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tv   CBS 4 News This Morning Saturday  CBS  February 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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. good saturday morning. i am marybel. here is what we are working on right now. super bowl 50, just one day away tonight and fans are wasting no time getting hyped. we will go to san francisco to get a feel for the excitement out there. and dolphins owner reflects on his team fs l's chances of playing in the big game soon. >> this is the missing broward teen. why investigators are concerned about his odd behavior after the son disappeared and lifestyles of living under the radar. >> tonight, the republican candidates will gather on the same stage once again for a debate.
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come out strong and in tuesday's new hampshire primary. >> . well, hoe low there, it is 6:00 a.m. on february 6. thank you for making us part of the morning. michael smith is off. and john gerard is in. he had minor surgery and home recovering. we wish him well. >> get well, michael. >> i want to sleep in on a saturday morning. we hope and pray for a speedy recovery because we love you. offshore. they were trying to move toward the coast couple of hours ago. >> they have a tough time moving in and at least through the morning hours.
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offshore flow this morning. a light little breeze coming off the land. that will keep them off the coast and head through the middle of the day and later today. we will see the winds turning around employing the showers in. >> light north breeze at three. and there is no rain. humidity is 7%. >> right now in the 60s. 10:00. mostly cloudy. more clouds at 1:00. >> 73 in rain in some spots and rain moving in by four. the rest of the weekend coming up. john, thank you. >> can you believe it is super bowl 50. one day away. >> denver broncos and carolina panthers will playoff in levy stadium. they are gathering in super bowl city and very excited to watch the game.
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jamie, going. >> reporter: good morning, marybel. >> it is a week ago today. that they were taking advantage of where i am standing. four families for the kids and for the adults. lovely wine tent and art exhibits and all the interactive games and things they can play. at night. there are free concerts here. i can tell you. they were very loud and one republic rocked the house here in san francisco and tonight, alicia keys will play for free. i know a lot of people are planning to come down for that show. >> that is awesome. >> super bowl celebrities go hand in hand. more broncos or panther fans. what have you seen? >> i have to tell you, that is an interesting point of conversation here. there is so much orange when you walk around the city. so many broncos fans have landed here. and you see them.
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we went over to the nfl experience. a few blocks from here. seeing if they had gotten into town and it is hard to find panther fans. i am hoping today. they start getting into town and their story line has been incredible. >> people very excited. we found them. and pumped for the game. broncos seem to have the edge. >> thank you. and we will see you again at 6:30. >> also here and looking forward to the big game. thanks a lot. now, at six the mysterious case of a missing broward teen. >> he disappeared and his father appeared in court. charged with and want donement. and facing this. >> this is a one way particular carey codd reports. >> unusual family drama played out in the courtroom friday.
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16-year-old son augie. the teen remains missing. in court, jorge againsen said his -- jorgensen said he is trying to find his son. >> you couldn't pull me away with a crowbar. >> they asked him to keep him locked up. ann though the son is missing. he was arrested as he tried to board a flight with a one way ticket in hand. >> just not credible, your honor. it dates back years. he took his son from the boy's mother years ago in hawaii. >> she has not seen the child since then. >> he said is he took his son and in his son's best interest. however, jorge againsen and a -- -jorgensen said he disappeared and exhibited other odd behavior. like numerous throw away cellphones with him. >> he lives a lifestyle
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radar. >> he disputes all of this. >> i will be at any litigation that this court orders. >> the judge feels he is a flight risk and ordered significant bond with several stringent conditions. bruce jorgensen is being held on $1 million bond. his attorney tells me they will revisit the bond issue at a later date. as for auggie jorgensen, he remains missing. and he has run away before. they also said, detectives did, that they want him to come forward. he is not in any trip of trouble. they want to make sure he is okay. >> in fort lauderdale, carey codd, cbs four this morning. >> now, to a safety alert. take a good look at this man. he takes the kids in miami and now he is accused of molesting two sisters and more victims can be out there. >> this is the report.
