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tv   CBS 4 News at 530PM  CBS  February 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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sunrise blvd. , dark green in color. if you have any information on where this car or the baby might be, you're asked to call broward crimestoppers 95 for for 93 tips. --you are asked to call crimestoppers at 494-432-tips tonight. one of the worst cases of abuse you have ever seen. and what activists want to get busters a story out to find whoever hurt him so badly. >> elliott rodriguez is in the newsroom with what happened to this dog. >> veterinarians are calling this one of the worst cases of animal abuse. they have ever seen because the dog was so severely emaciated and undernourishment he was near death when he was brought into miami-dade services on
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improved and he is in need of a new home. his name is buster and he is doing a lot better than he was over the weekend when he arrived at the lauderdale veterinary specialist in fort lauderdale.>> he was out and sedated he is emaciated. the pain. the cries just looking into his eyes you want to tear your heart out of your chest to see a dog in such condition. jackie was first brought into the miami-dade shelter by two women who claim he was a stray. parasites. he was in such bad shape, they placed him on the kill listed to be put down. busters lucky moment arrived when volunteers from the organization 100+ went to the miami-dade shelter and brought buster to the veterinary specialist clinic two days later. here's a new buster.
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his nurses. he wants his head scratch. he is eating treats and i think he feels much better. >> the organization essay team is in need of financial help. stroke we need help desperately so it's for the dogs that we desperately need help. our vet bills are very high. if you want to adopt buster are help the organization, 100+ animal rescue. give them a call this number 561-860-8783. elliott rodriguez cbs4 news. to make a bizarre story now in hollywood tonight where a boat fire led to the discovery of a man's body in the water. gabby has more of the investigation. tran20 for cell phone video captured a ball of fire flooding down the intercoastal. smith there was a small
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minute i got to grab my phone to call 911 and within a minute. the whole but was engulfed in flames. tran20 for a 22 foot fishing boat burn down to mangled car degree. hispanic it is done. it's burned to a crisp. tran20 for police, fire and coast guard crews were called to the area south of sheridan street in hollywood around 2 am monday morning. finally boat was drifting north in front of a dock. >> i never did see anybody. it was dark and there were a lot of dark boats. >> the body of a man in his 40s was pulled from the water nearby. spirit that's a tragedy. >>reporter: the circumstances surrounding the fire and how the man ended up dead remain under investigation. detectives are working to figure out if this fire was an accident or intentional and a foul play was involved with the victim's body has been taken to the medical examiner's office
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determine his cause of death. if you have information you're asked to call broward crimestoppers. from hollywood gabby fleshman cbs for news. --'s gabby fleshman cbs4 news. authorities are hoping someone organizes well-dressed bank robber. he entered the bank on nw. 52nd ave. gabby fleshman cbs4 news. authorities are hoping someone organizes well-dressed bank robber. he entered the bank on nw. 52nd ave., friday night. he demanded money from a bank employee and took off. if anyone recognizes him with the had their asked to call the fbi or miami-dade crimestoppers. 305 tran16 a man was electrocuted when cutting down a tree on southwest 12 street in miami. the victim was hired to cut down the tree while cutting it down a part of it touched a transformer and he was electrocuted. police are investigating. similar police are looking for
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at an unoccupied car. it happened at the lighthouse resort. surveillance video captures her creeping around the resort before approaching a car and fly-firing a couple of rounds. a she is seen fleeing in a white give it she has blonde hair and appears to be in her 20s or 30s. anyone with information is asked to call police. more-i for renters are pay more money for car insurance over people that all their homes. florida drivers who rent are charged an average of 10% more, $280 a year. the only differences whether or not a driver owned their home. today is the start of something big. we are calling it cbs4 mentoring matters. there is a serious need in our community for people to
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difference in children's lives so we will be bringing you inspiring stories of people in south florida who are finding the time to help a child and get them on the right track. today the story of a man who took the time to give back and helped build a real champion. his fingers may be studded with nfl championship rings now that aaron smith's journey to stardom wasn't an easy one. it started here, in this house, with this man who volunteered his time to change a young boy's life. >> those of the kids working out-looking out the window. he was three years old. he had just lost his father to violence and his widowed mother desperate to improve the family situation and rolled him in the big brothers big sisters mentoring program. >> i believe i was chosen by god to do this. >> he put young shy darren to
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building this garden as a tribute to his right. he gave him structure with a focus on his study. >> when i walked into the world -room for the first time everyone was watching and i said to his mother. that's not going to work. >> that's a big part of what made me want to be a hard worker and be the best and give my best effort and everything and >> it wasn't long before she started to come out of her shell continuing to support and nurture the rising star. spirit that's just how he is. those of the things. i have learned compassion because of him. i have learned what compassion is. and what that really is on the impact that he makes.
