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tv   CBS 4 News at 5PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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witness tells us a man walked up a very calmly and got in that car and drove off. take a look at these pictures. an active scene, we are east of 95 it west of andrews avenue. tons of fort lauderdale police defense-decided on this strip mall to figure out what happened. it's a 10-month-old baby girl. the mother, as you can imagine, is terrified and frantic to get her daughter back. we are told by fort lauderdale police. the car stolen is a dark green, a chevy cruz like this one. no word from police that there have been any sightings of that car or which direction. this is a developing situation. very fluid. police are asking if you have any information on what happened. rpc that car contact
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cruiseship passengers under a difficult and damaging night on the water. tonight a shift returns to port --tonight a ship returns to port after selling rough seas. surrogate assailant to cape canaveral. passengers were told to stay in their cabin. >>reporter: we are at royal caribbean headquarters at fort miami through the ship was supposed to sail into port canaveral in central florida. instead they made a decision to turn around and go back to the new york city area. passengers on the anthem of the seas will never forget the night. waves crashing outside the ship were so high, some of the rounds on the lower level of fear submerged at times. passengers say the winds had
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the ship left the new york city area. heading to the caribbean went around too bad weather off of north carolina. so bad on board the passengers had to head to their cabins. the captain asked guest to stay in the safe room until the weather improves. >> we are trapped in iran. we can't leave. we are drinking. >>reporter: today. update. nowhere close to the chaos 12 hours ago. you can see from the video that the city is quieter kalmar and part of the ceiling collapsed on the 14th deckard we see restaurant knocked to the ground and in another shop we see a planter motels up against the door to keep water out. the answer was supposed to talk
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this afternoon rock revamp it out a statements saying and some of the seas will turn liberty. this was made for guest comfort due to the weather forecast for the forecast would have impacted the anthem of the seas original itinerary and they are already been through. the hurricane force winds made wrong reasons. royal caribbean is refund the money. the cruise line set and some of the seas guests will receive a full refund the future. crews certificates for 50% of the fair pay. we appreciate i guess patience and cooperation spray we now was a tough day and we apologize for their discomfort. royal caribbean tells us there were no serious injuries are structural damage to the ship. we want to know why the ship sailed into that in the first place. we will discuss that more at 6
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bundling up for the start of a cooler week.>> our meteorologist john girard is it for craig, tonight. how cold will beget? >> not as cold as last night. bear on the backside of that storm pulling down the cool weather. parkland 4242 in deerfield beach 43 and 43 coming out of miami gardens. temperatures still cool but they bounce back into the middle 60s. some cloud cover coming up. it will keep the overnight lows not as cold as last night. that is down to 50 in miami. everybody else was in the 40s. we're supposed to be 62. this time of year but look what's going to save us from getting bad cold. these clouds rolling in as high back is the western gulf of mexico. it's like a blanket but it won't be as cold as it was this
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we will look at how long this will stick around in a few you can track weather wherever you are. you can download the cbs miami weather app on your iphone or android at the itunes store. the google play store. so my brand-new details on a hit-and-run in miami. we are learning information about the owner of the vehicle involved have an update on the condition of the victim. we are joined live from jackson memorial hospital with more. >>reporter: victims remain in the hospital. one of them is in good condition of the others in critical condition . and while they recover police are building a case against a man they say was behind the wheel. with his lawyer by his side. the accused hit-and-run driver walked into a miami police department substation and walked out. moments later. police believe he was behind the wheel of this mercedes that slammed into a group of people and took off.
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vehicle was involved in an accident has been all over the media. it's an ongoing investigation. we don't have much to say at the moment. >>reporter: the group was outside a liquor store saturday morning picking up a boost to celebrate a birthday. the victim is the one you see on the driver side of the car. that is on-in critical condition with broken bones and severe road rash. she said she wants the driver arrested, but she took a look at this video she counted her blessings. also another victim paris chef jean is grateful for her life issues only one able to stand up after the car barreled into the group and sent her boyfriend flying. thankfully he was strapped in with a seatbelt. insert the next thing i know i am flying down the street. spirit. the driver stopped at first and spoke to her after the accident.
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after the media closed in on him. a second management car told the driver to leave the scene. dna evidence will prove who is behind the wheel. >> we suspect he is the driver and we will continue to gather evidence in order to make the case. one of the big-victims is in critical condition. she said she cannot wait to get, she cannot wait for the pain she has been feeling to stop it. she wants to see an arrest. if police are waiting on dna evidence those results could take weeks, if not longer. on the money watch right now. stocks took a dive. the second trading day in a row. the dow jones that much of the day down more than 300 points because oil prices dropped below $30 a barrel. the dow rebounded a bit down 177 points for the day.