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being around children there. >> he is accused of repeatedly molesting two sisters who took class at the tae kwon do 36th street place. >> he would pick up the sis teres after -- sisters after school and the mother observinged one inappropriate text messages. one time he tried to fondle her breasts. exposed himself and forced her to touch him. he is being being held without bond. >> if you suspect your child is a victim of this man call crimestoppers. 305471-tips. a miami dade judge will rule on the this. the judge originally gave michael hernandez a life sentence for the two thundershower four murder of goff in a high school.
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hernandez could receive a new life sentence and would be eligible for parole after 25 years. >> in world news. 11 people are dead after an earthquake hit taiwan. >> this is how much damage was left behind after the 6.4 magnitude earthquake struck. they damaged several buildings and brought down a 17 story residence. >> officials say. more than 200 people were trapped and had to be rescued. >> some 62 people are still in the hospital with injuries. the pope will be going back to cuba. and he will meet with the leader of the russian orthodox church. pope francis is hoping to divide the bridge between christineity, -- christianity. and this is the first of the two largest christian churches. now to the latest in
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candidates will gather on the same stage once again for a debate. not that they have within too far apart. but democrats and republicans have been campaigning across the state of new hampshire. and ahead of the first primary tuesday. they report from manchester, new hampshire. we have come a long way in the last nine months. >> bernie sanders already holds a two to one lead over hillary clinton in the new hampshire polls. now, he has pulled even with clinton in an international poll. >> he is a genuine politician that really cares about the people. >> she is working hard to court young voters to likes sanders. >> i know you are not for me now. i am for you. i will work hard for you. >> no disrespect to bernie sanders but hillary clinton has a proven track record of getting things done. >> donald trump is still number 1.
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you got to get out and vote. but marco rubio is gaining on him and caucus winner ted cruz is close behind. >> john cast sick held his -- john kasich held a town hall. >> jeb bush throughout hut his 90-year-old mother. >> here in new hampshire voters are notorious for making their decision late in the game. >> people are trying to decide. i think, are they going to vote with their hands or hurt. >> it shows 1/3 of republican voters are undivided. >> that is twice the amount of democrats who haven't picked a candidate. danielle nottingham. on cbs 4. we are excited about the super bowl. we wish our miami dolphins were playing. steven ross will be watching
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see what he says about the team's chances. looking forward to a crane collapse in new york city. one person was killed and what officials say went wrong. later, a preview of a special exhibit opening this weekend in fort lauderdale. it celebrates a country that is associated with the world of fashion. >> i am john gerard here. on this saturday morning. wishing michael smith a speedy recovery from a process he had at the hospital. >> want to show you the radar. we are looking at showers. most of these are off shower and some of those could make it in as we head to the afternoon. >> that is just the beginning of the weekend. what about the rest of it?
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firm. he was sitting in the parked car at the time of the accident. back to super bowl 50. we wanted to know when it will be coming back to south florida of course. sports anchor jim berry talked to dolphins owner steve ross and how he feels about his team watching from home. >> last night was party night at the super bowl. but steven ross was hosting a symposium on race. a serious topic and we found
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reversing the dolphins fortune. he made the bold prediction about when miami would host its next super bowl. >> like most owners. he is this is the golden anniversary as proof as to how they built a mighty brand. it is great to show you how it has grown in this country. >> only thing wrong with this is that his team is not in it. >> do you watch the super bowl with envoy. >> like i wish my team were here. >> how could you not watch a game when you own a team. >> a lot of people don't stay around. if i can't watch it, why should i be here. >> i enjoy football and i am a fan. it is exciting. >> though thought his dolphins were a super bowl contender until six and 10.
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season -- i was disappointed last season. didn't show up. coach. the more time i spend with him. defy. >> now a $400 million makeover might give ross the ultimate wish. his home team playing a super bowl in the stadium. >> i believe that we will, the next time. the super bowl is awarded which is in may of this year. >> miami will win it. if you think of the super bowl and where people wanted to be. there not a better place than miami. and if you talk to people. they have been in miami. >> that would be 2019. of course. ross wouldn't be upset one bit if they make it back to the big game before then. >> in san francisco. covering soup 508. >> what a game it is going to be tomorrow. >> 2019. maybe back here in miami.
