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tv   CBS 4 News at 11PM  CBS  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is south florida's "cbs4 news." >> now at 11:00 the case after missing teen. the 16-year-old disappeared last month. >> his dad appeared in court charmed with abandonment arrested at the airport with a one way tect to new zealand. >> reporter: rick, bruce sits in a jail cell behind me casing -- facing a bond and questions about his lifestyle and missing son. an usually drama played out in a courtroom on friday. he's accused of booting his son kicking him out of a car in december. the teen remains missing.
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finding his son. but prosecutors and police told a different story as they asked to keep him locked up ob a bond. even though his son is hissing, he was at the airport with a one way ticket back in hand. the troubling goes back queers. they alleged he took his son -- back years. they algae they took the -- his son away from his mother's years ago. they say they did not report august --augie missing and other odd behavios. -- behaviors. jor again son disputes all of and wants to clear his name. but judge hurry lea said he
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and set a bond with several conditions. his attorney tells me they'll revisit the issue at a later date. they sawaugie -- say augie remains missing. they said he's run away better. they want the young man to come forward and say that he's okay. we have a weather alert now. and a live look from downtown miami on a cloudy night. you assume the clouds could spoil your weekend plans. craig setzer is tracking what else you need to worry about, koreaing. >> up temperature wise and down temperature wise. 30s and 40s in the panhandle. but it's been rising in fort lauderdale all evening long. in miami, the temperatures have
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tomorrow morning. here's a forecast as we go through tonight and the day tomorrow. we warm up for the seven and a half years tomorrow. -- 70s. tomorrow night we cool off. it's sunday negate when temperatures take a big dive. new tonight, we're hearing from jackson memorial hospital in the wake of firing of two employee there is. they cut them loose that they linked the private mel investigation of a giants football player. he had part of his hand blown off by a firecracker. >> reporter: jackson health system let go of two employees for releasing details about a playero the media. jpp posted video on his
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while standing next to a truck he wented -- represented with fire trucks. the giants pulled their $60 million dollar offer. so now jackson setteld the lawsuit, it said it did investigate the breech. and that finding resulted in termination of both employees. here we are live at jmh. we reached out to the nurse and secretary tonight. neither one of them available. as for pierre paul, he's back at it and playing for the giants again. this time after reaching an agreement in october. and now to a "cbs4 news" safety alert. take a good look that the man. he teaches tae kwon do to kids in miami.
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sisters and they fear -- there are more victims out there. >> reporter: he's accused of repeatedly molesting two sisters who took classes here. the police report says that negron would pick up the sisters after school. that the sister's mother observed inappropriate text messages. one sister said negron tried to fondle her breast, exposed himself and forced her to touch him. he's being held without bond. if you suspect that your child is a victim of this man, called crime stoppers 305-471-tips. a judge will rule on the resentencing of a convicted school murder on february 22nd.
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soon as for the murder of jaime governor in a middle school bathroom. both for 14 years old at the time. hernandez could receive a new life sentence but be eligible for parole after 25 years. several law enforcement agencies will be holding drills all across the miami-dade county tomorrow. one of the drills will take place at miami international airport. part of this is to trade for the situations at the alstawr game that are be held at marlin's park. we posted all the information on facebook. like our page, and you'll have all the information you need to know. just in, a second group of cuban refugees who had been stranding in cota rica arrived in mexico. they got stopped and was they're at an immigration center.
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the u.s. the pope is going back cuba. he'll met the leader of the church. pope francis is hoping to bridge the divide that separated christianity between east and west thousands of years ago. they'll seen a declaration at the airport. a crane collapses in manhattan and -- killing one and hurting others. it was being lowered because of weather. it was ten blocks north of the trade center. no word yet on how it happened. now to super bowl 50 and the big game is two days away. we wanted to know what south florida is getting the big event again. jim barry talked to dolphins owner about that and how he feels about his team watching from home this year. he joins us live with the apps -- answer. >> reporter: i tell you, friday night is apart night at the super bowl but steven ross and
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a serious topic. and ross is serious about reversing the dolphin's purchase. he made a prediction about when south florida will host its next super bowl. like most owners. steven rossis it as a gordon anniversary as proof how the nfl built a mighty brand. >> it's important to show how the enveloping has groan and become like -- the nfl has groan and it's become the most important brand in the country. >> reporter: the only problem for him is his team is not in it. do you watch with envy and think how come my team is not here? >>, yeah. a lot of people don't stay around. if we can't watch the game with my team, why could should i be here? but i enjoy football, i'm a fan. it's exciting. >> reporter: ross thought his
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six and ten. >> i was disappointed with last season. i thought we had a lot of capabilities that weren't utilized and didn't show up. but i'm excited of their new coach. the more time you spend with him, the more i feel he's the right guy. >> reporter: now a $4 million make over-mike give ross the ultimate wish. his home team playing a super bowl in his home stadium. >> i believe that we will next time the super bowl say warded, which will be in may of in year, that miami will win it. if you think about the super bowl and you think where people want to be. i don't think there's a better place than miami and i think probably if you talk to people, the best super bowls have all been in miami. >> reporter: i would not disagree with that at all. that would be for the year 2019. but obviously, ross wa not be upset one bit if the dolphins
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as if this year's super bowl, well-have more on that later in sports. well, coldplay and beyonce headlight this area's performance. nancy takes you to a rehearsal. >> check this out. inside a facility that protects the treasures of the rich and famous. and no, these are not your typical storage lockers. >> the model known as the quean of snap is that suddenly diaz at the age of 34.