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and the snp dropped 26. on the eve of the nations first primary all of the presidential candidates are crisscrossing the state of new hampshire hoping to get some last-minute support and marco rubio is trying to put his shaky debate performance behind him. we are alive tonight in new hampshire with more. david? >>reporter:. it's a cold night out here. 150 at this now, i'm not sure if you can see that it is coming, and sideways like a hurricane in miami but this is what it looks like. this has led to cries of the build up somewhere between 5 inches and 8 inches by late tonight that has slow down the campaign as they tried to crisscross the state to get those last-minute votes. right behind me is the nashua community college. marco rubio has been crossing
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he can. he had six stops, this will be his seventh and final before they start casting votes in new hampshire. with a day left to go. sen. marco rubio started off on the defense on cbs this morning. similar despite what the media people want to say it was the biggest fundraising night. we have had so i feel great about it. we are going to continue to say the truth. stick. chris christie challenged him on experience. >> there. he has the memorized 25 seconds beach. snake you did not change his message is a match with the voters and nashua. sac. i believe the current administration. under the current president is undertaking an effort that is damaging this country. to make a few miles up the road . jeb bush touted his experience.
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job. smoke. i did not ask what the rules were. i did what is right. that's the leadership we need in washington dc. so despite the snow county, new hampshire they wanted to hear what bush had to say. hispanic is impressive, we have narrowed it down to two choices. as for rubio. >> i didn't think he was qualified from day one. he is a great senator. i think he should have served a few more times. tragedy for donald trump is predicted to win new hampshire. second and third place, appear to be up for grabs for republicans for the democrats. bernie sanders expected to run away with new hampshire be from vermont the granite state is considered home turf. the event here with marco rubio expected to kick off sometime around 6:30 pm. there are a lot of events everyone trying to reach last- minute voters. the question is if they're going to come out
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the media, but there were a few voters there but not as many as we saw yesterday and it certainly appears this now. maybe keeping some of the voters and doors there and decided that they might have to make up their mind from the comfort of their own home. thus the latest here and nashua. we will send it back to you in a warm-up miami. >> go inside, david. stromectol trumps but to a small crowd in new hampshire today and weather may be affected every he touched on several topics and took questions from the crowd, about 230 people. in the meantime, jeb bush is calling out donald trump using harsh words for it in a tweet the former florida gov. said you are just a loser you are a liar and a whiner. they john mccain is a hero. over and out. estimate hillary clinton will always be there for you. and remember, there is a
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who don't help each other. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright is coming under scrutiny for those, she made on the campaign trail fallout with hillary clinton on saturday. sec. albright directed her comments that women that support clinton's democratic rival, bernie sanders. critics say it is wrong for her to target women who don't support clinton. and on the campaign trail today, bill clinton was making an impact on new hampshire voters. they stopped at a few diners and restaurant in manchester and grabbed a quick bite while they were there. semi-bernie sanders is preparing for the new hampshire primary as well. here he is speaking to a large crowd in nashua. he held a get out the vote rally this morning. sanders is holding a pretty big lead and stay with us and cbs for continuing coverage of campaign 2016.
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chipotles back open tonight after closing doors to customers this afternoon. all locations were closed from 11 am until 3 pm this afternoon and during that time they held a companywide meeting about food safety and laid out plans for precautionary measures. >> i am proud to announce the triple day local grower supported initiative. as part of this program. we are committing up to $10 million to help growers provide triple day with produce and meat that meet our made food safety protocol. --meet our new food safety protocol. the company posted this on his website apologizing. if they're closing read their lunch plans and posted a code for a free burrito. default is hoping to win customers back with deals and other perks. we continue to follow breaking news. fort lauderdale.
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baby girl who was inside a car that was stolen from 201 west sunrise blvd. police are looking for a chevy cruz like this one. if you have any information on where this car or the baby might be urged to call police. also two new cases of the zika virus in south florida as a cdc wraps up its effort to do with the virus in the us. some of the denver broncos are heading home to colorado super bowl champions. that's not the only thing that has people talking today. mentoring matters. we are proud to begin this new initiative to focus on the difference.