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>> we get a few draft picks and tweet them in here. >> so the weather, it is pretty cool. it is really, really nice. >> clear skies. >> light wind. just absolutely the super bowl gods will be smiling down. meteorologically speaking. >> it is in santa clara. and it indicates a few showers off the coast. is going. nothing more frustrating and onto the next graphic. i like to let you know where it going. >> it is falling apart. they are breaking away from the pack and heading towards miami beach. as long as the winds are out of morning. image there. and we will go right passed it and keep the showers off the coast this morning. later today, they will turn more into the east and the southeast.
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showers coming back in. >> temperatures outside right now. it depends on where you are. and 60, 71. pompano beach and where the wind is blowing right now. >> it is coming in off the land. you are in the 50s. it is kind of cool and little bit miewld der down by the beaches and around the state. >> 61 in miami at the airport. >> 50 in orlando. and colder in tallahassee and 49 in tampa. remember, these temperatures. some of that cooler air is going to start slipping south tonight. it is going to be here tomorrow night into tomorrow morning. coldest temperatures of the season so far. >> showing up all around the peninsula. and this is eastern texas and moving through the southern portions of the u.s. today. >> that will pass well to the north and that will do. that will help to turn the moisture back in our direction. we will see increasing rain
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the storm will head towards the eastern seaboard and that will pull in much cooler air. >> it is nippy temperatures down by the beaches. monday morning. right now. it is around the country. real quick. >> 27 in chicago and 30 in d.c., 29 for kansas city and dallas out west. portland to 47. san francisco is kind of cool right now. 48 degrees. >> clouds and sunshine this morning. shower it is getting in later today. for tonight. periods of rain. likely. it will be turning breezy and cooler down to 56. one good boating and beach day today. then they get windy and cooler tomorrow. >> three to 5-foot seas. >> 78 today. >> look at the 60s and 40s and 50s the at night. going into early next week. marybel? john, thanks.
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their three fame road trip. the panthers team executives are playing well on the ice. here is the morning sports report with mike cugno. they were in charlotte taking the sting out of hornets. alonzo mourning celebrated and plays like this. dwayne wade. turning back the hands of time. it is no slam dunk. it is on the whiteside. >> 10 points and 10 rebounds and the hornest kept buzzing -- hornets kept buzzing back. and chris bosh september it back and miami takes the lead of the defense. would close out the game in the final 10 seconds. wade going to pick up the steal here and pick up the exclamation mark. >> here it is.
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that is bobby. he jumped in for the panthers giving him the day off. if you ask me, he looks good out there. >> this is the nhl players. they shot the puck hard. >> i hung in there. and made some saves. not too bad. >> that will do it for sports. i am mike cugno. this is the latest on the fight against the zika virus. >> and over the mosquitoes that carry the illness. list this. >> i am lisa petrillo in the art museum in fort lauderdale. and this is a look at the
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+
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. this celebrates the country best associated with the world of fashion. it is called bellissimo italy. >> it is a produced sponsor of the exhibit. our lisa petrillo has the sneak peek. >> this is gucci -- bucci there. >> yes. it is fantastic. milan sign design. and -- design. >> i see the v for valentino. >> it is dedicated to the high rise of fashion this italy. the showcase is entitled bellissimo.
