothing can go wrong. it is gloomy out there, and seeing the possibility of fog and rain overnight, and the first of these two cold front rolling through. heavy downpours, with some of these roads slick. temperatures dropping as we head toward sunrise, and indeed, upper 50s in fort lauderdale, pompano beach, and low 60s through the keys.
6:51 am
the state. as we head through the day, upper 60s tomorrow, waking up to the 50s with highs in the 60s on super bowl sunday. mostly in the 40s for the lows and highs in the 60s next week. we have that crash, and likely all of the injuries involved in this crash your non life threatening, and everybody will be okay, but anders avenue and south e second street shut down over the next few hours to investigate the crash. a slow drive on 836, 28 minutes to cut across palmetto over to i-95. this is a must see video, the baby panda, bei bei, and the first time that bei bei ventures out into the yard.
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