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robber. an eight-year-old armed robber right here in south florida. unfortunately, you did hear correctly. tonight, michelle learns the child will not be charged with the crime. >> reporter: he's pint-size and police say he was packing a loaded gun tucked underneath a motorcycle helmet. this eight-year-old walked into in palm beach market and according to the staff, demand demanded money. >> he said, give me the money. >> reporter: the store manager claimed the boy pointed a gun at the clerk. >> as soon as i moved, i reached over to him, took the gun away. >> reporter: police were called and they turned out and arrived with the same question on
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where did this kid get a gun? who did it wrong to? the answer, reportedly his mother. >> he said i want to go to the park. he said -- i said go ahead, he gave me a hug. when i grabbed my purse, it was so light, i knew i was missing something. i'm lake where is the my gun? ? >> reporter: it's such a young age juvenile charms aren't pursued and prosecutors announced they were dropping charges attempting to get the boy help. the family has agreed to participate in a department of juvenile justice program. no word on whether charges may be pressed against the mother. playboy model katie may died thursday. the 34-year-old's family telling that she suffered a stroke on monday after falling
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shoot. she called herself the queen of snapchat. she least behind a 7-year-old daughter. many of us use storage units but what do you do when your stuff is expensive? >> we take you inside the storage facility of south florida's rich and famous. >> reporter: to the finest weans in the world, you'll find it all under one roof in ft. lauderdale. susan mcgregor is the owner of robo vaults. build -- built to with stand a category 5 hurricane. it appears to be another storage building from the inside -- outside. but on the inside, the robots run things. press a few but the tops, hand over a frequent and the automated system stores
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why not a forklift and guy or storage eucalyptus like most please s? pleases? -- unit like most places? >> the reason we use the robotic system is first of all, there's no human access here, so you minimize the opportunity for haw man error. and it's secure. everything is stored 35 feet above sea level. so you're going to immediately feel the temperature change when you walk in. our temperature is maintained at 55 degrees, 70% humidity. that's optimal for wine. >> reporter: behind each locker can are cases of wine, some instances thousands of bottles. >> the obvious threats to wine are temperature, light, vibration, but the biggest threat to wean is family.