6:22 am
garments including high fashion gowns and lit up the events of that era. >> this is the editor and co-curator of the exhibit. >> this is a very important for the first time. it is showing a part of italian history and fashion that people don't know. >> that remarkable period was not only evident in fashion but also in art. cinema. photography and, of course jewelry. north america. >> it transformed itself. and especially in this period of italian history. where design, color. and glamour coming to the fore. and they transformed itself into the glamorous. magnificent jeweler as we know it today. they are on display and this is priceless pieces worn by movie
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collection -- cabachon collection. >> this is by gina lollabrigida. >> she was a star at the time. and with the brand. >> so, i asked to try them on but they are locked. >> bummer. >> putting a timeless quality. these are the tubal designer watches from the 60s and same goes for the fashion. >> you look right behind you. it is totally timeless. we wanted to put the focus on day wear and on elements of the italian high fashion. >> this is italian craftsmanship and which the made in italy brand is known for. >> first gucci bag production in bags. >> this valentino dress was work at the oscars. you remember, jennifer lopez wore that piece. >> italy and high fashion. >> this is where creativity and
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showcase the italy's undenial influence in fashion. >> this extraordinary exhibit is here until june 5th. for saturday this morning, there was mentor and protege. and now they are competing for the same job. >> this is florida's own jeb bush and marco rubio. this is the debate in new hampshire and we will head back to san francisco ahead of tonight ls super bowl 50. >> -- tonight's super bowl 50. >> we will have good weather in south florida. they will be good for the party tomorrow. we have rain on the radar right now. some will head towards the coast and later. it will be best chance of rain. it is tonight. what does it mean for the super bowl parties tomorrow. >> we will look at that. and the weather for the big
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for more recipes visit look for the fresh from florida label when you shop because, delicious is always served fresh from florida. . good saturday morning. san francisco, i am marybel rodriguez. it is 6:30. here is what we are working on right now. >> super bowl 50 is one day away. >> tomorrow night is the big game and fans are wasting no time getting it. >> we will head to san francisco to get a feel for the excitement out there this morning. first, a masked robber tries to hold up a supermarket. this has a disturbing twist.
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how the 8-year-old was able to get his hand on a gun in the first place. that was shocking. we are add ago new twist to the town veer list. >> lisa petrillo is hitting gems and the first one is a little bit of argentina tucked away in windward. >> all of that coming up. >> first, we will check on the super bowl forecast. >> michael smith is at home. he is home recovering. we love him. wish him the best of luck. and john gerard is in for michael. >> michael, get well soon. we are looking at a somewhat super weekends. not an entirely super weekend for south florida. you might want to have your parties indoors tomorrow. not because of rain. but it is going to be breezy and cool weir today. >> the radar is not looking too bad. few showers off the coast and it will be to this morning. live look outside and this is
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>> nice sunrise coming up in a half hour. >> 61. and currently 64 in key west. and light rain overnight. >> this is the planner for today. >> 68 and mostly cloudy. more clouds rolling in and breaking out in a few spots and better chance for rain as we head towards 4:00. and 75. what it looks like for the big game out west and what it looks like here as well. in a few minutes. marybel? >> thank you. surveillance video shows a 8-year-old armed rob erp right here in south florida. you heard it right. >> we report that the child will not be charged with the crime. > >> reporter: he is pint-sized and police say he was packing a gun. this 8-year-old walked into the palm beach market and according to them, demanded money.
6:29 am
>> assistant store manager claimed he pointed a gun at the clerk. >> managers running and getting the gun away from him. >> i moved. and reached over to him and took the gun away. >> police were called and they turned out and arrived are with the same question. where did this kid get a gun. who did it belong to. the answer? reportedly, his mother. >> go to the park. i said go ahead. he gave me a hug. >> his mom learned he didn't go to the park and turned up at the market and what was missing. >> it was so light. i said. where is my gun. >> even at a young age. juvenile charges are not pursued. they mold announced they were dropping charges attempting to get the boy help. >> the family has agreed to participate in a department of juvenile justice program.
6:30 am
will be considered against the child's mother. several law enforcement agencies will be holding emergency drills across the county. it is called operation heat shield. they will take place at miami international airport. this is to train for any possible security situations after the all-star game is held. for more details on what will be going on and where we posted all of this information. on our facebook page. >> we are hearing from jackson memorial hospital and the wake of the firing of two employees. jmh cut them loose in the allegations that they leaked private medical information of a giant's football player. he had his hand blown off by a firecracker. >> we have the report. >> . jackson health system assist let go the and secretary brenda jackson for releasing calls about the nfl player to
6:31 am
he was treated here at jmh after blasting a them well fireworks. >> talk about it on the ground. >> he posted it on the fan page last summer of him holding his baby standing next to a moving truck he rented full of fireworks. sairlt of the accident. he had his right mild thinger amputated in the middle the nfl contract with the new york giants. they pulled their $60 million offer. so now that he helped settle the lawsuit. it did investigate allegations of a breach. discovering two employees accessed the patient's health record and that finding resulted in the termination of both employees. jackson health system let go and secretary brenda jackson for releasing confidential details about the player to the media. >> he was treated here at jmh and blasting a hand with fireworks in broward. >> talk with fireworks on the ground. they posted video on the fan
6:32 am
his baby while standing next to a moving truck full of fireworks. as a result of the accident he had his middle right finger amputated. >> . well, can you believe it is super bowl 50. one day away. tomorrow the carolina panthers and denver polancos will face off in santa clara, california. big game. that's where we find jamie. morning. > marybel. you are right. the excitement has starteded to build here in san francisco. morning. and so many big crowds have been coming over the last couple of days. last week. they opened up early so the locals could take advantage of the spot. >> there are so many activities for the families to do.