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there are a few new cases of the zika virus being reported in south florida and miami-dade and broward and brings the total number of cases to six and days and total 16 across the state. obama is asking congress to provide 1.8 total 16 across the state. obama is asking congress to provide $1.8 billion to fight the zika virus for this request has to go to congress. the money would help increase mosquito control programs help build responsive support capacities in areas with the transmission of the virus is possible help other countries
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spreading. >> we are working very hard to get information that americans want to work with our partners around the world to understand this virus and control the spread. sac diagnostic tests have been shipped across the country and this afternoon, the activated the emergency operations center to deal with the virus. last week, gov. rick scott declared a health emergency in several counties, including miami-dade and broward. they are planning a big parade tonight and denver following the broncos super bowl victory over the panthers. 111.9 million people watch the game, making it the third most- watched program ever. mike is here with a look back at the big night. >> the big night turned into a big shocker. the panthers were favorites to win the super bowl but canada and the panthers get punched in the mouth by denver's defense setting the qb offer for off-
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>> that--the broncos had taken super bowl offramp pot- franchise history for bronco was brought to you by its defense. von miller's pair of strip sacks sucked the life out of cam newton and the panthers. the ndp could not conference sitting within earshot of the celebrating broncos. --the ndp could not the post game press conference, sitting within earshot of the celebrating broncos. denver's game plan worked to perfection. holding the panthers to just 10 points in the biggest game. >> we knew that a lot of people doubted us.
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simple play man to man, and for scam agent to throw and that's von miller was walking kryptonite turning superman into a mere mortal. he walks away with the super bowl mvp honors in a contract year and as they say. timing is everything. >> it looks like you made a lot of money last night. >>the mvp is special about the super bowl ring is something i will keep the rest of my life. i will be able to be with my brothers for eternity. >> peyton manning held the lombardi trophy for the second time in his career. but will it be the last rodeo? >> is this your final game? >> i have to take some time to reflect. i have a couple of priorities.
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budweiser tonight. >> endorsements like a true pro. peyton manning has not announced if he will retire but with last nights when he began to be the first starting quarterback to win the super bowl for two different teams. snake you can walk onto our website to check out our super bowl blog, photo gallery, and all things related to the big game. a chilly start to the day today, getting the kids off to school. >> they don't care like it's supposed to be 77 this time of year. all they care that it is cold out there. and that will be out there tomorrow. and then we will get chilly after that we will see some ups and downs but the bottom line is it will be below normal and keep those sweaters and jackets handy will be some fluctuation
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into the night and i will put a mild blanket on top of us and keep those temperatures into the 40s, like they did last night. 66 miami 66. fort lauderdale. 66 key west. 47% humidity, wind at 14 miles an hour, that will make it feel cooler until the wind settles down. the highway 68 in miami 67 in fort lauderdale. so of people book their trips to south florida they look at stuff like this. miami is usually pretty nice there. he got robbed because we didn't come through. it's not our fault, that's the 100. we will make it up to you later this week. 60 for orlando 59 in gainesville really cool around the entire state and the reason as the area of low pressure over the western great lakes is taking the jet stream and plunging it to the south.
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the next several days, including several cool friends and it keeps el nio quiet is being shipped off to the south and west and the northern jet stream is taking over for the rest of the week. 55 tonight as opposed to 45. like last night but still cool with increasing clouds and staying in the 60s tomorrow. a breezy cool day winds up to 20. especially offshore. this game day is going to be choppy will stay cool through thursday and then 40s and 50s and warming up but no rain in sight. breaking news in fort lauderdale, broward sheriff off --broward sheriff deputies searching for this 10-month-old baby girl that was inside of a stolen car. police are looking for a chevy cruz, dark green like this one.
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where the car or the baby could be please call police. a disturbing case of animal where this dog is found, and now it is on the road to recovery. >> a fire leads to the discovery of a fire in the water.
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latest in hollywood with florida's presidential preference primary is five weeks away, march 15 is the day . election offices are gearing up and you should be doing the same because there are some very important changes in store. >> john murray has information you need to know. >>reporter: it's near crunch time near miami-dade headquarters as workers make sure everything is set for the presidential preference primary march 15. and broward they are doing the same pre-checking machines and poll workers were in training. the biggest challenge everywhere is explaining who can vote. >> almost 1/3 of our votaries- voters don't have a major party affiliation. so the message we want to get to them, unless they change their party affiliation, which
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february 16, they must be a member of the party in order to vote. so if you intend to vote in the march primary, listen up. the deadline to vote or change your party affiliation is february 16. no more paper look up of your name and miami-dade. voters will see id scanner machines. swipe your license. >> every one of these machines will be checked three times before the primaries. battery power, paper add it's going to the right location. and remember the long lines in 2012 for absentee ballot drop- offs in early voting? miami-dade is extending early voting, it will go from february 29 to march 13 is a full 14 days. spirit we had 20 early election voting sites you will see an
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won't have as long to vote, but they will have a total of nine days. on the upside, if you are sending in an absentee ballot. you don't have to worry about a stamp. >> a vote by mail. you will not have to put postage on a return envelope and this is by the supervisor of election offices through the budget. >> all these changes to make sure voting is as pain-free as possible. >> fingers crossed. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 20 16th now through election day and through a closer look at everything you need to know to get ready for the election day. head over to cbs 2016. fort lauderdale police searching right now for a 10- month-old baby girl. she was sleeping in the back of a car when it was stolen. smith this car was taken
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