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>> reporter: artist and art houses rely on robo vault, too. some of the most expensive masterpieces are stored in steel ponds and moved by robots. >> if a complaint wanted to have -- a client wanted to have an opportunity to come in privately, they pull their car in and transfer whatever they can or our art handlers can manage all of the art. either way. >> reporter: all that have happens behind two sets of closed doors. then there's the stuff that's valuable, but we have no idea what it is. >> we leak to call it a vault within a vault. it's a safety deposit vault that's within a category 5 rated facility. >> reporter: it takes four layers of security to get in. once you get in, you have a one time use key. >> the key is programmed to open your as a result. -- vault. if you put it in the wrong box,
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>> reporter: they admitted the biggest concern is cyber security and all of people, their complaints, they're the only ones who have access. >> we're selective of our clients, we know who there. >> reporter: to no matter where you are, you're always being watched. cameras recording your every move. so at this point, you're probably wondering how much does all this cost? well $525 a month you can store your lambbo. not bad. we have nor on our web be seat at -- website at let's go this. >> what was it mystery driver? that's what i want to know. you couldn't see his face. >> i think he lives in the storage locker. >> our weather is not looking
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downtown miami, looking across the port miami as well as south some clouds and rain moving in. 69 fort lauderdale, hollywood, 66 in key west. temperatures warmer than they were at 5:00 this evening. still, relatively low humidity, but it's always creeping up. north wind at 6:00. temperature spread tonight on the beaches especially in broward. it's a bit warmer. around 70. in land broward it's upper sifts to around 60s. around the coast, the warmth of the area on the water is working its way inland. the highs were set at 2:00 a.m. this morning before the front came through. it came through, knocked temperatures down and struggling to get back up. tomorrow, we will be warmer, mid to upper 70s. sunday, here comes the cold front. rain early, breezy and turning
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sunday night, the lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s on monday. a chilly breeze, cold again for wednesday. finally by thursday and friday, high pressure mousse off the east, once again we get warmth off the water. after sunday, it's going to be a cold spell for a while. a low near 65. for tomorrow, maybe sun early, then showers develop. a brief warm-up. tomorrow, high near 76. boaters winds ten to 15. light shop on the bays. winds will be coming up on sunday. through the weekend next week, one warm day. then it turns cool and real cool. lows in the 40s, highs in the 60s. wind chills sunday night, monday morning, may dip in the 30. back to you. plenty of hollywood stars have invaded the san francisco
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>> the stars of the halftime show had dress rehearsals today. nancy o'dell joins us from los angeles. >> i think kevin frazier has half of hollywood with him. he got some gossip scoop. there's nothing like the super bowl to get everybody amped up. >> there are a lot of good parties here. what time do you expect the party to end? >> we're not going to end. we're going to party all the way until halftime super bowl. >> reporter: how excited are you for super bowl? >> i'm excited to see the super bowl. >> the sowers here in san francisco have given me some name of the people to be scheduled on monday, ryan are you presently employedings, tom brady. -- ryan floenlds. tom brady. chris martin.
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it's going to be fun. >> reporter: coldplay, beyonce and -- secrets from the super bowl 50 halftime show. this is footage of the prep for sunday's spectacle. >> reporter: are you excited for that, because there's surprise she has for snefb >> what? is she going reseal she's pregnant again leak at the video awards? >> reporter: we'll have a wrap up of everything what happening on sunday. back to you. late show host james sgornd getting into the super bowl -- gordon is getting into the super bowl spirit. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole!
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the point i call it football, which is what the rest of the world calls it. >> late show host may not know about american football, but he's getting into the super bowl spirit. game to take part in some of the media events. >> i'm from the late late show, jail gordon's late late show op cbs.
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i never experienced this before. what is it with you? >> i don't know, i'd like to know if you can feel me if. >> we're similar ages aren't we? >> i agree, i have a little more hair than you. >> the edition will debut with no other than sarah elton john. corbett will write and perform an original song about the game
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that should be fun. francisco. super bowl 50 is just two days away. the fans cannot wait. by now, certainly the teams have to be nervous and tense, right? well, maybe not. kubiak and the broncos have a great big chip on their showered because they're big under-doggs in the game. but it doesn't bother library backer. look how -- linebacker. look how he's lapsing. cam newton was dabbing and dancing again today. that's been a hot topic all week long.
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much fun, people wonder if they're taking it seriously enough. >> i don't think anybody practices more than us. wave shown our ability to be successful and consistent all yearlong. our guys play hard, they prepare hard. i don't think we do anything different than anybody else. i think the nature we're the only team that has fun is overblown. >> reporter: most football plays last four to six seconds when that happens. the panthers are all locked in. we'll see if that's the case on sunday. both of the teams have great defenses. which team's defense will bring home the championship. that's the story here. let's go back to meek in miami. >> i wonder this is you were going to dab at the super bowl.
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years he spent in chart. dwayne -- in charlotte. dwyane wade, turning back the hands of time. this is no slam dunk. it was a block party. white said, no points, no re- bounds, ten blocks for the beg fellow. kimball walker, pull a jumper, it's good. a big drive would set the tone for a finish. miami takes the lead. here on out, the defense takes the lead. final ten seconds, heat win 98- 98-95. the dallas police department appears to be changing their tunes to johnny manziel. they announced today they opened an investigation about an alleged doles violence accident. thursday they said the casey was closed and no charges would be filed.
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that jumped in. if you ask me, he lacks good out there. >> it's competed to play against nhl players. he's a good goal plea.
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>> i thanks for watching "cbs4 news" tonight we'll be back here on sunday fight why? >> because it's super bowl. the big game. taking you out to live pictures now.
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