6:33 am
it started to rock here. >> you had one republic playing last night for free and alicia keys will take the night for a free concert as well. >> more celebrities will be arriving. along with the toys of fans. where do you see them. more broncos or panther fans. >> i have to tell you. we are seeing a lot more denver bronco fans out here. >> we went over to the nfl experience. and just a few blocks from where we are standing in super bowl city. really the crowd was a lot of orange. sea of orange. and get the picture with the vince lombardi trophy in here as well. >> we start to see the turquoise blue color and we tried to spot it in the crowd. hopefully a few more people show up today.
6:34 am
it will be a lot of work for you. >> i hope you enjoy yourself. > >> it has been so much fun. i got a hug from chris martin at the conference. the crowds have been great. we are having a fabulous time. >> great. >> jamie, thanks a lot. in campaign 2016, the republican candidates will gather for the debate. one the more interesting things tow keep an eye on is between a duo that was once mentor and proty jay. >> -- pro at the gentlemen -- protege. we have more. on a new hampshire morning where the temperatures dipped to 6 degrees. he came to listen to jeb bush address the local chamber of commerce. the two candidates he is torn between.
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>> i know that he is younger, he has a lot of take on different issues. and speaks to a different generation. jeb is the most eligible. if he were to be president tomorrow. jeb makes the most sense. >> this is is the dilemma illustrates the state of race for the two contenders for miami. tuesday's new hampshire primary is a race between bush and rubio. not for first. but for survival. >> for living in a complex world. i hope you want a president that has intellectual curiosity to know what he doesn't know and seek the very best advice. principle. a president that has core north. we are oj the verge of leaving an america to our children worse than the one our parents left us. the good news. it doesn't have to stay this way. >> this can be fixed. because we are not a weak
6:36 am
we just have a weak president. rubio wants to solidify his place as the establishment candidate and finish ahead of bush. chris christie and ohio governor john kasich, they want to be ahead of rubio owe they don't get written off. who best addresses their fears and frustrations. >> i liked him better than i would. >> sandra is an another late decider and lean rubio after hearing him speak at a house party. line now. >> jeff brown was a trump supporter until his wife threatened to divorce him if he didn't agree to go to a bush events. the former florida governor surprised him. it was wonderful to see him relaxed. not under attack and not in a debate. able to arkt particular late ha what he believes. what he stand it is for and what he thinks he can do for
6:37 am
>> i am jim defede, cbs news. james sutor is in new hampshire. look for his live report starting tomorrow on cbs thousand news. this is -- cbs 4 news. >> lisa petrillo is on the hunt for south florida and the first sign is a little bit of argentina tucked away. i am john gerard here in weather control. doesn't look all promising out there from the downtown miami cam. looking to the east. lots of clouds out there. interesting weekend, because the radar indicates a few showers out there. not a big threat just yet. >> by the time this weekend is done. we will have colder earth with a. rainy weather and little sunshine.
6:38 am
so follow me on . he is getting into the super bowl spirit and sent his parents to the big game to take part in the media events. >> .
6:39 am
james cord den's late show on cbs, i am from britain. never experienced anything like this before. what is it with you? i would like to know. >> you and i are similar ages. >> i agree. > >> that is great. he went along with it and that is cord den's carpool karaoke and he will write and perform an orange song for the game with actress anna kendrick. so, tomorrow. super bowl 50. huge night. for it. >> that's right. too bad it is not here. >> but 019, i think. >> i hope so. >> people will be having super bowl parties out there. all across the country and sometimes around the world. lots of super bowl parties. it is one of the international events now.