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there makes a difference. is not necessarily having the right answer are doing the right thing but just being there. he was there. and that makes all the estimate darren went on to finish high school graduate college and earn an mba and continue to shine in a 12 year nfl career where he earned two dallas cowboys. he has since returned to south florida starting a reading foundation for children and is now in charge of the men's ministry of seymour church. darren is married with two children of their own coaching sports teams and raising them at the values he learned from seymour. >> i never saw a father and how he relates to the children in his home but i saw it here and i learned it here said he was my role model. as far as not just becoming a man. but understanding how you relates to your wife.
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each other for guidance and the garden still grows outside the house for a young child planted a seed more than three decades ago. thanks to seymour marksman darren smith for sharing their story. smith has come full circle. he is a big brother himself mentoring another child. you can sign up to be a mentor. for information, go to cbs matters but this is the beginning of many stories we are bringing you. next week we are going to meet a mentor who makes sure her little sister is getting a taste of different parts of the world. spirit i love that story. it's important for people. he thinks this was his calling to come out and help this young man who needed a mentor a look at the impact he was able to have on one person's life.
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our community like this that find the time and they stick with them for years and years brings a full circle. so it's inspiring to hear. >> we're looking forward to hearing more stories. coming up, life on mars. a look at the red planet in the mission. it is leading up to. a blast of that stopped in london but it was not as real as it looked. this year's oscar nominees do lunch today. we will take you inside the event in hollywood. this is a beautiful shot, but notice the clouds, those will start thickening up tonight. keeping us not as cold as last night. you will still need to sweaters. we will let you know how long it will stay cool. coming up in a few minutes. i am elliott rodriguez we are on top of breaking news. fort lauderdale police are searching for a two-month-old
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the back of a car when it was stolen from a laundromat on w. sunrise blvd. we are on the scene and will have a live report. and mother's outrage what she is saying after the miami gardens officer is now cleared of any charges after he shot her son. is there a chance.
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welcome back. caught on camera, rescuers have pulled for people--have pulled 4 people, including an eight- year-old girl from a building in taiwan, two days after a powerful earthquake shook the southern region of that nation. one of the survivors was heard shouting, here i am, as they race to find her. that quake has left 37 people dead. a bus explodes in central london but it wasn't real. the video shows the dramatic moments before the bus goes up in flames and explodes in a big fireball. it was a movie stunt for the foreigner starring jackie chan at pierce brosnan. london residence panic and said they were not aware of the filming greatest amount breaking news in fort lauderdale. police searching for this 10- month-old baby girl.
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for herbert she was inside her mom's car when it was stolen from 201 west sunrise blvd. in front of a laundromat. we want you to stop and take a good look at her picture and if you have information you are asked to call police. police are looking for a chevy cruz, dark green, lith snap beans and strawberry parfait. from dinner to dessert it's easy to serve scrumptious florida meals. visit for tasty recipes. delicious is always served
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tonight. look at nasa's first plans for mars exploration. the next visit will be in 2020. the planet is 200,000,000 miles away, but the spacecraft will blast off for an unmanned mission to mars. we went inside the clean room or engineers working on the spacecraft have to be covered head to toe.>>it's going to the surface of mars. we cannot have earth stuff going that we cannot contaminate mars. so this is a crucial step toward sending humans to mars. this year's oscars nominees united for the class photo before the academy awards. entertainment tonight was there for the event and nancy o'dell joins us with a full report on the action. smith, a front runner, leonardo
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attention and one nominee was fresh off of the super bowl, lady gaga she is racking up the honors and making a string of appearances. the one has ever done before. lady gaga got going this morning saying bathtubs and interviews and it was off to the oscar lunch wearing a flowing yellow cape. she will be the first to perform at the super bowl, grammys and oscars. she is nominated for, until it happens to you. the oscar race begins with today's lunch. one of the first greetings was from stallone. >> the last time i was here. i think lincoln was in the white house. i couldn't be more thrilled of the fact that my daughter is looking at me now as an actor and not a bad golfer. >> i prod-i'm trying to be serious. second first timers included
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danish girl.>>i am trying to get used to it. i don't think i have ever done many interviews at all. up until this year. last year's lead actor plans to enjoy the ceremony. >> i will try to relax and enjoy it. last year i was a bundle of nerves. we look for much more on the oscar luncheon today at entertainment tonight followed by the insider at 7:30 pm right here on cbs4. john gerard joining us right now. it doesn't feel like south florida. smith those joining us from chicago and minneapolis our sake, what are you complaining about? but it does feel colder than usual. the weather is relative. it depends on what you're used
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we are 100 below average. we are on a scale of 1 to 10. look at this beautiful shot from the everglades park camera. let's hear it. so it wasn't in the studio. nobody would have chimed in. thanks elliott. 67 in miami 67 in fort lauderdale, 67 in key west and humidity is pretty dry up 47%. clear skies and dry air main ingredients for cold weather, but tonight we will have clouds rolling in. you can see this coming and across west broward. that will determine how cold these temperatures get. high temperatures have made it into the 60s. the normal high is 78. this time of year. it will be time to break out the bermuda shorts, because that will feel warm, even though it's average. we are not going to get there until late in the week. temperatures around the state.