6:40 am
you might want to have them indoors. there. tomorrow afternoon. but the weather for the game looks picture perfect. >> kickoff. >> clear skies. light wind. two or three in had a row. >> just to take advantage of the nice weather. >> two out of three. >> they will not do that. >> six at 10:00 a.m. morning. mostly cloudy and pleasant temperatures out there. day. we will see more clouds rolling in and little rain breaking out in the few spots as well. >> nice and mild at 4:00. >> there will be a better 4:00. the best chance of rain and the bestest chance of rain will come in tonight. it is going to be at night. not during the day. that's the good news. >> just a little blitz on the radar now. they will stay away through at
6:41 am
couldn't be better. not a flake of snow on the radar. looking really good out there for tomorrow. 70 degrees at kickoff. we don't have clear skies. not according to the biscayne camera. looking off to the east. mostly cloudy skies. 61 in miami. and 61 in fort lauderdale and key west. light little north breeze. >> there is no rain since midnight. it will change before the day is over. temperatures are all across the board now. 50s inland and al log the coast. beaches to the north. with a bit of an easterly wind at 71. at pompano. 70 in west palm beach and 49 in tallahassee. showers around the peninsula now. and over east texas, it is moving over to the east. well north of us. later today and tonight. it will pull in the moisture and increase the rain chance. when it hits the east coast
6:42 am
it will bring a cold front through and feel some chilly temperatures tomorrow night and on monday. >> two in chicago. and 25 at minneapolis and 33 in and out west. 48 right now. and in san francisco for the super bowl revelers out there. showers later today will see temperatures around 78. for tonight, good chance of rain over and on and down to 56 for the beach goers today. northeast. and once we get passed the rain chance today. we will stay dry most of next week and very chilly into the 40s. marybel. all right. john. thanks. looking nice though. >> looking ahead. this morning's this features a hidden gem. >> it is all about ought then particular delicious
6:43 am
it is a hidden gem and it . it is time for taste of the town. this is restaurants we call hidden gems. we find you spots that have the one thing that makes them really special. >> cbs four lisa petrillo heads for this morning's unique find. >> this is located off second avenue and 22nd street in winwood. this cozy wine bar with tables inside and out features vast variety of wines and home cooked meals. >> this is paula and geraldine who wanted to bring flavors of the homeland to miami. >> this is every little place
6:44 am
and so, i think, i see this sensation of closeness is because of that. and because of what they have. and same way with the menu. same way with the wine. >> he is named after a character and favorite oscar wild book. filled with books and both are here. and they are paired like you are in someone's home. >> it is not a steakhouse or grill. it is like home argentinian food. like homemade. so the stake you are going to get is the stake your grandmother has at home. assist similar to a house kitchen. >> this there are more than 10 to choose from. she presented me with quite a sampling. >> this is made with brie cheese and per shiewtd toe. - -- prosciutto. and there is a little bit of
6:45 am
the lamb. >> the lamb is super tender and soft. tons of flavor and just very, very soothing. >> there is another with chopped meat and spinach and cheese. so many empanadas and so little time. >> i should stop. they are so good. i can't stop. >> i can't stop eating them. >> they will love the this. >> served with figure vinaigrette and where is the beef. it is flat stake sausage marinated eggplant. and homemade cherry. it ends with this argentinian delight. need i say more. >> it is crunch chi and gooey
6:46 am
folded into one it is divine. >> where books, wine and passion for food makes for one hidden gem in the middle of winwood. >> they are open six days a week. monday through saturday. dinners only. come and check it out. i am lisa petrillo. cbs four news. either. but first. here is a look at what is happening in the south florida. the art museum is hosting
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. it is time for the wing bowl. contest eating 429 wings. wow, look at her. she is tiny. second place finisher dwowrtded 308 wings. >> this is a show beginning at 7:00 a.m. at 2:00 cbs sports coverage begins with nfl today
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