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than seasonal averages. no 70s anywhere across the entire states if you know anyone who is vacationing they are not getting their money's worth in terms of warmer temperatures but the jet stream is pledging to the south and it will stay locked in for the next few days. 30s, 40s and 50s to the south and that will funnel and some cool air because of low pressure . you can see it on the water vapor animation. that's driving the jet stream into south florida saddam that the sweaters and jackets away for a while. it's not as cold as last night but they water is choppy and small craft advisory here is your outlook. very cool. the next few days and warming up slowly towards the weekend. we are following breaking news were an amber alert was just issued for a missing 10- month-old girl. >> there she is. she was last seen outside a
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blvd. she was asleep inside her mother's car. she read it to run an errand. that's when the vehicle was stolen. she's wearing a blue longsleeved shirt with a red heart in the middle and pink (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) when it comes to we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. hey candidates. enough talk.
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super bowl l is the number one story. everyone is talking about. student the insider is in los angeles tonight with a look at the fumbles and touchdowns on and off the field. >>reporter: the most buzzed halftime show. beyonci, bruno and chris martin hijacked all things social media. let's break down the viral touchdowns and fumbles. spirit can you describe what it
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the field? stupid people were so sweet. it felt amazing. tran20 for the world was ruled by chris martin and coldplay in the first five minutes they performed solo. he fumbled while trying to keep up with these two. >> my daughter said the sweetest thing yesterday. she said that, the worst that can happen is if you get turned into memea. >> that fear came to fruition when she joined beyonci and bruno mars on stage. a reference to katy perry's offbeat backup dancer laster. anna kendrick encapsulated the sentiment by tweaking. even chris martin is like what am i doing here? spinning beyonci, they saw and
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she is amazing. tran20 for the ultimate halftime touchdown came from the queen bee herself who reigns supreme. it took over twitter with this arrow pointing directly to the woman who sidelined anyone who got in her way. they win a moment for her marketing team as well. before taking the team to perform formation. she dropped the surprised single and video online. immediately following the performance this commercial announced her upcoming formation world tour. spirit. there's a lot more where that came from on tonight's show. her tour kicks off and south florida. spirit i like the halftime show. i don't know what everybody is upset about.>> here is what's ahead on cbs4 news at 6 pm.
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ship sails into a storm. to the capt. this a critical warning? the nations first primary in new hampshire. candidates push for every last vote and could florida sometime be the one to go first? to make a south florida high school hiring the first female football coach issue someone you might recognize. cbs4 news at 6 pm starts right now. we're on top of breaking news, a car stolen in fort lauderdale with a baby inside and an amber alert has just been issued. we are live on w. sunrise blvd. where the car and baby were last seen. we had the latest information. the florida department of law enforcement within the last 15 to 20 minutes put out an amber alert for a 10- month-old girl. we will show you that in a second. but let me show you what's
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this laundromat east of 95 fort lauderdale police officers on scene and detectives we have seen crime scene folks testing for fingerprints inside and outside of this laundromat is a try to figure out what happened to this little girl. the mother is beside herself with worry. lopez is desperate to get her child back. she arrived at this laundromat pick up her closed monday afternoon with the unthinkable happened with her 10-month-old daughter. inside the car.>> i came to get the clothes and i left the car running because my daughter was sleeping and i didn't want to wake her up. when i came outside the car was gone. similar police put out a call cruz. a man walked to the car and god inside.>> he came out here and got in the car very casually and crime, honestly.
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happy outcome for mother and
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